Ben & Jerry consider just putting the weed directly in the ice cream

Using the sort of reasoning that’s led to innovations like the TV/VCR, smartphones, and shampoo and conditioner in the same bottle, the founders of Ben & Jerry’s say they are open to just putting the weed in the ice cream, thereby streamlining the process. “Makes sense to me,” Ben Cohen recently told HuffPost Live of the idea, one of many pot-related things that have also made sense, like putting fudge-covered peanut butter pretzels into ice cream with more fudge and peanut butter swirls.

“Combine your pleasures,” added Cohen, the decadent Nero of dessert.

Ever the sensibly vanilla buzzkill to Ben’s thought-gobs, Jerry Greenfield cautioned that—while he agrees that “legalizing marijuana is a wonderful thing, rather than putting people in jail for not hurting anyone”—its decriminalization doesn’t mean you can expect edibles-infused Ben & Jerry’s Pot Of Gold or Cannabis Core anytime soon.

“If it were my decision, I’d be doing it,” Greenfield said, explaining that the “wiser heads” from multinational food giant Unilever, who have been running the company since 2001, would likely stop them from associating it with weed.

For now, Ben & Jerry’s will remain only indirectly associated with weed, with flavor names like Cherry Garcia, Hazed And Confused, Bonnaroo Buzz, Phish Food, and Half-Baked, and flavor combinations that were all created, purchased, and consumed while extremely high.

“Ben and I have had previous experiences with substances,” Jerry added, in the most obvious sentence ever uttered.

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Toy Story 4 won’t be a continuation of the other films, will be a rom-com

According to Pixar President Jim Morris, “It’s not a continuation of the end of the story of Toy Story 3.” Instead, Morris indicated that it would be a “love story” and a “romantic comedy” that wouldn’t “put much focus on the interaction” between toys and kids. So if you were hoping for a child-and-toy romance in the next Toy Story movie, stop. It’s not going to happen. (Also, it’s gross.)

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‘Supersting’ - flyer for ‘Buzz’, a dance/electronic night at the now-demolished ‘Nation’ club in D.C. (1996)

“At its peak it was one of the largest dance parties on the East Coast and voted “Best Party” four years in a row by then electronic dance music culture magazine URB. Buzz attracted the world’s top electronic dance music artists to Washington, DC.”

Design by Airline Industries / Rene Garcia

Celeb blogger Katie Fitzpatrick on her encounter with Louis Tomlinson in Club Liv

The buzz started at around 2am. “One Direction are coming” I overheard.

The idea of the world’s biggest boyband partying at the celeb hangout Club Liv was almost too exciting to bear. Surely not, I thought.

And then I heard it again. “One Direction are here. Well … one of them.” So not the whole band but an actual 1D megastar here in our company.

A cordon appeared in the corner of the packed club and I could just about make out a head of dishevelled brown hair. It was Louis Tomlinson, looking healthy and tanned and smiling beneath that stylishly messy mop of hair.

Holding centre court among of a group of mates, from his wide smile you would not have been able to tell that this Doncaster lad had recently suffered a break up from his long term girlfriend and then the departure of band mate Zayn from their record-breaking group dynamic.

The cordon and a burly security team was not letting anyone apart from his close circle anywhere near him. But beyond that cordon Louis was surrounded by girls - and fellas - reaching out to grab his attention.

He must be well used to causing pandemonium wherever he goes. But it was impressive to witness just how cool, calm and collected the 23-year-old remained as excited clubbers held out their hands to him and vied for eye contact.

Edging forward for a better view, for a brief moment our eyes met. This was astutely spotted by the security team who quickly and gently moved me on before I realised what was happening.

No chance to stop for a chat then, but exciting all the same.

I can’t imagine how thrilling it would have been to have seen all four band mates in the same club.


Mega City Four were a local band, hailing from Farnborough, just down the road from The West End Centre, where we ran The Buzz Club. Brothers Danny and Wiz had originally been in a band called Capricorn, who I’m fairly sure we also put on.

Mega City Four were formed in 1987 and when Steve Lamacq started championing them in the‘N.M.E’ and John Peel started playing ‘Miles Apart’ on Radio 1, we knew we had an exciting local band at last!

They played The Buzz Club when their debut album ‘Tranzophobia‘ was released. Support that night came from another band very much from the same scene, The Senseless Things.

Mega City Four went on to release seven albums before splitting up in early 1996.

I bumped into Wiz at the Reading Festival in the late ’90s and he told me his favourite tee shirt was his Buzz Club one. He said he’d been offered money for it in Canada and refused to sell it!

It was incredibly sad and shocking to hear that Wiz collapsed in a rehearsal for his band Ipanema and died the next day in December 2006.

This is from their appearance on The Word in 1992, performing ‘Stop’


November 17th 1985

From 1985 until 1993 Jo Bartlett and Danny Hagan put bands on in Surrey and Hampshire (and once in London) as The Buzz Club. This poster is from the first ever one - That Petrol Emotion and The Mighty Lemon Drops at The Agincourt in Camberley, Surrey November 1985.

Jo and Danny were in Go! Service and Bluetrain who released 12"s on Dan Treacy’s (of The TV Personalities) Dreamworld label. Often playing gigs at Dan’s Room At The Top club, above The Enterprise pub in Chalk Farm, London. These gigs proved to be an inspiration to start The Buzz Club. The first one featured label mates The Mighty Lemon Drops and Geoff Travis from Rough Trade was in the audience to see them. That Petrol Emotion headlined the show, Go! Service had supported them a few months before at The Room At The Top.