‘Supersting’ - flyer for ‘Buzz’, a dance/electronic night at the now-demolished ‘Nation’ club in D.C. (1996)

“At its peak it was one of the largest dance parties on the East Coast and voted “Best Party” four years in a row by then electronic dance music culture magazine URB. Buzz attracted the world’s top electronic dance music artists to Washington, DC.”

Design by Airline Industries / Rene Garcia

I still get jealous

Justin told you multiple times that you were his and he was yours. But it was hard for you to always believe in that when he hung around some of the world most gorgeous women. And of course you got a bit jealous but never anything too extreme because you trusted Justin. 

Until one night when you both decided that it would be a good idea to check out this news club Za had recommended. 
“Damn babygirl, you look good tonight.” Justin complimented you as you took a seat in the car he was waiting in. He had come to pick you up, since you didn’t live together just yet. You were wearing a tight blue dress that clung to you in all the right places. It didn’t show much from the top but your sexy legs were all on display. “I can’t wait to get out of that.” Justin whispered in your ear and placed a quick kiss right behind your ear, where he knew you liked it. 

The club was buzzing. It was colorful and people were crowding around the stage where the DJ had his gear set up. The bar was also crowded but somehow Justin managed to get you both drinks and led you to a bit more private table.”Hey babygirl, I am just gonna get myself some more you want any?” You shook your head and watched as Justin left to get another drink. It was not before a few minutes passed and your drink was empty that you decided to go check up on him. And there he was leaning against the bar where a few “beliebers” had cornered him. They were taking pictures and laughing, and somehow getting too close for your comfort.
You knew Justin only saw them as fans he loved, but you also knew girls like them were not in it for the music. A hot celebrity like Justin was a free pas into a world they all wanted and it was almost humorous to watch them beg for it. But just almost. 

The jealousy bubbled loud in your tummy and it made you do something you knew you would regret but it had to be done. Passing your empty glass to a stranger you grabbed his friend by the collar and dragged him on to the dance floor. “Uhm hello?” He looked nervous and it made you relived that you hadn’t picked some random creeper but a tad more innocent boy.

“I need to make my boyfriend a bit jealous, so do you mind?”
He looked around for a second and then gave in. He was obviously new to this scene, probably a young high school kid wanting to try something out. Or his friends pressured him. Anyway leaving all previous thoughts, you grabbed his hands and turned your back to him. You placed his hands on your waist and moved closer to him so you were grinding on him but not too sexual. The poor boy gripped you a bit tighter and somehow gained a bit confidence. He pulled you so tight into his body it was hard to tell you apart. He began moving his body like yours and rested his forehead on your shoulder. 

“What the fuck?” A hand moved out and grabbed your wrist to tug you out of the boys grip and into a hard chest. “Are you out of your mind?” Justin looked down at you angry and dissapointed. 

“We were just dancing Justin..”

“Just dancing?” He looked at you bewildered and then turned his hard gaze on to the boy. He pulled you behind him and moved towards the boy, his fist tightened and jaw shut just as tight. “The fuck do you think you are doing touching my girl, huh?” He pushed the boy back by the shoulders and kept going until he had up against a wall. “Justin! No!” You pulled him back and pushed the boy away, telling him to go away. Then you turned to Justin whom was watching you with a glare. 

“Why did you do that?”

Justin huffed while grabbing your hand to drag you away. When you reached the car he would let go and open your door to push you in, but gently. You expected him to shut the door loudly but he just breathed in and out, and then sat down on his knees on the ground while looking at you. “Do I treat you badly? Do you want me to a better boyfriend? Am I doing something wrong? Please tell me baby, so I can fix.. Because I can’t let you walk away from me, you mean too-”

You cut Justin off with a hard kiss on the lips. You ran your hands through his hair and let them settle on the nape of his neck.He kissed you back with a fierce passion, while half his body was in the car and the other half was still on a knee on the ground. You pulled away slowly and pecked him on the cheek. 

“You’re the perfect boyfriend Justin. I am so sorry to make you feel like that, I just got… I got jealous because you’re always surrounded by gorgeous girls all the time and I don’t know  I had to do something stupid like that..” Justin chuckled and pulled you closer to him by your waist. 

“Baby, i am surrounded by girls most of the time I know. But they will always just be fans and friends. You are my future and the most gorgeous girl out there. I am so lucky I got you to myself.” 

“And I got you.”

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Mega City Four were a local band, hailing from Farnborough, just down the road from The West End Centre, where we ran The Buzz Club. Brothers Danny and Wiz had originally been in a band called Capricorn, who I’m fairly sure we also put on.

Mega City Four were formed in 1987 and when Steve Lamacq started championing them in the‘N.M.E’ and John Peel started playing ‘Miles Apart’ on Radio 1, we knew we had an exciting local band at last!

They played The Buzz Club when their debut album ‘Tranzophobia‘ was released. Support that night came from another band very much from the same scene, The Senseless Things.

Mega City Four went on to release seven albums before splitting up in early 1996.

I bumped into Wiz at the Reading Festival in the late ’90s and he told me his favourite tee shirt was his Buzz Club one. He said he’d been offered money for it in Canada and refused to sell it!

It was incredibly sad and shocking to hear that Wiz collapsed in a rehearsal for his band Ipanema and died the next day in December 2006.

This is from their appearance on The Word in 1992, performing ‘Stop’


November 17th 1985

From 1985 until 1993 Jo Bartlett and Danny Hagan put bands on in Surrey and Hampshire (and once in London) as The Buzz Club. This poster is from the first ever one - That Petrol Emotion and The Mighty Lemon Drops at The Agincourt in Camberley, Surrey November 1985.

Jo and Danny were in Go! Service and Bluetrain who released 12"s on Dan Treacy’s (of The TV Personalities) Dreamworld label. Often playing gigs at Dan’s Room At The Top club, above The Enterprise pub in Chalk Farm, London. These gigs proved to be an inspiration to start The Buzz Club. The first one featured label mates The Mighty Lemon Drops and Geoff Travis from Rough Trade was in the audience to see them. That Petrol Emotion headlined the show, Go! Service had supported them a few months before at The Room At The Top.