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Wyatt refused to pick up the phone at first. He waited for the voicemail. Rarely ever picked up the phone at Last Stop anyway unless it was a scheduled call from his sister or Kyle. There was a recorder; they could leave a message if it was that important. Thankfully, Viv did. And as Wyatt played it back, he couldn’t stop the small smile that pulled at the corners of his mouth. Not only did she sound forgiving, but she also was covering for him. To Wyatt, she sounded like safety.

He picked up the phone and dialed.

Viv was already sitting at the bar in a local club when her phone began buzzing. The club was pretty close to empty and she heard the buzzing coming from her purse. She fished it out and debated internally whether or not to answer it, since she didn’t recognize the number, but went ahead and answered it anyway, covering her other ear with one hand.


natalya gets invited to the d&d nights (it was probably al) and she rolls up a wizard. the first enemy they meet while she’s playing she’s just like “i cast a spell to turn his teeth into bees” “um you. can’t do that.” “I Turn His Teeth Into Bees”


November 17th 1985

From 1985 until 1993 Jo Bartlett and Danny Hagan put bands on in Surrey and Hampshire (and once in London) as The Buzz Club. This poster is from the first ever one - That Petrol Emotion and The Mighty Lemon Drops at The Agincourt in Camberley, Surrey November 1985.

Jo and Danny were in Go! Service and Bluetrain who released 12"s on Dan Treacy’s (of The TV Personalities) Dreamworld label. Often playing gigs at Dan’s Room At The Top club, above The Enterprise pub in Chalk Farm, London. These gigs proved to be an inspiration to start The Buzz Club. The first one featured label mates The Mighty Lemon Drops and Geoff Travis from Rough Trade was in the audience to see them. That Petrol Emotion headlined the show, Go! Service had supported them a few months before at The Room At The Top.


Mega City Four were a local band, hailing from Farnborough, just down the road from The West End Centre, where we ran The Buzz Club. Brothers Danny and Wiz had originally been in a band called Capricorn, who I’m fairly sure we also put on.

Mega City Four were formed in 1987 and when Steve Lamacq started championing them in the‘N.M.E’ and John Peel started playing ‘Miles Apart’ on Radio 1, we knew we had an exciting local band at last!

They played The Buzz Club when their debut album ‘Tranzophobia‘ was released. Support that night came from another band very much from the same scene, The Senseless Things.

Mega City Four went on to release seven albums before splitting up in early 1996.

I bumped into Wiz at the Reading Festival in the late ’90s and he told me his favourite tee shirt was his Buzz Club one. He said he’d been offered money for it in Canada and refused to sell it!

It was incredibly sad and shocking to hear that Wiz collapsed in a rehearsal for his band Ipanema and died the next day in December 2006.

This is from their appearance on The Word in 1992, performing ‘Stop’