Awesome space themed swap with the smashing Jess Bennett.

Jess sent me Buzz Lightyear falling with style through space (bottom). I even got a little pack of astronaut stickers taped to the back!

I sent Jess a Tintin themed card (top), you can twist and interact with the card to make Snowy and Tintin float through space.

“To infinity and beyond!”


much sexy…very grace

The smooth moves of all the animated characters we love :)


November 17th 1985

From 1985 until 1993 Jo Bartlett and Danny Hagan put bands on in Surrey and Hampshire (and once in London) as The Buzz Club. This poster is from the first ever one - That Petrol Emotion and The Mighty Lemon Drops at The Agincourt in Camberley, Surrey November 1985.

Jo and Danny were in Go! Service and Bluetrain who released 12"s on Dan Treacy’s (of The TV Personalities) Dreamworld label. Often playing gigs at Dan’s Room At The Top club, above The Enterprise pub in Chalk Farm, London. These gigs proved to be an inspiration to start The Buzz Club. The first one featured label mates The Mighty Lemon Drops and Geoff Travis from Rough Trade was in the audience to see them. That Petrol Emotion headlined the show, Go! Service had supported them a few months before at The Room At The Top.