A computational paradigm

I was posed a question by an anonymous follower whether the following animation could be easily simulated on a computer. 

In today’s world, lots of research are being aided by using numerical methods. But it is quintessential to note that computational methods alone are not enough to dictate behavior of the natural world. It is with the amalgamation of experiments that it’s beauty exemplifies.

The butterfly effect

One of the many reasons its hard to predict behavior ( say the weather for instance ) is primarily because of the errors that are induced whilst recording it. 

And these errors evolve with time. Let’s take the trivial example of a double pendulum.

Notice how a slight variation in initial angle with horizontal axis of the blue pendulum causes a huge aberration in the result.

Flow past a cylinder

When experiments are carried out under controlled conditions, it is possible to observe and simulate phenomenon.

But like it was pointed out before,the simulation per se is proportional to the accuracy of the instruments used to make the measurements themselves.

So, yeah it is possible to simulate a system such as the one asked, considering crucial boundary conditions are known to us with considerable precision.

And as the complexity of the problem evolves, the computation time and power required also increases exponentially.

Thanks for asking, Have a great day!


This is for @thesafekid he said on instagram that he wanted a SVTFOE AU about Ouran High School Host Club.
Star is Haruhi
Marco is Tamaki
Tom is Kyoya
Alfonzo and Ferguson are The Hitachiin Twins
Toffee is Mori
Lazer Puppy is Usa-chan
Ludo is Honey
Janna is Eclair

My bonus sketch was the Genderbent version. Hope you like it duuuuude… :3

Star and Marco’s Book Translated

So Disney released a picture of a page in the upcoming Star vs the Forces of Evil book. It’s mega hard to read so I’ve been trying to translate it. I’ll update more if I can decode any other words. (Note check the original post for updates because of tumblrs weird reblog system.) If anyone has a guess on any of the unknown words feel free to comment. The [] is my guess on what the word says.

For reference, Star is speaking on the left with Marco and Pony Head having one line near the bottom. The top of the right page is Marco speaking and the bottom of the right page is probably Pony Head speaking.

Left Side:

Hi! I’m Star Butterfly, Princess of Mewni! Today I’m bored and I can’t solve it, so me and my best friend Marco are gonna create a secret guide to everything you need to know about everything important to the multiverse etc. but shhhhh… don’t tell my parents

Wait… why am I being included?

Marco, you’ll get your chance in a sec. And who knows, maybe our guide book will end up on display in the Mewniseum! Anyway, when I write it looks like this.

when Marco writes it looks like this.


Left Side in the blue: 

Bfly, that does NOT look like you

Right Side:

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Star by Marco Diaz

1. She likes to walk on Bubble Wrap *Pop*

2. Her favorite Earth food is honeydew boba tea *Pop*

3. She’s scared of the Easter bunny. Wouldn’t YOU be?

4. She’s a great whistler

5. She forgets the Pythagorean Theorem but remembers your birthday.


Five Things Marco [R20?] Annoying About. (Like he knows everything ohmygoodness)

1. Okay, first of all like, you don’t know everything.

2. About Star because, you’re second bestie

3. And second of all, first besties know way more than second besties.

        This isn’t a list.

4. Stop making fun of other people from other galaxies [something] okay and [that?] is how we make a [life?] in my [culture?]

5. Star, you’re my bestie, girl! - Awwwwwww!


For @mrevaunit42’s fanfic “Nova Vs. The Forces of Adolescence”

The first sketch was from his latest chapter “Uncle Ferguson comes to tooooown”.
The rest are all just previews of the story arc we’re gonna co-write… Right E??? :3 be warneeeddddd……… C'mon E theres a lot of writting to do…. *drags E to the fanfic portal*