“I wouldn’t say Danny phantom is cancelled, it’s more like in hibernation”


SLCC Live! Robber's Roost, Outlaw Hideout
  • SLCC Live! Robber's Roost, Outlaw Hideout
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In our second of two Salt Lake Comic Con live shows this fall, we talk about Robber’s Roost, a series of canyons and caves in Utah that became known as an infamous outlaw hideout. Among its most famous: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Here’s a link to our notes and research.

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How about some forehead kisses? Like maybe James kissing Jessie's forehead and Butch kissing Cassidy's?

Oh the cheese.

Musashi: Arrrghhh… I bumped my head in to something again.
Kojiro: I hear kisses can cure pain.

*Peck of a smooch*

Musashi: ……… [Dammit, I’m getting flustered!]

The girls just doesn’t seem to understand the dealio.
My little flowers look like floating Popcorn.

Thanks for the submit anon!

“Well, Luke, we’re talking about me here.  And so of course I had to give you the most adorably inconvenient gift possible.  But don’t worry. I’ve already named him for you, to spare you that chore.   His name is Butch!  I figured you’d want a manly name.  You better like it, the next name contender was Polkadot Two. For reasons.   Happy birthday, knight!”

(( @kexax  Lux is a bad friend, now Luke has responsibilities))