“Joaquin, there is great danger coming, we need to prepare the others!”


i still like the au idea that manolo came back to life in his original body

with a few side effects, of course

“When we started Buried Life we all got inspired by different things that made us believe we could do anything. We gave ourself permission to go after our biggest dreams. We want this book to give that feeling to anyone who reads it,” says coauthor Nemtin, who has been collecting materials for the book over the last five years.

The group tells Us they were especially inspired by stories like Jonnie Penn’s interaction with a woman whose life goal was to travel across the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat, or that of Jamie Tworkowski, who founded the charity To Write Love on Her Arms.

“The weird thing about the question ‘What do you want to do before you die?’ is you get answers you honestly can’t believe because they’re heartbreaking, offensive, funny or so ambitious,” Jonnie Penn tells Us. “Each dream [included] is a glimpse into some extraordinary person’s life.”


“Uh! What was that? Are you guys okay? My book… Now I have to read Hunger Games!”