It’s June 7th 2017

Here’s a good Dan song to listen to today: Silence the Voices by The Northern Hues

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today:
Cool Spot

Here’s a cool Dan fact for you today:
When Dan went skiing he lulled himself into a false sense of security about how difficult the slopes could be after trying the bunny slopes and doing a decent job. He then tried the black diamond slope immediately after. It didn’t go very well.

Here’s a good picture of Dan to look at today:

The Truth Behind “You are My Heaven”

A/N: Hello, my lovelies. This is not a fic, it’s actually a personal story. Or more like a word blurt. But I offered to share it and people seemed interested, so here it is. This is what inspired my fic You Are My Heaven. Spoilers below, I guess, if you haven’t read the fic. Also, I am working on an epilogue, but it might take me a few more days. You’re all wonderful. Read this if you’d like, but no hard feelings if you don’t. I will be tagging my permanent list below, though. Hope no one minds. Here we go. 

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Not Good Enough (Connor x reader)

request: “Can I request a Connor x reader where the reader’s friend questions why she’s with Connor because he seems to be angry all the time and the reader reminiscences on some of the bad times but mostly the good times that people don’t see?” - @several-fandoms-girl

tw: language, also drug/arrest/mental illness mentions ((fluff at the end !!))


a/n: i hope this is kinda what u were looking for omg ((also i procratinated writing this for so long bc i was afraid u wouldnt like it lol)). also alana and others are probably ooc whoops

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Title: Snow Bunny (Daughter of Tony! Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Summary: The team is on vacation in the mountains when Tony proposes a fun, team bonding activity. Pietro sticks around the Reader the whole time.

Word Count: 1358

Warnings: Lots of fluff

A/N: I didn’t know I was capable of writing this much fluff in one imagine oml!! I just really thought we needed more Pietro, and a bunch of you agreed ? Y'all are the best. Enjoy!

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Pairing - Simon x Y/N

Warnings - Much Smut 

Requested - From the smut queen @sidewomanxix “ SIMON SMUT PLS!!!! Y/n & Simon plus a couple of the other lads & idk maybe Sarah & Emily & Freya & them? Yeah, skiing trip in somewhere cold. It gets a bit frisky & Simon thinks of a kinky way to ‘heat things up’ in your cabin. But you didn’t know people where downstairs & when it’s done & you leave its all awkssssss😁 K THANK BYE, IM RETURNING TO BENEATH MY ROCK”

Notes - This is long but I like it


It had been a while since you and Simon had went on a trip, or any of the lads for that matter. It started out as a full group trip, but somehow it migrated into being a couples trip. This meant Josh & Freya, Ethan & Emily, Callux & Sarah, and lastly you and Simon. You were really excited for this trip, even though you were yet to know where you were going. 

Finally it was decided that you were to go on a skiing trip at Allenheads, a place sorta near Newcastle but not really? You weren’t 100% sure where, but it didn’t matter to you because you weren’t driving. The time came to head off for the trip. Goodbyes were said to those who weren’t going, and the rest took off. 

“Y/N, we’re taking this car.” Simon point towards the car Josh and Freya were getting into. 

“So we get the backseat all to ourselves?” You questioned you boyfriend who was a few feet in front of you. 

“Yes ma’am, but no naughty business Y/N, there are others in the car.” A wink was sent your way as Simon brought your luggage to the trunk. You followed, getting into the back with a blanket and a pillow. You wanted to be comfortable on the ride ahead of you.  

Eventually Simon climbed into the car after you. Instead of sitting next to the car door like a normal person, he sits in the middle seat. 

“Simon what are you doing?” You laughed. 

“Sitting next to my baby, that’s what.” He booped your nose. 

The ride was nice. The first bit was spent talking about sleeping arrangements in the cabin you were all going to share. Then it moved on to what skiing trails you all were going to try. Simon mentioned snowboarding instead, which you thought would be cute. 

Simon and Josh stated talking about videos they wanted to recorded. This was about the time when you started to get tired. You leaned into Simon’s arms. He wrapped them around your waist and pulled the blanket over the both of you. 

“Goodnight, Angel.” He whispered into your ear. 


The next day was probably one you were going to remember for a long time. The morning at the cabin was rushed and stressful. Simon fixed that with a long, sweet kiss to your lips. 

The mountain was so much fun. You learned how to ski, which proved to be a little hard. It look you an hour or so but finally you got the hang of it. You liked to say you were pretty good. You decided to sit and watch Simon on the bunny slopes. (That’s the slope that you learn how to ski on btw. At least where I live.) It was cute watching him fall, but get back up every time. He looked a little discouraged at one point, but you gave him a thumbs up, which you hoped would help. 

Once Simon had learned you started going on the green slopes with him. Both of you fell once or twice, before moving up to the blue slopes. 

“This lift ride is going to be moderately longer you know.” Simon said to you, looking ahead. The lift chairs were spaced pretty far apart from each other. 

“What would you like to do then?” You looked at Simon who met your gaze. His lips quickly met yours. This kiss was needier compared to the one you shared earlier. You lightly bit his lip, asking for entrance. He granted it, and your tongues battled for control over the kiss. Whilst this was happening Simon took off one of his gloves and slowly unzipped your skiing jacket so he was shown your undershirt. His hand snaked its way to your breast as he started to squeeze and massage it. You gasped into his mouth, and Simon took control over the kiss, exploring your mouth to his leisure. 

He stopped unexpectedly and quickly zipped up your jacket. “Look where we are!” He exclaimed before putting on his glove and getting off the lift. You quickly followed suit and followed him down the mountain. 

The rest of the day Simon acted as if the encounter on the lift didn’t even happen. You tried giving him looks but he pretended he had no idea what you were talking about. Finally the Skiing place closed and it was time to head back to the cabin. The whole way back Simon’s hand was very, very, close to your core. You tried to get it to move closer, but his grip was cemented on your thigh.


Simon stood changing out of his skiing gear in your room whilst you attempted to turn the heater up more. It was late-ish and you were tired so you and Simon went to bed. You both assumed the others did as well. 

“Simon the heater wont work.” You sighed in frustration. 

“It wont work?” He questioned from across the room. 

“I think it’s on a set temperature so this means our room is going to be freezing all night.” You crossed your arms and pouted. Simon crossed the room, wrapped his arms around you and pulled your back against his chest. 

“Did you know that sex creates body heat?” He said in a low voice directly into your ear. A shiver went through your body as he started kissing from your ear down your neck. After a few minutes he tugged at the bottom of you shirt, signaling he wanted it off. After your shirt came your leggings and underwear, leaving you bare naked in the freezing room. Your only source of heat now was Simon, who had left your side to go sit on the edge of the bed. 

You turned around to face him, your arms covering yourself for warmth. Simon was sitting on the edge of the bed, just in his underwear. There was a clear boner in his underwear as well. You averted your eyes back to his face which wore his classic smirk.

“Why did you leave me, I’m cold Simon.” You whined, walking towards him.

“Y/N, stop and put your arms to your side.” Simon commanded you.

“Why?” You asked, doing as he said. 

“Because now your nipples are hardening all on their own.” Simon licked his lips and you blushed. He motioned you over to where he was. Once you stood in front of his form, he picked you up and put you under the covers, his body hovering over yours and the covers over the both of you. 

His lips connected with yours into a passionate kiss, Simon grinding down on you. A moan left your lips. “Touch me Simon.”

“What do you say, Y/N?” Simon asked while grinding down on you still. “Please touch me Simon.” Once the words left your lips one of his hands went down to your core. His finger circled your clit, making load moans leave your lips. He stopped what he was doing. 

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, Y/N, we have to stay quiet, or the others might hear.” He scolded you. 

“They went to bed Simon.” You replied, wanting him to continue to touch you. He considered this for a second, and then continued what he was doing. One finger was pumping in and out of you at a slow pace, then two. You tried really hard to keep your moans quiet, but it just wasn’t working out. 

“You close Y/N?” He asked cockily, his fingers now moving in slow come here motions. You nodded frantically. “Good.” He pulled his fingers totally out of you, causing a high pitched whine to leave your mouth. You were so close, but now you were going to have to wait again. 

Simon pulled down and off his underwear, and his member sprung out. His tip was red and he looked painfully hard. You reached your hand up and grabbed his shaft. Using his precum as lube, you stroked him up and down. 

“As much as I love this feeling-” he paused to let out a moan which you felt go straight to your core, “I’d much rather be in you.” Simon got off the bed to grab a condom. When he came back, your hand was rubbing your clit. Simon batted your hand away.

“Baby, that’s my job.” With that, he pushed into you and set a moderate pace, faster than before. He slowly climbed in speed, eventually pounding into you. Loud moans and swears could be heard throughout the room. Hopefully not throughout the house as well. “I’m close,” He said to you, his mouth attached to your nipple. You both came as he hit your g-spot, over and over. 

Once you were both done, Simon pulled you into the little spoon position. 

“Are you warm now?” He asked, kissing your temple. 

“Yes, thank you.” 


The next morning Freya told you that you had a very high pitched moan. You and Simon skied without the others that day, not wanting to face the teasing from the others. 


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🎶Beyoncé - Partition
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El’s plane ride back was a lot better than her one to Colorado.

She knows what is going to happen, and wasn’t as scared as this morning.

She was slightly tanned, from the little sun that shone through the fluffy clouds onto the snow covered floor.

She learnt how to use a snowboard, Mike held her hands as she gently went down the bunny slope, giggling as she went.

They were stood in the Terminal waiting to fly back home.

“Did you have a nice time?” Karen asks, Holly curled up in her arms, gently snoozing.

“Yes, thank you for bringing me,” she said, very politely just like Joyce had told her to be.

“You’re very welcome, my dear,” Karen kissed her forehead and Holly quickly grabbed onto El’s top as Karen stood back up.

“Holly…” Was the oldest Wheeler’s voice as she gently took her little sister into her arms.

  • Ski Lodge Spec Script Scenes 1/2:
  • Ski Lodge Spec Script Scene 3:
  • http: //
  • Ski Lodge Spec Scene 4:
  • Ski Lodge Spec Scene 5:
  • http: //
  • Ski Lodge Part 6 (Conclusion):
  • : Bus ride home, most kids on the bus already. Josh and Topanga at the front in their seats. Camera angle from back of bus, watching kids get on :
  • : Smackle gets on first quickly, goes to a seat in the back, crosses arms look’s out window:
  • : Maya next, passes by Josh in the first seat, they lightly smirk at one another, Josh breaks gaze by looking down, Maya keeps walking, pleased with herself, sits middle of bus by window:
  • : Lucas next, steamrolls right past Maya:
  • Maya:
  • Oh hey Huckleberry, where ya be-
  • : Lucas keeps going and sits down, leaving Maya looking confused:
  • Riley next on bus, stops, looks at Lucas then looks at Maya, then Lucas, than Maya, Lucas than Maya:
  • : Maya, raises eyebrows and mouths:
  • Come sit down now???
  • : Riley gives one last glance at Lucas and then sits with Maya, looking somber, Maya looking at her slightly concerned:
  • : Farkle comes on, Riley watches him walk by as he goes down and sits with Smackle in the back, not even glancing her way:
  • : Riley sinks her head down, disappointed:
  • : Maya Still looking concerned:
  • : Zay and Cory on the bus last, stop and look at everyone who is totally silent, no one looking at each other:
  • Cory:
  • Uhm, Mr Babineaux?
  • Zay:
  • Yes, Mr. Matthews?
  • Cory:
  • : Pointing to all the kids:
  • What’s going on here, what is this?
  • Zay:
  • Don’t know that yet, sir.
  • Cory:
  • Ya gonna find out?
  • Zay:
  • Plan on it, sir.
  • Cory:
  • It gonna be a huge disaster?
  • Zay:
  • Looks like it, sir.
  • Cory:
  • : Looking disgusted:
  • Nature.
  • : Zay sits down next to Lucas:
  • Cory:
  • : Peppy:
  • Okay well how about a little bus ride entertainment everyone, eh? A little sing along maybe? 99 bottles of cola anyone?
  • Josh:
  • 99 bottles of...cola?
  • Cory:
  • We’re only approved for general audiences
  • : Shrugs:
  • Josh:
  • Ah, okay
  • Cory:
  • So, 99 bottles? She’ll be Comin Round the Mountain?
  • : No one even looks at him:
  • Josh? Ya wanna help me out a little here?
  • Josh:
  • Sorry my brother, you’re on your own with this one.
  • : Puts on headphones:
  • Come on everybody! What’s a road trip without some singin!
  • : Silence, no one looking:
  • How about a little eye spy? License plate game? Truth or dare?
  • Everyone:
  • NO!!!!!
  • : Cory taken aback, looking hurt by everyone yelling at him:
  • Topanga:
  • Okay, Captain Cory, why don’t you just sit down and take a nap.
  • : Cory doesn’t move:
  • Topanga:
  • That’ssss it, alright, come on and just sit down with me.
  • : Cory sits with her, sinking down slowly:
  • Topanga:
  • : Whispers:
  • Let the kids live, remember?
  • Cory:
  • : Humorously frustrated:
  • A bunch of maroons, all of ‘em!
  • Topanga:
  • : Patting Cory on the shoulder:
  • I know Honey, life’s tough. I know. Maybe you should think about getting a helmet.
  • : Cory gives her a dirty look than lays his head on shoulder of Topanga, falls asleep almost instantly and snores his girly snore:
  • : Topanga chuckles to herself:
  • : Flash over to Maya/Riley:
  • Maya:
  • You alright, Honey?
  • Riley:
  • : Fake Riley smile, almost tears in her eyes:
  • Yeah Maya, I’m fine.
  • Maya:
  • : Steadfast in Riley’s eyes:
  • It’s going to be okay. I am here for you. I am ALWAYS here for you. Whenever you're ready to talk about it.
  • Riley:
  • : More tears in her eyes, sits facing forward, matter of factly:
  • Except there’s nothing to talk about.
  • Maya:
  • Like I said, whenever you're ready.
  • : Looks out window:
  • : Pan to Zay/Lucas:
  • Zay:
  • You alright man?
  • Lucas:
  • : Extremely sarcastic/rude:
  • Oh me? Me, am I alright? Yeah, Zay, I’m great. I’m totally fine. I’ve literally never been better.
  • Zay:
  • Dude that couldn’t have been easy to see Ma-
  • Lucas:
  • Not now Zay, OK? Just…Not. Now.
  • : Zay nods, glances over at Maya, then back at Lucas shaking his head slightly, Lucas just looking out the window, angrily:
  • : Pan back to Farkle and Smackle :
  • Farkle:
  • : Jiggles leg nervously, looks over at Smackle, who glances back, both nervously awkwardly smirk at each other and look back down, riding in silence :
  • : Long pause:
  • : Farkle breaks silence:
  • Smackle…Can I ask you something?
  • Smackle:
  • Alright.
  • Farkle:
  • …Why do you flirt with Lucas so much?
  • Smackle:
  • : Glances over hastily:
  • What? Are you trying to accuse me of something? Because after last night-
  • Farkle:
  • No, no of course not, I’m not accusing you of anything. And I’m so sorry if last night made you uncomfortable, but there was no reason to be. I just really want to know...Why do you flirt with Lucas?
  • Smackle:
  • I ….I guess I’m not totally sure I know that answer.
  • Farkle:
  • : Pauses briefly :
  • Well. I think I do.
  • Smackle:
  • You think I like Lucas?
  • Farkle:
  • No, I don’t think you like Lucas.
  • Smackle:
  • Then what? What is it that you think?
  • Farkle:
  • : Takes a deep breath, then looks at her and begins:
  • I think you are Isadora Smackle. One of the most beautiful, intelligent, wonderful people in the world. And I think that you never used to know that…how beautiful you are. But I also think that has changed. I think you are starting to understand it, and I think you are learning how to be confident. Not just with me, but with everyone around you. And so you flirt with people like Lucas and Zay because you’ve never been brave enough to do it before.
  • Smackle:
  • I never mean to upset you, Farkle-
  • Farkle:
  • : Very matter of fact, looking at the ground:
  • I know that. But Smackle that’s the thing. I’m not upset that you flirt with them, or anyone. Maybe I should be, but I’m not. I’m actually glad.
  • : Smackle looks taken aback/confused:
  • : Farkle looks straight into her eyes:
  • I care so much about you that there is literally nothing i want more than to see you happy and loving yourself. That’s all that matters to me...Do you understand?
  • Smackle:
  • I think so.
  • Farkle:
  • I like you. Sometimes I think one day I could more than like you. You are the first girl I have ever felt that way about. But you’re changing. We all are. And I don't know exactly how to handle that, but sometimes I think that maybe you and I are better as teammates, then we are at being boyfriend and girlfriend. I just know that I always want to cheer you on, Smackle. I never want to be what holds you back.
  • Smackle:
  • But you aren’t holding me back. You make me want to be better.
  • Farkle:
  • Yea! Yea in math and science and school! You do that for me too. But do you ever think you would be happier having the freedom for new social experiments, without worrying about what I think? Because I think you deserve that, Isadora. I think deep down you want that. And I know you don’t want to hurt me, but you won’t, OK? You can tell me anything and I promise you won't hurt me.
  • Smackle:
  • : Ponders, pauses:
  • Maybe a part of me wants that. Yes. But I care about you, too. And you are right, I do not want to hurt you.
  • : Grabs his hand:
  • You have helped me feel, Farkle Minkus.
  • Farkle:
  • And you have helped me understand love, Isadora Smackle.
  • : Smiling at each other:
  • Farkle:
  • And I’m really sorry about last night. I don’t want to hurt you either. Even though I’m still not quite sure why you were.
  • Smackle:
  • I don’t think I was hurt. I think I was confused. Perhaps in denial. But I’m not anymore.
  • Farkle:
  • : Perplexed:
  • Denial? About you and me?
  • Smackle:
  • No, not you and…me.
  • Farkle:
  • Then what?
  • Smackle:
  • You’ll see.
  • Farkle:
  • : Still perplexed, then looks down, silence:
  • Smackle:
  • So…
  • Farkle:
  • So…
  • Smackle:
  • Did we just…
  • : Using air quotes:
  • Have a “break up”?
  • Farkle:
  • Yes, I think maybe we did.
  • Smackle:
  • Hmm. I have never experienced the end of a romantic relationship before. Do I cry now?
  • Farkle:
  • : Chuckles:
  • I haven’t either. But no Smackle, not if you don’t feel sad.
  • Smackle:
  • Should I feel sad?
  • Farkle:
  • It’s okay if you don’t.
  • Smackle:
  • Maybe a little sad. But mostly I feel…content. Is that an acceptable way to feel?
  • Farkle:
  • : Smiles to himself:
  • Yea, that’s totally acceptable. I think I feel that way as well.
  • : Flash forward to everyone exiting bus, Topanga Cory and Josh standing out on the curb as everyone gets off:
  • : Riley comes out first:
  • Riley:
  • Thanks for taking us skiing, you guys.
  • : Maya comes up behind her Riley:
  • Maya:
  • First of all Riley, you didn't even ski. You realized there were no bunnies on the bunny slope and stayed inside drinking cocoa all day.
  • Riley:
  • They had the mini marshmellows!
  • Maya:
  • I know honey.
  • But yeah, thanks Matthews. It was…interesting.
  • : Josh and Maya smiling coyly at each other:
  • Cory:
  • : Looking back and forth at the two of them, growing concerned:
  • Wait a minute, what’s going on here? what IS this??? What happened this weekend?!
  • Josh:
  • : Quickly, shaking head vigorously:
  • Nothin!
  • Maya:
  • Nothing!
  • : Maya slowly, slyly smiles at Josh again:
  • …Nothing yet, at least.
  • : Winks at Josh, Josh smiles back, sees Cory staring at him angrily, quickly puts on a straight face, Cory looking like he is going to explode:
  • Maya:
  • OK Riles time to go!
  • : Maya quickly pulls Riley by the hand and runs away, Riley stumbling being dragged by her:
  • Cory:
  • : Chasing after them:
  • Maya...Maya! Shawn is NOT GOING TO LIKE THIS!
  • : Zay next to exit, Lucas after:
  • Josh:
  • : Reaches for a pound:
  • See ya later guys, hope you had a fun-
  • Lucas:
  • : Pauses to look at Josh annoyed:
  • ....Oh yeah whatever
  • : Stalks off quickly mumbling:
  • ....creepy creep creep...
  • Josh:
  • : Looks perplexed at Zay:
  • What’s up with that guy?
  • Zay:
  • He uh, yeah he gets that motion sickness thing, ya know. Makes him crabby so…
  • : Salutes Josh:
  • See ya!
  • : Runs off after Lucas:
  • : Farkle and Smackle exit last, wave goodbye to Topanga and Josh, start walking, together:
  • Farkle:
  • : Stops:
  • So…
  • : Reaches hand out to for Smackle to shake:
  • Teammates, then?
  • Smackle:
  • : Looks at hand, then Farkle, grabs him into a hug:
  • Yes. Teammates. And friends.
  • : Pull away from hug:
  • Smackle:
  • : Points finger in Farkle’s face:
  • But just because I have just shattered your Farkle heart to pieces, I mean look at you, you’re a mess-
  • : Gestures up and down at Farkle:
  • : Farkle, surprised looks down at himself, wondering how he is acting/looking like a mess:
  • If you think I am going to go easy on you in debate team, calculus club, or any other activity we may have to compete in- you’ve got another thing coming, buster. You’re just going to have to toughen up.
  • Farkle:
  • Oh, I’ll mend this broken heart, Isadora. And then? I’m gonna bring it.
  • : Silly joking sneer at her:
  • Game on, Nemesis.
  • Smackle:
  • : Sneering back:
  • Game on.
  • : Two start walking away from each other, Smackle turns back around:
  • Smackle:
  • Oh. And Farkle?
  • Farkle:
  • Yea?
  • Smackle:
  • I wasn’t the first girl.
  • Farkle:
  • ????
  • Smackle:
  • The first girl you liked. I was not the first.
  • Farkle:
  • : Getting upset/defensive, starts to walk back towards her:
  • Smackle, what? Yes you we-
  • Smackle:
  • : Puts her hand up to stop him:
  • I told you I was no longer confused after last night. And I am not. I now understand everything. Soon, you will understand also. You are almost as smart as me, after all.
  • : Pats him on the cheek:
  • Farkle:
  • Smackle, what!?
  • Smackle:
  • Like I said…You’ll see.
  • : Smackle walks away, Farkle left standing there, confused:
  • Fandom: I am looking for feed back so please share it with me.

Here are some new fun exercises for you to try - not for beginners (just in case you didn’t know 🙄) I’m sure most of you are very much aware what your capabilities are, but there’s always going to be someone who’s going to feel obligated to warn the poor individuals who might be mislead to think that they can do all these exercises without any previous experience and maybe even fly. However those are not even nearly the weirdest comments I get :) haha. If you are a beginner, and want to build strength, then start with my free Bunny Slope workout program at and if you join ZGYM you’ll find tons of workouts for all fitness levels.
Btw, I found this song in my library and I had to share it because it always cracks me up 😂
🎶Die Antword - Rich B***h

Have fun today, it’s so important to have a good laugh!!

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Riley Meets Ski Lodge Boy

{Fanfic | Inspired by the upcoming Girl Meets Ski Lodge episode. I have no idea what the GMW writers have up their sleeves but for some reason I imagine Austin North being the kind of guy Riley would come across that would cause a pang of jealousy amongst the guys…ENJOY!}

Riley pulled at her luggage at the bottom of the pile. Just her luck her blue and brown duffle would get launched in the very bottom tier of the mountain of bags.

She almost wished her father had gotten his way so that in this moment he would be there to help her. Cory had begged the faculty to allow him to chaperone the annual weekend ski trip. 

Unfortunately, with paralleling pleas from his wife and daughter that Cory should be excused to allow his daughter a father-free trip the faculty sided with the women in his life. 

“Fine!” He exclaimed “But just remember daddy knows best!” 

Topanga rolled her eyes and gave her daughter a hug, “Try to relax this weekend sweetheart. You deserve a nice trip with your friends. If this trip is anything like your father’s something life-changing might happen. Make smart decisions and enjoy yourself.” 

Riley thought back to the story of Lauren and Cory. Unlike her parents there was no significant other in her life, so maybe coming across a cute ski lodge boy would be just the thing she needed.

Fast forward to her current predicament she struggled to retrieve her bag. By the time she was about to surrender a hand reached out from behind her and pulled out her bag.

“Here you go!” She spun around with a small smile.

“Thank you Lucas.” He returned the grin and nodded his head. 

“Couldn’t let the damsel be distressed for very long.” The two chuckled, their exchange seemed so natural but on the contrary the two hadn’t spoken since New Years. It was now the middle of January and things were more awkward than ever before.

Riley caught Maya’s eye from a distance, she was conversing with Sarah when Maya noticed the exchange.

Riley turned back toward Lucas and quickly made her exit, “Well thanks again, have a great weekend Lucas.” 

She walked toward her best friend who smiled at her, “What did Huckleberry want?” 

Since New Years the girls had swept their feelings under the rug, it was as if they made an unofficial agreement that neither would romantically talk to Lucas and move forward being best friends. 

Riley shrugged her shoulders, “Nothing, he helped me get my bag.”

Maya bobbed her head, “Good ol’ Huckleberry, at least he comes in handy for something.” 

The two shared a short, awkward laugh and Maya linked her arm through Riley’s, “Come on let’s find our room!” 

The two made their way inside the lodge. Harper had assigned each room to four people: Riley, Maya, Sarah and Darby were assigned to one room; Yogi, Lucas, Farkle, and Zay occupied another.

Maya was the first to leap off her bed and motioned for the girls to follow and grab some food. They walked into the lobby where they found the boys hanging out on the couches.

“Ah and already the males have claimed their territory.” Maya slipped in between Zay and Lucas who both turned their attention toward her.

“Well Miss Hart I do believe it’s a free country…” Lucas stated with a bright smile that didn’t go unnoticed by Riley.

Maya rolled her eyes, “Is that all you got Ranger Rick? You need better comebacks.” 

The two laughed and Riley could feel the tension, she tried to shake it off and started to walk away.

She felt someone’s hand on hers and looked up, it was Farkle.

“Hey, how are you feeling?”

Riley pulled her hand away from his and crossed her arms, “Farkle, I still have nothing to say to you. You can’t just come in here and think we’re starting with a clean slate.” 

If things were tense with Lucas than things were ten times worse with Farkle. After New Years Farkle had tried to knock on Riley’s window almost twice a day to make up but nothing.

He looked at her with solemn eyes, “How many times do I have to say I’m sorry if you think I wanted to hurt you? It was never my intention. I did everything because I care about you. Riley, please!” 

She sighed, “That’s the thing Farkle - I don’t think you wanted to hurt me. But you surely did and trust has been broken. I always thought you were the one person who cared about me more than anyone even more than Maya. But you really messed things up. I’m not ready to forgive you Farkle.” 

She turned away and he closed his eyes letting out a breath. Everyone in the room watched their exchange and it all became instantly quiet. 

Riley on the other hand was on a mission, she grabbed a snowboard and made her way toward the highest peak. 

Once she had her gear on she looked down the mountain and instantly froze. She let out a breath contemplating her next move.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you and I’m a trained professional.” She looked toward the unfamiliar voice and blinked. He was a very tall, even more handsome guy. He wore a big maroon jacket, ski goggles and a beanie. 

She gulped on the breath in her mouth, “I just wanted a challenge.” She didn’t know where that confidence had come from but went with it.

He stepped forward and removed her goggles, “I can see that, but how about we start with a different challenge and work our way up?”

She gave him a peculiar look, “Our? I’m sorry I don’t remember inviting you.” She narrowed her brows and internally thought how un-Rileylike she was acting. 

He smirked, “Well I guess I’ll play the forward card and invite myself. He grabbed her purple glove with his black glove, “Come on snow bunny let’s go.” 

She shook her head, “How do I know you’re not some stranger danger slope creep?”

He chuckled at her hesitance, “Trust me if I was stranger danger slope creep you would know. My name’s Derek Davenport.” 

He removed his goggles and a glove to offer his hand, “What’s your name?” 

She removed her purple glove and shook his hand, “Morotia M. Black.” 

Derek shook his head, “Alright Morotia, what’s your real name?”

She picked up her board and started to walk away, “I guess you’ll just have to wait.” 

He stood there for a few seconds absorbing their exchange. He smiled to himself but completely intrigued he followed behind.

“Well Morotia, how about we go on a couple of bunny slopes and then make our way back here?”

She had no intention of flying down this monstrous mountain but played along, “Sure if you guarantee we’ll see some real bunnies.”

He laughed and nodded his head, “You got a deal Morotia.” 

After three hours of falling, flailing and screaming Riley and Derek made their way back to the lodge. By the end of their session they were laughing hysterically and sincerely enjoying each others company.

As soon as they stepped into the lodge Riley turned toward him, “My name is Riley, Riley Matthews.” 

She motioned for a handshake and he returned it, “Very nice to meet you Riley. I must say Morotia was growing on me.” She hip bumped him and the two laughed.

It wasn’t until they heard Maya clearing her throat, they stopped and turned to the couches.

Maya stood up while Lucas, Zay, Farkle, Smackle and Josh sat in their seats staring at the pair.

“Riley could I have a word with you?” She pulled her friend to the side and looked at Derek over her shoulder, “Where did he come from? And why did you leave me?” 

Riley shook her head, “I was enjoying my weekend break, what happened while I was away?”

Maya looked at the odd group sitting on the couch, “Farkle flew Smackle out for the weekend and now she’s rooming with us, oh and your crazy dad sent Uncle Boing to keep an eye on you!”

Riley looked behind Maya to see her Uncle Josh walk toward Derek, “Wait you’re Derek Davenport! The professional snowboarder - dude you’re competing in the Winter Olympics in 2018!” 

Derek nodded nonchalantly, “Yeah hi nice to meet you.” 

“Riley this guy is legend! At just 16 he’s THE best US snowboarder! How do you know him?”

She walked toward them and looked at Derek, “Uncle Josh, we just met, Derek taught me how to snowboard or at least try.” 

The two smiled at one another and Josh started to bow to him, “You’re the man! Could you sign….everything of mine?” 

Derek grabbed a pen from the front counter, “Yes but no underwear.” He excused himself, trying to make a good impression with Riley’s Uncle.

Maya stood with her mouth wide open, “Riley you dog! How…when…Ugh!” She wrapped her arms around her, “I’m so proud of you for scoring a total babe!” 

Darby and Sarah had been watching from the stairs and ran over to ask Riley everything. 

A stunned Lucas and Farkle sat with Zay and Smackle. 

“Did Riley just walk in with Professional Snowboarder Derek Davenport?” 

Lucas asked the group, Zay bobbed his head, “Yes, our Riley is about to be Mrs. Future Gold Medalist Davenport. I’m in awe!” 

Farkle scoffed, “What’s so great about him?”

Zay, who was sitting across from Farkle stood up to playfully smack him on his cheeks, “Wake up Farkle, this guy is about to be a national hero! He’s the new Shaun White. What is with you man? EVERYONE knows him, well minus Riley until three hours ago. That’s my girl scoring herself a future olympian! I gotta look into PyeongChang flights! Excuse me.” He ran to his room to fetch his computer while a stunned Lucas sat there.

“Well looks like Riley’s happy.” Lucas commented as he stared toward her.

Farkle glared at Lucas, “Suddenly you’re interested?”

Lucas and Smackle both turned toward Farkle, “Farkle, are you alright?” Smackle asked her boyfriend who looked particularly angry.

Lucas placed a hand to his chest, “WHAT? I’ve always been interested in her. What’s with the attitude Farkle?” 

Smackle placed a hand on Farkle’s shoulder, “Farkle, I think you need to rest.” 

He narrowed his eyes and sat forward, “I did you a favor, Riley liked you but you played both her and Maya. Now suddenly you completely want Riley because this Derek guy shows interest in her? You’re pathetic.” 

Lucas angrily stood up and clenched his fists, “Whatever Farkle - you think you’re better than everyone else and because you’re so book smart you have all the answers. Guess what? You don’t! That’s why neither Riley nor Maya have ever been interested in you!” 

Farkle stood up and Riley ran between the two, “What is wrong with you two? STOP IT!” She yelled with her arms separating the two. “I don’t understand why you’re both acting up but I hate it. And you know what? Right now I can’t stand to be friends with either of you. Talk to me when my real friends return until than just leave me alone.” 

She burst out of the lodge and ran until she couldn’t anymore. She sat in the snow and placed her knees to her face.

Cradling her body she let out a breath. 

“Mind if I join you?” She looked beside her and Derek sat next to her.

“You must think me and my friends are insane. I wouldn’t blame you.” He placed a supportive arm around her shoulder.

“On the contrary, a piece of me is somewhat flattered I got to teach the most gorgeous girl in the lodge how to snowboard.” 

She chuckled loudly, “Me? You’re joking right.”

He placed his hands in the air, “Don’t think I’m so chauvinist pig but those guys, the little one and the guy with the arms. They are both really into you.” 

She rolled her eyes, “Fat chance but thanks for trying to cheer me up.”

Derek smiled, “You’re really beautiful and humble or maybe a little clueless.”

Riley gasped, “No I’m not.” 

Derek let out a sigh, “Before those two were battling over you I already thought wow this girl is so attractive. It’s just my luck she would be by herself, a chance for me to approach her and possibly get to spend a minute getting to talk to her.” 

Riley chuckled, “You really think that highly of me? To be honest, I’m not that overconfident individual you met earlier. Typically I’m meek, sure nice but never outspoken.” 

Derek reached to push a stray hair out of her face, “Which makes you even more gorgeous. Listen Riley, I would love to take you out on a date and then possibly take you out on more but the thing is I leave on Sunday and I’m off to train for the next few years…so…”

She leaned forward and kissed his cheek, “I understand. But how about right now, you take me on that first date and we just enjoy the weekend becoming friends.” 

He reached for her hand and held it softly, “That would be perfect.” 

The two went for a walk around the lodge, they stopped at a cafe and he paid for her hot cocoa and sandwich. The rest of the day they explored town, he bought her a maroon scarf she had been eyeing and as promised he brought her to the cabin he was staying at and showed her the landlord’s bunnies. 

They went back to the lodge and watched a movie. They fell asleep on the couch with her head on his shoulder. The next day, they went snowboarding, Riley was actually pretty decent. 

They spent the afternoon exploring the mountains and outdoors in general. They held hands and found another lodge where a band was playing music. He asked her to dance as a slow song played. She rested her cheek on his chest and swayed along.

She got cold and he offered her his jacket. The two made their way to her lodge and watched another movie. They fell asleep and woke up on Sunday morning. 

Riley woke up to Derek softly calling out to her, “Riley.”

She opened her eyes and the two stared at each other, “Let me guess, the fantasy comes to an end?”

He breathed out, “I wish it didn’t.” 

She stood up and he followed her lead. She took off the oversized blue jacket and handed it back to him, he shook his head, “Keep it, it looks really adorable on you.” 

She toyed with it and instead hugged it to her chest, “I had the best weekend.”

He nodded his head and stepped toward her, he placed his hands on her shoulders, “Riley Matthews, may I kiss you?”

Instead of saying anything she leaned forward, up on her tippy toes she gave him a kiss. It was delicate, passion-filled and overall perfect.

He rubbed her shoulders and kissed her forehead, “Well I’ll be thinking about that kiss all throughout my training.”

She chuckled and gazed at him, “Thank you for everything Derek. I hope we see each other…some day.”

Derek smirked, “Well pencil me in for 2018, I mean if you haven’t picked one of those guys vying for you.” 

Riley shook her head, “It was amazing meeting you Derek Davenport.” 

He gave her one last hug and went out the door with one lingering glance.

She stood there in shock holding his jacket. 

“Sounds like you had quite a Cory weekend.” Uncle Josh walked toward her and stood by her side. 

She sighed, “You have no idea.” He placed an arm around her shoulder and looked at the white square sticking out of the blue coat pocket.

He handed it to her, “What’s this?” He asked and she smiled to herself. She walked to a couch, took a seat and opened the plain white envelope, 

Dear Riley,

Words can never express how much this weekend meant to me. It’s was an honor to cross paths with someone as intelligent, insightful and beautiful as you. I hope by the time I see you again you have made your dreams a reality. If by chance we’re at the right place and time I hope you consider me again. But seeing your previous predicament I have a feeling it might be too late. Follow your mind and heart Riley. You are truly a one-of-a-kind beauty.

Love, D

Ski Lodge Head Script: Pt 2 (Reblog if you like it!)

*So, this is the next scene in my Ski Lodge Head Script. *DISCLAIMER THIS IS A JOSH AND MAYA SCENE*. Please take it as objectively as possible, accept what is inevitable anyways, and give me any feedback you can think of. Writing for Maya/Josh, or even just for Josh in general is challenging, because I have such limited material to go off of with his character. Let me know what you think, regardless of who you “ship”. Please and thank you.*

Ski Lodge Head Script (Cont.)

 : Pan in, Maya on couch center stage, alone in the common room. She is crying lightly to herself after the game of “Truth or Dare”. Enter Josh from stage right with door, gets thrown in from snow/wind, stumbling :



: Gains control of himself after being thrown through the door from the snow, then pauses:

 So…it’s definitely snowing outside.

: Maya slightly glances over at Josh, goes back to crying:

Josh (noticing Maya):

 Oh, hey…Maya…

 : Slowly leans up against door and drops bags to physically brace himself:


: Does not even look at Josh, keeps looking down at hands:



:Looks around, confused:

Uh…Hi? Just hi?

 :Takes off his hat:

Maya it’s me, Josh? Josh Matthews? Riley’s Uncle?



 : Briefly looking up at him, then back down at hands:

Yeah Josh, I know who you are.


Okay… it’s just this is just not really how our greetings usually go.


                :No response from Maya at all:

You know, compared to the usual of you running at me? Jumping on my back? Calling me Uncle Boing? Is any of this ringing a bell for you?


(Completely unenthusiastically, stoically, looks and points at him:


…. Better?


Not really.

 : Takes a few steps closer :

 Wait, Maya are you crying? What’s going on?

 : Sits down on couch :


Right. Cause you really care what happens to me. We don’t even know each other, remember?


That’s not fair Maya. Despite what you may believe, I’m not perfect, I say stupid things. I do care, I have always cared about you.

 : Slightly playful : Come on, talk to me, Hart.

Maya(Shaking head, talking to herself):

Riley left. Cause of me, I think. I mean I think I messed up. I’ve been messing up. Ruining things. I went too far. Again. I promised myself I would stop that.

I mean how could I have missed it? She’s my best friend-


Whoa, whoa whoa, slow down. Back up.

 :A little worried:

 What do you mean she left? We’re in the middle of nowhere during a snow storm! There are bears and wolves everywhere around here…it’s not safe, Maya! Where did Riley go???


No…she’s right outside, she’s safe.


Oh. Okay good.

 : Sits back down :


She’s with Farkle.


Okay so definitely not safe.

 :About to get back up and get Riley:

 Maya(Ignoring him):

I think I might have hurt her. I never want to hurt her.


: Sits back down:

 This is about a boy.


Kind of.


Teenage over dramatics.


You’re eighteen.


Yes. But I’m a college man now, Maya. Sophisticated, refined, mature-


Riley told me she walked in on you playing Power Rangers.


I was with Auggie-


You were in full blown costume.


It was for Halloween!



It was last week!


You have NO proof of that.


Right yea well if you’re “so mature” that you can’t be bothered with my problems-

 Josh(Interrupting her):

Maya. Talk.  


 I was always this girl who knew who she was. I bent the rules, I did what I wanted but I was okay with it. I just considered myself…broken. But being friends with Riley, seeing everything she had, seeing how much hope and light she had for the world, the way she cares about the people she loves, how great her family is ….

: Pauses to glance at Josh:.

I guess I just started to want what she had. I wanted to become a new version of myself, someone who did things that made people proud. I wanted to be the kind of person who believed in something. But somewhere along the way of that I lost the part of me that made me, me. And Riley- she saw that, she saw that before anyone else did, even me. And she just dropped everything to help me find my way again. She reminded me of who I was and where I came from and why that’s so important.

 : Slight pause, getting increasingly choked up:

 She did all of that for me. She saved me, like she always promised she would. And then here I am, trying to figure out how to be the best, improved version of Maya, and I can’t even do the same for her. I’m so selfishly wrapped up in my problems that I can’t even be the best friend that she deserves, I can’t even tell when she’s going through something and she needs me. When I was screaming…she heard me. And now I have to do the same for her. I have to hear her. I have to fix it. I have to fix everything for her. Because I can not stand to be in a world where that little weird ball of pure sunshine saves me and I can’t even save her back. I won’t let that-

: Maya realizes Josh is sitting still, staring at her, smiling:



Why are you smiling like that?


 I don’t know. Just listen to you, listen to how much you love Riley, look at how concerned you are for her. You think you’re a bad friend? I don’t think my niece could ask for a better best friend. And I’m pretty sure, she would agree.

 : Places his hand on Maya’s knee :

 You’re growing up Maya. And it’s…well, it’s impressive.


: Looks down at his hand, then up at Josh:



No problem.

 : Long pause, don’t break each other’s gaze:


: Rushed, breaking gaze abruptly :

 Well! I better get going.


What? You’re just gonna let me sit here spilling my guts, totally embarrassing myself in front of you and then  just split?


Uh, yeah. Yeah I am.


 : Grabs Josh by shirt:

Why Josh? Why would you do that?


: Pauses to ponder this, smirks/chuckles:

 Because Maya Penelope Hart, if I sit here too much longer, I’m going to forget you’re still in high school.

:Maya, slowly lets him go from her grasp, they are inches apart:


Would that really be so bad?




 : Maya looks away, disappointed::


: Gently lifts her head:

…For now.

 :Maya looks up taken aback:

 : Riley enters through door on stage right, getting hurled into room from storm:



: Notices Josh and Maya on couch:

 : Cocks head to the side, confused:

Uncle Josh! You’re here…?


Heyyy, Riley!

 : Awkwardly Rambling, fidgeting profusely:

 I just got here, actually. Crazy storm out there huh? Like the North Pole or something, ha ha- better watch out for Santa! Probably Rudolf out there too…

: Riley and Maya staring at him completely amused at his awkwardness:

Yea so anyway I was just going to sleep.

 : Points at Riley:

Riles, skiing tomorrow?

Riley (extremely loud and excited):



Riley there aren’t actually any bun-

Riley(looking up into nowhere):


Maya(to Josh):

Just tell her “whatever you want”


Josh(smiles big, arms outstretched):

Whatever you want!


: Smiling huge:



 : Josh gets up from couch, begins to exit, Riley takes his place on the couch:


Goodnight ladies.


 Maya(Still looking at him perplexed):




: Josh slowly walks away, stops, pauses and turns around:


Oh and Maya?





Old version, new version, improved version…whatever this version of you is?…it’s beautiful.

 : Smirks and exits:


Maya…What was that?

Maya(staring straight ahead, smirking to herself):

I think that…was the long game.

Bunny Slopes AU

Character A works at their family’s ski lodge in the mountains. When a massive snowstorm threatens to blow in, causing the ski lodge to evacuate everyone down the mountain, Character A settles in to have the lodge to themselves while they wait out the storm….until it turns out that Character B accidentally slept through the last shuttle bus leaving, so it looks like the two are going to be spending a lot of time together.