Recycling gowns is hardly new. It has been in practice in film and television since their invention, and has been common practice in theatre productions for hundreds of years.  In addition, it is also sometimes seen in paintings. Many artists have been known to reuse clothing that they painted. For example a yellow house coat trimmed in ermine appears in several paintings by Vermeer. Sometimes the artist owned the actual garment they painted (almost certainly in Vermeer’s case), while other times it may have been an example from a woman’s magazine that they copied over and over again.

This beautiful striped Victorian gown is especially interesting, because it is actually based on a gown from works of art by French artist James Tissot. The reproduction gown itself has been seen in at least four films. It was first worn on Rya Kihlstedt as Lizzy Elmsworth in the 1995 production of The Buccaneers.  It was seen again Maite Yerro as Juliet on a movie screen in the 1996 film Evita. In 2000 it was worn by Neve McIntosh as Lucy, Lady Audley in Lady Audley’s Secret, and lastly it was worn on Isobel Pravda as Camille Monet in the 2006 mini-series The Impressionists.

The original gown on which the costume was based was not only painted by James Tissot - it was painted by him numerous times.Tissot was an artist who was mostly known for his paintings of women dressed in their elaborate gowns, and while it is not known if Tissot owned some of the gowns he repeatedly painted or not, the fact that his parents were both in the Fashion Industry might lead one to believe that his owning them would not have been out of the realm of possibility. In Professor Lou Taylor’s book The Study of Dress History, he writes:

Tissot reused favorite garments over periods of two or three years. Thus the notion that his 1870s paintings reflected the most up-to-date fashions may be flawed.

Five paintings in which Tissot painted this black and white gown include: The Captain and the Mate (c.1873), The Return from the Boating Trip (c.1873), Boarding the Yacht (c.1873), Still on Top (c.1874) and  Holiday (c.1876).

To see a full gallery of Tissot’s paintings and the beautiful gowns they showcase, go here.

Costume Credit: Katie S., Kiteflier, Shrewsbury Lasses

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Sir Helmsley Thwaite

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This character - along with Dudley Hooperman, The Antipholi, Ernst Von Fleischel-Marxow, and Bungabine - would have to be the most interestingly-named that Kitchen has played, imho. 

But…now that I think about it, he also played Phillipe Villon, Branwell Bronte, King Thrushbeard, Carlos Esquerdo, Iago, Amiens, Rochus Misch, Roman (Roman Something or Something Roman), Block, Major Herbert Rowse Armstrong, Herbie the Porn Producer, Stanhope Feast, Lord Malmesbury, and Mr. Letchworth, to name some more.

And let’s not forget 😃 (aka Richard)

Not to mention that he’s played at least two Henrys, two Gregs, and two Peters.

So, I suppose he’s played more than his fair share of “interesting” characters.

Elizabeth McGovern's husband to direct Downton inspired film?

BBC Films is making The Buccaneers, and seeking director Simon Curtis - Elizabeth McGovern’s husband who is best known for My Week with Marilyn.

Based on the book that inspired Downton Abbey. Well played BBC, well played. Here’s the synopsis:

Set in the 1870s, five wealthy American girls are denied entry into New York Society because their parents’ money is too new. At the suggestion of their clever governess, the girls sail to London, where they marry lords, earls, and dukes who find their beauty charming—and their wealth extremely useful.

happilypalepeach asked:

Hi Forgot to say how much I appreciate your daily postings. What would we all do without you. Wishing you all the best for the rest of the Christmas season and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Ooh! Another love note (which it wouldn’t be polite to leave unanswered, would it? Shallow, adulation-craving little blogger that I am. Hee :0)

The Christmas feasting continues today with a slice of prime Kitchen from 1995. We’re sitting down to watch The Buccaneers - in which Sir Helmsley’s sideburns tickle Miss Testvalley’s tempting Cherie lips, soon after he notices she has a decent pair of Lunghis on her.

Yum. All this today, and re-fried chicken dinner too. My cuppeth runneth overeth.

Delights of the season to you all! x


These may look like mere grainy pics but they are indeed mosaics of lots of little Michael Kitchens :o)

abject admirer​ says What are you playing at woman!? Enough of this clever-dickery. Leave the poor man alone. *whispers* How did you do it?

I printed out each pic and pasted them onto my bedroom wall, then took photos…  et voila! You don’t believe me? ;o)

Ok maybe not so much with the bedroom wall - it’s just a photo mosaic app I used, pretty quick and easy really :o)