Zach Dempsey is Redeemable

He was a boy that did a shitty thing. Everyone does shitty things. Zach stayed with her when Marcus was a nasty slime ball. She rejected him, and he was hurt. People do shitty and stupid stuff when they’re hurt. As for trying to cover up Bryce, he wasn’t defending his actions. He was a scared boy in high school. Y’all can say all you want that you’d turn Bryce in right away, but Bryce was his friend, and he was a scared teenager. He doesn’t get a pass on his actions, but cut him some slack. HE JUST WANTED TO BE A MARINE BIOLOGIST DAMMIT.

The Pepsi Marketing Team: A dialogue

Scene: Three white dudes sitting around a meeting table, at Pepsi HQ. 

Marketing dude 1: So guys, I’ve been thinking, protests are huge right now. How about we integrate protests into our commercial concept?

Marketing dude 2: Great idea, Chad! Man, what is all that protesting about anyway?

CHAD: I have no idea Bryce, but its HOT.

Marketing dude 3: You know what else is HOT? The Kardashians.

CHAD: Good thinking, Brad. So how can we put it all together?

BRYCE: I’ve got it guys. So here’s the scene, a protest , right–

CHAD, interjecting: — not political though, like, just a protest

BRYCE: (excitedly) yeah, yeah exactly. A protest is going on, and then switch scenes– Kendall is doing a photo shoot— 

BRAD: –You know she’s a model? 

CHAD: Wow, so hard-working.

BRYCE: –anyway she sees the protest. And she’s like, so “woke” right–

BRAD: –Woke?

CHAD: That’s a hot phrase right now.

BRAD: What does it mean? 

BRYCE: It means like, “trendy”, but with politics or whatever.

CHAD: That doesn’t sound quite right.

BRYCE: Whatever. ANYWAY, So Kendall is like “oh a protest!” and the crowd of protesters approach a wall of police–

BRAD (excitedly) : in riot gear???!

CHAD: No no, not riot gear, we don’t want to make the police look bad.

BRYCE: Ok yeah. they’re monitoring peacefully. and the protesters are all happy and dancing.

CHAD: yeah man, I went to Coachella once, and that’s totally like a protest, so we can do like a Coachella aesthetic.

BRAD: Nice.

BRYCE: OK ok guys so here’s the kicker right? Kendall joins the protest, and she’s got a Pepsi, right? And so she walks up to one of the police, and she gives him a Pepsi- and then like, the protest is solved!

BRAD: OH man that is SO good

CHAD: Bryce you are a genius.

(A manager pokes his head into the meeting room)

MANAGER:  Hey guys, what have you got for me so far?

CHAD: Well, we’ve got a kind of “Pepsi solves World Peace” vibe going. 

MANAGER: That sounds pretty good– hey make sure you throw some “diversity” in there, ok? Our market testing numbers show that people like that.

CHAD: Yeah of course- already on it!

(Manager smacks the door frame twice, then leaves)

BRAD: Well…. Kendall is like… not white, right?

BRYCE: I’m not sure dude, but “Kardashian” doesn’t sound white

CHAD: “Jenner” does though….

BRAD: ok ok, we’ll find a way to get some diversity in there. We can ask Areeb from product management!

BRYCE: Nice. 

CHAD: Ok so the idea is; An apolitical protest is going on– for world peace or something– and Kendall sees it while she is modeling. And she’s so “woke” so she leaves her shoot to join the cause. She’s like, just another person, “just like everyone else” type of deal. 

Cut in Coachella scenes- but like– with diversity– she moves through the crowd, she’s got the Pepsi, and she brings the Pepsi to the police.

BRAD: The upstanding professional “serve and protect-ors”

CHAD: Exactly. So she brings the Pepsi to the police and the vibe is, like, a peace-offering 

BRYCE: World peace is solved

BRAD: World peace is solved!

CHAD: nice work everyone. I’ll make a powerpoint. 

Get over yourself - Montgomery/Jeff?

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Request:  Hey your writing is very cool🌹, could you write an imagine about going to a pool party with jeff and your ex bf monty is jealous?

Word count: 1093

Thanks for the awesome request! Enjoy xxx

“Just come with me y/n, it will be fun!” Jeff says for the 5th time. There was a pool party at Bryce Walker’s place and you didn’t really feel like going.

“Is it obligatory?” you know Jeff wanted you to just have fun. You’ve been studying hard the couple weeks, he just wanted you to let of some steam.

“Yes!” Jeff shouts while he’s already searching for your bikini and an outfit to were.

“Here wear this, you look good in them.” He says while throwing the clothes at you.

“So I can’t even choose what I’ll wear?” you say pleasantly.

You arrive at the party with Jeff. You were walking to the table with drinks when you hear someone scream your name.

“Hey, y/n! Can you help me out?” It was your best friend Jess. You had been friends with her since the day she entered the doors of Liberty High. She was new and looked a little lost and extreme social you couldn’t help but go talk to the girl. You introduced her to your friends and that’s how she met Justin, they were dating for 6 months now. They both told you how they were crushing on each other so you decided to play matchmaker and that turned out pretty good. You and Jess were pure soulmates, everything you liked she liked too, everything she hated you hated too.

“I can’t unzip my dress and that damn pool looks so refreshing.” She says while you help her out of her dress.

“Thanks y/n, by the way I’m so happy to see you! You finally decided to leave your house?”

“Well Jeff kind of forced me but I’m happy to see you!”

“You better are, why don’t you join me in the pool?”

“I’ll be there in a minute! I think I first need some alcohol before I take of my clothes.” You winked at Jess. You made yourself a pretty strong drink so you felt a little more confident. When you finished it you decided to join Jess. You started taking of your shirt first, you were unzipping your shorts when you heard:

“Damn y/n looking good!” you turned around when you saw Bryce Walker staring at you. You couldn’t help but notice who was standing next to him. It was Montgomery de la Cruz, your ex-boyfriend. The two of you didn’t really end on good terms. One day you wanted to surprise your boyfriend so you bought new fancy lingerie. You wanted to meet him at practice but he wasn’t training with the team. When you searched for him in the locker room he was pinning another girl to the wall, heavily kissing her neck and she unbuttoning his pants. You walked straight up to him, you made him very clear you never wanted to see him again and smacked his face.  After he begged for some second chance but people who treated you like that didn’t deserve second chances.

“Yeah right, Bryce.” You say while rolling your eyes. You get in the pool and start to talk with Jess a little about  how she and Justin were and about how much you still felt disgusted by Montgomery. During the talk you had two more drinks. You started to get a little drunk. Suddenly you saw Jeff coming around the corner. You and Jeff had been good friends since Montgomery cheated on you. He felt really bad for you and wanted to support you  a little even tho you told him you were fine. You weren’t going to spend tears on someone like that.

“Hey jeff!” you shout while swimming to the side of the pool. Jeff set himself in front of you in squat position.

“Well look who’s having fun at the party she didn’t feel like joining.” Just now you saw how handsome Jeff was. His perfect brown hair hiss sky-blue eyes. His beautiful colgate smile. Jeff was wearing a very nice shirt, you could see the sleeves hugging his biceps thight. Just looking at him started to turn you on.

“I think you should join me in the pool.” You say while biting your lip a little, looking Jeff straight in the eyes. Yours and Jeff’s faces were dangerously close to each other.

“Oh should I?” Jeff answers with a seductive grin on his face. Suddenly someone pushes Jeff away from you, it was Montgomery.

“Get the fuck away from her dude!” He shouts while he throws his fist toward Jeff’s face.

“What the hell is your problem?” you scream at Montgomery while pulling yourself out of the pool and others trying to pull Montgomery away from Jeff.

“You’re being a slut.” Montgomery shouts at you.

“Excuse me? You’re calling me a slut? I’m pretty sure I’m very single and I’m free to do whatever I want to do. I don’t owe you anything de la Cruz. You cheated, now get over yourself.”

Montgomery looks at you with  disappointed eyes. “No y/n wait, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that, I didn’t mean it, I-“

“Yeah Mont, just like you didn’t mean to put your penis inside of another vagina? I know what your definition of ‘I didn’t mean’ is.”

You walk towards Jeff pulling him back to his feet.

“I think you need ice on that.” You say while picking his hand and guiding him inside.

Jeff sat down on the kitchen table while you started searching for ice. Once you found it you wrapped it in a towel and put it against Jeff’s head

“I’m so sorry Jeff, I really didn’t know he was going to be so jealous. I didn’t mean for you to get hurt.”

“y/n, it’s okay. This isn’t your fault. Like you said the boy needs to get over himself. And by the way I can’t blame him for wanting you back, look at you.”

“But he punched you in the face, and.. wait what did you say?” you say still holding the bag of ice against his head.

“You heard me.” Jeff’s says while putting his hands around your waist and pulling you closer between his legs.

“I think letting a girl like you go is the most dumb thing he had ever done, but I don’t mind.”

Jeff’s cups your chin and brings your face closer to his.

“Do you mind?” he whisper while your lips are almost touching, his lower lip even touched yours while he whispered. You just nod and before you know Jeff’s lips were kissing yours.

“y/n?” he says interrupting .


“You can drop the ice this is a waaay better remedy.”

Let me know what you think and thanks for reading! Xxx
Asylum (Part 3)

Yes, I, Mod Loo, have created a part three. I’m sorry, I just love this AU so much, and I couldn’t resist. I hope you enjoy it!


The four doctors stood outside of the building, talking like they normally did. Nogla had gotten used to the asylum at this point and was in the same boat as the other three.

“Man, Squeaker will not leave me alone about gummy worms. He’s got like an addiction to them,” Nogla complained, fixing his glasses.

“It’s not as bad as Delirious. Still going on about me letting him out. And every once in a while he’ll slip a little extra in there, making it more and more uncomfortable,” Evan sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“Eh, you’ll get used to it. You just gotta keep pushing them back,” Tyler said.

“And hope that they get better. Ohm’s gotten much better,” Bryce said happily.

“We know. You wear the bunny ears he made for you everyday,” Evan replied, rolling his eyes.

“What? I think they’re cute.”

Everyone rolled their eyes and talked some more.

“Hey fellas, did ya miss me?” Everyone turned to see another doctor standing there with a smirk plastered on his face. Immediately everyone’s eyes widened.

“Brian!” Bryce exclaimed, going up to him for a hug.

“Hey man, you actually survived. We thought you were dead, you know,” Evan joked, giving Brian a pat on the back once Bryce let go of him.

“So you’re back from Ireland, huh? Well, you should’ve stayed, since we got a replacement,” Tyler grinned.

“Oh, really now? And who is this replacement?”

Tyler motioned towards Nogla, who had a blank expression on his face. “Uh, hi, I’m Nogla,” he said awkwardly. Brian broke out into a grin.

“Another Irish man? Thank god, it was getting lonely eating all of the potatoes by myself,” he joked. Nogla started to laugh, and everyone caught up with him.

“By the way, while you were gone, your patient was a pain in the ass,” Tyler said. Brian gave him a confused look.

“My patient? Are you sure you’ve got the right one? Cause my patient is an angel.” Tyler scoffed.

“He maybe an angel to you, but he’s really a sadistic fuck. Your patient’s fucking insane.” Brian was even more confused.

“Are you sure you’re talking about Moo? My Moo?”

“Uh, yeah. Who else?”

“You’re full of shit, Tyler. My Moo isn’t like that. I think Mini’s getting to your head.”

“Excuse me?”

“Guys, guys, let’s not argue, alright? Let’s just be glad that Brian is back, okay?” Bryce said, interrupting the two. Evan nodded.

“Yeah. So Brian, how many potatoes did you eat while you were gone?”

“I ate all of the potatoes!” He said with a laugh, causing everyone else to laugh.


Brian sped walked to his patients room with excitement. Moo was his favorite patient, and he had missed him. He quietly opened the door and shut it behind him, the grin still on his face. “Moo?”

Moo sat up from his bed quickly, turning around with a surprised look on his face before he smiled widely. “Brian!” He giggled. Brian’s smile widened as he sat next to Moo.

“I’m finally back from Ireland! How were you while I was gone?”

“Oh, it was terrible. I missed you so much, you know. I just couldn’t wait for you to come back,” Moo said with a sad look on his face.

“Well, I’m here now. Also, Tyler said that you gave him some trouble. Do you have any idea what that’s about?” Moo shook his head, a confused look settling on his face.

“No. I was being a good patient, I swear.”

“Don’t worry, I believe you. Now, I’ve got to go to check up on some others, but I’ll be back, okay?” Moo smiled sweetly at him, nodding. Brian smiled sweetly at him before getting up and leaving. Right after the door closed, Moo grinned and started to laugh manically.


“I swear to you Moo isn’t all that innocent,” Tyler argued.

“Well, I swear to you that he is. He said he had no idea why you said he wasn’t doing well,” Brian argued back.

“Can’t both of you just let this go? I want to enjoy Brian’s Terminator voice, not listen to him argue for a solid hour,” Evan finally groaned, looking at the two. The two stopped before sighing and finally agreeing to drop it.

“Thank you,” Evan said with a sigh of relief.

“This isn’t over, piggy!” Brian yelled in his Terminator voice, causing everyone to laugh.

“Oh man, that’s actually pretty good,” Nogla admitted with a laugh.

“Exactly. He’s the best of the best at impressions,” Bryce said.

“You’re damn right I am!” Brian exclaimed, earning more laughs from the group.

Unexpected Hero ~ Montgomery De La Cruz Imagine~

Summary: You’re a good girl who had just moved. Being the new girl in Liberty High is hard. When you meet Montgomery De La Cruz, you reject him. When you get harassed by Bryce Walker, Montgomery comes in to save you.

Author’s Note: Montgomery De La Cruz is cute af but Jeff Atkins will always be my number one bae. Also, Hannah and Jeff are alive in this because they deserve better. 

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You were new to Liberty High and you were nervous. You were known as the good girl back in your old school. The girl who was quiet. The girl who was in yearbook because she didn’t like to be in front of the camera.

You walked past a group of jocks who whistled at you. You looked down, not making any eye contact. You walked over to your new and first ever locker. Back where you went to school, they didn’t have lockers. You struggled to open it however since it was all knew to you. 

“Need help?” You hear. You look up to see a tall, very cute looking boy standing next to you. 

“Yes, please,” You say. He helps you open it and you smile up at him.

“Thanks,” You said. 

“I haven’t seen you here before. You new,” He asks.


“I’m Montgomery De La Cruz. But you can call me whatever you like,” He says. 

“I’m Y/N. Y/N L/N,” You introduce yourself. 

“Y/N? Beautiful name,” He tells you. 

“Thanks,” You thank him.

“Would you like to hang out at Monet’s with me after school? It’s this coffee place nearby,” He asks you.

“I’m afraid I have to decline that offer,” You tell him.

“What? Why?” He asks. 

“I saw you with your group of friends and they’re staring at us right now. Also, you have a letterman jacket so I know you’re a stereotypical jock who’s just trying to get into my pants,” You tell him before closing your locker and walking off. 

“Monty just got rejected,” Bryce said walking over to the boy who stood where she had just rejected him.

“Fuck off Bryce,” Montgomery said. 

“If she’s not interested in you, you think she’ll be interested with me?” Bryce asks.

“Stay away from her,” Montgomery tells him.

“Got a crush on someone, Monty?” Justin teased. 

“Screw you guys,” Montgomery says. 

As the days rolled by, you had joined the yearbook and have become friends with the other photographer, Tyler Down. You both were talking about some spreads until Montgomery came to view.

“Hey, Y/N. Is this guy bothering you?” Montgomery asks. 

“No. He’s just showing me around,” You tell him.

“Okay. Just find me if something happens,” He tells you before walking past you. 

“That’s the first time I’ve ever seen Montgomery not as an asshole,” Tyler tells you.

“Maybe he’s change,” You suggest. 

“Maybe he likes you,” Tyler points out. 

At the end of the day, you started to walk out of school until you hear someone behind you. You look over to see Bryce Walker. 

“Hey, Y/N. Right?” He asks you.

“Um, yeah?” You said a little uncomfortable. You started to walk back where you could just ask your new friend, Jeff Atkins, for a ride home. He had offered after you told him that you had to leave as soon as possible since you didn’t have a ride home. 

“I’m Bryce Walker. You know, Montgomery likes you,” He tells you.

“He does?” You ask him as you tried to get away from him.

“Yeah. Now, I know we don’t know each other for that long but I just have to see what little Monty is so interested,” Bryce said before pulling you close by your skirt. You slap his face hard before taking a few steps away from him.

“Stay away from me,” You demand. 

“Feisty. The good kind,” Bryce said before pulling you towards him. His lips were placed on your neck while his arms held onto you tightly.

“Let go of me! Montgomery!” You yell. 

“Let go of her!” You hear. 

“Hey, Monty,” Bryce said letting you go a bit. You quickly turned to Montgomery before wrapping your arms around his waist. He wrapped his around you as he glared at Bryce. 

“I told you to stay the hell away from her,” Montgomery said to Bryce. He lets go of you before throwing a punch to Bryce. 

“Monty, no,” You said before pulling him back. Montgomery looks at you for a quick moment before looking back at Bryce. 

“Come on,” Montgomery said before leading you away. 

“Thank you so much,” You tell him.

“No problem.”

“I owe you one,” You tell him.

“Go on a date with me and we’ll call it even,” Montgomery said before giving you a shy smile. 

“Deal,” You said before staying close to him. 

Quiet- Zach Dempsey Smut-Part 1

this is my first time trying to write smut so i’m sorry if this is bad even though it doesn’t mention smut yet :/ 

 -warnings: rape (sorta), swearing

 -maybe smut in part 2? 

 The loud yet rhythmic sounds of the trashy pop music blared through speakers throughout the house. Drunks danced closely against each other without a care in the world, while the others who were still sober, chugged down mass amounts of alcohol so they too could join in. I stood taking it all in, leaning against a wall in the corner and watched as all of the intoxicated teenagers partied without realizing how shitty they would all feel the morning after.

 “And here is your drink.” Zach smiled and slightly swayed over, holding out a glass that was obviously filled with beer. I gladly took it and gave him a ‘thank you’ before taking down almost the entire drink at once.

“Slow your roll there (Y/N), you wouldn’t believe how long it took to get one and I don’t feel like walking back to get another.” He joked and leaned up against the wall looking down to me and I chuckled in response.

“I’ve never heard of a line for drinks at one of Jeff’s famous parties?” I questioned jokingly and nudged him lightly.

 “Yeah… well, he put Jensen in charge of drinks and he barely knows what alcohol is. Guess he thought it’d help him get a girl and actually talk to her.” Zach shrugged and I lightly slapped his arm giggling at his joke.

“So, would you like to sit down and join the rest of the team or continue to just stand here in the corner?” Zach asked raising an eyebrow and even though I would’ve rather stayed where I was, I knew Zach wanted us to go sit down with the rest of the basketball players and their girlfriends.

 “Alright, if you insist.” I played sarcastically and we both walked over and took a seat between Justin Foley and Bryce Walker.

“Glad you guys finally came over.” Justin joked and elbowed Zach. We all talked and joked throughout the course of the party. As Justin was telling a story about one of their basketball trips I could feel a hand slither onto my thigh. I looked up to Zach to see him staring daggers at Bryce who I now noticed was scooting closer to me. I leaned in closer to Zach and I could feel him take a deep breath of relief. 

“Well I don’t know about you guys, but this party has gone to trash and the only people left are us and the trashy drunks still hoping to get some. So, I say we all go to my place while my parents are gone.” Bryce exclaimed clapping his hands together and practically jumping up earning cheers of approval from everyone else. Zach looked down at me and I could read his face knowing that he didn’t have a good feeling about going. I nodded to him as if to say it’d be alright.

 “Zach you coming?” Marcus asked standing up from the couch and following the rest of the group.

 “Yeah, I’ll meet you guys there.” Zach grinned at him trying to hide his worry.

 —– Once we reached Bryce’s house Zach and I walked in, Zach with a tight grip around my waist.

“Aye, it’s about time you made it, what took you so long?” Bryce chuckled and handed Zach a drink.

 “Doesn’t matter, we’re here now.” Zach joked and held up his drink and everyone agreed loudly. We all sat out back by Bryce’s pool and one by one, people left until it was just Bryce, Zach, Justin, and me. Justin and Zach were playing around and tackling one another while I sat on the couch on my phone and Bryce sat across from me trying to make conversation with the two boys.

 “Keep that up and you both are going to end up in the pool.” Bryce chuckled taking another sip of his drink. And as if planned Zach threw Justin off of him and he stumbled back into the pool, but not before grabbing onto Zach and pulling him in as well.

“Well, look who was right.” Bryce stood up and walked up to the side of the pool.

“You two go upstairs and change, pretty sure you guys left clothes here from the last time you stayed here,” Bryce informed them and they both scrambled out of the cold water and back into the house. I could hear footsteps grow closer and the fabric of the couch sink down next to me.

“So you and Zach? How long has that been going on?” Bryce asked leaning back against the couch.

“About 5 months now,” I answered not bothering to look up. Once again I felt the tingling feeling of a hand against my thigh but this time it was different. I looked up to Bryce whose eyes were dark and staring down at me.

“Bryce… what are you doing?” I asked timidly, my voice shaking.

“I just wanted to let you know that you look really good tonight.” He whispered in my ear, his hot breath making me pull back. He began to pepper kisses along my neck and his hand moved higher up my leg. I immediately tried to push him off but that only caused him to put more pressure on my as he used his other hand to sneak under my shirt.

“Bryce please stop,” I said quietly sniffling.

 “Come on, let’s just have some fun.” He smiled and licked a stripe down my neck. By now hot tears were trailing down my face as I attempted to kick him off. My muscles were straining as I used every bit of effort to throw him off and just when I was about to give up a ray of hope shined through.

 “Hey! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I heard Zach’s voice cut through, loud and angry. Bryce looked up at him and tried to explain but still yet to remove his hands.

“Get off of her man!” Justin yelled, running through the door while slipping a shirt over his head. Zach picked Bryce up by the collar of his shirt and threw him off the couch.

 “Bro, she wanted it, you don’t think I’d do that if she didn’t. Come on man she was practically begging for-” Bryce rambled on and scrambled up to his feet.

“No shut the fuck up.” Zach cut him off and pushed him back.

“The fuck are you going to do, huh Dempsey?” Bryce asked taking a step closer to him and balling up his fists.

“Fuck off Walker.” Zach spat at him and walked off, grabbing me by the hand and pulling me to his car. Once he closed the door I couldn’t stop from breaking down. Zach gently rubbed my back and carefully intertwined his hand with mine.

 “Don’t worry, I will make sure he doesn’t touch you ever again,” Zach whispered to me and softly pressed his lips against my cheek. Zach turned the car into drive and headed off in the direction of my house.

 “Zach, can I stay at your house tonight… I just don’t want to be alone right now.” I said quietly and he nodded as well as grabbing my hand and rubbing his thumb on my knuckles, driving past my house and turning right to his place. When we reached his home, he led me up to his room.

“Will your parent’s mind?” I asked softly as he closed his bedroom door. 

“No, but they’re not home tonight anyways so it’s okay.” He replied moving to his dresser. “Here.” Zach said pulling out a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie to change into. I quickly changed into the oversized sweats. As I changed I could feel eyes on my and I turned to see Zach who was now shirtless and wearing sweatpants. He swayed over and looked at my arms which had bruises freckled across them now. Instead of saying anything he simply kissed my lips slowly. We both climbed into bed and I carefully laid my head against his chest. Zach’s arms were wrapped around tightly and I smiled softly feeling safe in his arms.

“I promise, I won’t ever let anything happen to you again,” Zach muttered into my hair and kissed the top of my head. And with that, I was able to fall asleep to the quiet yet rhythmic sound of his heartbeat.

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Protective brother [Zach Dempsey x Reader]

Request: I wanna request Zach Dempsey imagine: when Zach is reader’s brother best friend. And reader’s brother introduces Zach to reader. Zach starts to be close with reader and finally they date

Word count: 1671

Warnings: swearing, angst

A/n: I modified the request but thanks for requesting! Sorry for not writing in a long time.

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“(B/n)?” you called out, “Have you seen my hairbrush anywhere?”

“Yeah, it’s here, you can brush your hair in the car. Come on! We’re gonna be late.” Your twin exclaimed.

“Coming!” you replied, running down the stairs.

“Let’s go.” He opened the door and headed towards the car with you in trail.

Once in the car, you started to brush your hair while your brother drove. You may be twins but you were quite different, he was what people considered to be a jock, he was friends with all the popular people like Justin Foley or Zach Dempsey. You had never spoken to any of them, surprisingly, but you didn’t care, you were very happy with your own friends. You weren’t interested in being popular, Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker were much better than the ‘populars’.

Soon enough, (B/n) had parked right in front of Liberty High and was shaking you out of your daydream, “We’re here (Y/n), get out of the car.”

Here came the part where you would both act as if you didn’t share blood. You would both go your separate ways, not to talk until the end of school as per usual.

You walked into school, heading for Clay’s locker where he was talking to Jeff Atkins, the only friend of your brother that you had talked to.

“Hey guys, what are you talking about?” you asked.

“Hey (Y/n), how are you doing? We were just talking about the next tutoring lesson.” Jeff replied.

“I’m good.” You said, turning to Clay. You opened your mouth to talk to Clay but were interrupted by the bell.

“Well, that’s my cue.” Jeff told you, “Nice seeing you (Y/n)!” he said before leaving to go home.

You and Clay both headed to Biology, starting another dull day at Liberty High.


The day went on as it usually did, you talking with your friends working and boring classes. Clay accompanied you back home since your brother had decided to ditch you for his friend, the regular. You waved goodbye to him before running into your house, and slumping onto the couch.

What you hadn’t expected was for the couch to be so hard and to groan. You jumped up, grabbing the nearest thing to you, which just so happened to be your hairbrush, and pointed it towards the person. He or she moved, removing the blanket that covered their body and rubbing their eyes. You took a step towards them, trying to identify them. Zach Dempsey.

“What the hell?” he groaned, looking at you, “Wait, aren’t you (B/n)’s sister? Uh…” he snapped his fingers trying to recall your name.

“(Y/n).” you told him.

“Right, sorry. Why are you here?” he asked.

“This is my house too, I should be asking the question.” You replied.

“I’m helping your brother with biology, he said that you would be at Clay’s house for something.”

You laughed dryly, “It’s just like (B/n) to go to extreme lengths to avoid his friends meeting me. Where is he by the way?”

“He went to get some food from the kitchen.” Zach answered.

“well, I’m gonna go up to my room now.” You said, attempting to escape the awkwardness.

He nodded slightly and you headed towards the stairs that led up to your room.

“Wait!” he exclaimed, making you stop and turn towards him, “I’ll see you around?” he asked, a hopeful look in his eyes.

You smiled and nodded, “Yeah.” He grinned back and you left.


You had started the day the same way you always did: going to school in your brother’s car, pretending not to know him and meeting Clay and Hannah at his locker. What you didn’t expect was for your brother and his friends trailing behind Jeff Atkins, who was walking directly towards you. You quirked an inquisitive eyebrow at your friends but they just shrugged in response. You partly expected them to walked right by you but they didn’t, they stopped right in front of your little group.

“Hey Jeff,” You started, trying not to glance at the jocks behind him, “what’s up?” you asked.

“Hey guys, I’m throwing a party at my place and I thought that I should invite you.” He offered.

You smiled, looking over his shoulder at your brother, whose nostrils were flaring and was glaring at you. You looked to Zach and saw a sweet smile on his face.

Hannah answered for the three of you, “We’ll be there.” She replied.

“Great, see you there!” Jeff beamed.

When the guys had left, you turned to Hannah with wide eyes, “Why the Hell did you do that?” you asked, “My brother is going to kill me!”

“I did that because you need to stop being afraid of your brother and the both of you,” she pointed to you and Clay, “need to go out and have fun.”

You groaned exaggeratedly, “Fine.”

She squealed and hugged the two of you, “Thanks, you’ll see, you won’t regret it.”

You knew that you should avoid your brother before the party so, when school was finally over, you headed back to Hannah’s house to get ready for the party.


You were dressed in a beautiful purple dress that you had borrowed from Hannah, she had just finished your makeup and you had already done hers. You both smiled at each other before heading out. Hannah was the one to drive you to Jeff house after picking Clay up from his.

When you arrived, the party was already in full bloom. You entered the house and found Jeff talking with Alex Standall.

You turned around to your friends and realized that the two lovebirds had left and in their place, stood Bryce Walker. Urgh!

“Hey…” he slurred, clearly drunk, “How’re you… doin’ beautiful?” he reached to touch your face but you dodged and moved out of his reach.

“Back off Walker, you’re not my type.” You replied.

“I’m everybody’s type, babe.” He told you, taking a tipsy step towards you.

You were about to reply when somebody stepped in front of you, blocking your view of Bryce.

“You heard her Bryce, back off.” He threatened.

You heard Bryce grumble and sluggishly walk away. You defender turned around and you realized that it was none other than (B/n).


“Thanks (B/n).” you said lowering your head.

“Leave (Y/n).” he ordered.

Your head shot up, “What! Why?” you exclaimed.

“Isn’t Bryce an example?” he said, his voice raising, “You don’t belong here, you don’t know how to handle these kinds of people.”

“And you do?” you protested.

“Yes, I do! Trust me, I’m the older one.” He replied.

People were starting to direct their attention to the two of you, staring and muttering.

“Are you seriously pulling that card?” you yelled, not a care in the world, “You’re six fucking minutes older than me. I’m sorry that you thought that it earns you that kind of superior moral standpoint than me but it doesn’t!”

“Get out, you don’t belong here, you’re useless and naïve.”

You shook your head, “Low blow (B/n). You’re calling me naïve? Who do you think takes care if you when you come home drunk as Hell? You wouldn’t fucking know, would you? You don’t remember a thing that happens the night before, much less how that hangover hurts a lot less when I’m here. So, don’t you dare call me useless or naïve again you dick!”

His face softened a bit, “(Y/n). Don-”

“Don’t you fucking dare ‘(Y/n)’ me. You know what? I give up, you’ve been acting like a dick. You wanted me to leave? Fine. But don’t even try to talk to me.” You stormed out, slamming the door behind you.


You hadn’t realized in the heat of the moment that you had no ride home. Your house was far away and you were too exhausted to walk back. You walked down the street until you found a bench, you sat down, putting your head in your hand and letting the tears fall.

You were still crying when a somebody sat down beside you, “Are you okay?” he asked tenderly, you recognized the voice as Zach’s.

“Zach?” you looked up, “What are you doing here?” you questioned.

“Hannah and Clay realized that you didn’t have a ride home and started to get worried about you so I offered to help them look for you.” He smiled.

“Well, you found me.” You smiled sadly, “God, I must look like a mess.” You said rubbing your eyes.

He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, “You look as beautiful as ever.”

You laughed a bit, “Yeah right, my mascara’s probably smeared all over my face.” You told him.

“It is but still, you look amazing.”

You smiled at him before settling in comfortable silence.

“You know that he doesn’t want to hurt you right?” Zach said.

“Yes, but he acts so… condescending with me.”

“He’s only playing the protective brother role, he doesn’t mean to. He says what his says impulsively. It’s just to dissuade you from doing something that he doesn’t trust.”

“Yeah, I know but…” you trailed off.

“He loves you.”

You ran your hands through your hair, “Yeah, I guess.” You smiled

“Come on,” he stood up, stretching his hand towards you. “Let’s get you home.”

You took his hand and walked towards his car.

In the car, he spoke again, “You know that after you left he punched Bryce right in the nose?”

Your eyebrows rose, “Wow, really?” he nodded, “Well, the dick deserved it.”

You talked about anything and everything during the rest of the car ride and you were disappointed when the car stopped in front of your house.

“Thanks, for everything.” You said, “I owe you one.”

He grinned, “How about you pay me back with a date?”

You mirrored his expression, “Monet’s, tomorrow, pick me up at 6.” You replied.

He winked at you before driving off.

You felt your heart swell and butterflies fluttering in your stomach.

On a night we won’t remember - Montgomery de la Cruz (part 3)

<< Part 2  I Part 4 >> ????

Word count: 1226

a/n: I don’t like it at all, i’m sorry if this sucks but i didn’t see another way to develop the story. Hope y’all still enjoy xxx

The sunlight woke you up from a deep sleep. You were still stretching out when you came to the realisation the bed you were sleeping in wasn’t yours, but you weren’t clueless. You were sleeping in Montgomery’s bed. The boy probably ditched you because you were alone in his huge bed but he couldn’t be far away. Your eyes start wandering around the room when you realize you’re completely naked. Memories from the night before start to pop up, about the two of you getting drunk and him taking of your dress and, oh god, his mindblowing naked body on top of yours.

Yours and Mont’s clothes were spread randomly across the room. So finding your bra and panties was a little problem. After searching them and Monty not entering the room you decided it would be the best to sneak out. After all he still dumped you, it was fun for one last night and as much as wanted to be with him it seemed like it was time to let him go. You clearly didn’t remember him telling you how he missed you.

You took your shoes in your hands so you didn’t make too much noise. When you came down and  walked as slow and quite as possible outside keeping your eyes on the kitchen where the radio was playing. Without looking you walked against a table in the hall what made you scream out in pain.

“Aah fuck, stupid table, fuuck.” Monty heard you and walked out of the kitchen.

“Were you leaving? I made breakfast for you.” Fuck you thought by yourself, the fact that last night happened made things already awkward enough you just wanted to get out of there before he broke your heart again, he was probably going to tell you about how drunk he was and this wasn’t going to work anymore and blablabla. You just wanted enjoy the last memories. But since your stomach started to rumble you decided to follow Montgomery to the kitchen where you saw an extensive breakfast with pancakes, coffee, fresh orange juice, fruit and everything else you can imagine.

“What is happening? These are the things you should’ve done when you called me your girlfriend Mont.” You say a little stunned with all the effort he put in the breakfast.

“Yeah see I wanted to talk about that. I made a mistake y/n, a big mistake. The last two weeks were like hell for me. I should have never let you go.” He said while walking closer to you.

“So with one hook up you think everything is fixed? Maybe start with telling me why you broke up with me in the first place and please give me some water my head is pounding.” You said while sitting down, as much as you wanted to look cool and all that you were hungry and honestly the food he made smelled incredible. Monty filled a glass with water and sat in front of you.

“I can’t really give you an explanation. Well I can but I figured out myself it’s ridiculous. Bryce was telling me you got a crush on Zach during our relationship which made me insanely jealous. I wanted to ask you when he told me but when I found you, you were with Zach, so I guess I just assumed things. He kept repeating it so after a couple times I really believed him.” He said while looking at the ground, obviously feeling ashamed about the reason he was giving you.

“Do you hear yourself Mont? You just assumed Bryce was right and you didn’t feel the need to, even after your stupid assumptions, ask me? So I could tell you about how Zach has been my friend long before you even knew Zach or me?” you started to get angry, this had to be a joke. You knew Montgomery could make some pretty dumb mistakes but this was something next level.

“My jealousy just took over. I already figured out how stupid I’ve been, really. I want to be with you”

“Maybe you should have considered that before you listened to Bryce. As much as I want to be with you again Mont I don’t want you breaking my heart again over a stupid rumour. It’s obvious you don’t even trust me.” You start picking up your things and begin to walk to the door you felt so disappointed by all this, maybe if he gave you a good reason forgetting all this was easy but he dumped you because of a fucking rumour.

“No, y/n wait!” Monty screams “You’re right, about the trust. I should have asked you and I should have never listened to Bryce. I’m really sorry. I think I understand if you want to go now but just so know I’ll fight for you.”

“You better do Mont, you better do.” You say while walking out the front door while looking at the ground. He made you feel even worse than you already felt. Breaking your heart was one things but not trusting you and believing you? You’ve had a one year relationship where the hell was that build on? When you were walking home the rain starts falling out of the air. You had another 30 minutes to go so you decided it would be better to get back since you’re already soaked. You run back at Montgomery’s place.

“Okay I’ll stay here, but just because of the rain!” You say when Montgomery opens the door while your teeth are clattering against each other. Monty shows a wide smile.

“You want a shower to warm up again?”

“That would be very welcome.” You walked upstairs and started to undress when Montgomery suddenly came in.

“Here I got you some- oh sorry I didn’t knew you were already taking you clothes of.” He said before putting one hand in front of his eyes and one hand filled with clothes.

“Nothing you haven’t seen before Mont.”

“I’m trying to be a better person okay!” he said while his hand came back down from his eyes.

“Trying is something.” You laughed. Montgomery wasn’t a ‘good’ person but you looked it that way, not that you needed a bad boy in your life but he made things different and excited.

“Can I shower now?” you asked

“Oh yeah of course, I’ll drop the dry clothes here.”

“Thank youuu.” You said before undressing further and walking in the hot shower. You only now realised how much you loved Montgomery, before the two of you broke up he was so good to you. He took care of you every time you needed it, supported you no matter what, he knew everything about you and you about him, but he also hurted you a couple times, very bad. When you told your friend about it they said you should already break up with him but you never felt like that was the right thing to do. You felt like you found your soulmate and he found his but he didn’t understand. He wanted to be though and from the moment you came to close to the deeper inside he pushed you away. Even tho you had been heartbroken the couple weeks you also thought a lot about your relationship. Montgomery was what you wanted but was he what you needed?

Let me know what you think and if I shoud continue? xxxx

@jecourt I’m going to tag you since you’re the one making me post this, so you surely don’t miss out on it! Hope you like it!

Locked In (Part 10)

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Summary: Reader and Sam think of happier things to distract themselves from their situation…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Pairing: Detective!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,100ish

Warnings: language, violence

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did…

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Misunderstood ∾ t.p ft c.j

Originally posted by female-winston

posted 6/6/17

request? yes
   “ Can you write an imagine with platonic tony x fem!reader? Maybe he sticks up for her against one of the jocks or some of them. Sorry for being vague, I just really want some platonic Tony x fem!reader imagines.

pairing(s): tony x jensen!reader (platonic) , clay x sibling!reader

warning(s): none

a/n: i’m sorry if this didn’t come out as you hoped. the ending is also pretty bad, oh my

“Clay, are you stupid?“

You hollered in your brother’s face as he looked at you guiltily. “They forced me to, Y/N!” Clay defends, in which you crossed your arms and rolled your eyes.

“So instead of walking away when Tony showed up, you had a drink off with Alex?”

“I- Yes.”

“God, Clay. You’re such a coward.”

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anonymous asked:

A2 cartoonz, A3 bryce, and 34 ohm? I like seeing this whole jealously with Ohm about someone flirting with Bryce CX

You mean E3 right? 

Or if you ship ohmtoonz you can see ohm is angry because cartoonz is flirting Bryce ;D

One Hell of A Dare 1 // Montgomery De La Cruz x Reader

So, before the story starts I just wanted to say that the ‘Montgomery’ here is a little bit different from the Monty we saw on 13 reasons why. He’s not a really good friend with the jocks.
Word count : 776
You’re walking to your locker as you feel someone touching your shoulder. You turned your head to see who it was. It was Montgomery, your boyfriend. The two of you had a few classes together back then and that’s why you became close with him and you’re with him for almost a year now.
“Hey babe” Monty said while walking beside you.
“Hey” You replied as you opened your locker and put books inside. Monty stayed silent which made you curious. He’s never been like this before. Monty always talks about how his day was and he just can’t stop talking and that is why you’re in love with him.
From the corner of your eye, you saw Monty leaning against the lockers on your left.
“What’s with the face?”, You asked when you see Monty’s expression. You know he’s clearly waiting for you to say something but you just can’t figure out what it is to talk about.
“You.. don’t remember?” Monty stared at you.
“Remember what?”
“Seriously (Y/N)??” now Monty has that upset face you always think it’s kinda cute.
“Babe, what is it? I know there’s something but I can’t remember”
“Party? Tonight? At Bryce’s?” Monty stands straight, looking right into your eyes.
“Oh the party. Umm I don’t know, babe. I don’t feel like partying tonight” You answered while looking somewhere else trying to avoid his eyes.
Monty is now full of confusion, “I thought you were looking forward to it?”
“Yeah, I was. But this assignment Mrs. B gave me is due tomorrow and I haven’t done anything. Plus this past week got me so tired already. I’m really sorry, Monty” You complained
“Oh.. Okay I totally understand” Monty’s reaction makes you feel very guilty.
“I’m so sorry, babe. I really wish I could make it up to you?” You’re pouting while walking to your next class.
“It’s fine, babygirl. I understand. In fact, I’m willing to help you with the assignments! How about Monet’s after Geometry?”
You’re so relieved to the fact that your boyfriend wasn’t mad at all. You continue to walk down the hallway to your Geometry class and Monty still beside you.
“Really? The Liberty High baseball star is going to help me with homeworks? How cool is that. Thank you so much, babe. I can’t describe how lucky I am” You answered with cheeky grin. You know you can’t ask for more. Having Monty by your side is the best thing that happened in your life.
“I’ll see you later, yeah?”

You arrived at Monet’s with Monty and picked a spot right next to the window. You’ve always loved it there.
As soon as you dropped your things, both of you walked to the cashier. You felt comfortable when Monty holds your hand.
“Hi, how are you guys doing? What can I get you?”
“Hi, yeah I’ll have Americano and Iced Frappuccino for my girlfriend here” he smiled, still holding your hand.
“I don’t think mentioning ‘my girlfriend’ was necessary” you chuckled
“Sorry. I just.. I feel so proud to have you and I’d like people to know that you’re mine” Monty couldn’t help but smile the whole conversation.
Even though it’s almost a year with him, he still made it feel like it was just yesterday when he asked you to be his girlfriend. Nothing’s changed and you’re so grateful for it.

It was already 5pm when you look at your phone. Mrs. B’s homework clearly made you lose track of time.
Halfway through your assignments, you saw Monty getting a text from Bryce. You asked him what it is about but Monty said it was nothing.
You had a feeling it’s about the party he mentioned earlier today.
“(Y/N), I know you’re not going to the party tonight but Bryce kept asking me to go. I told him no but you know how Bryce is, right?”
“Monty, if you wanna go to the party then go. I don’t mind, really. Besides, you’ve done enough for me today.” You answered with a smile on your face.
“No, babygirl. I’m not going to the party without you.”
“It’s fine, babe. If Bryce kept asking you, maybe just show up there, and you can leave the next hour. How does that sound? Then you can come to my house?” you’re clearly trying to make Monty feel less guilty leaving you at home because you want him to have fun with his friends.
“Okay. An hour and I’m done there babe” Monty answered as he come close to you and kiss your forehead.
“Now let’s finish this so we could go home”


“Rawr! I am Delirious, the most vicious monster in the whole wide world!” A scrawny man in a blue hoodie spoke. His face was nearly completely hidden by a hockey mask, and he had a machete strapped to one side of his waist. The normally solid forest ground was mushy under his dark blue boots, not that it bothered him nor his partner much.

“Oh yeah? That’s why you haven’t gotten one kill, huh?” Delirious’s “partner in crime”, so to speak, teased the shorter man. The partner, better known as Cartoonz, had skin the color of blood, a missing right eye, and short, dull horns. He had a pair of bat-like wings that currently kept him aloft, dark red claws instead of fingers or toes, and a thin, razor tipped tail that only ever drooped. His clothes were loose, often ripped and dirty.

Neither were good at what they were supposed to be, but neither truly wanted to be.

“Look ‘Toonz, I need a better introduction! The last people we found laughed at me.”

“Yeah, I know. They laughed at me, too- Wait, did you hear that?” Cartoonz’s question was directed at an odd noise. It sounded both familiar, yet very different than any sound they’d heard before.

“I heard that! It sounds human!” Delirious spoke quickly, looking at his best friend. Before the conversation could continue, the mysterious noise squeaked out of a nearby bush.

“It’s coming from here. Stand back, Delirious. I’ll check it out,” Cartoonz whispered as he approached the bush. Moving carefully, he pulled the leaves to the side, revealing two small cloth bundles. He picked the noisier bundle up gently, and cautiously pulled the blanket away from the source of the noise.

“Delirious… Look at this,” Cartoonz’s voice was quiet and shaky now. Delirious crept up to his friend, and confusedly took the small bundle forced into his arms. Cartoonz then picked up the other cloth wrapped thing, and lifted the cloth away from it.

“…What is this thing, ‘Toonz?” Delirious questioned before a happy giggle floated from the bundle.

“I think it’s a little human. What were they called… 'babies’?”

“Makes sense. Hey, this little guy’s pretty cute!” Delirious smiled at the baby in his arms, which stared back at him. The baby had light blonde hair and sharp blue eyes. The other baby in Cartoonz’s arms also had blonde hair, but crisp violet eyes, rather than azure.

“Yeah, they are. Maybe we should ask the Wraith about them. He knows a lot about humans, so he’ll be able to help us take care of them,” Cartoonz offered the idea hesitantly, almost as if he was unsure. The thought that the babies would be abandoned by them was discarded by the pair before they even realized it was an option.

“Or maybe we should ask the Nurse. She should know a lot about humans from taking care of them so long, right?” Delirious pointed out as he began to walk towards a cabin. He and Cartoonz had long ago repurposed the empty house into a comfortable living space, and they both lived there.

“Yeah. Wait, we can’t tell them! If we tell them we’re taking care of humans, they’ll kill them, or they’ll tell the Entity!” Cartoonz realized, panic rushing from his words. The small babe in his arms blinked up at him and smiled, while the other just giggled and grabbed Delirious’s pointer finger.

“Not gonna happen then. Look at these two. We can’t just let them die!” Delirious agreed, allowing the baby to play with his finger until they put it in their mouth. “Ah! No! that can’t be good for you!” He yelped, pulling his finger away as the babies clapped and laughed. Cartoonz couldn’t stop his guffaws at the sight of his best friend waving a finger in front of a happy little baby.

“Well, if we’re going to take care of these two, then we should give them names, right?” The winged man questioned the other. When they finally arrived at the somewhat small log cabin they called home, they pushed the door open and stepped inside.

The living room was comfortably warm, with a pair of couches, a few chairs, and a fireplace that contained a blazing fire. There was a fluffy carpet spread on the floor, meaning no shoes were ever worn about in this room. The kitchen had a tiled floor and a small table with four chairs surrounding it. The counters were clean and the fridge was stocked. Upstairs, there were two bedrooms and a pair of bathrooms.

Delirious kicked off his shoes before stepping into the living room, cradling the child like he had done it before. A broken memory tugged at the back of his mind, but the second he payed attention to it, it was gone. He shook his head to regain focus, then spoke.

“Yeah, they gotta have names. Let’s each name one,” Delirious determined, grinning behind the mask he never took off. He plopped himself down on one of the couches, while Toonz took a seat in an armchair.

“Well, you go first then.”

At Cartoonz’s words, Delirious looked at the blonde babe who had fallen asleep in his arms moments before. “Uh… how about, uh… Wildcat? 'Cause-, 'cause he’s so fierce! Is that a good name?”

“Sounds good enough as a nickname,” Cartoonz shrugged, before turning his attention to the child in his arms who stared up at him with innocent purple eyes. “Well… what do you think of 'Bryce’?”

“Bwyce!” The babe gurgled out, beaming as they tried to say their name. “Bwyce! Bwyce!” Cartoonz felt a flash of an emotion he hadn’t felt in a long time. Pride. He lifted the baby off his lap and up so he could look them in the eyes.

“That’s right. Bryce,” Cartoonz affirmed. Bryce giggled and clapped his hands together, smiling tiredly, before he yawned and fell asleep. Delirious cooed at his partner, who’s face turned another shade darker. After a second of silence, Delirious sat up, seeming to come up with an idea.

“Alright, I’ve got it! How about 'Tyler’? 'Cause it sounds like tiger.”

“You will not let the cat thing go, huh?”

“Shush up! It’s a cool name.”

Cartoonz laughed at Delirious’s indignant response. Before they knew it, both humanoid monsters were yawning and falling asleep themselves.


Request: Hey I was wondering if you could do a Zach x reader where you are Alex’s sister or best friend or something and he gets super protective of you? You can change anything (:

Word count: 2541

A/N: Thanks for the request! Not sure if this is what you wanted/expected, anon, but I hope you like it nonetheless! I felt I had a lot of creative freedom with this one, so I hope you guys like the direction I took this in. This took me a while to write, it’s almost 4AM right now LOL. (Btw, I feel like I focus a lot more on the reader’s relationship with Alex than with Zach, but trust me a majority of this imagine is filled with Zach scenes!!!) HOPE YOU ENJOY <3

Warning: A little bit of cursing

“Y/N,” Zach spoke in between kisses, “We should stop now.”

Breathless, you frowned as he pulled back from the kiss, “But I like kissing you.” You and Zach ditched your last class to hang out in the janitor’s closet. Well, make out in the janitor’s closet.

You and Zach began dating at the beginning of the school year; You were a junior, and he was a senior. You didn’t really take interest in him at first, knowing he was a jock, and probably an airhead. And neither did Zach, since he saw you as just another girl walking the halls everyday. Though, one day, you both were partnered up in AP Biology, your favorite subject, and soon you connected through your shared passion for science. He asked you to be his girlfriend during one of your study sessions, and you’ve been head over heels about him since then. 

“I like kissing you too,” Zach responded, grabbing your waist and pulling you closer to him. “But your brother’s gonna kill me.”

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Title // Bittersweet Wishes (Alex Standall x Reader)

Title: Bittersweet Wishes

Pairing: Alex x Reader

Request: i wanted something like: alex and the reader are ex, but still love each other and bryce start hitting on her and she doesnt want it so he blackmail her and she has to start to act like she wants to be with him, and he starts hurting her physically and alex notices it, and in the middle of the drama she finds out she is pregnant from alex and they start getting fluffy

Word Count: 1626

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: Can he save her when she can’t save herself?

Trigger Warning: Abusive relationship

Author’s Note: I took a small break from writing these sorts of imagines because of school and finals! But now I’m finally on break and happy to do any sort of request that you might have. I’m not super happy with how this came out because I feel like I had to fit a lot into it so it might seem like things move too quickly, but hopefully it’s still okay

           Alex gently slid down the sleeve of your shirt, sucking in his breath when he saw the blossoming bruise spreading across your arm, which was reaching its pique of ugliness in an array of dark blues and blacks.

           “Who did this to you?” He asked quietly. You didn’t answer, chewing on the inside of your cheek instead, afraid that speaking the words out loud might somehow cause Bryce’s awareness to your confession, and that he would merely punish you more for revealing your little secret.

           You weren’t quite sure how you had ended up in this situation – Everything had moved so quickly, but you could trace the start of everything back to one particular event: When you and Alex had broken up. It couldn’t have been more than a month ago, but the pain of it still hurt whenever the memory of what the two of you had been crossed your mind. Truth be told, you still loved him, and you didn’t know where everything had gone. You desperately wished that it hadn’t. Then, maybe the two of you would be kissing, his hand resting on your thigh, your head in the clouds, instead of being stuck here like this.

           “Was it Bryce?” He asked, his guess right on point. You nodded, a single tear making its way down your cheek.      

           “I’ll fucking kill him,” He growled, and you watched as he curled his hands into fists. “That little motherfucker,” He mumbled, getting off of the bed and beginning to pace around the room, clearly trying to devise a plan to get back at the cocky asshole.

           “Please, don’t,” you whimpered. It was less of a desire for him to leave Bryce alone, and more of a cry of fear of how your tormentor would react.

           “Why? Do you actually like him?” Alex spit out, as if the mere suggestion of such a thing was a crime. He rolled his shoulders backwards as if releasing tension from them. “Whatever. It doesn’t matter either way. Anyone who loved you wouldn’t treat you like that, and he needs to learn a lesson. He can’t keep going around ruining lives with no consequences.”

           “I don’t like him,” you said, keeping out what you really wanted to add – That you loved Alex. You had always loved Alex. You’d been trying to heal your broken heart with a dosage of the best drug on the market for such a thing – ice cream – when Bryce had first walked up to you. Stuck in your head, you hadn’t even noticed that he was there until he was already sitting across from you, an arrogant smirk perched on your face.

           He’d offered to be your rebound date, saying that it would certainly make Alex jealous, but you’d turned him down, feeling disgusted at the mere thought of going out with a guy like him. Even though he was one of the most popular guys in the school, you’d heard some of the rumors, and none of them were anything good.

           Unfortunately for you, he hadn’t taken no for an answer, threatening to blackmail you if you didn’t go out with him. You weren’t even sure how he had found out your biggest secret, but it didn’t matter either way – Now that he knew it, he dangled it over your head, and both it and him had been casting a shadow on you and your life ever since. But your fear of the secret getting out had overpowered any desire to try and make an escape from the toxic relationship, and you had simply accepted that you would have to be his – or at least pretend to be – until he was done with you.

           “I’ll be okay, I promise,” you said meekly, knowing that it wasn’t a promise you were sure that you could keep. Alex stopped his pacing, instead crossing the room and sitting back down next to you.

           “You don’t understand,” He said, trying to swallow the passion in his words. “This -” He gestured to your arm. “This isn’t okay. Not in any way. And even if I can’t be the one to hold you anymore, I need to know that the next guy that gets to call you his treats you right.” You swallowed back the urge to kiss him right then and there, instead choosing to lift your sleeve back up to where it belonged.

           “Just pretend that never happened, okay? I shouldn’t have told you. I’m sorry.” You began to get up, but he grabbed your wrist and pulled you back down.

           “Let me help you,” he pleaded. You looked into his eyes, seeing the desperation pooling up in them.

           “I don’t think there’s anything you can do,” you replied, curling your legs up close to your stomach, reassessing once again what was really at stake here – Sure, Alex could possibly help you get out you out of an abusive relationship, but you also knew, with absolute certainty, that Bryce wouldn’t hesitate to tell him that you were pregnant…And the baby was Alex’s.

           Alex was the one that you loved, but Bryce was rich enough to support the child, and you didn’t know if Alex felt anything at all for you anymore, or how he would take the news. A wave of nausea gripped you as you considered a future spent alone and struggling to provide for your baby on your own.

           “I can kick his ass and make sure he never lays a hand on you again, that’s what I can do,” Alex said, cracking his knuckles.

           “He’ll kill you,” you stated, instead of voicing your real concern.

           “You don’t have to worry about me,” he said, moving as if to touch you again, but second-guessed the action and kept to himself again. You wished that he would – that he would come back and hold you, and you could close your eyes and pretend that the whole fiasco had never happened.

Instead, he began to make his way to the door saying, “Stay where you are, okay? I won’t be too long, I promise.” You swallowed, hard, knowing that you couldn’t let him continue on. It seemed that there would be no way of stopping him once he had made up his mind, and you couldn’t let him hear the news from Bryce.

           “Alex!” You yelled out, causing him to pause and look back at you.

           “What?” He questioned. You slipped out of his bed, going over to him and wrapping your arms around him, holding him close. His arms naturally wrapped around you, and you sucked in the moment, making up for the lost time when you had been missing him. His arms were where you felt safest, but you knew that you were merely procrastinating for more time.

           “There’s something that I need to tell you,” you whispered once the two of you had parted. You took one deep breath before telling him the truth – Quickly, in a burst of courage, so you couldn’t change your mind.

           “Y/N,” he breathed out. Tears edged out of the side of his eyes. “That’s amazing. Why didn’t you tell me?” He crouched down so that he was eye level with your stomach. He rested a hand on it, even though the baby wasn’t yet developed enough to kick.

           “We weren’t together anymore, and, I…I feared that you wouldn’t be supportive of it.” You voiced your fears out loud.

           “I give you my word that you’ll never have to go another day thinking that. I love you, Y/N. And I love our child that you are carrying, and I will support both you and him or her until the end of time. I promise you this.” He cupped your face as silent tears crept down and kissed you. His touch was ever so soft. He treated you like you were fragile, like you were precious, like he really meant it when he said that you mattered to him.

           “But,” he spoke when the two of you came for air. “That just makes it all the more important that I get you away from Bryce. I need to take care of not only you, but also our little one, okay? Whatever it takes, I’ll do it.” He kissed you one more time before making the move to leave again, and this time, you didn’t stop him. He paused briefly at the doorway, turning around to give you a bittersweet smile, and then he was gone.

           You looked around Alex’s room, drinking in how everything in it reminded you of him, and of all of your memories together. It suddenly seemed stupid to you that you had ever believed that he wouldn’t be accepting of it, or that he had ever stopped caring for you. Looking back, it was apparent in everything that he did that the feelings were still there for him, too – How quickly he had noticed that something was up with you, that you weren’t acting as you normally did, and had made you come over his house and practically interrogated you until he had found out the truth.

           He had initially broken things off with you during the fallout from Hannah’s death, cutting you off as he had with everyone else, and, although you had initially pushed to find the root of the matter, he hadn’t cracked, and you had given up. You now wished that you hadn’t given up so easily, realizing that maybe none of this would’ve happened if you did…But there was no undoing the past.

           You didn’t know what would happen from here. You could only hope and pray that things would end up being okay – But, for the first time in a long time, you had the feeling that, maybe they could be.

Smoke, Fog, and Haze

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* This is my first imagine so it’s not the best! I will be writing imagines for characters in shows that I love but unfortunately don’t see enough of! Shoot me a request if you have one. This particular imagine will be part of a series of imagines dedicated to Y/N’s love life with the beautiful Jeff Atkins until the unfortunate end.*

-not my gif. credits goes to the creator- 

Also not positive on their ages so I just made it up. OKAY ON WITH THE STORY

Jeff Atkins Series

How they met:

*        Smoke, fog, and haze = write about not being able to see ahead of you

Freshman Year: First weekend of the school year

“I can’t believe you’re actually going to this party,” Clay complained from his position on my bed, his eyes still glued to the tv screen where The Lord of the Rings was playing yet again. I was stood in front of my closet, focused on searching through my clothes when he spoke, making me jump a bit. I groaned and rubbed my eyes as I turned to look at him, a bowl of popcorn on his lap and an annoyed look on his face. “I’m in high school now Clay, isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?” I asked with a laugh, “You’ll go to a party too when you’re older.” “Ha ha,” Clay laughed mockingly as he threw a pillow in my direction, nearly hitting my face, “I’m one year younger than you. And yeah I guess you should go to parties but do you have to do it on Lord of the Rings night?” “Would you rather I go next week during Star Trek night?” “Shut your mouth.” I laughed out loud at my best friend. He was a year younger and while I was enjoying the new freedom of High School, Clay was stuck in 8th grade with our friend Tony. I turned back to my closet, deep in thought once again. “What do girls even wear to high school parties?” “According to the movies, not much,” Clay answered, once again sucked into the movie as if the two of us hadn’t been watching it on repeat every day after school.

Eventually I gave up and undressed before I pulled on some jeans and a cropped sweatshirt, pulled my hair into a ponytail, and slipped on some sneakers before turning back to Clay. “Okay how’s this?” I asked nervously, playing with my sleeves. Clay glanced at me quickly, scanned me and returned to watching the tv, “You look nice.” I giggled at the sight of his pout and sat on the edge of my bed next to him, kind of wishing I was back in my pjs and lounging on my bed as well. “I’m really scared Clay. You and Tony are my only friends and you’re not in school with me anymore. I went this whole week thinking that High School was gonna be this magical place where I found myself and made friends with a clique just like me and that together we’d dance and sing our way through the next four years” I began, making Clay snort, “But the only person who’s talked to me all week was Justin Foley when he knocked me over during P.E..  Like, I’m going to a party alone. That’s kind of embarrassing right?” I admitted with a strained smile, butterflies in my stomach at the thought of going somewhere on my own. Clay sighed as he paused the movie and sat up next to me, our legs dangling off the edge of my bed. “It’s not embarrassing to go to a party by yourself. I mean, the whole point is to make friends right? Look, as bummed as I am that you’re missing movie night, I do want you to go to this party. You’re my best friend, you’re a great person, and any one would be lucky to have you even say two words to them. Just go and have a good time and tell me all about it when you get back, okay? Tony should be here by then.” “You invited Tony to a sleepover at MY house?” “I think we’ve been friends long enough to consider it OUR house. Now get out there and make some friends.” I laughed and placed an annoyingly sloppy kiss on Clay’s forehead before reminding him of the pizza money my mom had left us and grabbing my cell phone. I then made my way to my bedroom door. “OH, and be careful out there. ‘ It’s a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to’ “ Clay quoted making me laugh and roll my eyes. “You’re a huge dork for quoting that Jensen!” I yelled over my shoulder as I made my way to the stairs. “You’re a bigger dork for knowing what I was quoting!” he yelled back as I laughed and made my way out the door and down the street.

I stood in front of the large house just a couple blocks away from my own. The music inside was loud and I could hear the laughs and shouts of the teens just behind the front door. I took a deep breath and pushed open the door, being greeted instantly by the smell of alcohol and sweat. I glanced around the room full of dancing teens and made my way to the back where I opened up the back door and walked into the back yard that was just as busy but a bit more bearable due to the fresh air. In this area the teens were just as drunk but beer pong and swimming was involved. When I didn’t notice any familiar faces I seriously considered walking back out the front door and to my house but when I turned back to the house a hand reached out and grabbed my elbow. “Y/N! Leaving so soon? You just walked through the door!” I turned back around, my heart jumping knowing that someone had actually noticed my presence, and came face to face with Justin Foley. “Oh, hey Justin. Yeah I didn’t see anyone I knew,” I answered, pushing some fly away hairs behind my ear. I may have been nervous, but I had gone all through the awkward stages of middle school as confident as possible, and that wasn’t about to change.

“Well now you’ve seen me! So stick around,” Justin replied with a grin, running his hand from my elbow down to my wrist where he tugged slightly and led me over to a group of people I recognized from middle school. “You remember Zach, Bryce and Kat right?” he asked as the three turned and waved to me. “Oh thank god a familiar face” Kat practically yelled as she desperately hugged me, “I barely saw a single person I knew this week. I thought I was alone here!” A huge weight floated off of my shoulders when I realized that the lost feeling I was experiencing was happening to each of us. “Okay good, it wasn’t just me,” I replied and we both giggled as the three boys rolled their eyes. The five of us caught up and shared a few stories about the summer before Bryce suggested we step into his pool house. Bryce had just missed the cut for kindergarten, making him a few months older than us, him already being 15 while we were just 14.  However those few months made all the  difference as he carried himself proudly as if he had years on us. He led us into the pool house and he and Zach busied themselves over by the bar while Kat, Justin an I got comfortable on the couch; the music outside was so loud that it felt as though the speaker was directly next to me. Soon enough Bryce and Zach were joining us once again, lighting up joints and taking deep puffs, exhaling thick white smoke. I bit my lip and watched, not sure how to respond as I’d never seen someone smoke weed before. Zach and I made eye contact and he grinned as he lazily held out his hand to me, the joint tucked between his pointer and middle finger, “Want a hit Y/N?” he asked and I weighed my options. I could deny the drug and watch my new group of friends as they had fun without me, I could leave the party and head on home to Clay and Tony and spend another night watching sci fi movies, or I could take a hit and see how it goes. Finally I reached out and shakily took the joint, holding it to my lips but stopping as I noticed everyone watching with lazy smiles. Then I took a deep hit from the joint, holding the smoke and releasing it with a choking cough making the others cheer and pat my back. I laughed and tried again and soon we were in a circle, passing the joints around and laughing as we shared stupid stories.

I stood up from the couch with Zach’s help and laughed loudly at absolutely nothing. After an hour cooped up in the pool house, Bryce figured he should make sure his house was still in one piece. When I was standing straight, I stumbled to the front door and pushed it open, watching as the smoke that had once occupied the pool house, poured out the door blocking my view of the back yard. “Whoa dude, it’s so foggy out here,” Zach pointed out making Kat laugh as she slapped his chest and yelled, “It’s smoke not fog you dumbass!” Zach laughed and lightly pushed her away as I waved my hand in front of my face, pushing the smoke away from my eyes and watching as it floated up to the stars. And as I looked foreword once again I watched how the haze lifted and my eyes locked with a pair of unfamiliar sleepy blue ones. The boy ahead of me was playing beer pong and seemed to be focused on our little staring contest as he didn’t notice how the boy in front of him successfully tossed his ball into his final cup.

The boy quickly turned back to the game when he heard the cheering and smiled before tossing back the cup of beer that was in front of him. “He’s cute,” Kat giggled in my ear as she threw an arm over my shoulder and pushed her head close to mine, pushing her weight onto me as well. I assumed it was the weed that was causing me to giggle along with her as I wrapped my arm around her waist, because I had never laughed so much at absolutely nothing before. “Yeah he is,” I agreed as the boy looked at me one more time with a small smile. “You should kiss him.” Kat stated seriously as she dragged me away from the pool house and toward the actual house. My eyes widened, well as much as they could, and I stopped abruptly before she continued dragging me like a toddler being dragged through the supermarket by their angry mother. “I cannot kiss him. He’s too cute and I don’t even know him.” I differed. Kat gave me a dangerous smile as we stopped in the packed living room. I knew instantly that she had a bad idea. “SUCK AND BLOW!” she screamed at the top of her lungs and quickly people were entering or leaving the living room, a large circle forming, the cute boy sitting next to Kat on the couch. Well he was sitting next to her, until she conveniently stood to stretch and sat on the other side of me, pushing me closer to him.

A playing card was produced by Bryce and soon the small piece of blended plastic and paper was in motion. I couldn’t help but drum my fingers nervously on my thigh as I watched the card make its rounds around the very large circle. “You nervous?” the boy next to me asked. And I was thankful for the drugs in my system because I oh so easily turned to look at him with a lazy grin and what I assumed were hazy red eyes. He bit his lip as his eyes scanned my face and he laughed. “What gave it away?” I asked. “The restless fingers,” he answered, reaching out and pressing his hand against mine to stop its nervous movements. I looked down at his hand over mine, and thought that when he noticed it he’d pull it away; but he didn’t, and I didn’t want him to. “I’m Y/N,” I introduced myself loudly over the still pumping music. “Jeff!” he yelled back with a smile, “I think you’re in my art of film class! You’re the girl who fought with the teacher about how the Matrix movie is a cinematic masterpiece, right? He said you were wrong and you called him a mouth breather.” A heavy blush spread across my face and chest and I quickly turned away from the boy who introduced himself as Jeff. “Wait no, I didn’t mean that like in a bad way. It was actually super adorable how defensive you got,” Jeff added as he nudged my arm with his, “quit ignoring me!” I giggled a bit as I turned back toward him, meeting his dark blue eyes. “I’m embarrassed.” I spoke quietly, secretly loving how he leaned in close to hear me. “Embarrassed that you’re passionate about something?” “Embarrassed that I looked like a huge dork in front of a really cute boy.” I corrected, watching as Jeff leaned back slightly while biting the corner of his lip, his teeth grazing it as he slowly released it as he smiled. Before he could respond to me a hand was tugging at my chin and my head was being turned to Kat as she leaned in and pressed her card covered lips to mine. And I suddenly remembered that we were in a group of teens playing a game. I pursed my lips and sucked, the card sticking to my lips before I turned back to Jeff. I tilted my head up and pushed myself up to be closer to his face and Jeff pressed the palm of his hand against the back of my head before leaning down toward me. His eyes looked from my eyes to the card and back before he pulled my head close to his and pressed his lips against the card. I placed my hand on his shoulder and didn’t bother to blow the card away, and I noticed that he hadn’t bothered to suck. So when his face pulled a centimeter away from mine, the card fluttered to my lap before he leaned back in and his lips connected to mine.

The group of teens cheered loudly at the sight of a kiss (despite not being positive on whether the kiss meant a win or a loss) due to the fast paced game, which the pace of Jeff’s kiss completely opposed. His was gentle as he pressed a few sweet kisses to my lips, before my stupid smile made him smile as well and we couldn’t kiss anymore. Jeff looked up at the ceiling to hide his slight blush and I looked down at my lap in an attempt to do the same. I then pressed down on the home screen of my phone and saw the bold numbers reading 2am. “Holy shit,” I exclaimed. It had already been 3 hours, but it felt like it had only been 3 minutes. I stood up slowly and Jeff stood up with me. “Got a curfew?” he asked me and I felt Kat lightly smacking my leg in excitement that I was holding a steady conversation with him. “Yeah … well no, not a curfew. Just an antsy best friend who I really want to be watching Lord of the Rings with and that totally didn’t help my efforts to convince you that I’m not a dork.” I rambled. Jeff laughed and pushed his hands into his pockets nervously before bumping his shoulder against mine, “I can walk you home? If you’re cool with that I mean. No pressure or anything. It’s just really late and I think you’re a little too high to be walking around alone.” “Yeah I’d like that.”

Before Jeff could lead me to the front door I turned back to Kat and hugged her tightly, and glanced over her shoulder to see Zach and Justin giving me thumbs up. “I’ll see you at school on Monday right?” I asked hesitantly, praying that I wouldn’t go back to wandering the halls alone. “Obviously!” Kat yelled as she lightly shoved me with a laugh. I smiled at her and waved at the boys before making my way to the door, Jeff following as he said goodbye to his own friends. Together we made our way down the street and I welcomed the cool air, a complete contrast to Bryce’s stuffy house. We walked the two blocks home in a comfortable silence before Jeff helped me up my front stairs, chuckling as the door swung open revealing Tony and Clay. Their stern father looks were well practiced and they’re arms were crossed as they took in the sight of Jeff. “You guys are still here!” I yelled as I threw myself at them, trying to squeeze them both into a group hug. “She’s really high.” Jeff announced making Tony groan and pull me off lightly. “I’ll go make some food before the munchies hit,” he announced before disappearing into the house, Clay following him, but leaving the door open for me. I turned back to Jeff, who somehow looked even cuter under the unflattering porch light. “I’ll see you on Monday right?” he asked sweetly holding his hand out to me. “Of course. I’ll save you a seat in Film class,” I replied, taking his hand and squealing when he pulled me into a hug. He then pulled away and jogged down the stairs and down my front yard before disappearing down the street and I couldn’t help but let out another squeal as I turned and ran into my house and into the kitchen. “I take it you made some friends?” Clay asked with a smile as Tony put some left over pizza into the toaster oven. “I made friends and I kissed a cute boy and I’m really happy … and this is so good,” I announced as I pulled a handful of stale popcorn from the bowl on the counter and shoved it into my mouth. “Ew you kissed that guy?” “Yes Clay, and it was glorious.” “He was cute. Nicely done.” Tony replied ignoring Clay’s playful disgust. “Maybe I can actually survive my one year of high school without you guys after all.” “We never doubted you.”

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