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– Where pompous egos incur considerable expense and wastes a lot of time.

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A phenomenon I have run across on more than one occasion in my travels through the corporate world is what is commonly referred to as the “Not Invented Here” complex or simply “N.I.H.”I have encountered it in…

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- How Masonry affected America.

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I have been a Freemason for many years and I am still surprised by those people who believe the Masons have a secret agenda in terms of manipulating the country or stockpiling incredible amounts of wealth. Heck, we have trouble organizing a picnic.…

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the-bryce-is-right replied to your photo: “Felicity - Cooking Dinner Together by callista-wolf featuring a lace…”:

Can you do these outfit things with other fandoms? I LOVE IT!

I’m glad you enjoy it! Actually, I’m doing this as part of a project/competition for the Olicity fandom and I probably wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t “have to” ;) Fashion is NOT my strength! Out of curiosity, what fandoms were you wanting to see this for?

It would be cool to see this sort of thing for all kinds of different fandoms/ships!

I prepared my first IRS 1040 income tax form back when I was in my early 20’s, and it really hasn’t changed too much over the years. Back then, the form looked innocent enough, but the instruction booklet was a bit overwhelming. Nonetheless, I patiently persevered and was able to complete the form, deductions and all. It was quite an experience and I still prepare my own taxes to this day. Over the years I have tried tax preparation software, but frankly I didn’t see what it was saving me. Aside from accountants, the 1040 form is a labyrinth of head scratching instructions. If you study the tax tables closely, you can readily see how the more income you take in, the more taxes you have to pay. It’s no small wonder why people keep receipts and look for any type of deduction imaginable, regardless how minuscule it is. It is overtly complicated and casts a shadow of doubt as to its fairness. This is compounded by stories we hear whereby 50% of U.S. households pay no federal income tax whatsoever. This is probably why we dread the thought of April 15th, Tax Day.

There have been alternatives proposed over the years, particularly the “Flat Tax” concept where everyone pays a single standard rate regardless of your economic standing. Although the concept is certainly “fair and equitable,” there are a lot of people who would find a way to avoid it based on some sort of exemption.

More recently, the concept of a “Fair Tax” has been introduced and is currently being studied by Congress. The first thing you have to understand about the “Fair Tax” is that it represents a complete replacement of the current tax system, meaning there would be no more payroll deductions, no more income taxes, no more deductions from pensions, all loopholes would be closed, no more IRS, thereby no more audits, and April 15th becomes a meaningless date in this country. Sounds great, right? Now here’s the catch; instead, revenues will be collected as an additional sales tax (or “consumption tax”), in other words, payable at checkout by EVERYONE (what could be more “fair and equitable”?).

According to, a web site endorsing the proposal, “The FairTax actually eliminates and reimburses all federal taxes for those below the poverty line. This is accomplished through the universal prebate and by eliminating the highly regressive FICA payroll tax.”

Won’t this be hard on the poor? Not really. As explains, “All valid Social Security cardholders who are U.S. residents receive a monthly prebate equivalent to the FairTax paid on essential goods and services, also known as the poverty level expenditures. The prebate is paid in advance, in equal installments each month. The size of the prebate is determined by the Department of Health & Human Services’ poverty level guideline multiplied by the tax rate. This is a well-accepted, long-used poverty-level calculation that includes food, clothing, shelter, transportation, medical care, etc.”

The “Fair Tax” is just that, FAIR, and could finally help us do away with the petty squabbling between classes as it is an equitable solution. The only people who will object to it are the makers of income tax preparation software, tax attorneys and accountants, and the IRS who will have to look for something else to do.

Implementing the “Fair Tax” act as has been reintroduced in Congress ultimately means repealing the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which allows the Congress to levy an income tax. The Amendment was ratified on February 3, 1913, and I, for one, would like to see it repealed before its 100th anniversary. As an aside, the “Fair Tax” act is referred to as H.R.25 in the House and S.296 in the Senate. Be sure to study this legislation carefully as it affects all of us. For more information on it, please see:

National Taxpayers Union

To sign a petition in support of the Act, click HERE.

Should this legislation pass, look for a flurry of sales activity on products just before the law goes into effect thereby avoiding the tax. Talk about stimulating the economy. Wow!

Keep the Faith!

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Tim Bryce is a writer and the Managing Director of M. Bryce & Associates (MBA) of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 30 years of experience in the management consulting field. He can be reached at

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– Before you start blogging, protect yourself.

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I have had a blog for a number of years with hundreds of postings. I take my work rather seriously and in order to safeguard it, I learned a long time ago to copyright my material. Of course, copyright is a part of the U.S. Constitution…

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Mets win, 3-1, against Nationals on Opening Day

Mets are 35-19 on Opening Day.

Bartolo Colon let up one run in six innings and Lucas Duda had two RBI as the Mets won, 3-1, against Max Scherzer and the Nationals in DC on Opening Day.

Colon’s only mistake on the day was grooving a fastball down the middle of the plate to Bryce Harper, who hit a long, solo home run to right center field. Otherwise, Colon looked strong. He faced 23 batters, struck out eight, gave up three hits and one run for the win.

Carlos Torres got three ground ball outs, and Jeurys Familia with his 97 mph got three straight outs as well, as each pitched a scoreless inning in relief of Colon.

Duda and Travis d’Arnaud each had two hits. In the sixth inning, Duda drove in Curtis Granderson and David Wright with a single against Scherzer. D’Arnaud hit a triple off Scherzer the following inning to score Juan Lagares.

Jerry Blevins started the ninth inning instead of Jenrry Mejia, who went from the bullpen to the dugout after continuing to experience elbow pain, which started before the game, according to the SNY broadcast. Blevins retired Harper to start the inning, after which Buddy Carlyle got two ground outs for the save.

Matthew Cerrone: I know, it’s one game. But, let’s be honest, it’s a big one game. As stated earlier, every game against Washington is going to be a big deal, with today actually feeling like a playoff game. The fact is, the Nationals are probably the weakest they’ll be all season, essentially missing the heart of the batting order. So, to be able to capitalize on that, not to mention defeat Scherzer, is a really nice way to start 2015…

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I love Joss Whedon and his love for female characters having a well written story. But because Claire is “stiff” that makes the movie sexist? I don’t think so. 

I’m recalling that post that says, write strong women, write broken women, write big women, write evil women, etc. Women come in all shapes, colors, and kinds of personalities. He doesn’t have a right to call a movie sexist.

Just because Bryce Dallas Howard’s “Claire” is “stiff” does not make the movie sexist. It makes her organized, put together, and successful in the Jurassic Park universe. Claire runs an entire park of dangerous creatures, she has to be calculated. She has every right to be who she is as Black Widow and Scarlet Witch.



– Law makers are just beginning to realize the problem the medical community has in sharing data between systems.

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Five years ago I wrote a column regarding patient records in medicine, “My Dinner with the Doctor.”At the time, the government mandated that all doctors and medical…

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