HMS Liverpool after crossing the Atlantic, passing through the Panama Canal and heading up to California with a temporary bow to reach the Mare Island Naval Shipyard for repairs. Her bow was badly damaged when an Italian SM.79 Sparviero torpedo bomber found its mark on 14 October 1940 as the ship made for Alexandria, Egypt - 30 killed, 35 more wounded.

Taken under tow from the stern a fuel fire had further compromised the structural integrity of the bow. The subsequent combination of drag and turbulence removed it completely on the first day of a two day reverse journey to Alexandria. Once there she was given a temporary bow fix and sent on her way to California, where she was photographed above and made anew. The ship survived another torpedo hit from the same type of aircraft in June 1942.


“King Lear” by William Shakespeare

Royal Shakespeare Company, 2016

Starring Antony Sher, Paapa Essiedu,  Romayne Andrews, Antony Byrne, Eke Chukwu, James Clyde, James Cooney, Bethan Cullinane, Marième Diouf, Kevin N Golding, Marcus Griffiths, Nia Gwynne, Oliver Johnstone, Byron Mondahl, Theo Ogundipe, Natalie Simpson, Clarence Smith, David Troughton, Graham Turner, Ewart James Walters, & Kelly Williams