"Flying Doctor" John Hinds Killed in Irish Road Race Accident

Doctor John Hinds was a very fast rider, and also a skilled trauma doctor. He combined those two skills by working support for the road races in Ireland and the British Isles. Tragically, he was killed in an accident when his bike hit a wall while working the practice session Friday at one of the races, the Skerries 100. He will be greatly missed by the entire racing community in Ireland and the UK.

They do things differently there than in the USA. For one thing, road races in Ireland take place on public streets that have been shut down for the occasion, much like the more famous Isle of Man TT. They also lack medevac air ambulances that can swoop in and provide trauma care to injured riders. What they do have is a mostly volunteer staff of motorcycle mounted medics, who ride the race course at speeds approaching that of the racers themselves, and provide trauma care in event of an emergency.

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Riding a specially tricked out Kawasaki Ninja 1000, Dr. John Hinds was a first responder and saved countless lives while working the North West 200, Skerries 100, and other public road motorcycle races. From all reports, he seemed to love the challenge and excitement of providing trauma care in the field, instead of at the more mundane hospital environment.

“Hospital medicine has become very much full of protocols and guidelines - out here it’s a wee bit more ‘seat of your pants’ medicine really…you’re very often in a ditch somewhere.”

Despite this he was also leading a charge to bring Northern Ireland into the 21st century and create a public air ambulance service, even though this would make bike mounted medics much less important.

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Dr. John Hind was 35 and the world is the worse at having lost him, but the world is better for the other riders who he was able to save in the years he provided immediate medical care at the scene of an accident. Hopefully, his death will spur the government of Northern Ireland into funding the air ambulance service that every other major European country has.

(Photos courtesy of PaceMaker Press Intl. and the BBC)

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Peter O'Toole
(from Loitering with Intent: The Apprentice)

The stone is a unit of mass. It is part of the Imperial system of weights and measures used in the British Isles, and formerly used in most Commonwealth countries. It is equal to 14 pounds and to 6.35029318 kilograms.

The British miscellany, or, Coloured figures of new, rare, or little known animal subjects : many not before ascertained to be inhabitants of the British Isles : and chiefly in the possession of the author, James Sowerby. on Flickr.

Publication info
London :Printed by R. Taylor & Co., and sold by the author, J. Sowerby by White, Johnson, Symonds, 1806.
BHL Collections:
Smithsonian Libraries
index to plate explanations.

the british isles - by nasa

NASA image acquired March 26, 2012

Nearly cloud free view of Great Britain and Ireland on March 26, 2012.

This natural-color image was acquired by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer aboard NASA’s Terra satellite at 11:45 UTC

NASA/GSFC/Jeff Schmaltz/MODIS Land Rapid Response Team

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center enables NASA’s mission through four scientific endeavors: Earth Science, Heliophysics, Solar System Exploration, and Astrophysics. Goddard plays a leading role in NASA’s accomplishments by contributing compelling scientific knowledge to advance the Agency’s 


So yeah to stop all confusion about where i’m from I found this little video which made me laugh but explains everything. So enjoy :) 

So now people will have an ideal of where I’m from when i say i’m Irish :) 


Faolan- A recovering alcoholic and drug addict. He had been drinking up until recently to dull the pain and forget the past. Once Faolan is completely recovered, he may get to move out but not until then. Anyway, his name means wolf for a reason.

Morgana- A confident and motherly woman. She is proficient in shape shifting magic, pissing off Dabria, not standing for this families bullshit and raising Quinn. Also known to have the smell of dragon’s breath and a fiery aura.

Cailleach Rhona- Called Rhona by outsiders, Cally by family. Though she struggles to be strong, she is magnificent at faking it. Her emotional life is a mess, making her unpredictable at times. Though slightly unstable, she is very talented.

Quinn- A very powerful little kid. To stop their magic from becoming a threat, England put them in cold irons when they were very young, meaning they have never had a chance to try to learn how to control it. Also, Faolan keeps forgetting they exist.

Dabria- See meaning of name to know what she’s like. Also, ring leader of the family. She kind of forced the family to let her lead and rules with an iron fist. The woman plays people and uses them as pawns in her own little game. Of course, she’d never let the outside world know this and keep up the sweet front.

M!A: Nyotalia Begin! (0/5)

Mythological Throwback Thursday: British Hellhounds

Hello! Are you a dog person? We used to be, until we found out about all the terrifying mutts stalking the British Isles. We’re expecting Alex’s family back in Staffordshire to be devoured by supernatural hounds any day now. Arm yourself with the knowledge to protect your loved ones this Mythological Throwback Thursday!

One of the most notorious is Black Shuck, a ghostly black dog that stalks the wilds of East Anglia. It’s thought its name derives from the Saxon word for demon, ‘scucca’. Others believe it to be a version of the Viking Shukir, the war-dog of Thor and Odin. Black Shuck is a large hound, variously described as the size of a calf or even a horse. It has baleful red eyes (or just one large one in the centre of its head, in some tellings) and can coalesce out of mist on dark nights, to frighten lone travellers. Those who see Black Shuck usually live long enough to tell the tale, but many believed that those who see it were marked for death, and would pass away within the year.

Similar is the tale of the Barghest, a spectral beast that haunted the north of England, and was particularly infamous in Yorkshire. Described to principally take the form of a black dog with fiery eyes, it was said to be able to become invisible, to shapeshift (favouring the form of a headless person) and to have dominion over other dogs. Upon the death of any notable person in the community the Barghest would form the head of a funeral procession of sorts, followed by all the other dogs of the community, leading them in howling and baying. If you were fleeing the Barghest it was considered wise to cross a stream or river, since the superstition was that it was unable to.

On the Isle of Man, a ghost called Moddey Dhoo, which literally means ‘black dog’, haunted Peel Castle. Though it seemed relatively benign, wandering through the hallways of the castle, invariably settling by the fireplace of the guard chamber, it was frightening to those unused to its spooky demeanour. It would never appear during the day, returning always to a passageway that led to the guard captain’s chamber and disappearing. One night a drunken guard defied Moddey Dhoo. On entering the haunted passageway, dreadful sounds were heard. The guard, scared witless, returned to his comrades aghast and died within three days.

The Welsh passed down the tale of the Cŵn Annwn. Not ghosts but denizens of the supernatural realm of Annwn, these hounds were hunting dogs for the king of the realm, Arawn. Unlike the other examples, these dogs were pure white with red ears. During the Wild Hunt, the Cŵn Annwn would run down wrongdoers for their crimes. It is speculated that they accompanied King Arthur’s cousin Culwhch to Arthur’s court.

Of course, the good people of the UK and Ireland could not help but include their hellhound-riddled folklore in their literature. Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre includes an encounter which the titular heroine initially mistakes for a Gytrash, a being similar to a Barghest. J.K Rowling includes the legend of the Grim in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, with characteristics identical to those of Black Shuck. And of course we couldn’t go without mentioning the infamous Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Why dogs? Possibly we humans share an inherent, instinctual aversion to wolves, and when like in the British Isles wolves become extinct through our actions, we create our own. Monsters from the id! Or maybe it’s just because we’re just really into dogs, and there’s nothing so terrible as being betrayed by something you love. Join us for another Mythological Throwback Thursday next week, when we’ll be feeling a little sunnier…

An immersive soundscape for Founders-era Hogwarts. Perfect for fic writing, getting some inspiration or just something relaxing to drift off to. (All sounds come from the amazing

You’ve heard the rumour that there is a new school - one for medieval magical folk like us - hidden somewhere on these fair British Isles. And now, you’ve been invited to attend.


Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, situated in the beautiful and wild Scottish Highlands. Wrap your cloak around you a little tighter, that wind is like ice.


From the floating candles to the long, polished tables, to the enchanted ceiling…there’s nothing quite like stepping into The Great Hall for the first time.


Ravenclaw - The Common Room in the Sky

In the highest tower in the school, your common room windows whistle with the wind. But who cares when you’re in the clouds? Sit by the window with a good book and look out for miles over rolling green hills.

Gryffindor - The Common Room in the Warm

After a hard day at school and delicious evening feast, unwind in front the roaring fire with your friends and your homework. But it’s so warm and cosy…maybe that homework can wait until tomorrow…

Hufflepuff - The Common Room in the Grass

The sound from the morning dewy Hogwarts lawns flows in from the windows above you as you wake in your soft four post bed. You can already smell breakfast cooking in the kitchens.

Slytherin - The Common Room Under the Lake

A storm is raging outside but while other common rooms’ windows rattle, yours hears nothing but the low thud of rolling waves. See if you can spot the Giant Squid!


You’ve just woken up. Your hair’s stuck to your head, your robes are crumpled and you can’t find your Potions book, meaning Professor Slytherin will probably be furious . But no matter, there’s something that will make you feel better.


It was fun at first but now you think you should turn back. But which was the right path? The birds are singing far in the distance but all around you, there’s nothing but the sound of your own footsteps. It’s a little too quiet…


One of Hogwarts’ beloved founders, Salazar Slytherin, travels deep underground to check on his very dangerous - and very secret - project.


There’s a storm on the horizon and it’s heading for Hogwarts.


Celebrate the end of the dark days with a walk around the snowy grounds and think about that rich, warm feast later!