According to legend, (and a 1976 DC Comics calendar) July 22nd is the day when Aquaman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Superman, and Wonder Woman first organized the Justice League of America in order to more effectively resolve those situations they would be unable to handle individually.  Their first adversary was Starro the Conqueror in Brave and the Bold #28 (March 1960), written by Gardner Fox and penciled by Mike Sekowsky.  Since then, The Justice League of America has fought such foes as Amazo, Darkseid, Felix Faust, The Injustice League, The Key, The Royal Flush Gang, the Shaggy Man, and many more.

Over the years, the roster of the Justice League has grown to include such other superhero luminaries as Green Arrow, The Atom, Hawkman, Black Canary, Red Tornado, Zatanna, and Firestorm.  They’ve disbanded, re-formed, and re-branded several times, for a time becoming just the Justice League, then Justice League International, then splitting into Justice League America and Justice League Europe (with a short-lived Justice League Antarctica), and then the JLA.  Currently, they have resumed referring to themselves as The Justice League of America, and have welcomed new members Cyborg, (a reformed) Lex Luthor, and Shazam.

To celebrate this anniversary of the “Dawn of Justice”, here are a few select Justice League issues from the DuGarm Collection at the University of Iowa Special Collections:

Justice League of America v.1 #48 (December 1966), art by Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson

Justice League of America v.1 #144 (July 1977), art by Dick Dillin and Frank McLaughlin

Justice League of America v.1 #99 (June 1972), art by Nick Cardy

Justice League of America v.1 #150 (January 1978), art by Rich Buckler

Justice League of America v.1 #105 (May 1973), art by Dick Giordano

Justice League of America v.1 #200 (March 1982), back and front cover by George Perez

Justice League of America v.1 #184 (November 1980), art by George Perez

Justice League America #65 (August 1992), art by Dan Jurgens and Rick Burchett

Justice League: Generation Lost #1 (July 2010), art by Tony Harris


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- Sun Sign is Aries  

Sun in Aries people are natural athletes. What is happening right now is most important to Aries. Some Aries people are bold, but even the quieter ones are brave and even dangerous in their own way. Aries people are known to be mean and dangerous but actually, they’re total sweethearts!  Aries enjoys a challenge, and Aries Suns are happiest when their lives are moving forward and active. There’s a childlike quality to all Aries Sun people, and it’s often quite charming. Aries born have a strong personality. They are ambitious and self-willed, stubborn, obstinate and tenacious. They’re weaknesses are nervousness, impulsiveness, wastefulness, provoking nature, restlessness and changeability.

- Rising Sign/Ascendant is Libra

Everybody seems to like Libra Ascendant people.  They just come across as nice, pleasant, and fair. Look a little closer at their lives, and these nice people may have had quite a few problems in their relationships. Libra rising generally appear to be smoothing everything over. They have charming smiles, a gentle approach with others, and an easygoing image. Even if they were not endowed with good looks, they are attractive. Most pay a lot of attention to their personal appearance; the clothes they wear, their hair, the way they walk–you name it!

- Moon Sign is Aries 

Moon in Aries people tend to have plenty of crushes and other short desires. In their minds, what they want is so powerful that it becomes an absolute need. In young adulthood, they can be dangerous with a credit card. Whoever offered the advice to freeze your credit card in a container of water, and then let the block of ice thaw before using the card, had to be someone with Moon in Aries. The whole idea was to see if the shopping would pass by the time the card was ready to use. Still, with this scenario, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Moon in Aries people hacking away at the ice. That is, if Aries actually takes the advice in the first place! They can be pretty stubborn.

- Mercury Sign is Pisces

Mercury in Pisces people sponge up their feelings, moods of people and the environment around them. They can have moody communication and sometimes can be very talkative, but other times, they can go a whole conversation and discussions without even saying a word. They tend to have flexible minds, sometimes gullible, but usually simply open to possibilities. It can be very hard to pin them down to anyone’s belief or decision.

- Venus Sign is Aries

Venus in Aries people flirt by being up-front, direct, and even daring. They try to win you over by expressing how enterprising and independent they are. Their style of expressing love can be “me”-centered, but the right person for them will find this approach charming. People get turned on by Venus in Aries’ aura of innocent charm, even when they are being childish and impatient. Venus in Aries men and women behave in a childlike, fun-loving manner in love. They are turned on by energy and activity. Turn-offs include a relationship that is considered stuffy or too “mature”, vagueness, and beating around the bush. In love, Venus in Aries people are hopelessly addicted to the conquest. In order for a relationship to remain fresh and new for them, they require plenty of stimulation.

- Mars Sign is Sagittarius 

Mars in Sagittarius can be a little hard to understand. Sometimes they seem to be the most easy-going of people–they love a good joke and a good time. Other times they are on fire–intense and impassioned about something or other. They need to feel like they have space. They’re the ones who will run away when things get too serious or dull. They’ll likely be back soon–it’s just that they need to feel free for a while.

- Jupiter Sign is Gemini

They attract the most good looking people. Values the intellect and sees opportunities to grow and succeed through intellectual, verbal, and written channels. Believes that intelligence and knowledge is the key to solving problems.

- Saturn Sign is Taurus

Doesn’t like to see greed or waste in others. Financially not very well off, average salary. The spouse is also not rich. Possibility of a small inheritance, which helps a lot. Long life and natural death, if the aspects allow. Does not like routine, whether at work or in emotional life. They fight to keep their independence, their freedom of action. They would love to make the world again and maybe even better.    

- Uranus Sign is Aquarius

Is independent, likes even dubious distractions. Their amorous adventures are not only numerous but also very complicated, and may lose their charm over the long term.

- Neptune Sign is Aquarius

Generosity, likes to resolve problems in order to satisfy everyone. They succeed, thanks to brilliant and unusual ideas. They are very influenced by their mother. They have strange relationships. They are easily influenced, very sensitive and emotional.

- Pluto Sign is Sagittarius

There may be greater long distance travel during this period to foreign places, perhaps even in space. This generation are obsessed with foreign travel, and about life on other planets. 

- Lilith Sign is Aquarius

- Ascendant Node/North Node is Cancer

Your Sun Sign; Aries is in the 7th House

You see yourself as selfless, but love selfish people. You need an honest, straightforward partner who gives you independence and lots of praise. You love travelling but often with a partner. 

Libra is in the 1st House/Rising Sign/Ascendant

Scorpio is in the 2nd House

Sagittarius is in the 3rd House

Capricorn is in the 4th House

Aquarius is in the 5th House

Pisces is in the 6th House

Aries is in the 7th House

Taurus is in the 8th House

Gemini is in the 9th House

Cancer is in the 10th House/Midheaven

Leo is in the 11th House

Virgo is in the 12th House

                                            Asteroids & Chiron

Chiron is in Sagittarius

Ceres is in Capricorn

Pallas is in Sagittarius

Juno is in Aries

Vesta is in Aries

Fortune is in Virgo

South node is in Capricorn