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I work as a swim instructor for children; usually 7 and under. Recently one of the girls asked me why I didn't wear a speedo and she said she'd only come to class if I did. I wanted to cry. Why little child.

incredibly bold choice of occupation… you brave soul. kids don’t know shit about shit. if that were me i’d say “you don’t get to decide whether or not you come to class, hun, your mommy will bring you to class either way” or better yet “why don’t YOU come to class in some trunks?” and then put her water wings on and throw her into the pool dramatically

teen titans : Bat-Girl I  (Betty Kane)

trying to get my groove back. getting closer a lil muddy. here is the original Bat-girl… side kick to the Original Bat-Woman, and member of Titans West post crisis DC she became Bette Kate aka Flamebird. her costume looks like it was designed by Bat-mite