Blackout for my momma. She’s never had it easy but it’s never stopped her. She’s the toughest, nicest, most strong hearted woman a developing colored teen could ask for. She’s my rock, my bridge, my support system and I love her more than anything in this world.

This is a beautiful black woman who has never been ashamed to be so. I wish I got her confidence but she reminds me everyday that “black is not evil. Black and beautiful both start with b. And so does bold, brave, and brilliant.”

This #blackout is great because it shows people who are just this powerful that nothing can stop them!! Love you momma!!

Am I the only one...

…that wants #blackout to never end?

You’re all fucking gorgeous, every single one of you, and it’s a privilege for me to see all of these stunning photographs.


After today, don’t hide, or not post photos. Be proud and confident because you have nothing to hide. Continue #blackout because you’re all worth it. Show your faces to the world and revel in the power you have over your own image. Be brave, be bold, be beautiful.

I support you 100%, if ever you need me to do anything to help with anything, don’t hesitate to ask. If it’s humanely possible, I’ll be there, I swear.

Spread this love every day :)


Just to remind all of you of the greatest single episode of any Batman-show ever produced in the history of everything.