If you want to see some animation projects where Barbara Gordon is treated with respect, you can always check out The Batman, Young Justice: Invasion, Beware the Batman, and DC Super Hero Girls. The first and the third one even feature Oracle, but in different increments. 

I’d also recommend Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Babs isn’t in it too much, but the show kicks ass anyway. 

Well a big thing has ended for me today, in a way. @madgirlspoem said it perfectly and I won’t try to reiterate what that brilliant post captured, but I’m done making excuses for them. I’m done feeling like a child with my open hands out and having them be slapped away. I’m tired of enduring outright hostility over something that hurts no one and if anything expects better out of popular content and content creators. I’m tired of having a possible gay reveal be Soooo Important that you condemn the people who love your work the most.

Now, instead: I’m committed to fandom. I’m committed to fanfic. I’m committed to writing it and reading it. I’m committed to art and videos and everything else that is transformative and brave and bold and not afraid to be what it is. I’m committed to creativity and discussion and thinking bigger and expecting more. Do better. Be better. We must set the bar higher now.

MOAR Magic Anons!!!
  • Swapped:muse switches bodies with another muse, (anon lasts for however long the mun wants)
  • Urine Trouble:muse has an uncontrollable bladder for 6 hours
  • Brave and Bold:muse will do whatever they were thinking of
  • Accident Prone:muse is prone to any and every kind of accidents! (anon will decide what it is that they are prone to)
  • Ageplay:(not what you're thinking) muse can have their age changed by anon, to ANY age
  • Truth Bomb:muse will have to answer questions with pure and absolute truth if/when anon asks them