Prosthetics in Luxendarc

I thought I would do a quick headcanon post concerning prosthetics in Luxendarc.

I touched on this briefly in my Kaiser Oblivion fic, but I like to think it works similar to Fullmetal Alchemist’s automail prosthetics. To be a prosthetic engineer, you need to be knowledgeable in both biology and mechanical engineering. Like other professions, you first get put in a guild/apprenticeship for some years. Once you complete your training you’ll be considered a certified prosthetics engineer and can open your own shop (and bring in your own apprentices to train).   In several cases, the prosthetic shops can be family owned where the owner trains their own children and such.

When it comes to rehabilitation, the recommended recovery time for the clients is often from several months to a couple years, depending on the injury. Most folks usually needed one prosthetic, but there are some that needed more than one artificial limb. It’s usually recommended that the clients have check ups with their engineer on occasion and if they have any complications.

There are several prosthetic shops across the globe, though the ones in Eisenberg during and after the civil war gain the most business due to the long going conflict there. A lot of times in that region the shops become full so anyone that needed prosthetics would be referred to another one, most likely in a different region.

Bravely Second: Chapter 1 sentence starters
  • ~"Forgive me, everyone."
  • `"Don't put the weight of the world on your shoulders like that, (NAME). You've had it tougher than any of us."
  • `"No matter who turns against you, I'll always be here."
  • `"And as long as we hold hope on our hearts... We can fight back, over and over again if we must!"
  • `"Haha! Is somebody blushing?"
  • `"Our emotions, our passions can move the hearts of others."
  • `"Kapow! Mr. Oblivious strikes again!"
  • `"What're you writing, (name)? I keep seeing scribbling in there."
  • `"For the first time, I feel like I don't understand you at all..."
  • `"You suggest we simply sit by and do nothing? P-preposterous!"
  • `"Is is so hard to... Imagine a better future?"
  • `"It moved me a great deal, you know, when you spoke of your hopes and ideals..."
  • `"I will succeed... I will!"
  • `"Who said you have to shoulder the burden all by yourself?"
  • `"We can't have you catching cold. Here, come... Closer."
  • `"(NAME), you're all red! Have you come down with a fever?"
  • ~"Aiiiya! Get a clue, blockhead!"
  • `"What did I do now?"
  • `"Cats are great, they never betray mew!"
  • `"But you will be fine, as you always have been. I'm sure of it!"
Asterisk Holder Soldiers

I thought the addition of cute little soldiers for all the Eternians in Bravely Second was a cool touch, and it made me wonder what the prerequisites for being at the right hand of the asterisk holders would be back when they still served the duchy/Empire/whatever it is they did during the games.

Spoilers for both games below the cut:

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