Imagine that someone in Asgard is spreading unsavoury rumours about you after your brief courtship. Although you never went beyond a kiss he is telling other members of the court otherwise in graphic detail. You put on a brave face but even so it’s difficult not to be bothered by it. Loki, who you barely know, decides to help you. You don’t really know why, and he says he just thinks it’ll be fun but secretly he just wants an excuse to spend time with you.

The problem is that he’s more vindictive than you and nearly always comes close to taking it too far. You start thinking Loki’s just a sadist looking for an excuse to bring suffering until it slowly becomes clear that he’s actually just angry on your behalf. Loki’s planning to do something at the next ball but you interrupt him planning to tell him that if he’s going to be busy that if he’s busy for the night, then who will you be spending it with?

The pair of you finally spend time together that isn’t about your ex, and for the first time in a while you find yourself able to forget and just enjoy Loki’s company.

Any other folks notice during WW...

That during the celebration in the village scene Chief was the only member of the squad not shown drinking… actually throughout the whole movie Chief doesn’t drink and after so many examples of the “drunk Indian” and the still pressing issue of alcoholism among indigenous people I appreciated it.

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So here's at least one article with sources for Eugene Brave Rock & Chief being a demigod. io9*gizmodo*com/wonder-woman-actor-says-chief-is-actually-a-demi-god-1796389983

I love everything about this.

How sad is it that this tiny exchange that went over everyone’s heads with a character that will most likely never be mentioned in the DCEU again is better representation for indigenous people than two other major indigenous characters in film last year that got their heads blown off. :||||| Like my expectations are so low. COME ON PEOPLE

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