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  • Janne: Careful, you idiot!
  • Private Piddler: Sorry, sir! I’m doing my best!
  • Janne: Who made that man a mech pilot?
  • Sergeant Sapp: I did, sir. He’s my cousin.
  • Janne: *To Nikolai* Who is he?
  • Nikolai: He’s an Asshole, Janne.
  • Janne: I know that: What’s his name?
  • Nikolai: That is his name: Asshole. Sergeant Asshole.
  • Janne: And his cousin?
  • Nikolai: He’s an Asshole too. Private Piddler Asshole.
  • Janne: How many Assholes have we got on this ship, anyhow?
  • Entire Bridge Crew: *stands up and raises a hand, except for one person* Yo!
  • Janne: I knew it, I’m surrounded by Assholes. Keep firing, Assholes!

So I just finished episode 2 of before the storm and let me say I love what Deck Nine is doing. They have treated this series with such respect and admiration that I can tell very sincerely that this was made by people who love Life Is Strange. Before the storm is such a soul crushing experience because if you’ve played the first season of LiS you know what becomes of Rachel and you know how deeply it affects Chloe. Yet here I am making plans with Rachel about our future altering the details every so slightly to fit how I think they should go.

The thing I think I appreciate most about this game is how well Deck Nine has done narratively speaking. They’ve crafted this masterpiece that in my opinion far surpasses DONTNOD’s original work. That doesn’t mean DONTNOD’s work is bad by any stretch, I love LiS I’m just personally enjoying BtS more. For example how for the briefest of moments you’re sucked into the narrative so deeply that you forget what’s to come and you see an alternate timeline where your plans with Rachel actually happen and it’s wonderful. Then after the endorphins have departed you remember how the timeline really plays out and you just feel like you’re having every emotion pulled from your very being.

This is phenomenal and shows how well thought out this story is, so bravo Deck Nine I can’t wait to play the last episode, I can’t wait to see where you take me and I want you to know from the bottom of my heart I love you! Thank you for making this beautiful game, everyone at the studio I can tell has poured their heart and soul into this game and I just want you to know as a player I appreciate this. So I say again bravo Deck Nine!

Also SUPER SPOILERS: I had Rachel kiss Chloe and I don’t regret a fucking thing!