Pocketbook of R Ch2 COMPLETE
Also 4 pages for Chapter 3 are up too!

Chapter 2 is done!! First chapter using the summaries. I hope everyone’s ok with them! Basically this chapter covers the crew dealing with Holly+Barras. Ringabel tries to seduce them, and later has a flashback to when he was alternis, which is kinda cool! 

Also I’ve begun Chapter 3! This takes place in Ancheim. Already Ringabel’s trying to make this a beach episode.

Here’s info about how I translate Ringabel’s Light Novel. It relies on the generosity of others! ($5/page :3c) Click on link for details. Thanks you guys!

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Seeing you so active, made me want to send in a little headcanon :) Headcanon where you're a student trying to sneak out at night to get to the library, but you get busted my the one and only, Severus Snape.


You turn slowly, your face filled with horror as you realize you’ve been caught.

“I believe that this is probably a record. You are literally five feet from the common room door.” Snape stares down at you, his lips pulled back in a sneer. “You don’t do this often, do you?”

“Sneaking out?” you ask, your voice shaking. “N…no.”

“And why, exactly, were you deciding to go on a midnight jaunt?” Snape asks, his voice eerily calm.

“Well, I just realized that I left a book I needed for my homework in the…library,” you finish lamely, knowing full well that he’s just going to tell you that the library is closed up tight anyway so there’s no reason why you should be sneaking about.

Instead, he says this: “Well then, come along.”

You gape at him for a moment before you force your legs to move and follow him down the dark hallway.

“R…really?” you stutter.

“Well,” he replies, with a shrug, “you obviously need to get something in exchange for the detention you’re going to be doing with Filch on Friday night, and I would hate for you to miss an opportunity to finish your homework…”

You flush with irritation at the mention of the detention but bite your tongue to keep yourself quiet. It seems he’s going to get you into the library after all, so really, he’s right.  The trip is quiet, and Snape pulls out a ring of keys to open the doors to the darkened library.  “Go on, then,” he says, gesturing with his hand, “get your book and return to me when you are finished.”

You run down the darkened aisles with your wand in hand, trying not to let the shadows play tricks on you, and grasp the book from its place before running back.  As you reach the door, you stumble, and he grasps your elbow roughly to keep you from falling.

“You’d better take care of that book,” he says, his eyes glittering. “It’s school property, after all.”

You gulp and nod, following him back to your dorm with the book grasped tightly against your chest.

“Good evening,” he says, almost cordially, as you step into the door to your common room. “You can see Filch on Friday after class for your detention.  I hope the book was worth it.”

You look up at him, your eyes shining and nod. “Yes. It was, thank you, Professor.”

And before he can say another word, you’ve bounded into your common room, heading towards your room to start your work.

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I'm sorry for anyone who has been abused I have been there I know the trauma it does to you but this is fiction people. I don't want to come off mean I just feel like people are not realizing this is a couple that are both psychopaths not one but both & they are going to abuse each other a lot. Neither one of them are victims because them enjoy the pain they inflict upon each other. Idk I'm sorry if I come off wrong but you can't make her into a victim when she's not she always been a psychopath


Thank you for this and for being able to come off anon and say this. It’s very brave of you. 

It’s difficult to understand Harley’s psychology (and 10x more difficult to understand Joker’s) but the main root of this is that they are bad people. Bad people do bad things. They don’t see abuse as wrong because they don’t see any crime as wrong. Some part of them might enjoy it, actually I think Joker probably would. 

I’m not trying to be insensitive to the people who’ve been abused, but this is fiction. 


Come back on tumblr to queue stuff again, finds out ppl are bashing characters or hates the newest fairy tail chapter or what ever. While I’m here like staying out of it, because it’s just a manga, and I personally loved the chapter like I do with every chapter.
But besides the point
@the people bashing characters again