I went to Florida’s Megacon today!!

These were some of my favorite costumes Ft. a McCree who looked terrified of me when we made eye contact.


Disney Fancast (4/?)

Wendy Darling ↣ Anna Lund

Peter Pan ↣ Simone Nobili

Merida ↣ Victoria Schons

Moana ↣ Auli’i Cravalho

Queen Elsa ↣ Milou Sluis

Prince Hans ↣ Guy Robinson

Alice Liddel ↣ Nastya Siten

Lilo ↣ Xyriel Manabat

Esmeralda ↣ Samantha Banks

Captain Phoebus ↣ Ryan Cooper

anonymous asked:

On the Jehan and Enjolras bodyswap thing, I just realised it could be even more interesting if Enj had to give a speech at a rally in Jehan's body.

Oops I accidentally changed it to Jehan giving a speech in Enjolras’ body by misreading, I hope you don’t mind

Jehan is known to be pretty shy. After all Jehan “ha[s] an awkward air, blushe[s] at a mere nothing, and [is] very timid.”

But Jehan is also intrepid. Jean Prouvaire’s bravery hides in plain side, bubbling just at the surface. They’re shy, but they still soar on stage during slam open mics nights. Though, granted, a massive angry crowd is diffferent from a nice dim-lit café atmosphere.

Enjolras writes the speech, but it just won’t stick in Jehan’s mind. Those are not their words. They’re not their style! Not that Enjolras’ style is bad, it’s just different. Terrified to do poorly, Jehan rewrites the whole thing at the last minute, even using Courfeyrac’s back as a desk, piercing little holes in the paper…

The crowd cheers as they see Enjolras’ body climbing up the statue on the Place de la République. Enjolras has made a name for himself over the years. Charismatic leader, brilliant orator, fervent advocate for social progress… All of that pushes into Jehan as they look down at the crowd and over the skyline. Their hands shake a little as they lift the megaphone to their lips. Enjolras’ lips.

“Er…. I-…”

At the foot of the monument, Bahorel, Bossuet and Grantaire cheer for them, whistle. Adrenaline tickles in Jehan’s fingers. Their grip gets steadier.

“Esteemed people of France, and dear citizens of the world, those to whom borders are bridges rather than walls…”

Jehan is fierce, eloquent and charismatic up there. Their style is different, people can tell, even though they can’t quite pinpoint why. Jehan’s speech ends in an cheerful uproar and revolutionary chants. Jehan’s heart beats so hard it may actually bruise Enjolras’ chest.


Am I the only one who sees this as ‘Nayuki finally fires back’?


You and everyone else…

I’m so damn proud of him!!
I love the new form of my Nayuki-tan, he deserves enjoying himself after everything he had been through.. ♡♡