George Montgomery played Marlowe in The Brasher Doubloon, a 1947 film adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s novel The High Window. The novel was previously adapted as a Michael Shayne vehicle in Time to Kill (1942), starring Lloyd Nolan as Shayne.

The Brasher Doubloon (Brahm, 1947) 20th Century-Fox

“In transferring the ambience and hard-boiled character of…Chandler’s novel The High Window to the screen, The Brasher Doubloon may not succeed in carrying over the complexity of the novel but it definitely succeeds as a film noir. Visually, the film is filled with moody, low-key images supported by a dense and occasionally threatening background. The script is bland, yet it is filled with the type of dialogue and grotesque characterizations that distinguish the film noir from an ordinary thriller….”