Doctor Who episodes | Story: 084 | season 13 [5/6]
↳ The Brain of Morbius

“The Time Lords are spineless parasites. Morbius offered them greatness once but he was betrayed and rejected. They’ll pay for that mistake, Condo. These pacifist degenerates will be the first to feel the power of his revenge.”

I had to take my dad to a clinic about an hour and a half from where we live today, so we got up super early and drove down and got there when they opened, but we STILL had to wait five hours for him to get in for his ten-minute exam.  By then we were both really starving and exhausted so we went to Boston Pizza for like super late lunch.  And then because it turns out he doesn’t have another hernia after all we split dessert to celebrate, and for some reason we named it after The Brain Of Morbius.

The Brain Of Morbius is a quality dessert.