i wonder how big breakdown’s hands are

i’m pretty sure that boy has the biggest mitts on the nemesis but i need to know exactly how big

could i sit in the palm of his hand?
could i use his hand as an impromptu dance partner?? that would be cute hhah B))
are they big enough that he could just
completely envelop me in his fist??
because that would be scary but cute

y’see these are extremely important questions and i need answers

anonymous asked:

My daughter like yours is two she has the chicken pox - not enjoying it at all. I have a question any advice of how to calm her down maybe any ointments? Also how is Hopper? Has she had any bad sicknesses or deseases? How did you deal with them?

Your poor baby! I hope she gets to feeling better.  I had to ask Bryce’s (Hopper’s father) mom about this one.  She said to give her a cool bath every three to four hour… sprinkling baking soda or colloidal oatmeal (made specifically for the bath) in the water should give added relief.  When you get her out of the bath, calamine lotion on the itchy parts should do the trick!  Nana Ellen said she rubber-banned oven mitts over her the boys’ hands to keep them from itching. 

Hopper is doing well, she’s fast asleep right now.  A few weeks ago, she caught the flu from one of her cousin’s.. poor baby was miserable.  We gave her pedialite and she received a lot of mommy cuddles..  Other than that, it’s been pretty easy.. an ear infection once, a couple sniffles and allergies.  We just like to keep up on vaccinations in order to prevent them to our best abilities :)
I hope this helped a little ;—;  give your daughter hugs from us <3