Something I don’t see as often as I thought I would: aggressive feeders. Taking complete control, doing most the dirty talking, saying they aren’t stopping til the feedee can’t move, then shoving food in their mouth when they start whining. Massaging the belly maybe a little too roughly, squeezing it hard and giving it a good shake. The sounds of going over the tipping point of fullness only getting them more riled up. … Y'know just the little things like that.

the adorable / cosy–looking (?) @hoshimlk tagged me in the bias selfie tag 😮😮😊

So after spending roughly all day going through Actual Selca King™ Suho’s photos I finally decided on these two — the top one most nearly matched like the only face I am capable of making in photos, and the bottom one / my icon just because it will always be one of my faves

(it’s way too late in the day for it to be worth doing any makeup so I just didn’t bother RIP I apologise for not caring enough to look presentable)

((also I look like an actual literal infant but I promise I’m an adult))

I’m tagging LITERALLY EVERYONE ON THIS WEBSITE PLS YOU’RE ALL SO CUTE AND I LOVE ALL YOUR BIASES but as some possible examples, if you guys want to? @xxanimeliaxx @ice-prince-baozi @theexoticthunder @mariia-love-is-music @wonwooscheri @namjoonsgurl @taedaddyrichsuho @wolfbyexosavedkpop & especially any UP10TION blogs pls :((( I feel like I never see UP10TION bloggers doing this? Am I just blind? Possible

anonymous asked:

Why would you break anyone's heart by what you say? I think most of us are at rock bottom and I for one wouldn't mind hearing your opinion

Because… I’ve got a lot of really sad shit going on around me at the moment and it has me feeling rather raw emotionally. When I’m like this I start analyzing things I should not. Comfort seeking. Looking for those silver linings to get me through yet another day filled with dark clouds. It’s not fair to lure others, unsuspecting along my road of false hopes.




This happens after you accept Ilima’s rematch at his house after the first trial btw

“The way that Ilima looked in that battle seems to linger in your mind…”