Dorchester, Massachusetts - Two mothers have turned their sons in for the fatal shooting of a 16 year old boy. Dushawn Taylor-Gennis, 16, and an unnamed 14 year old boy, were arrested for the murder of Jonathan Dos Santos,16. Jonathan was shot on Wednesday, June 10th, 2015, while riding his bike. Taylor-Gennis’ mother told “The Boston Herald” that turning her son in was the right thing to do, and she expressed her sympathy toward the victims family. Police are still trying to figure out what the motive for the shooting was. They commend the mothers of these boys for turning them in. 

The Boston Herald are on board with VILLAGERS’ back-to-basics approach:

“I like his return to simple. Basically a quiet folk album with little, arty flourishes, “Darling Arithmetic” doesn’t need to get loud to have an impact. Drumheads slapped with brushes, picked-out acoustic guitar and sparse piano and organ frame some truly lonesome vocals. Best example: the urgent, wounded shout contained in whispers on  ‘Hot Scary Summer’.” - Jed Gottlieb, The Boston Herald

Listen to the official audio for “Hot Scary Summer”.

Darling Arithmetic is out on Domino Records and going for spins at radio NOW!


Sen. Elizabeth Warren appears to be relishing her role as progressive kingmaker as she’s refused to rule out endorsing fellow New England Senator Bernie Sanders in the democratic primary despite encouraging Hillary Clinton to run in 2013. Warren told the Boston Herald on Tuesday that she thought it was “too early” to say if she’ll campaign for Bernie Sanders while indicating her strong enthusiasm for his populist campaign.

Though she’s previously encouraged Hillary Clinton to run, Elizabeth Warren sounds mighty friendly toward Bernie

Racism From The Boston Herald - Obama and "Watermelon Flavored Toothpaste"

Racism From The Boston Herald – Obama and “Watermelon Flavored Toothpaste”

The Boston Herald thought this was funny when they decided to run it this morning, but the backlash is real, and the online publication is now trying to erase their dumb racist mistake.

In an attempt to poke fun at the Secret Service and the recent intruder who broke into the White House a couple weeks ago – the intruder reaching much further in the building that originally thought – the Boston…

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The Boston Herald’s Missed ‘Cartoon-gate’ Lessons

T’ wurse fate o'all may be ta make a terrbull mistake an’ the larn t'rong lessuns frum t'eggsperients. At’s t'hunk I had reedin a heertfelt column about t'Bawstun Herald‘s unfertunate deecishun ta publish a cartoon feeturyun’ a White Trayler gate-crash'r askin t'nashun’s furst…

The Boston Herald Went There With It's Latest President Obama Political Cartoon

The Boston Herald Went There With It’s Latest President Obama Political Cartoon

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The latest scandal to hit President Barack Obama involves not only the Secret Service but the security of the White House itself after a man scaled the WH fence and got so far as the East Room before being arrested. The subsequent search of his vehicle yielded enough of an arsenal to make Rambo blush.

That didn’t stop the Boston Heraldfrom running a political cartoon about said…

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Elizabeth Warren won't rule out endorsing Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren says it’s “too early to say” whether she’ll hit the campaign trail in support of her Senate colleague Bernie Sanders. “Bernie’s out talking about the issues that the American people want to hear about,” the Massachusetts Democratic senator told the Boston Herald Monday. She did not rule out...
By Adam B. Lerner

Elizabeth Warren says it’s “too early to say” whether she’ll hit the campaign trail in support of her Senate colleague Bernie Sanders. 

“Bernie’s out talking about the issues that the American people want to hear about,” the Massachusetts Democratic senator told the Boston Herald Monday.

She did not rule out the possibility of campaigning for the Vermont senator, nor would she comment on the prospect of supporting other Democratic candidates like former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley or presumptive front-runner Hillary Clinton. “Bernie is there on the issues,” Warren said. “That’s what matters to a lot of people.” “I love what Bernie is talking about,” she added.


If only the world knew more about the newspaper cartoonist, Francis W. Dahl (1907-1973).  Dahl’s lack of universal fame is likely attributable to his having directed his work toward a mostly Boston and New England (and often conservative) audience through his many decades with the Boston Herald-Traveler line of newspapers. 

Even when his work was collected in book format and shared with a national audience, readers who understood the nuances of Boston (including its “Brahmins”) would have benefited–and still benefit–most from Dahl’s satire (see fig. 1 to test yourself on this).  My favorite books by him are Dahl’s Boston (1946) and Birds, Beasts, and Bostonians (1954; both published by Boston’s Little, Brown and Company).  

When I purchased my copy of Dahl’s Boston a few years ago, it came with a few bonuses, namely five Dahl newspaper cartoon clippings and some correspondence from Dahl to a Herald reader named Mr. Stark.  In one instance, Stark noted in pencil on a clipping (from The Boston Herald of January 20, 1953; fig. 2) that the “cow has 5 faucets” (whereas presumably the correct number should have been four).  It is unknown what Stark wrote to Dahl, but the note on the post card (fig. 3) that Dahl sent in response indicates that Stark had made something about this utter inconsistency known to Dahl. 

I have another Dahl to Stark post card, and it contains a different printed graphic from a Dahl drawing.  If one searches for Dahl on the Internet, one can find additional examples of Dahl’s correspondence to his readers.

While Dahl was a regionally-focused cartoonist, his work often had larger significance.  This was also something he was able to achieve this through an economical visual style. 

Two of my favorite Dahl cartoons were published during times of national anxiety.  The first example, titled “Profile in Courage” (fig. 4) appeared on page 12 of The Boston Herald of November 23, 1963, in an issue that dealt with the assassination of President Kennedy.  Included in a newspaper with many pictures of Kennedy, Dahl’s cartoon let the words of the President carry the message.  The second (fig. 5), titled “The Restless Night,” expressed what was must have been on the minds of almost every U.S. citizen as the Moon landing neared.  It was published on page 28 of the Boston Herald Traveler of July 21, 1969, after the astronauts had reached the Moon.

Dahl’s cartoons, drawn for the the ephemeral world of the daily newspaper, still resonate with humor and human understanding.