“For a short period in mid-80’s when skateboarding was dead in the minds of others, kids were hooked, stubborn & charging. It was those youngsters who introduced us to riding jump ramps on the streets and bruising our heels daily. The AJIs became our shoe of choice to help remedy that situation.

The day this photo was taken, my friends and I were jumping in the street out front before heading over to the big ramp in the backyard.

We had built this 4ft tall jump ramp and were just pushing down the road to hit that thing and fly as far as we could. We’d always come crushing down on our feet and backs. I know it was the padding of the shoes that saved us, I’m sure of it.

Somehow that parlayed into us getting hooked up by Nike for the short period. We liked mismatching, painting & modifying our Jordan’s to make them our own.

If it wasn’t for that short, special time when skating began to grow that I rode the AJI, I’m not sure where I would be now. I’m thankful for the hook-up that has tied me to Nike SB’s past and future.

I somehow managed to save one barely skated pair for 27 years… I think they’re the ones in this photo. I must not have even kneeslid out anything with those on.

It’s great to be a part of what Nike SB is doing with AJIs now.

Knee pads not included.”

–Lance Mountain