» A Collection of Near-Death Experiences by somethingaboutamoose

Keith was twelve years old when he was involved in a car accident with his family. After the near-death experience, Keith has found out something about himself: He can’t die.

» all we have to do by aknightley

Keith gets hurt during a mission, and Lance is not sure how to handle that.

» between stars by NotRover

After years of fighting on opposite sides of the war, Lance and Keith meet once again on the battlefield.

» blue, blue eyes by albino_yeti

What would you do
if you ever knew
the man you desperately love
never thinks the same of you?

» Bottom Of The Ninth by xfulcrumx

Lance is the new pitcher for The Lions. Coran’s goal for the season is to make their rival team, The Galrans, beg for mercy. Somewhere along the way, Klance happens.

» Carpe Diems and Chrysanthemums by Gigapoodle

After years of rivalry, bitter acquaintanceship, and eventual friendship, the realization slaps Lance hard, hard enough to settle into his lungs and sap his life away. It’s when he coughs up a petal that Lance realizes just how far gone he is.

» close to you by solllys

they’re in love with each other; that’s how these things go

» Confinement Of Pain by NightcoreFairy

“During the day we were mere rivals.”

“And during the night?”

“During the night, he was the love of my life.”

» Control by ver_ironica

Keith is desperate to keep up appearances, but things are getting harder. He has to lead Voltron while keeping himself in check. His control is reaching the breaking point, and there may be no turning back.

» Crowd Pleaser by WhatTheBodyGraspsNot

It’s a male strip club, which means Keith’s never short of entertainment during working hours - especially when Blue Rider takes the stage. Because Blue’s hot - definitely talented - and definitely taking an interest in Keith.

» excelsior by warmth

“Onward and upward,” Lance says. “to greater glory.”

» Going Under by sun_stricken

Lance takes a dangerous spill in the ocean and is saved by none other than a mermaid with weird hair

» Hershey’s Kisses by EnglishCivilWar

In which Keith is sad, and Lance tries to cook.

» i think you’re fine you really blow my mind by keithxlance

Five times Lance uses pick-up lines and one time Keith decides to try it out as well.

» I Watched the Sky and the Stars Reminded Me of You by beckkai

“What’s up with you?”

“Nothing. I’m just.” He looked back at the rising moon and expanse of sky before setting Keith with a soft glare,”Nothing.”

» Like Fire by PastelClark

By circumstance and happenstance, Red finds herself in situations requiring she change paladins twice in her life

» Moonset Deep by MilkTeaMiku

All his life he’d been told to make sure he was never seen – it was what all the children were taught from the moment they were born. Never let a human see you, never fall in love with a human, and most importantly, never kiss one.

» Never Let Me Go by doodlenauts

When the music stops, he meets him halfway - even when they’re thousands of millions of miles apart.

» Nothing Like the Rain When You’re In Outer Space by Wayward_child

Lance misses the rain.

» oblivious to what made you so obvious by altruisticallura

He looked up suddenly, as if he could feel Lance’s eyes on him, and gave a small grin. Lance was a goner.

» Panacea (A Cure for Love) by RowenaMacLeod

Keith contracts an alien disease that wipes your mind of the one you love.

» Reach out for you (break these walls) by Utsukushin

Keith is trying to make himself smaller, to bury his head deeper in his knees, and Lance’s heart freezes in his chest. 

» solace in the thrum of your heart by laidellennt

Lance cannot find solace in the stars.

» Somebody Left The Gate Open by lordbatty

Lance always knew he would have to be the one to pick Keith back up. And he’d do it again in a heartbeat.

» suave and charming as heck by Lance_WhyUAlwaysLion

Lance is neither suave nor charming. Or, Lance thinks he’s a pro at flirting until suddenly, he’s the one getting flirted with.

» Sung Me Moonstruck by sciencefictioness

Something hungry within him that was only sated by the sound of Lance’s voice, or the sight of those too deep eyes cutting sideways to look at him. Something wild that only calmed when he was near.

Something broken in Keith that was held together with that crooked grin.

» symbolization by bolbessa

Keith didn’t really do flowers. He just couldn’t take care of them, and to be completely honest, he didn’t see the point.

» teeth and all by viscrael

“Do you want to kiss someone?”

Keith almost drops his Bayard.

» the sea pronounces something by legendarydesvender

AU where Keith is a sailor and Lance is the siren trying to drown him.

» The Whirling Ways Of Stars That Pass by mandaloore

“There,” he spoke in an almost-whisper, tracing the outline of the imaginary constellation like a child following a dot-to-dot illustration. Keith watched his movements from his peripheral vision, hoping that Lance was too preoccupied to notice the rapid beating of his heart. “Can you see it now?”

» Waves Amongst Stardust by Resamille

The flutter of Lance’s heart is almost lost to the homesickness pounding through his veins.

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Image: Mike Tyson and Cus D'Amato in training. (Ken Regan/Camera 5 /Courtesy of Blue Rider Press & Plume)

On a November night in 1986, a crowd gathered in Las Vegas for an event that was hyped as “Judgement Day.” At the center of it all was a boxing ring with a referee and two fighters: Mike Tyson and Trevor Berbick.

Tyson was 20 years old and hoping to become the youngest ever heavyweight champion. Today he says he never would have been in that ring if it weren’t for trainer Constantine "Cus” D'Amato, a man Muhammad Ali once called “the bible of boxing.” According to Tyson, D'Amato is the reason he had such a legendary career. Now, he’s written a book about his time with the trainer. It’s called Iron Ambition: My Life with Cus D'Amato.

NPR’s David Greene interviewed Tyson at his home in Las Vegas.

Mike Tyson’s New Book Is A Memorial To The Man Who Made Him A Champion

Voltron (Klance): Fic Rec List (Updated)

Edit: Added some more fics!

can you tell me by aknightley 

28k, Oneshot, T

Keith works in his brother’s coffee shop for the summer, expecting a boring break before college. Lance changes all of that.

The boy is still in the front of the group, but he doesn’t take off his glasses so Keith can’t tell what he’s really looking at – either the menu or Keith. Keith feels a flash of annoyance but smothers it and pins his smile in place.

i’m betting everything by aknightley

23k, Oneshot, T 

(a continuation of Can You Tell Me)

A summer of dates between a prince and a boy who works in a coffee shop.

“I wanted to see you.” Keith’s eyes widen a little, and he ducks his head, but not before Lance sees the smile tugging at his lips. “This is the part where you say ‘Me too, Lance,’” Lance prompts him, although he’s ridiculously charmed by Keith’s awkwardness.

“Of course I wanted to see you,” Keith says, rolling his eyes.

*The Quilted Lion by geewillikers

97.5k, Complete, Multi-chapter, T

Keith is stuck in New York City barely making ends meet so he and Pidge can live in a decent part of the city close to her university. They scrape by on the illegal winnings Keith makes in street boxing matches, but his manager, Shiro, decides that it’s time Keith gets a side job. He’s whisked into The Quilted Lion café owned by the woman Shiro’s been fawning over for over a year, only to find that he has more to worry about than his lack of magic and cooking skills-
-There’s a waiter at The Quilted Lion who is entirely Keith’s cup of tea.

Drive It Like You Mean It by Zizzani

94k, Complete, Multi-chapter, M

The Castle of Lions is the venue for the city’s most dangerous illegal street races where drivers come to test the cut of their tires. Lance has long defended his title as champion, but when a newcomer shows up and threatens his position things take an interesting turn. 

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Early 20th Century Art: German Expressionism (Pre-War)

The Bridge 

  • Formed in 1905 in Dresden, Germany
  • Named The Bridge (Die Brüke) because they saw themselves as a bridge from traditional to modern painting.
  • Subjects: City scenes, portraits, figures
  • Emphasized the same Fauve ideals expressed in violent juxtapositons of color

Street, Dresden 

  • Ernst Kirchner
  • 1908
  • oil on canvas
  • Uncomfortably close encounter with woman on a Dresden Street
  • Colors are nonrepresentational, but symmbolic and chosen to provide a jarring impact
  • Expressive quality of horrified facial features and grim surroundings
  • Tilted perspective moves things closer to the picture plane

The Blue Rider (Der Blaue Reiter)

  • Formed in Munich, Germany, in 1911.
  • Named so because of an affection the founders had for horses and the color blue
  • Started to move towards abstraction
  • Through the use of distorted forms and startling color, they sought to discover spiritual truths that they felt impressionists had overlooked

Improvation 28 

  • Vassily Kandinsky
  • 1912
  • Oil on canvas
  • Movement toward abstraction representational objects suggested rather than depicted
  • Title derived from musical compositions
  • Strongly articulated use of black lines
  • Colors seem to shade around line forms

Large Blue Horses 

  • Franz Marc
  • 1911
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Marc was a cofounder of Der Blaue Reiter
  • Swirling shapes and dynamic composition; suggest sweeping movement
  • Emotional impact of blue color for horses