D.D Dumbo - Tropical Oceans

This minimil, slow and burning video for Castlemaine, Australian artist Oliver Hugh Perry’s deep breaking open single fits the skin. Directed by Jim Elson.

His debut self-titled EP is out this week on extremely limited 12” vinyl in 250 copies, available for a very limited time from The Blue Rider

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Early 20th Century Art: German Expressionism (Pre-War)

The Bridge 

  • Formed in 1905 in Dresden, Germany
  • Named The Bridge (Die Brüke) because they saw themselves as a bridge from traditional to modern painting.
  • Subjects: City scenes, portraits, figures
  • Emphasized the same Fauve ideals expressed in violent juxtapositons of color

Street, Dresden 

  • Ernst Kirchner
  • 1908
  • oil on canvas
  • Uncomfortably close encounter with woman on a Dresden Street
  • Colors are nonrepresentational, but symmbolic and chosen to provide a jarring impact
  • Expressive quality of horrified facial features and grim surroundings
  • Tilted perspective moves things closer to the picture plane

The Blue Rider (Der Blaue Reiter)

  • Formed in Munich, Germany, in 1911.
  • Named so because of an affection the founders had for horses and the color blue
  • Started to move towards abstraction
  • Through the use of distorted forms and startling color, they sought to discover spiritual truths that they felt impressionists had overlooked

Improvation 28 

  • Vassily Kandinsky
  • 1912
  • Oil on canvas
  • Movement toward abstraction representational objects suggested rather than depicted
  • Title derived from musical compositions
  • Strongly articulated use of black lines
  • Colors seem to shade around line forms

Large Blue Horses 

  • Franz Marc
  • 1911
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Marc was a cofounder of Der Blaue Reiter
  • Swirling shapes and dynamic composition; suggest sweeping movement
  • Emotional impact of blue color for horses