*The Losers in December*

Richie: What the-

Mike: Fa la la la la, la la la la! Merry Christmas everyone!

My Hailey’s comet,
my blue moon love.
Boy like an olive branch;
soul like a desert spring.
Vision in the wild brush,
embracing every rainstorm
with warm, wide arms.
Galaxy man,
raised by the trees,
plants himself in another stretch of time,
must be,
you know you’ve seen that face before.
600 year old star,
smile lines and bare chest.
You will always be left begging him
to come closer,
and he will always be
just out of reach.
—  Schuyler Peck, Love Song From the Wild West
How Nancy Got Her Cases
  • Secrets Can Kill (Original and Remastered): Aunt Eloise is a librarian at Paseo Del Mar High School, which is where the student, Jake Rogers, was murdered.
  • Stay Tuned For Danger: Aunt Eloise's friend told her about the threats against Rick Arlen in New York before Nancy left Florida after she solved Secrets Can Kill. Aunt Eloise also owns the apartment Mattie Jensen lives in, who Nancy stays with during this case.
  • Message in a Haunted Mansion: Rose Green, who is renovating an old mansion into a bed and breakfast, is a friend of Hannah Gruen's, Nancy's housekeeper, whom naturally asked Nancy to help Rose figure out who is behind all of the accidents.
  • Treasure in a Royal Tower: Nancy was taking a vacation at the Wickford Castle Ski Resort, until she gets snowed in the resort and a case arises after the castle's historic library gets vandalized by one of the four people snowed in with Nancy.
  • The Final Scene: Nancy is visiting the Royal Palladium Theater with her friend Maya Nguyen, who is interviewing the star of a new film, Brady Armstrong. A case suddenly arises as Nancy finds herself trying to find Maya before the theater's demolition date in 3 days.
  • The Secret of the Scarlet Hand: Nancy lands an internship at the Beech Hill Museum of Washington, D.C. She finds herself investigating shortly after a piece of a Mayan exhibition is stolen, but all the scene had as evidence was a note with a scarlet handprint on Mayan stationary.
  • Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake: Nancy's father, Carson Drew, has a friend named Sally McDonald, who recently bought a house in Moon Lake, Pennsylvania. Sally flees from her house on the day Nancy comes to visit, because ghost dogs have been haunting her. Nancy decides to investigate of what has been going on with these supposed ghost dogs.
  • The Haunted Carousel: Paula Santos, a friend of Carson Drew's, reaches out to Nancy and asks her to come to the Captain's Cove Amusement Park in New Jersey to figure out who has been messing with the park, turning on the carousel in the dead of night, turning off the rollercoaster mid-ride, and stealing a carousel horse.
  • Danger on Deception Island: George sets up Nancy to stay with her friend Katie Firestone in Snake Horse Harbor on Deception Island, which is part of the San Juan Islands off of the coast of Washington. The case arises very early into the game as Nancy almost immediately finds out that Katie's boat was destroyed.
  • The Secret of Shadow Ranch: Nancy is invited to a vacation in Arizona to stay with Bess, George, and their Aunt Bet and Uncle Ed. Bess and George experience plane troubles, and Aunt Bet and Uncle Ed are at the hospital. Nancy stays at the ranch with the ranch hands and decides to figure out who has been behind all of the mischief on the ranch.
  • Curse of Blackmoor Manor: Nancy's neighbor asks Nancy to travel to Blackmoor Manor in England to check on her daughter who recently married whom has been sick and practically bedridden, but nobody knows why.
  • Secret of the Old Clock: Nancy drives out to the Lilac Inn in Titusville to visit Emily Crandall, who she only knows through a mutual friend named Helen Corning. Emily requests Nancy to take the jewelry home and store it in her father's safe, until a fire drives them out of the house, and when they come back, it's gone. Nancy decides to stay to help Emily find her mother's jewelry and help find out why weird things have been occurring.
  • Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon: The Hardy Boys invite Nancy on a trip to Blue Moon Canyon, Nevada to find Jake Hurley. Lori Girard, who doesn't know Nancy personally and sometimes calls her Amy or Natalie. Lori soon disappears, so it's up to Nancy to find Lori and Jake.
  • Danger by Design: Amy Grunhild, a client of Carson Drew's, asks Nancy to fly out to Paris and work undercover as an assistant for Minette, to figure out why she has been acting so strange and why she is falling behind on her clothing collections.
  • The Creature of Kapu Cave: Nancy lands an entomology internship in Hawaii with Dr. Quigley Kim. She arrives and somehow meets with the Hardy Boys, but soon becomes isolated on an opposite side of the island than them. Nancy investigates after she arrives to Quigley's camp and it was thoroughly trashed.
  • The White Wolf of Icicle Creek: Chantal Moique, the owner of Icicle Creek Lodge called Nancy Drew, because Bet and Ed Rawley recommended her based on the case she solved at Shadow Ranch previously. Nancy goes undercover as a maid and cook at the lodge to figure out who has been behind the accidents at the lodge and the area around it.
  • Legend of the Crystal Skull: Nancy visits New Orleans with Bess, and goes to check on Ned's old friend, Henry Bolet. Henry's last family member, his great-uncle Bruno, left him the estate. Nancy soon finds out that Bruno was a holder of a crystal skull called "Whisperer" that could save him from practically any cause of death except murder. Nancy and Bess team up to try and find the crystal skull before it ends up in the wrong hands.
  • The Phantom of Venice: Prudence Rutherford, who Nancy helped in Secret of the Scarlet Hand, sends her to Venice to stop art theft. Prudence herself loves Venice and is for preserving the city's art. Prudence gets Nancy a spot at a palazzo she used to own, and she is undercover as just a tourist. She teams up with the Italian secret police to stop a ring of art thieves with code names of masked characters.
  • The Haunting of Castle Malloy: Kyler Mallory was an exchange student a few years ago who stayed with Nancy in River Heights, who asked Nancy to be her maid-of-honor at her wedding in an old family castle in Ireland. When she gets to Ireland, her car ends up getting driven off the road by a mysterious figure running across the road. And then, Nancy learns that Matt, the groom, is missing. It's up to Nancy to save the wedding.
  • Ransom of the Seven Ships: Bess wins a trip to Dread Isle and invites George and Nancy. Nancy arrives a day later than George and Bess and finds that Bess has been kidnapped. The mystery truly arises when Nancy finds out that the kidnapper already thought out kidnapping Bess in return for El Toro's treasure.
  • Warnings at Waverly Academy: The headmistress of Waverly Academy asks Nancy to figure out who has been behind the Black Cat accidents. Nancy poses as a high school senior named Becca Sawyer who transfers to Waverly to figure out who really is the Black Cat.
  • Trail of the Twister: P.G. Krolmeister asks Nancy to travel out to Oklahoma to investigate why the storm research team he sponsors has been having mechanical issues with their equipment and having deadly accidents. Nancy is going undercover as an intern to replace the previous one named Pete that left with a broken leg.
  • Shadow at the Water's Edge: As a reward for solving the Trail of the Twister case, P.G. Krolmeister sends Nancy, who teaches English to Japanese children in the day, to Japan as a reward. But, the ryokan (inn in Japanese) she's staying at soon is filled with spooky spirits supposedly from the past owner of the inn, Kasumi, the mother to Miwako, who runs it currently.
  • The Captive Curse: Markus Boehm calls Nancy Drew to investigate what's been happening at Castle Finster with its current monster sightings. Soon, Nancy finds herself raveled in the story of the monster and the girl in the dress.
  • Alibi in Ashes: Nancy Drew finds herself as public enemy number 1 and framed as the arsonist who lit the old Town Hall ablaze. She, with the help of her friends, has to clear her name and find the real arsonist before its too late!
  • Tomb of the Lost Queen: Franklin Rose from the Beech Hill Museum, in Secret of the Scarlet Hand, recommended Nancy Drew for the position to join archaeologists to uncover a recently-discovered tomb. Nancy travels to Egypt to figure out what happened to Professor Boyle and to the team of archaeologists that vanished at the same site over 60 years ago.
  • The Deadly Device: Victor Lossett calls Nancy to figure out who really killed Niko Jovic. Police originally suspected Ryan Kilpatrick the most, but it's up to you as Nancy Drew to figure out who killed Niko Jovic.
  • The Ghost of Thornton Hall: Savannah Woodham calls Nancy to tell her about the case at Thornton Hall on Blackrock Island. The Thorntons originally think Savannah's coming, but Nancy arrives in her place. It's up to Nancy to figure out what happened to Jessalyn and why Charlotte is haunting the house!
  • The Silent Spy: Cathedral reaches out to Nancy to try and convince her to come to Scotland and stop Revenant, the terrorist group that her mother went to Glasgow to stop about 10 years ago. Its up to Nancy to decode Kate's notes and figure out how to stop Revenant again, and hopefully for all.
  • The Shattered Medallion: Nancy and George are chosen to be on a TV show called Pacific Run, which is like Survivor in a sense. George quickly gets injured and leaves this season's cast, but Bess fills in. It's up to you as Nancy Drew to figure out who hurt George, as well as figure out what is up with Jin and Sonny!
  • So, I made this because I remembered Deirdre telling Nancy that she has been giving her number out for awhile, so I think the cases that were started due to Deirdre giving out Nancy's number are Warnings at Waverly Academy, The Captive Curse, The Deadly Device, and possibly the Silent Spy (because in the trailer with the mysterious phone call.)

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14 !! Snowbaz (same anon as other, just forgot to add a ship, haha)

This is kind of long, and I kind of took my own spin on it (sorry) but I hope you like it!

Words: 2,112 

4. lab partners au

want one?

Basilton Grimm-Pitch liked things clean. He kept his room tidy, he organized his locker, and he had pristine, font-like handwriting. He got good grades, he didn’t talk in class, and he kept his head down. Every move he made was calculated, every word had a purpose and every emotion expressed served a goal. His words were his walls and his cannons, his offense and his defense.

As Baz walked into his 6th period chemistry class, he chose the table in the middle right, which seemed unassuming and comfortable. He strode over to it and placed his book bag under his seat, making sure that the strap wouldn’t trip anyone. He adopted an expression of cool apathy and looked at the board. No one would notice him, and if they did, they would learn nothing important about him.

The rest of the class filed in, sitting with their friends and whispering loudly. No one sat by Baz, but he didn’t mind. He was here to learn.

The teacher cleared her throat, and the class quieted a bit, just enough to make out what she was saying. She sighed. Silence was a myth at this school.

“Okay class, the first order of business today is assigning lab partners.”

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