“Anime is for kids.”

“Girls are just there to be sexualized.”

“The main characters always end up together.”

“Its too serious.”

“The characters are all the same.”

“There’s no surprises.”

“There’s no good back stories.”

“There’s always a happy ending.”

“All the characters are happy-go-lucky.”

“The main character is too good.”

Me, With Anime

*during episode 1* 

I wonder what this is about? Am I even going to like it?

*during episode 4, leaning forward to the screen*

Wow, this is really good. I didn’t know I’d like it this much!

*during episode 8, clutching a pillow and staring wide eyed at the screen*

Oh my god, oh my god, I can’t believe that happened! And I’m getting close to the end! No, there has to be more episodes, I just haven’t found them all!

*during episode 12-13, using pillow to wipe tears away*

No, no, it can’t be over! In 23 minutes it’s going to be over! And then what do I do! I can’t live without this anime! I can’t function, I can’t do anything! I know! I’ll rewatch it! Yes! The minute this episode ends, I’ll go back to episode 1 and start it all over.

*a few days later, pillow is finally dry from all the tears*

Huh, look at that anime. I wonder what it’s about? Nothing can replace or beat the one I just rewatched. Nothing could ever fill the hole it’s left in my heart from no more new episodes.

Rinse and repeat for all time.

The signs and their anime demon husband

Aries: Luka Crosszeria

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Taurus: Rin Okumura

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Gemini: Sebastian Michaelis

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Cancer: Tomoe

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Leo: Dante

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Virgo: Shiro Ashiya / Alciel

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Libra: Nurarihyon

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Scorpio: Claude Faustus

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Sagittarius: Meliodas

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Capricorn: Sesshomaru

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Aquarius: Dantalion

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Pisces: Sadao Maou / Satan

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anonymous asked:

band kids/orchestra kids/choir kids stereotypes?

band kid type A: give me first chair or give me death
band kid type B: always high, can’t even remember what on
band kid type C, exclusively in america: god bless marching i love FOOTBALL yes T O U C H D O W N mmmMMMMmmm blue devils are my DADDY
orchestra kid type A: wanna know which 7 concertos i learnt yesterday
orchestra kid type B: i can’t remember the lat time i didn’t fake it
choir kid type A: no fuck you i am christine
choir kid type B: move i’m gay
choir kid type C: what is a “key signature” i’m only here for credits