Dir en grey - The Blossoming Beelzebub

The gentle scent still lingers
Burnt words
Still cling to my ears…
That’s why I made up my mind

Today again full moon has been killed by clouds
As always I’m all alone at the table
Spoon and fork arranged neatly
Napkin already tucked in my collar
The soup in a white dish has long grown cold

It’s so quiet that I can hear my own heartbeat and distant noises
Coming from the neighbours

Overtaken by lassitude, I sprawl on the floor
The world looked upon from this perspective seems surprisingly fresh
I reach my hand towards soil

For the first time I became one with it
Tonight I want to fall asleep like that

When will this stirring grain of rice sprout its wings?

I reach my hand behind my back and search for them
Why am I not able to fly up?
I’m searching for myself
Won’t anyone give me an answer?
Why? Why?

More and more of you come…

There it was, under the sofa, my metal knife
I sit back in my chair and put meat in my mouth
I’m stuffing myself with delicious rice
As I look for my wings


The gentle fragrance hasn’t vanished,
The scorched words,
Clinging to my ears like everything else…
I made up my mind.

Again today I can’t see the full moon, killed by the clouds,
I am always alone at the table,
The spoon and the fork have been placed in order,
The napkin has been hung from my neck,
Already cooled in the white dish,
The soup.

In the silence, my streaming heartbeat and the neighbors can be heard,
A faint jarring noise.

My listlessness overcoming me, I lie sprawled on the floor,
The world I see from my horizontal position is unexpectedly fresh,
I stretch toward the earth.

For the first time since I transformed,
I just want to lie down and sleep.
When will the moving grain of rice sprout wings?

My hands are fumbling behind me, searching,
Why can’t I fly?
I’m searching for myself,
Will no one tell me anything?
Why? Why?

The creeping, crawling, multiplying you…

Under the sofa, I discover the silver knife I’d been looking for,
I reseat myself in the chair, move the meat to my mouth,
Stuff my cheeks full of the supposedly delicious rice,
And search for wings.


Dir en grey The Blossoming Beelzebub Live in Köln 2013 (von PinkuKukki)



Happy Friday!

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