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Genre: Drama/Soulmate!AU

Word Count: 6914

Most people are born with three names tattooed on their wrist: Their true love, their biggest enemy, and their greatest ally. You only have one name. (X)

You were walking slower than normal, the tall stack of paper and envelopes weighing you down and throwing off your balance. You could feel your purse slipping from your shoulders, and your arms were growing tired as you walked across the lobby of your office building. You took a few rushed steps towards the stairwell, the elevator had unfortunately stopped working. You leant the stack of papers against the wall, readjusting your grip before attempting to ascend the narrow stairwell. Sadly, your efforts were in vain.

Rushed footsteps were approaching fast from behind until suddenly, a body slammed into your shoulder. You gasped in horror as you watched the stack of paper in your hands topple to the ground. You looked up, expecting an apology, but all you saw was the figure of an unfamiliar man with blonde hair, dressed in a suit, hastily dashing up the stairway, skipping every second step.

“Rude,” you muttered to yourself, hearing his footsteps grow quieter as he ascended. You glanced down at the mess in front of you, stretching out your hands to soothe the ache that had developed from carrying the stack. You glanced down at your wrists as you massaged the joint, watching the words written on the skin crease with your movements.

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Romance Cliches to Avoid: Whether it’s in your plot or subplot

Hello, it is I, the frenchiest fry.

So here’s a small list of cliches to avoid when writing up that romance bit of your novel, whether it’s on the front plan or on the sidelines eating cheetos.

  • Evil other woman: attacks heroine for getting too close to the hero. Also, always there to contrast the “good” heroine because readers can’t tell who’s good or bad unless you deliberately put a character that embodies it. A+.
  • Evil mother: usually the rich one that opposes the relationship (for my K-Drama fans, think every damn chaebol drama out there I’m looking at you Boys Over Flowers)
  • City woman ends up in the country, meets very hunky tanned muscled country boy who can’t stand city girls because they’re too pristine (contrast Hannah Montana the movie and Under The Tuscan Sun (the good example is the latter))
  • Virginal naive heroine gets paired with the male slut and relationship expert. Male also leaves behind is womanizer ways to be with this naive virginal woman. Because she changed him. Somehow. ?????
  • Matched up via will of a dead relative (a personal favourite. don’t do it.)
  • Misunderstandings that can be resolved in 1 minute. I didn’t sleep with her, pinky swear.
  • Bad boy no redeeming qualities + good girl, no personality = ???????????????????????? a pile of horse shit that’s what bad boys are called bad for a reason. would you eat bad eggs? no. they’re bad for you, they’re rotten. goodbye.
  • Heroine can’t form a sentence in front of hot guy and blurts out the randomest thing like “OATMEAL” and runs away. It aint cute honey just don’t talk to him. Awkward conversation is acceptable.
  • Nothing consensual (ulless of course you’re going for that, but don’t GLORIFY IT FOR FUCKS SAKE) which means no surprise kiss, or sleeping kiss.
  • glasses make a woman automatically ugly and she needs an entire chapter dedicated to a makeover. but when men wear glasses all women become hoes
  • mysteriously your hero is always at the right place at the right time to swoop in and save the heroine. that doesn’t happen in real life. how many times was i stuck in the rain without an umbrella? WHERE WAS MY KDRAMA LEAD WHEN I NEEDED HIM MOST- ahem
  • perfect guy falls for boring girl (low self esteem, struggling)
    Disclaimer: i’m not saying that because you have a low self esteem and are struggling in life that you’re boring. but it seems that authors put it that way, and they also can’t write for their life that someone is struggling. There’s a difference between a complex validly struggling character and the boring struggling character.
  • Love at firs sight: y’all. Unless it’s unexpected and the greatest example is this: remember in Princess Diaries, Mia had this thing for that backstreet looking boy with the blond hair and tanned skin that hung with the cliche blonde bitch (collective sigh) and he was perfect in her eyes and she was always day dreaming but once she got her makeover, he was a huge dick? Like major ew?
  • Heroine’s issues are magically solved by the hero. Depression? What depression? I can watch him take his shirt off to chop wood every morning and hot damn do I need a bath. Poverty? What poverty? Father in jail? What? DID YOU SEE THOSE PECKS????
  • “I DON’T NEED A MAN TO SAVE ME- Oh hey let’s get together after I clearly tossed you to the side like a sack of potatoes”
  • The man always runs his fingers through his hair. At every occasion. Happy? Fingers to hair. Sad? Fingers through hair. Angry? How is his hair still silky and bouncy and not at all greasy.
  • Ah so having a thin waist, big boobs, and being a virgin is the recipe for low self esteem? Even after the author clearly describes you in ways that would never make you as plain as you put yourself to be? What’s your secret, need me some of that.
  • Only the hero sees how beautiful she is, what about the others around her?

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This honestly made me angry, but y’all feel free to add your own cliches!!

From Eden: Ch. VI

Hi! will there be more From Eden? It’s my fix-me-up fic and I really love the amount of angst and fluff in it. please. please tell me there’ll be more. (please don’t do too long of a time jump in between chapter V and VI. we really need to know what happen on the morning after) :(

Previously on From Eden or Part 1

Damn came slowly, disinterested and unfeeling, but still, it came right on schedule, though not soon enough. Even with the remnants of alcohol in her system, even with the way her bed felt, Lexa couldn’t find a restful bit of sleep to save her life. Instead, she watched the sunrise against her wall as she laid in her bed, still in her clothes and replayed the night in vivid details behind her eyelids. 

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Romee Strijd walks the runway at the Moschino S/S 2018 Menswear and Women’s Resort Collection on June 8, 2017 in Los Angeles, California

Dad’s Little Shadow - YOI Single Dad AU

Yuri - Age Four
Yuuri - Age Twenty-Two

“Nik, I’ll be doing some shopping later. If you want anything, remember to add it to my list.” Yuuri said while walking passed Nikolai Plisetsky, who sat comfortably in the lounge rooms’ main armchair.

The Russian let out a grunt in response, glancing up briefly to see Yuuri walking passed with a basket of laundry in his arms. Not even three steps behind him was Yuuri’s current little shadow. Yuri followed behind his father as fast as his little fit could carry him, hugging his favourite stuffed tiger close as he did so.

Nikolai chuckled as he set the newspaper he had been reading previously down to watch his grandson following his father around like a lost chick for a couple of minutes.

Yuuri finally came to a stop in the lounge room and sat himself down on the couch, the basket of washing that had been previously in his hands was gone and replaced with a sewing kit and one of Yuri’s stuffed toes.

Yuri was such a small boy for a four-year-old, and always had been. Nikolai worried slightly for his grandson, who paused at the edge of the couch and stared up at the spot beside his father for a moment before attempting to lift himself up with one hand.

The small blonde struggled for a moment before letting out a huff of annoyance at his failure. The blonde set his stuffed tiger on the couch and attempted once again with two hands. The boy almost had it too, but seemed to slip at the last moment.

He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding when Yuuri caught the boy before he could hit the ground and pulled him up onto the couch.

“I do it, dad.” The blonde huffed, but quickly collected his stuffed toy and settled into his father’s side.

“I know, tiger, I know.” Yuuri hummed as he set to work repairing the stuff toy that had somehow fallen apart the day before.

Nikolai couldn’t help the smile that rose to his lips as he returned to his newspaper. His two Yuri’s were just adorable, especially when they were together.

Part One 
Single Dad AU

genius-prettyboy-momfriend-yoon  asked:

Ahhhhh dude the Fantastic Four are my fave thing! Got any Johnny headcanons?😄

Mine too! :)

Some Johnny headcanons:

  1. Johnny was very lonely as a kid. His mother was dead, his father (supposedly) too, Aunt Marygay distant, and Sue busy with school and working to support herself and her baby brother. And even after he got his powers, Reed, Sue, and Ben were all busy with their own lives and problems, so he was mostly very neglected by all of them. Hence him turning to the public at large for the attention and love he wasn’t getting at home. 
  2. Pre-powers, he was considered a freak/loser/troublemaker at school and was alternately bullied and ignored. No one ever noticed him until he became a celebrity because of an accident, which means that he always feels as though he hasn’t actually earned any of his celebrity or his fans’ adulation. But he also enjoys having people actually pay attention to him the way they didn’t before his powers.
  3. He’s not a jock and mostly doesn’t like sports. He joined sports teams in high school after he got powers because he wanted the attention and applause and it fit the image he was trying to cultivate, but honestly? He liked theater more.
  4. Of course, he wasn’t any good at theater. He got the lead role in a play or two in high school because he was famous, but he knew that was why and he wasn’t very good. Reed, Sue, and Ben sat through the first performance anyways and cheered loudly at the end.
  5. Johnny tries to hide it, but he’s actually something of a geek. He loves Buffy (he relates to Buffy, a blond, fashionable, teen hero), collects action figures, and loves video games.
  6. Johnny kissed a boy for the first time when he was fifteen, the summer he got his powers. It was a confusing time for several reasons.
  7. He revels in his wealth post-powers because he grew up without any.
  8. He met Reed and Ben for the first time when he was ~10 and hero-worshipped them instantly, and it’s never really gone away, even once he’s 30+. There were no positive male role models in his life, and Reed, who seemed like he knew everything, and Ben, the star linebacker of ESU, seemed like the best and the coolest guys he’d ever seen. 
  9. He played pranks on Ben and deliberately provoked him as a 10yo because it was the only way anyone would pay attention to him. He keeps doing it as an adult because it’s their way of expressing affection now. Instead of hugging, they prank each other.
  10. He not-so-secretly thinks of Reed as his father, and Reed can do no wrong where he’s concerned. [The day Johnny gets married, Reed walks him down the aisle. Reed, unexpectedly, is the one who can’t stop crying throughout the ceremony. Sue keeps handing him handkerchiefs and patting his back in a vain effort to calm him down. Reed’s embarrassed, but he can’t help it. All he can think about is what Johnny was like when he first met him – a tiny, blue-eyed, rosy-cheeked kid who used to follow Reed around everywhere and listen, wide-eyed, as Reed told him about his inventions.]
  11. All Johnny wants is to find True Love, get married, and start his own family. The fact that he can’t – that all of his girlfriends always break up with him over and over or turn out to be shape-shifting enemy spies has made him afraid that there’s something wrong with him, and that he’ll never find love. Sometimes he envies Sue and her nearly perfect marriage. He’s very depressed the day he realizes he’s older than Sue was when she married Reed.
  12. He’s been in love with Spider-Man and known it since the heart-to-heart they had in Spider-Man/Human Torch #3.
  13. Johnny’s great with kids, loves babies, and babysits Reed and Sue’s 14 children all the time.
  14. He’s a very experienced, capable hero and a kind, noble, compassionate, generous person, but –
  15. He doesn’t like himself very much. He thinks he’s a failure and a loser who tries too hard to be cool. That’s why he goes through so many careers so quickly – he doesn’t know who he is without his powers, which is partially because he gained his powers before he had the chance to figure out who he was. 
  16. His low self-esteem means that he considers everyone else’s well-being and safety to be more important than his own, but he also just genuinely likes helping people. 
  17. Johnny drinks and parties when he’s depressed because that’s the behavior he learned as a kid while watching his dad fall to pieces after his wife’s death. If you’re hurting, you drink the pain away. The surest way to tell Johnny’s depressed is if he’s partying and drinking incessantly. When he’s happy, he’s almost always with his family. Sometimes when he drinks, he wonders if he’s turning into his father.