Dad’s Little Shadow - YOI Single Dad AU

Yuri - Age Four
Yuuri - Age Twenty-Two

“Nik, I’ll be doing some shopping later. If you want anything, remember to add it to my list.” Yuuri said while walking passed Nikolai Plisetsky, who sat comfortably in the lounge rooms’ main armchair.

The Russian let out a grunt in response, glancing up briefly to see Yuuri walking passed with a basket of laundry in his arms. Not even three steps behind him was Yuuri’s current little shadow. Yuri followed behind his father as fast as his little fit could carry him, hugging his favourite stuffed tiger close as he did so.

Nikolai chuckled as he set the newspaper he had been reading previously down to watch his grandson following his father around like a lost chick for a couple of minutes.

Yuuri finally came to a stop in the lounge room and sat himself down on the couch, the basket of washing that had been previously in his hands was gone and replaced with a sewing kit and one of Yuri’s stuffed toes.

Yuri was such a small boy for a four-year-old, and always had been. Nikolai worried slightly for his grandson, who paused at the edge of the couch and stared up at the spot beside his father for a moment before attempting to lift himself up with one hand.

The small blonde struggled for a moment before letting out a huff of annoyance at his failure. The blonde set his stuffed tiger on the couch and attempted once again with two hands. The boy almost had it too, but seemed to slip at the last moment.

He let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding when Yuuri caught the boy before he could hit the ground and pulled him up onto the couch.

“I do it, dad.” The blonde huffed, but quickly collected his stuffed toy and settled into his father’s side.

“I know, tiger, I know.” Yuuri hummed as he set to work repairing the stuff toy that had somehow fallen apart the day before.

Nikolai couldn’t help the smile that rose to his lips as he returned to his newspaper. His two Yuri’s were just adorable, especially when they were together.

Part One 
Single Dad AU

From Eden: Ch. VI

Hi! will there be more From Eden? It’s my fix-me-up fic and I really love the amount of angst and fluff in it. please. please tell me there’ll be more. (please don’t do too long of a time jump in between chapter V and VI. we really need to know what happen on the morning after) :(

Previously on From Eden or Part 1

Damn came slowly, disinterested and unfeeling, but still, it came right on schedule, though not soon enough. Even with the remnants of alcohol in her system, even with the way her bed felt, Lexa couldn’t find a restful bit of sleep to save her life. Instead, she watched the sunrise against her wall as she laid in her bed, still in her clothes and replayed the night in vivid details behind her eyelids. 

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galactaablazingg  asked:

Oh uh, if you're still doing sleeping asks, promnis? (Sorry I reblogged this and forgot the cardinal rule of sending an ask when you reblog an ask game) Thanks!

This is not a pairing that feels necessarily natural to my mind, but still, whenever I see Promnis art, I go all gooey inside, so I channelled my best inner gooeyness and came up with this. I hope you like it. Also I had no idea about that rule, but then again, I’m relatively new to Tumblr, so (as my disclaimer says on my page) I may blow myself up trying to respond to things. Thanks for educating me :D

Who is a night owl: Ignis likes to go to bed early but rarely gets the chance. Prompto keeps himself awake because of his anxiety. He’ll play King’s Knight under the covers until 2 or 3 in the morning, or he’ll lie there with his thoughts buzzing round his head until Ignis rolls over and pulls him close for a hug. He always knows when Prompto’s feeling awful, and he takes extra care to make sure he knows he’s loved and valued and wanted for who he is, and beautiful too.

Who is a morning person: Prompto. He’s used to it from running, but he’s a total fidget-box. He can’t sit still, and even at the weekends, he’s out and running around the apartment like a little rabbit. Ignis sits up in bed and smiles gratefully as the blond brings him an ebony, not an espresso like during the week, but a really big, decadent mug of black coffee which Prompto really has to concentrate on to bring him without spilling.

Are they cuddlers: Prompto loves cuddles, and Ignis is only too happy to oblige. He is forbidden from touching Prompto’s beautiful hair though when it’s been styled, and will receive a hearty whine of complaint if he does. When it’s unstyled and soft though, it’s fair game. Prompto is the only one who knows that Ignis melts when his feet are rubbed. Perhaps because he’s standing on them all day, running errands for Noctis and the king and anyone else who needs his help (which is everybody) but his feet, particularly his ankles, are often sore. It’s not cuddling, but Prompto gives him all the love he can in any way he can to make sure Iggy knows that he’s appreciated and loved too. They both spend so much time giving of themselves to other people that they forget or neglect to take care of themselves. It becomes the mission of each of them to take care of the other. Much fluff. Very adorable.

Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon: It varies. Prompto likes to lie draped over Ignis’ back, but he’s such a fidget that Ignis will often roll over and clamp him down, stroking his hair until he’s relaxed enough to sleep.

What is their favourite sleeping position: Prompto curls himself up into a ball most of the time, but he’s not above sprawling out all over Ignis if it’s warm and he’s lost track of his limbs in the heat. Ignis usually sleeps on his back but will happily wrap his tall body around Prompto to keep him warm and safe.

Who steals all the blankets: Prompto. Total fidget. Wriggles, squirms, and whisks himself up into a bundled knot of bedding that even Ignis can’t untangle it.

What they wear to bed: chocobo pyjamas, pale blue with yellow chocobos on. His other set is yellow with black chocobos on. Ignis wears something really comfortable, like silk pj’s.

Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt: Ignis feels protective of Prompto, and that extends to the excitable blond borrowing his (small) collection of t-shirts when he’s run out or forgotten to put a wash on. The best thing though was when Prompto had no shirt to wear to a fancy dinner at the palace and had to borrow Ignis’. It was too big, but they made it work, and when they got back, Ignis found it very hard to concentrate on anything, even breathing, when he saw Prompto in the bathroom, innocently brushing his teeth and humming the chocobo song, wearing just the shirt, all untucked and loose now.

Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares: Prompto. He’s nervous and anxious, and it manifests itself in horrible dreams. He whimpers and twitches in his sleep, which wakes Ignis, and Prompto wakes up with a horrible scream, thrashing and lashing out at Ignis until he realises who’s there, and he curls up in tears in his lap. Ignis holds him and waits for him to calm down and stop shivering.

Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep: Prompto punched Ignis. He didn’t mean to and was mortified when he did, but he was thrashing around and caught Ignis somewhere extremely painful. It was the only time he’s ever heard Ignis swear. Ignis, of course, forgave him, but his eyes still watered and he walked funny for most of the morning.

Who can’t keep their hands to themselves: Prompto. He’s young and in love and more than slightly in awe of the fact that Ignis likes him. Ignis fondly reciprocates, but if Prompto ever tries anything in the kitchen, he gets a smack on the backside with a wooden spoon and gets sent packing. No sexy times in the kitchen. It’s one of Ignis’ big rules.