The Blaze - Territory


“ Gun control is the ultimate war on women. Firearms are the equalizer between the sexes. Sam Colt made us equal, indeed. This book explores that, the racist roots of gun control, and debunks the biggest arguments made by anti-gun extremists. The AR is on the cover because it is the most vilified, misunderstood rifle in America, responsible for the fewest crimes. Education is the antidote to ignorance. Consider this book the medicine.”

(Dana Loesch)

My girl Dana’s book is out and everybody whom supports freedom and common sense should purchase this book..

The Blaze - “Territory”

This is a map from The Blaze that shows what NFL team dominates your region by county. This map shows America says fuck the New York Jets because they didn’t win even one county.


Dana Loesch Delivers Scathing Monologue On Planned Parenthood


The Democratic Party Does Not Stand For Christianity | Dana

Published on Aug 3, 2016

Matt Walsh joins Dana to discuss if it’s possible to be both a Christian and a Democrat