School photos of Randy Stair

On the 8th of June 2017, Randy Stair (24) shot and killed 3 people in a supermarket he worked at in Eaton Township in Pennsylvania, the United States. He committed suicide afterwards by shooting himself.

Randy had recorded videos and kept journals leading up to the shooting, most of which he uploaded online on various social media platforms, including his YouTube channel. Randy expressed his fascination with mass shootings and his desire to commit suicide in some of those documents.


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whitefox55  asked:

It's come to my attention that Blaze hasn't been used well in any main series game?

Thus far, her only appearance in the main 3D games with any extensive focus is Sonic ‘06, where her entire backstory was famously changed entirely for the sake of making her the sidekick of the then-current new guy (Silver), something that’s rendered all the more unnecessary by how pointless her inclusion is due to how she achieves nothing with her screentime aside from sacrificing herself in Silver’s place at the very end, which I wouldn’t be surprised if it were only added in to give the illusion that her relationship with Silver was more developed than it actually was. Aside from Silver himself, she doesn’t interact with a single character in the whole game. Not even Sonic. Even when they’re in the same cutscene.

Since then, her backstory has been reverted back to her original one (thankfully). But despite this, SEGA is still intent on hooking her up with Silver at any opportunity for some reason…