The letter for Liam had been signed and sealed, her clothes packed neatly in the satchel on her back along with both of his letters, her medical journals, notes from the books in the Library and the rest of the cookies that were forgotten on the floor last night.  She figured Pa would eat them.  With one final look around the room, her eyes falling on that three pointed hat, she smiled softly, remembering the kind breakfast and the note which had graced her morning doorstep.  The meat strips had been salted perfectly, jucy and well done.  The fruit had been the perfect compliment for her early morning jaunt to the library.

She went to the door to remove her signs and suddenly a thought flashed across her mind.  Quickly she set ink to paper.


Going to the Arch a few days to do some research.  Might need someone who knows their way around the town to run some errands while I’m tied up in the Lab.  I’m enclosing one of my Asura Gate passes.  This is for use to Lion’s Arch ONLY and I will expect it to be returned to my possession upon your arrival.  Once in town, simply ask around for Doc Tarper’s place, it shouldn’t be hard to find.  

See you soon,

Dr. Calico Tarper

The letter was signed and sealed with her usual brown wax with flecks of green and gold.  She was just about to leave the room when that hat caught her eye.  “Oh what the hell..” she thought, moving across the room to toss it on over her auburn mess.  It fit pretty well she had to say.

Liam and Mal’s letters were left at the front desk of the Inn, along with a message to any inquiring that if needed to be found she’d be in the Arch for a few days.  The innkeeper nodded and wished her well.  The walk to the gate was brisk, and more than a few heads turned her way as she went, realizing later that she was humming.  Odd…

Her eyes looked up to the offices of the Ministry as she passed through the central gardens of the reach towards the gate, and with a small smile, she stepped through and inhaled deeply the salty sea air of home.

Tonight’s show in Colorado Springs, CO at the Black Sheep marks the final spot for the Strange Famous collective of Metermaids, B. Dolan, and Sage Francis.

The three-spot, mini-tour of the Mountain State has been fucking magical (expletives necessary), and by the looks of this venue, they will deliver nothing less than the Strange Famous fantastical equivalent of Narnia, LOTR, and Elrond Hubbard -all in one disgustingly beautiful set of performances.

… I’m in charge of “the knob” and have, since yesterday, assumed the responsiblity of pressing play to start the Metermaids’ set.. Wish me luck with this daunting task, haha. …

Best of luck to these amazing artists. They deserve every prop and respect, every musical accolade and accomplishment, and any good fortune that comes their way. Since the moment I met with them they’ve been incredibly inviting, funny, and the type of people you wish there were more of.

I’m sure leaving their company will bring a bit of sadness, but I have learned a tremendous amount about what it truly means to work hard to make ambitions into reality; then still going the extra mile for the people that love and support you.

For what they stand, for the things they did for me, and for the creativity they offer in a world full of empty trends, I am forever grateful and in their debt. I will take the subtlety taught lessons and translate them into my own creative processes.

They are the only artists I would ever see me going out of my way for, and better it be sooner than later.

anonymous asked:

Am I the only one that feels like Derek is the blacksheep in Sterek fanfiction? Like, he's always the bad guy for some reason? And I know someone needs to do something stupid for there to be angst or whatever, but it's almost always Derek. And for some reason that bothers me? Even if Stiles was the one to do the stupid thing and Derek ends up apologizing like it's his fault, like the author expects Derek to always be the bad guy. It just really bothers me for some reason.

Yeah, I think this is true to a certain extent. For example, when I first posted Hemingway Can Suck It, I got so many comments talking about how silly it was that Derek didn’t realize Stiles was a student… but, like, how would he have? Sure, there are enough hints that maybe he could have put it together, but it’s not like it was obvious. Stiles made just as many assumptions about Derek knowing he was a professor as Derek did about Stiles being a student. Yet Derek got criticized for it more.

Honestly, though, I think it has a lot to do with people not writing misunderstandings well. A lot of fics with misunderstandings don’t have a proper amount of believably per the amount of angst. There’s one fic which Shall Not Be Named which I absolutely hate because I kept reading it hoping to finally find out what misunderstanding cased So Much Angst, but when I finally got to it it was just so… so stupid and petty. Completely unbelievable, even for people as bad with emotions as Stiles and Derek. And, ultimately, in badly written misunderstanding fics, it just tends to be Derek who causes the misunderstanding. God knows why. So I think from these fics, people have kind of learned to assume that the misunderstanding is Derek’s fault.

Actually, looking at my own fics, though, the person who’s the main cause of the misunderstanding also tends to be the person whose POV the fic is written in. Unfortunately, I tend to write from Derek’s POV more than from Stiles’. I’m not sure about fandom in general, though.

It could also have to do with the common characterization of Derek thinking that, because of what happened with Kate, he’s not allowed to have Nice Things. This, naturally, leads to a lot of self-sabotaging tendencies.

But in the end, I think it comes down to how people write the misunderstandings. The Stiles I write tends to make a lot of assumptions about what Derek knows without actually telling him things explicitly. Derek, meanwhile, makes the worst-case-scenario assumption based on the facts he has. This, generally, seems to make people interpret Derek as the one at fault, without considering the omissions Stiles has made.

But yeah, nonnie, it bothers me too. Like there was this one fic I quit because another pack member accused Derek of basically making Stiles get chlamydia because he rejected Stiles and so Stiles started sleeping around and having unsafe sex. Like what the fucking fuck?? So yeah, we definitely need to start a Derek Hale Protection Squad here. 

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