SeaWorld’s worst nightmare: Lawmaker proposes ban on orcas in captivity



I’m adding some helpful links here since this got more popular and more notes than I’ve ever had, a few people posted things varying from not being sure what to do with the orcas if this passes, not having any understanding of why we’re fighting for their retirement to sea pens, and some straight up Pro-captivity propaganda. Since I may not be able to catch every question I get via notes since they’re going up very fast right now, I’m going to link a few of my replies here so people have a better understanding of what we’re fighting for and why. Some images in the replies may be graphic, but please bear with me- If we don’t see whats going on, if you don’t see it with your own eyes, you can convince yourself everything is okay, and it isn’t.

1. What are we planning to do with the whales since we can’t release them (Due to health issues, or being born in captivity)

2. Why would you ban this? Seeing them at seaWorld is awesome! (In which I discuss some main topics about things going on that SeaWorld can’t deny but still tries)

3. When a Pro-Cap posts Pro-SeaWorld stuff about how the Orcas are fine (They’re not)

4. When someone claiming to work at SeaWorld says the whales are fine (you’re kidding right?)

5. Further concerns with captives being released (Honestly we DON’T want to release them into the wild! Really really!)

6. Again about releasing the whales (and even more in detail than the other two. This one is entirely dedicated to why we cannot release the whales and how we want them retired to sea pens and sea sanctuaries!)



Cetaceans exhibit threat displays in captivity. This behavior is not cute.

Signs of a threat display in whales & dolphins can include:

  • “S-posture” (click info source for photo)
  • bubble blowing/bubble cloud - bubbles released from blowhole
  • jaw popping - loud popping sound coupled with a fast closing motion of the jaws.
  • open mouth - a sustained (at least 2 seconds) gaping of the jaws, usually oriented to a recipient.

It’s also important to note that the last two whales exhibit bubble clouds and are actually ramming the glass with their melon.

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More than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are being slaughtered each year for their meat at the Cove in Taiji, Japan.

We just need 100,000 more signatures to reach our 1,000,000 petition goal. Help us end this tragedy once and for all!

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Sign the Petition to Help Save Japan’s Dolphins

More than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are being slaughtered each year for their meat at the Cove in Taiji, Japan. Yet, the majority of the world is not aware of this happening. Be a part of the solution by signing and sharing this petition.