I was looking at my season 6 The Onion posts and I had way more Jaime ones then I thought enough for a separate post in fact, idk i’m trash. So I thought I’d do a Jaime Lannister Season 6 + The Onion, because I can’t sleep and I’m bored

Nonetheless, during all those years of Catelyn’s girlhood, it had been Brynden the Blackfish to whom Lord Hoster’s children had run with their tears and their tales, when Father was too busy and Mother too ill. Catelyn, Lysa, Edmure… and yes, even Petyr Baelish, their father’s ward… he had listened to them all patiently, as he listened now, laughing at their triumphs and sympathizing with their childish misfortunes.
—  A Game of Thrones