Dakota Access Pipeline Denied by Army Corps of Engineers! No win is ever permanent but we can rejoice today because together we created greater justice in the world, we opened the door to heal the old wounds sustained by our indigenous people. President Obama will leave the White House as a great chief of America for this. We must all thank the Native Youth who started this movement who started the camp and ran all over the USA to stop this from happening. It is for them, the unborn and the voiceless that we persist in the struggle. We must also have compassion for the Police who were on the other side of this struggle but are still our brothers and sisters. #BlackEagle #standingrocksioux #peacefulwarrior #NoDAPL #Legacy

In trying to convey to a friend the different body types between Domhnall Gleeson and Adam Driver I flapped about saying, “…one’s like…like a red heron okay? And the other a black eagle! Those aren’t even things but…that!”

It turns out those are actually things. AND MY POINT IS MADE.


(Thank you @consultingsmartass for telling me that’s actually a scarlet ibis (Google, you lied to me!) though the point remains. Ish. It remains-ish!)


Richard Sherman does it again! This time he wrote an article coming to the defense of former Philadelphia Eagles receiver Desean Jackson. If you haven’t heard Desean was recently released from the Philadelphia Eagles for allegedly having Gang Affiliation or has they put it “gang ties”. Richard Sherman wrote that Desean wasn’t a gang member and he is a real stand up guy. Just like Richard, Desean grew up in the inner-city where they both have children friends that chose a different path than them. Richard would go on and make many valid points in the article like how Desean was released for “gang ties” but The other Eagles receiver Riley Cooper (who is white) is given a contract extension after he said"I will fight every nigger here.“, last season. The main thing that stuck out to me was the fact Richard came to his defense. This is how Black Athletes should move! The NFL teams already is owned by rich white males, that’s why it’s important that black athletes show solidarity and stick up for each other. The media would try to always make black athletes the bad guy and write stories to add to that. Black players commit certain crimes in the league and since they’re black they get fined and scorn.

Post written by: @Oba_Tayo

#RichardSherman #DeseanJackoson #Black #NFL

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Deadly lake turns animals into statues

ACCORDING to Dante, the Styx is not just a river but a vast, deathly swamp filling the entire fifth circle of hell. Perhaps the staff of New Scientist will see it when our time comes but, until then, Lake Natron in northern Tanzania does a pretty good job of illustrating Dante’s vision.

Unless you are an alkaline tilapia (Alcolapia alcalica) – an extremophile fish adapted to the harsh conditions – it is not the best place to live. Temperatures in the lake can reach 60 °C, and its alkalinity is between pH 9 and pH 10.5.

The lake takes its name from natron, a naturally occurring compound made mainly of sodium carbonate, with a bit of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) thrown in. Here, this has come from volcanic ash, accumulated from the Great Rift valley. Animals that become immersed in the water die and are calcified. 

(Read more: New Scientist)