The Hawaiian honeycreepers are a subfamily of birds endemic to the Hawaiian islands.  Originally descending from a single species of East Asian finch that become isolated on the islands over 8 million years ago.  Since then, the honeycreepers evolved into 54 separate species with extraordinarily diverse feeding methods and beaks, spreading to fill the niches normally filled by species such as woodpeckers or hummingbirds.

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How long will my budgies live on a full seed diet? :(

That’s a tough question to answer, because even budgies on full seed can live a long time, but a long life doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re in good health.

Some relatives of mine kept budgies when I was very young (probably the entire reason I’m so in love with birds), and some of their birds lived very long lives, despite never being given anything other than seed mix their entire lives. 

Seed in a birds diet doesn’t have to be a bad thing, pellets are great of course and it’s always worth introducing them too, but it’s the fresh food that makes all the difference at first.  There is always time for positive change! You can make amazing changes to a birds diet by adding in fresh fruits and vegetables. 

It can be so hard to get picky birds to eat fruit, but start small and be patient, and I’m sure they’ll get there! There are tons of tricks to get them interested, like sprinkling millet onto some mashed sweet potato to trick them into trying it, making batches of chop, soaking dark lettuce leaves and letting them bathe in the moisture, etc. If they don’t like one thing, try something else. Find one thing that they like and it’s much easier to add others! 

Some things to try:

  • Carrots (cooked is better)
  • Sweet potato (cooked)
  • Dark leafy greens, like kale, swiss chard, collared greens.
  • Bell peppers
  • Broccoli
  • Banana

Let me know if you need any more advice on feeding fruits/veg!


Bizarrely, Hawaiian honeycreepers are known to have a very distinct scent, a sweet, musty, floral odour ornithologists have dubbed “Drepanidine odor” (Hawaiian honeycreepers making up the subfamily Drepanidinae).  It is theorised that this smell may make the honeycreepers distasteful to native predators.


Why do I let him destroy things I need??? “But it keeps him busy!” “Mental stimulation is important” “a busy bird is a happy bird!” Yeah now I’m going to have to get another set of drawers (which he will destroy) why buy bird toys #amirite
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