The Peanuts Movie Film Streaming (2015) HD

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⇝ The Peanuts Movie Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-11-05
Casts : Bill Melendez, Rebecca Bloom, A.J. Tecce, Anastasia Bredikhina, Hadley Belle Miller, Mariel Sheets, Noah Schnapp, Francesca Capaldi, Mar Mar, Venus Schultheis, Madisyn Shipman, Alexander Garfin, William Wunsch, Noah Johnston
Duration : 93 minutes runtime
Rating : 6.1


Ever since Dreamscapers, Alex Hirsch has  given us everything the fans wanted…


“What’s going on with the thing in Stan’s basement?”

“I wanna see Stan have a twin! It would make so much sense!!”

“I wanna see the Author complain about how Stan turned the house into the Mystery Shack! It’d be so funny!”

“I wanna what’s going on with the Author and Bill!”

“I wanna see Mentor!Author for Dipper! It’d be so cute!”

(didn’t have a better gif.)

“I wanna see more of Bill Cipher!”

Now guys think about it. Think about it CAREFULLY….



“I wanna see Ford appreciate Stanley.”

“I wanna see Ford and Stan hug it out.”


Humility: You’re Not the Best Person in the Room

Now, I was never a progressive but as a theater major in college, I was a lot more liberal than I am today.  I’m too embarrassed to go into the details but the one thing I do remember about those days was how passionately I believed in things I knew nothing about.  Nothing.  

Look, if you’re convinced you’re the smartest guy in the room and you’re automatically right all the time - and there are a lot of people like that out there - then you have simply stopped learning.  You know, on some level, you’ve even stopped thinking.