friendly neighborhood gravity falls fan pointing out two things

By signing this official document, you are hereby agreeing to dedicate your life, your afterlife, and any potential clone-lives to the discovery, uncovery (Is that a word?), and exploration of the paranormal, the alter-average, and the extra-usual. When friends ask you to stop being paranoid, you will scoff. When they say that you’ve been acting really weird since you read that book and they don’t even recognize you anymore, that means they’re jealous/you are like me now. We are part a higher calling. We will meet one day and on that glorious day we will show the small-minded doubters we were right all along, and are also really cool, and they should have been nicer to us. Okay that’s about it. This sort of sounds like a supervillain manifesto in retrospect. But you get the gist.

dipper pines wants to expose the paranormal, alter-average, and extra-usual, which qualifies as abnormal

no puppet strings can hold me down
so patiently i watch this town
abnormal soon will be the norm
so please enjoy the calm before the storm

bill cipher wants to make abnormal the norm, the average, and the usual

these two characters share a goal.


Video from the recording of the National Lampoon Radio Hour sketch “Terminal Football”.

Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, John Belushi, Joe Flaherty, Gilda Radner, and Brain Doyle-Murray. 


Jonny Lee Miller - 30 Years of Characters 1983-2013