S06E14 - The Bikini in the Soup

Brennan: I understand that Valentine’s Day may have significance for you.
You do?
Yes. You’ve reached an age where every male must be treated as a prospective mate.
I’m not that much older than you, and I have someone. [Brennan looks surprised and hurt] I’m sorry. I’m on edge.
Brennan: No. You’re correct.

February 17th: This Day in Bones History

February 17th, 2011: The Bikini in the Soup

The team solves the murder of a wedding planner found in a home tanning bed. Cam wants the team to solve the murder as quickly as possible in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend, Paul.

The rest of the team members also enjoy celebrating with their significant others. Meanwhile, Brennan wants to reconnect with Booth, and after turning down several date opportunities from other men (and after Booth declares Valentine’s Day is dumb), she ‘borrows’ some tommy guns from the Jeffersonian and visits him at the gun range.

Brennan, get your man!