• <p> <b>Me:</b> [Sees Klance picture. Browses the hell out that tag]<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay, I hella ship Klance.<p/><b>Also me:</b> [Browses the hell out of Shance tag]<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay, I ship Klance and Shance. No big deal.<p/><b>Me, three hours later:</b> [finds Shallura, Sheith, Hance, and basically any other ship in the fandom and browses a lot more]<p/><b>Me:</b> ...<p/><b>Me:</b> [sees Matt and Lotor in the trailer for s3]<p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> SING ME THE F UP<p/></p>

These two really don’t ‘group’ well lol Amajki quietly slipping away while Hadou straight-up leaves them 

Mirio must be a special egg for them to just gravitate toward him and stay because I have a hard time believing Hadou will find something else of interesting the vicinity and stray off, we all know why Amajiki sticks ;)

Percy Jackson vs. Hercules
  • <p> <b>Hercules:</b> Yeah, I'm a demigod, child of the Big Three,<p/><b>Percy:</b> Oh, yeah? Me too.<p/><b>Hercules:</b> Well, when I was just a baby I strangled two snakes with my bare hands.<p/><b>Percy:</b> Ah, I know what you mean. My mom freaked when I did that.<p/><b>Hercules:</b> I fought the Nemean Lion.<p/><b>Percy:</b> No way! Same. I was, what, fourteen?<p/><b>Hercules:</b> I've fought a hydra.<p/><b>Percy:</b> Dude, same. Although I wouldn't have been able to kill it without Clarisse, but still.<p/><b>Hercules:</b> I hunted down Artemis' sacred deer,<p/><b>Percy:</b> Oh, my friend did that. Chasing deer isn't really my thing though.<p/><b>Hercules:</b> Oh, well... ahh... I fought this massive bear once.<p/><b>Percy:</b> I think I fought its girlfriend! It was a couple of days before I fought Kronos.<p/><b>Hercules:</b> *sweats nervously* This one time, I had to clean this stable that hadn't been cleaned for thousands of years,<p/><b>Percy:</b> Riiiiight. I heard a nymph helped you with that? I used my own powers. *raises eyebrow*<p/><b>Hercules:</b> I --<p/><b>Percy:</b> Dude, I could go all day.<p/><b>Hercules:</b> *flustered* I fought AMAZONS --<p/><b>Percy:</b> Been there.<p/><b>Hercules:</b> The minotaur --<p/><b>Percy:</b> Done that. With my bare hands. I was twelve.<p/><b>Hercules:</b> I... uh... I've... been to the Underworld and back!!<p/><b>Percy:</b> Man, I am sooo sick of that place. Been there like four times.<p/><b>Hercules:</b> Uhhhh... I... *heavy breathing*<p/><b>Percy:</b> Well, we done here?<p/><b>Hercules:</b> *triumphant grin* I WAS OFFERED IMMORTALITY.<p/><b>Percy:</b> Yeah, I turned mine down because I liked this girl...<p/><b>Hercules:</b> *jumps into the river Styx*<p/></p>

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As that McCoy appears to have been your favorite Star Trek character (something I can get behind), what did you think of Karl Urban's performance?

I think it’s brilliant. There are moments when he channels De Kelley SO PERFECTLY that it’s positively uncanny. …It also touches me that he insists on wearing the same ring that Kelley insisted on wearing all through shooting (a gift from his mother, IIRC).

Anyway. He’s terrific. I pray daily that another Kelvin-period movie is written that gives him something to really stretch himself in the part. Troublesome, in that it’s an ensemble situation at best… but oh well.

Meanwhile: I don’t know about McCoy being my favorite Trek character. Certainly it was always a serious pleasure to have a chance to write him as a medical professional instead of just some crotchety foil to Kirk or Spock. But then, to the best of my knowledge I remain the only professional Trek writer (either on the canonical or noncanonical side) to have certification and work experience in one of the caring professions. (I could be wrong on this, but I doubt it.) And it was a pleasure to be able to bring that expertise to the table.

My problem has always been that in a show where the dramatic cathexis is spread so evenly among the Big Three, it’s impossible (for me) not to love them more or less equally. Don’t get me started on Kirk (my second Great Love in the fandom). And seriously, don’t get me started on Spock. (My first.)

The Big Three Hundred! (Hamilsquad x Me)

Words: 1000+

Warnings: Just usual stuff

A/N: GUYS I FINALLY MADE IT! thank you so much for hitting that follow button, I’m so happy you have no idea! this is a fic about nothing actually, no reader inserts. Just me and the guys hanging out in my room. Enjoy!

“You hit the big 3!” Laurens said, shouting happily. I laughed, rolling my eyes at him. He grinned, quickly kissing the side of my cheek. Hamilton was writing in the corner of the room, ignoring the commotion around him. I admired his concentration. I could barely think with these guys around.

“Yes, I did, now I have to work three times as hard.” I joked, doodling some nonsense on my sketch pad. Hercules looked over my shoulder, and I moved it away from him, frowning. He grinned wickedly.

“Are you drawing us?” He grabbed the pad out of my hand. I stood up, jumping to get the pad out of his hand. He snickered, holding it up in the air. “I know I’m good looking, but you don’t have to do that. You could just tell me. Then maybe this will go somewhere…” He suggested, wiggling his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes at him. Lafayette appeared behind Hercules, pulling the paper out of his hand.

Lafayette held it out to me, and I thanked him, throwing it in my locked drawer. “Thanks, Laf. You’re the best Frenchman that I know.” He grinned, winking at me once.

“No problem, mon amour. Félicitations!” He yelled, giving me a high five. Luckily, he put his hand down to me, and I hit it, smiling back. I’m not all that short, but I was happy he thought of me.

“Okay guys, time to write another story for the celebration.” I said happily, moving over to my desk. The bedroom door opened, Jefferson striding in with Madison on his tail. His purple suit was tight, and I shook my head. Madison coughed into his napkin, glancing around the room.

“Are you forgetting about me?” Jefferson purred, sitting on the rolling chair.

“How could she not?” Madison said, glancing over at the Hamilsquad. “Especially with these four in the room.” He mumbled. Alexander looked up from his paper, glaring at Madison.

“Do you really want to fight, Madison?” He growled, shoving the paper to the side. I frowned at his short temper.

“Guys, wasn’t this going be about me hitting 300 followers? Now it’s just about you all arguing the whole time.”

Laurens nodded at my statement. “She’s right, guys! We need to stop arguing and support her!” He looked at me, and I smiled at him speaking up for me. Unfortunately, it fell to deaf ears.

Aaron Burr walked into the room, his hands to his side. Lafayette, Mulligan, and Laurens groaned loudly, moving to the opposite end of my room. He shrugged, moving near Thomas. The look at Jefferson’s face was anything but happy.

“How about you write about me next? There’s not enough stories about me.” Burr said, looking at my laptop. I put up my privacy screen, glaring at him. Burr sighed. “Come on, I’m not a bad guy.”

“Oh, really? You took my father-in-law’s job, you plotted against me with the two of them,” Hamilton pointed to Jefferson and Madison, “and you even shot me. I don’t think that says you’re the best person on the planet.” He said, standing up next to Burr. Burr puffed out his chest, standing his ground.

“You started it, Hamilton. If you weren’t so stubborn and arrogant to just apologize, then I didn’t have to shoot you. Plus, you had your glasses on! Was I supposed to go easy on you?” I watched the two of them arguing, with each of their crews cheering them on. I wished the Schuyler sisters were here instead of them; they were easier to deal with.

“I don’t think my room is big enough for all of you to be in here…” I mumbled to myself.

Mulligan noticed the scowl pretty much stitched into my face, and stopped everyone from arguing. “Hey, guys! She’s getting mad at us.” They all looked at me, and I stuck my tongue out at them.

“This is why I’m not going to write about any of you anymore.” Their faces widened.

“But I didn’t even get a story! I just got a cameo in War of Love. That’s not fair!” Burr complained.

“I wasn’t even mentioned.” Madison mumbled.

“And you made me the bad guy most of the time!” Jefferson yelled.

“I only have one story…” Mulligan whispered.

“And I think I should have the most. I mean, Hamilton: The Musical, was based off me. Shouldn’t I be the center of attention?” Hamilton said, sitting down on his chair. Laurens and Lafayette said nothing, looking at each other.

“I know what the problem is here.” Mulligan said, his hand on his chin. “Lafayette and Laurens are what’s requested most, so maybe they should disappear…”

“Hey, wait one second. Are you trying to kill us?” Laurens said, glancing at a worried Lafayette.

“No, I’m just suggesting, that’s all.”

Mon ami, you’re willing to kill us?” Mulligan shrugged at his statement.

“Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.”

I sighed, and heard footsteps walking in. George Washington strolled in slowly, looking at the boys in the room. They all straightened up their backs, and I giggled at their sudden change in attitude. Washington noticed my smile, and winked at me.

“Congrats on the 300.” He said, “I remember my first 300 soldiers.” I thanked him, and turned back to my computer.

“Wait, you are still going to write about us, right?” Philip walked into the room, hope in his eyes. I nodded at him.

“Of course, I will. Those three hundred people pressed that follow for a reason. And I like writing about you guys, well, most of you guys…” I glanced over at Jefferson at the end of that statement. He opened his mouth, his eyes wide. “I’m kidding…” I mumbled, clicking on the text post button. They all gathered around my computer, staring at the monitor.

“So, what are ya gonna post?” Hamilton asked, his quill in his hair. Burr pushed Hamilton to the side, taking his place at my shoulder. Laurens sat on the chair next to me, and Lafayette crouched down, sitting on his knees. Jefferson gave his cane to Madison, moving next to Lafayette. Mulligan squeezed his way in, so that he could stand directly behind me. Washington and Philip stayed in the back, unwilling to fight their way to the front.

“You’ll see.”

big big three

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Could we get some tmfu chibis or anything? But with a twist of APH America =(Solo?) CIA spy etc... I've forgotten the proper names dear me.

i’ll revive this au really soon i swear

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Seasons of love from Rent, basically for everyone All that Jazz and Roxie from Chicago, Drew How far I go from Moana, Annabeth Once upon a December from Anastasia, for Jason or Percy La vie boheme from Rent, floor 19 crew One song glory from Rent, Lee or Michael Life Support from Rent, the big three kids Take me baby or leave me from Rent, this could be a Dreyna, Reynachel, Ladie or Pipabeth song

The format makes this one a little hard to read, but Take Me or Leave Me is great for pretty much all Drew Tanaka ships!! How Far I’ll Go has really fitting themes for Annabeth too, and opens up some great au opportunities. I actually think One Song Glory would fit really well with Apollo in toa, especially since the song has a sun/fire motif 

I also love There Are Worse Things I Could Do from Grease for Drew, and if Heather Chandler had a fucking solo in Heathers I’m sure it would’ve been great for Drew. Also Drew singing popular with your Drew ship of choice is pretty fun

Chapter 500 (or, Mashima really wants to hurt me I guess)

This isn’t something I usually do (and I don’t especially have any plans to do this again in the future), but Fairy Tail’s landmark 500th chapter left me so utterly bewildered on so many counts that I didn’t know what to address, how many posts I should make, what to do, that I just decided to focus on the three big issues that bothered me and address them chronologically. Because… wow, Mashima, you drove me to pure frustration. Under the cut, as usual.

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@nonblack poc: you are antiblack on some level, you need to accept it and strive to unlearn it

Me: sees a big booty three miles away

Me: how was i able to see that???

Me: *puts hand over face* *sasuke voice* these eyes can see everything