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- pairing: yoongi x reader

- warnings: fluff with a bit of smut which has been made clear, skip past if you want to

- a/n: my first post!! i will be doing all of bts soon, yoongi’s up first. hope u all enjoy!! :^)

seokjin - yoongi - namjoon - hoseok - jimin - taehyung - jungkook

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  • oh god this boy
  • he has never been so in love w somebody in his LIFE

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My fave concept honestly is the Junkers joining a team (be it overwatch, talon, etc.) and being pretty damn focuses on the whole “we aren’t team players” persona

But like, in-game, the best Roadhogs I’ve played with are the sacrificial type. Yank dangerous enemies away from you to handle it themselves, yank ults from their team, I’ve even had a roadhog step between my Mercy main ass and a to take the bullets while I covered him.

Tbh that’s how I see Hog being on the field. He has a job, he’s going to do his job damn well. And he does! He’s really good at keeping his team safe! Gets hurt a lot and generally fussed at for it but like. People are alive because of him.

Anyway fast forward through enough of that– he’s still pretty set on the “one man apocalypse” deal. Until they’re sent on a mission and the person in charge is like “Roadhog, because you’re such a good team player,” and roadhog just wilts a little bc dam….. Das Tru…. He can’t even deny it. He