If life ever feels too heavy go out and look at the stars. At first you’ll only see a few, maybe you’ll find the big dipper in the sky, but soon your eyes will adjust and even the smaller stars will come into focus. You’ll realize that there’s an entire universe out there, that what worries and scares you is small in the grand scheme of things. But you’ll also realize that you’re important. Remember, at first you could only see the brightest stars, but as time went on and you continued to watch the sky even the smallest stars came out and you realize that the sky wouldn’t be as magnificent without all of the stars. You’re small but important, you’re bright enough that your worries won’t diminish you, and you’re needed to complete the sky.



So i had this little sketch that looked really cool so I thought to make something of it, and maybe record a thing again for once. I’m really proud of how this came out so I’m happy I did what I did. 

I probably could have gotten more detail in there but I was doing this late Monday night with school the next morning. The detail on the face is really what I wanted anyway.

Why can’t I do things like this all the time like for real now. 

Wilt Chamberlain dunks over Bill Russell during Game 5 of the NBA Eastern Division Finals between the 76ers and Celtics on April 11, 1967 at Convention Hall in Philadelphia. “Wilt the Stilt,” aka “The Big Dipper,” was a four-time MVP and 13-time All-Star who remains the all-time leader in rebounds. He was born on Aug. 21, 1936. (Neil Leifer for SI)

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