playing pokémon sun/moon
  • Me: Oh this might be a good place to stop and heal up. Something big might be coming up. Let's see here...
  • Me: [Uses a shit ton of items]
  • Lillie: Oh hey! [Appears out of fucking nowhere] I'm glad I caught you. Your Pokémon look tired. Let me heal them up for you!
  • Me: God...fucking...damn it, Lillie.

i have a feeling we’ll be coming up on that big emotional moment Arryn mentioned she had a tough time recording soon, so it seems likely that’ll be regarding Adam and what happened with Yang because Ghira’ll probably be following up on things

meanwhile to cap off the mid-season finale, i imagine Tyrian’s gonna catch up with Ruby and things will get dicey

A frustrated superhero has a mid-life crisis after becoming infatuated with his best friend’s outfit.
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I’d like to thank my followers for the movie poster ideas, and a big thanks to @onethingconstant 😘
I’ll be coming up with more photos like this, so stay tuned! 😘

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So deeply in love, I thought about you every day, I wanted to hold you in my hands, to taste you. You left your scent on my bed the other night and I refuse to change the sheets. This evening I’m going to drink a couple of bottles of wine and I hope you’ll join me. I know I get you so hot every time that you come round, you show up in that big beautiful cardboard box, extra cheese, thick crust. I can’t wait to have you inside me.

  • every chopped contestant in the desert round: my plan is to make an ice cream that I'll over churn into butter, a crepe that'll come apart in the pan, a panna cotta that won't set up, and a cake that won't bake through. And if all that doesn't work, my plan B is this caramel sauce, which I'll definitely forget about and burn to shit.
Who's in the Yuzuru!dom???

Because I honestly don’t know


there isn’t yet

a fandom for Hanyu Yuzuru

Look at that

Skating and cuteness overload

Don’t forget cool

Just kill yourself with all the cuteness

that he has

This should be a huge fandom sorry

Why the fuck is someone allowed to be this cute and talented