I tried to go to bed super early so I don’t end up in the freaking hospital again, but the cultural version of the Blue Man Group woke me up at like 8 (there’s a festival coming up and Japan is big on GIANT-ASS drums), so I figured I might as well sketch.

I get my first full paycheck this Friday. I have been planning and tweaking my budget since my first day of work. I have made allotments for my rent and groceries and tithing and and my car insurance and money for miscellaneous expenses. I even have money aside to give my mom to help her out.
My main goal is to save. I have a percentage of my paycheck that will be going directly into my savings account. I will not touch it. And I will not be getting a credit card until 6 months of work because I do not want to get into the habit of charging things.
I am actually really excited to get started. There will be some big life changes coming up and I am ready to prepare for that.

gr33kg0ds  asked:

BOI Tyson so would, he'd do it without even asking bc he's impulsive and idek maybe he'd ask somebody for the date that they met or some old Greek saying, he loves lil details he SOOO would

I’m just… Tyson would be so thoughtful and careful! He probably had to make the ring several times because he kept crumpling it in his big hands (˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ ) 

And Percy would have no idea so when Tyson comes up to him nervously smiling and fumbling with his back pocket and brought out a pair of seemingly simple wedding bands he tears up. 

  • every chopped contestant in the desert round:my plan is to make an ice cream that I'll over churn into butter, a crepe that'll come apart in the pan, a panna cotta that won't set up, and a cake that won't bake through. And if all that doesn't work, my plan B is this caramel sauce, which I'll definitely forget about and burn to shit.
Who's in the Yuzuru!dom???

Because I honestly don’t know


there isn’t yet

a fandom for Hanyu Yuzuru

Look at that

Skating and cuteness overload

Don’t forget cool

Just kill yourself with all the cuteness

that he has

This should be a huge fandom sorry

Why the fuck is someone allowed to be this cute and talented