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Have you played through Virginia? I'm v. curious to hear your thoughts.

Hey, Brad! Let me answer this quick before I read your review.

I’m always interested in what happens when previously differentiated stuff gets squashed up into being A Thing. Like the strange adjustment that Doctor Who fans from the twentieth century have had to make whilst watching all the different versions of the concept they understood as distinct being homogenised into something called ‘Classic Who.’  Things that were not the same now are. Lost to age and aspect.

So it’s fascinating watching X-Files and Twin Peaks become a genre, when they previously didn’t even share one. They had a lot to say to each other and both had the FBI… but they were coming from different places. They were coming from different places, but now X-Files/Twin Peaks is a place from which a text can come. A genre made up of nostalgia for big phones and stuff and from the proposition that the american gothic is essentially civic. 

Virginia! ‘Course I’ve played it. The day it came out. I’m Richard Jones. 

But everyone should give it a go, really. Or at least the demo. Screenshots and videos don’t do the game justice as it’s all about the immersion. In every sense really, as immersion is the only thing that makes this a game. Something I very much think it is. Attention is a resource. All there is to do here is to control the pace at which a story is told - there’s nothing to explore, choose or solve - and that’s a very pure form of playing pretend. “Imagine you are Anne Tarver” is a task that requires skill, even if your PC can’t track your level of success. 

Naturally, I’m interested in where the synthesis fails. Where the influences refuse to cohere. Most of the places where that strongly happens is down to the soundtrack, which I know everyone else is raving about (and fair play, it does have to do a lot of heavy lifting) but I reckon makes some really disruptive fuck ups. Going full Badalamenti for the club scene risks tipping the whole game over into a rough pastiche at a critical point. 

My other quibble is that the game’s strongest narrative content - the reveal that this isn’t surface level diversity but a story about race - all happens in a strand that’s sidelined in favour of an ultimate descent into obscurantism. There’s a powerful story in here, but it’s buried under a lot of woolly symbols. We’re directed to end the game feeling rather than thinking and…I dunno. I wasn’t done thinking.

But who cares what I want? This game’s power all comes from taking control away from the player. The scene transitions are the most violent - we may not gather our party before venturing forth - but what I think is really clever is how it plays with the idea of ‘inventory.’ This is a game, and a story, in which it really matters what objects you have on your person and how they got there. It’s a game obsessed with what you’re holding and what’s in your pockets. But you, as a player, have got no access to that. No way of checking or managing. Objects only existing as objects. The idea of the object is inaccessible. 

One of the best bits is where you’re left impotently holding the buffalo, isn’t it? And I think all the game’s strategies conspire to make that so wonderfully horrible.

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hey chloe 😩 I recently sprained my wrist and it hurts a lot to even play beginner songs and scales all in 1st position. I cant afford to go see a doctor and I have a big audition coming up in 3 days that I cant miss. do you have any tips? thank you

Hi there - I’m really sorry to hear about your wrist. Personally I don’t feel that there is any audition so important to play if your wrist is injured and you could risk injuring yourself further. I asked a few other professional musicians for their opinion on this before I answered your question and they all agree. Ultimately it’s up to you, but I really would not recommend playing until it at least starts feeling relatively painless. Your wrist is hurting because it is inflamed. If you continue to play on it, the inflammation will increase and you risk the potential of pushing the damage further. Ice can be used to bring down the inflammation, but I don’t recommend using ice as a means to simply get through your audition.
I hope it starts feeling better soon.


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11/Rose fanfic recommendations, ones where the doctor gets to keep Rose he doesn't have to send her back to her timeline.

We search as far as we could. This is all we could come up with. To my big chagrin. I hope there was more because this is definitely my favorite Doctor/Rose fics.

Fic Rec: Eleven/Rose Forever:

Originally posted by cherish--these--times

  • Eleven and his Rose Verse, by @bittyblueeyes​   9,10&11(T) Rose returns to her home universe and finds that the Doctor has a new face. But no matter what changes had taken place in the separation, he will always be her Doctor and she will always be his Rose. (Recced by @lastbluetardis)
  • Consequences Verse, by @nopondintheforest 10.5&11 (T) WIP - Rose promised the Doctor forever. Is a life with her destined to be nothing more than a dream?  (Recced by @hanluvr)
  • Rewritten, by @bittie752 10&11 (T) After the events of GitF, the Doctor and Rose’s relationship changed. No longer would Rose allow him to string her along while he chased after other women. She was here for the adventure and the excitement of seeing the universe. And when he dropped her off in her Aberdeen, she would be ready. But after the Doctor loses his memories of events from just after their trip to New Earth, he isn’t happy with the new arrangement. And he tries to get back into Rose’s good graces with disastrous consequences. (Recced by @buffyann23 )
  • Some are Lost Others are Found, by @don-tfeedthebadwolf 11 (T) 115k This is the story of how Rose Tyler returned to the life that she thought was lost. It all began when a mysterious little blue letter found it’s way into her universe. Now reunited, they share the most amazing adventures together. But something goes awry along the way. The Doctor is on a tyrant and Rose is captured. Will he be able to save her? Series 6-7 Reunion! (Recced by @buffyann23 )
  • Speedbumps on the Way to Forever, by #QueenOfTheCastle 10&11 (M) 70k. Rose finds her way back to her Doctor in a bus on a planet called midnight. But even if she found him again, they will still have to work toward their forever every step of the way. (Recced by Julibellule)
  • Tyler Family Adventures Verse, by @bittie752 10.5&11 (M) 70k. Rose and the Metacrisis Doctor returns to the original universe and works hard to build and protect their family. (Recced by Julibellule
  • Out of Synch, by  #HaelyPotter 11 (K) 15k. WIP - Seven children. Seven of them spawned by the Doctor and Rose and scattered across their father’s timeline.  (Recced by Julibellule)  
  • The Woman, by @isilienelenihin 11 (T) 35k. Doctor Who/Sherlock - The Doctor never talks about her but weeps for her at night. Rose uses Sherlock’s help to solve a puzzle and to him. (Recced by Julibellule)  

If anyone have any suggestions or wants to rec their own fic, please, add them to this post or send them to our ask box! Hope it help. Enjoy ;-)

  • every chopped contestant in the desert round:my plan is to make an ice cream that I'll over churn into butter, a crepe that'll come apart in the pan, a panna cotta that won't set up, and a cake that won't bake through. And if all that doesn't work, my plan B is this caramel sauce, which I'll definitely forget about and burn to shit.
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