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The streets of Gotham are restless. The people can feel something new stirring in the belly of their city. On the breeze there’s a faint sent of something these city slickers have never smelled before, something sharp and pervasive. The man breaking into an unfortunate corner store feels a rumbling from the earth: something big is coming his way. His first instinct is to look up, but there is nothing there. He looks downs the alley and sees a pale shape charging toward him. He turns to run but he is too late 200 pounds of hulking, stinking something smashes into him and he falls to the ground. His knee is a goner, but he isn’t giving up. He reaches for his gun, but suddenly the blob raises it’s dark head and lets out a sound like a foghorn. It hits him like a canary cry. As he fades out of consciousness, he sees, emblazoned on the side of the blob, a striking symbol. Below the bat is a name. A name to strike fear into the hearts of all: Minnie, the Bat-Sheep. She is enormous. And she won’t. Stop. Bellowing.

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I'd just like to say I love your FMA:B reactions, and the fake spoilers are hilarious. I'm a little worried people are getting you too hyped with their hinting, like what happens can't possibly be as good as the expectations, but I guess we'll see. And yes, they like to use the same phone booth a lot. Apparently there's only one phone booth in all of Central.

aaahhh thank you!!!!! the fake spoilers have been a hilariously unexpected part of this, and you’d think a world without cell phones but advanced artificial limbs that fully connect to the nervous system seriously what is up with that? would have more phone booths

and at this point, the show has matched every expectation so far! and i’m honestly not that hard to please XD it seems like there’s a lot of big stuff coming up and people are excited for me to get it, so it makes sense they’re excited. i’m just ready to get some more answers!

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Are you a makeup artist? ^^ I love your looks so much and figured you might be or you model

Hey! Yes I am :) I freelance and have a big wedding coming up this fall that Im excited to be doing. Currently I mostly face model at makeup schools which means I mostly am used as a practice face for girls who are learning to apply makeup onto others (I also hair model but not often because I dont like too much heat styling or product in my hair). I have my Bachelors in Chemistry so in the future I’d also like to work in makeup production or work for a skincare line. Better than getting a masters in economics and not even using it if you ask me :P


The Three Sweet Commanders

The lyrical theme of “when you’re falling in a forest, and there’s nobody around…” sounds so deep until you remember that Evan physically fell out of a tree in the middle of the forest when nobody was around

Celestial Geometry: Equinoxes and Eclipses

March 20 marks the spring equinox. It’s the first day of astronomical spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and one of two days a year when day and night are just about equal lengths across the globe.

Because Earth is tilted on its axis, there are only two days a year when the sun shines down exactly over the equator, and the day/night line – called the terminator – runs straight from north to south.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the March equinox marks the beginning of spring – meaning that our half of Earth is slowly tilting towards the sun, giving us longer days and more sunlight, and moving us out of winter and into spring and summer.

An equinox is the product of celestial geometry, and there’s another big celestial event coming up later this year: a total solar eclipse.

A solar eclipse happens when the moon blocks our view of the sun. This can only happen at a new moon, the period about once each month when the moon’s orbit positions it between the sun and Earth — but solar eclipses don’t happen every month.  

The moon’s orbit around Earth is inclined, so, from Earth’s view, on most months we see the moon passing above or below the sun. A solar eclipse happens only on those new moons where the alignment of all three bodies are in a perfectly straight line.

On Aug. 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will be visible in the US along a narrow, 70-mile-wide path that runs from Oregon to South Carolina. Throughout the rest of North America – and even in parts of South America, Africa, Europe and Asia – the moon will partially obscure the sun.

Within the path of totality, the moon will completely cover the sun’s overwhelmingly bright face, revealing the relatively faint outer atmosphere, called the corona, for seconds or minutes, depending on location.

It’s essential to observe eye safety during an eclipse. Though it’s safe to look at the eclipse ONLY during the brief seconds of totality, you must use a proper solar filter or indirect viewing method when any part of the sun’s surface is exposed – whether during the partial phases of an eclipse, or just on a regular day.

Learn more about the August eclipse at

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[ 20 • 3 ] science ft. slightly dead succulents!

@toonami thank you for this holiday

Speechless | Jughead Jones x Reader


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“Aaand… Perfect,” Veronica says with a sweet smile finishing putting lipstick on (Y\n)’s lips. “Now, why don’t you get up and look at yourself?”

    The girl sitting on a chair smiles back and nodds. She stands up and comes to a big mirror that is placed on the wall.

“Wow,” (Y\n) spins around looking at the reflection. “I’m honestly speechless, V.”

Veronica comes closer and hugs her from behind. “You look absolutely gorgeous, (Y\n).”

(Y\n) turns around to face her friend and puts her hands on Ronnie’s shoulders. “Thank you so much,” she says.

“You’re so welcome,” Veronica replies. “Now, we gotta go, Cheryl’s party is going to start soon.” 

    The girls arrive to the party just in time. The place looks beautiful, majority of the guests are already here, music is playing loudly. It seems like everyone is about to have a great night. Veronica and (Y\n) start to search for their friends.

“I think we’ll need to separate. If we won’t find each other after, go back to this same spot, okay?” Veronica says.

“Okay,” (Y\n) replies. 

    Ronnie leaves her and a few moments later merges with the crowd. (Y\n) decides to go in the opposite direction. She looks around as she walks bumping into people, hoping to see a familiar face. After a few minutes of searching the girl starts to feel a little nervous because she still haven’t found anyone. Suddenly she spots a boy with red hair standing not so far from her. (Y\n) starts moving foward to him. 

“Archie!” she shouts trying to attract his attention so he won’t go anywhere.

The boy notices her and waves with a smile.

“Hi, (Y\n)!” Archie greets her when whey come closer to each other. “You look beautiful.”

“Awww, thank you Arch,” (Y\n)’s face goes red. She suddenly notices that Archie is not alone. “Oh, Jug, hi! I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Well, here I am,” Jughead says. “And you… I… I’m…”

“Speechless?” They hear Veronica’s voice as she comes over to them holding hands with Betty.

“Exactly,” Jughed says and smiles shyly.

    They all decide to take a break after about an hour and chill on the couch. Jughead and Archie sit together and talk while girls are chatting and laughing sitting beside them. 

“Hey, dude,” the red haired boy says when he notices that his friend is not paying attention to what he is trying to tell him. Jug’s eyes are focused on something. Archie looks at the directon Jughead is looking to and realises that he is looking at (Y\n). He grins and waves his hand in front of Jug’s face.


“You seem a little distracted.”

“Umm… Sorry man. I just don’t feel right. Partying is not really my thing,” Jughead comes up with an excuse. 

“Are you sure this is the reason?” Archie glances at (Y\n). His grin becomes wider.

Jughead rolls his eyes and elbowes his friend. 

“You didn’t answer. Are you “speechless”?” The redhead mimics Veronica and laughs.

“Shut up!” The raven raired boy elbowes him again and laughs too. 

— Lina🌻