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Billed as a magazine for adult otomes (大人乙女), Eternita covers otome and lolita fashion. The magazine should appeal to readers of CUTiE magazine (which is no longer in circulation) and Gothic Lolita Bible. Also, like Larme magazine, Eternita’s first issue has an otherworldly and “cultured” vibe (see this post on Larme magazine’s aesthetic to learn more about the possible significance of this trend).

As Eternita is a new magazine, please support the magazine by purchasing a physical copy if it interests you!

The people who are truly for you- always find a way to be there for you, even when they can’t be. You feel them {deeply} and they feel you.
—  Lalah Delia
god save the lolita

in light of recend events, with three magazine publications that have changed the lives of many lolitas and certainly inspired many to become lolita coming to a close

lolita is not dead, and its not dying

harajuku fashion will exist forever in the lives of the many many girls who choose to wear these frills with pride, who collect and fawn over the beautiful details, who pour over the existing GLB snaps and those who create new outfit snaps every day

this fashion and this lifestyle has changed so so much throughout the years and no doubt will continue to change an grow. sometimes for better, sometimes for the worst

wear lolita every chance you get, and put a bow on your heart. continue to be uniquely you and never be afraid to experiment

this is only just the beginning of a nother wonderful chapter of lolita fashion!

new blog for bis magazine♡


As you may or may not know, Haruna Nakagori, who was the founder and editor-in-chief of LARME, left the magazine after Issue 024 (the new editor-in-chief is Ryuusuke Nakamura). 

It was announced that bis, a magazine from the 2000s, would be revived this year and Haruna would be editor-in-chief.

The magazine will have the concept: Fashion bible for becoming a woman while having a girl’s heart (Lady with the girl’s heart) (少女の心を持ちながら、大人の女性になるためのファッションバイブル (Lady with the girl’s heart). 

The magazine will have a pre-issue in May and then will launch in September.

With Haruna being the editor-in-chief and what information is available and how the Instagram feed looks so far, I’m very interested in how bis will turn out (it seems quite similar to LARME).

I made the blog ladywiththegirlsheart for updates, scans & translations similar to tsukinonaomi

If you’re interested in bis, feel free to take a look★there’s still some time yet before the first issue, but the pre-order is up already

And, thank you for over 1,000 followers here♥

“Do you...?”

So, due to #the encuttening, for the past 6 months I’ve had to have 2 professional carers come in and hoist me in and out of bed twice daily, morning and evening, They’re a lovely bunch mostly.

We live in a ground floor, two bed apartment, and for various reasons we have had to store the hoist in the library/temple space/2nd bedroom which contains cow, sheep, and goat skulls.

Oh, and my altar: a concrete slab raised on bricks, then covered with deer-skin, on which sits a ceramic painted skull with an Ægishjálmr betwixt its brows (because that’s where it goes damnit - fight me) a statue of Odin, one of Mahakala, a Tibetan Phurba, my ritual knife (used to be a steak knife, but I needed teeth, so a day or so’s consecration and I have my hungry little pal to hold in my red right hand) a pair of red pillar candles, my maternal Grandfather’s jewelry box he got from Java when he was out there. Oh, and the jug and whisky glass full of cool water for the Dead

Behind there  are shelves of comics, SF/F novels, graphic novels, philosophy texts, anthropology texts, books on systems theory, literary criticism; also a Masai throwing spear my paternal Grandpa was given by tribesfolk when he was in Kenya contributing to the destruction of their traditional ways

(Sorry, sorry, doing missionary work for the Gideons. He was given the spear in exchange for a bible, in ceremonial fashion. I like to hope the ancestors of the Masai are happy it’s now in the hands of someone who doesn’t hold the Bible to be the only Way. But I haven’t asked. I know they’re not pissed about it though. The irony of being one of the Spear-god’s is not lost on me)

Then, amongst others there’s most of Scarlet Imprint’s output, as well as Theion Publishing’s, the Betz Greek Magical Papyri, Baker’s Cunning Man’s Handbook, Crowley stuff, Agrippa, Barrett’s Magus, the Voudon Gnostic Workbook, a sharpened sickle, a bunch of tarot decks Deren’s Divine Horsemen, two copies of Metraux’s Voodoo in Haiti, and my Granny’s personal bible which I used to keep on the altar but the cover started to show signs of water damage even though there was no water spilt near it, so I cleaned it, took it as a sign and removed it to a shelf.

Oh, and in between the red pillar candles is the repeatedly bloodied deer-skull with its proud antlers. I used to keep it covered when folk slept in there. It gave Mum ‘nightmares’ (her words) but never seemed to bother Dad, the priest. If you look at my icon, done by @unknownbinaries, you might be able to suss what that’s for - I’ve  mentioned it before, but the specifics of the pact aren’t public. Suffice to say I’ve been plugged into #deerkult for a decade or so, consciously at least. Unconsciously? At least 25 years in some fashion, I reckon.

All of which is to set the scene and point out that I’ve been waiting for months for someone to crack and ask. It finally happened last night:

Them: We’ve been meaning to ask..Do you…do Voodoo?

Me: Oh, no. I’m Heathen…

Them: *blank look*


Me: A kind of pagan.

*vague look of understanding*

*gives up, because I am knackered* Yeah, it’s like Voodoo. Except, for White People.

Ohhh. Right.

(I know, I know: It is perfectly possible for anybody to be properly initiated into the ADRs, if (and only if) the community and spirits agree and the proper rites are performed - skin colour is not a factor. But explaining that was not on the cards last night.)


“This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God’s inner sanctuary.”
Hebrews 6:19 New Living Translation  

Have you ever taken a closer look at chains? How they can’t be broken apart unless they’re hit with a mighty force? This is the time to link up. That tight knit, unbreakable bond that most have with their family, God also desires this relationship with you. People and the circumstances of the world can definitely have the capability to fail you..

but when you are anchored in the Lord…

No matter how far out or lost you may be or even feel (sometimes it’s all in your mind), you will ALWAYS be able to follow the chain back to Him.. and enter in. Be rest assured, that the unconditional love of the Father will never leave you…

Featuring: Seretha Suah
Photo & Message by: @itsmekeylolo
​Living Word Christian Center

Andy Warhol and Divine at a party in Andy’s honor at the re-opening of the Copacabana nightclub. Allan Tannenbaum, 1976.

Interview: Allan Tannenbaum with Justin Strauss

If you weren’t there to see it but can imagine in your mind New York City in the ‘70s, you can thank Allan Tannenbaum. Tannenbaum worked as chief photographer for Soho Weekly in the ‘70s and ‘80s, extensively documenting the music, glitter, fashion and magic of Downtown New York in an era when Art was Queen and nightlife, the great equalizer.

Find here an interview between two of New York’s most treasured gems — music producer, remixer and DJ Justin Strauss and photographer Allan Tannenbaum, who first met in 1981 when Tannenbaum snapped Strauss’ portrait during a DJ night at New York’s legendary club, The Ritz. We caught them chatting on a bench at The Gallery at Ace Hotel New York where Allan Tannenbaum’s retrospective show Take Me to Funkytown: New York in the 70s is on display until Monday. 

Justin Strauss: Hi Allan. Let’s start at the beginning. What inspired you to want to become a photographer? Was there someone? A photograph?

Allan Tannenbaum: I was with a friend who had a nice 35mm camera.

JS: Wait, how old were you? 

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