The best thing you can possibly do with your life is tackle the motherfucking shit out of it // Cheryl Strayed.

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You’re going through a lot of bad stuff lately so since I’m bad a speaking I thought I’d do something else to help: Big Koala Sis Miranda in an attempt to cheer you up!
You don’t deserve all the bullying you’re getting I hope this helps at least a little!

The Best Thing
Electric Youth

Electric Youth - The Best Thing

They say you have no name, they say you show no signs
And who you are by the day, isn’t the same in the night
But you’d only take a life, that was already over to save another
No guns or bombs or knives
Your hammer, your hands, your heart is full

And you, and you
Are the best thing that’s ever happened to me

So this may not be 100% accurate, but I used your icon and what I know about you (you’re pretty cool). And I threw the guy meeting you for coffee or something in there because it was easier to write and why not (also I wrote this before I replied to you sorry I’ll get to that eventually). This was for this post.

Gabi was sitting on a park bench, buried deep in a brick of a novel. Her golden hair floated softly in the wind and caressed her face like a halo. The fading sunlight illuminated her strands and highlighted the rose in her cheeks to lend her an entirely angelic look. Anyone passing by could see how invested she was in her book, but they didn’t stop to watch. He was supposed to meet her in ten minutes, but he got off work early and had thought to find her now. Instead, he now sat on a bench a few meters away, admiring her concentration. She never broke focus, never left the cream pages and ebony words. As she read, he could almost see her mind working. Little half-smiles and eyebrow twitches revealed only a small part of her involvement in the adventure. He knew from the hours spent discussing literature with their friends that she was took great care when reading, and took even greater care to truly explore what many others would simply brush past. Everything had meaning and value to her, and everything had a purpose. Her face glowed like a warm summer’s evening, but her optimism and warm heart shined with the depth of the most brilliant stars.

Though it seemed a shame to pull her away from her world, it wouldn’t do to be late. As he walked over to her bench, she lifted her head and smiled upon seeing him. The first thing he noticed were her eyes- not completely blue, as most passersby would see, but a blend of colors sweeping together. Had it been darker, or the middle of day, they may have looked different, but right then, with the last truly bright rays of daylight hitting her shining face just so, her eyes were alight with swirls of blue and green, shades melting into one another and dancing, as though her radiant smile had encouraged them to enjoy life as much as she did.

@trekking-through-life submitted this and I.. have no words. I’m just. This is… My friend, this is incredibly beautiful. I am so impressed with they way you wrote this, it really sounds like taken from a novel. I’m also very touched, I.. The way you described me.. I’m so happy. My heart wants to cry. You can probably see that I don’t know what to say, because this is too incredible, to amazing, to react properly to. I’m also very happy that you noticed the way I immerse into fiction. I do tend to experience it more deeply than many people I know. This is amazing, so very amazing, and I’m just so happy, I appreciate it so much jewaeawkehajehe.