*gets sad about kevin*

*remembers that he remakes Court, officially dates thea, continues to develop a relationship with wymack, encourages andrew and neil (his besties l b r) to play with him on Court,  is the first person to be inducted into the exy hall of fame, is hailed at the best exy striker for probably the rest of eternity, has amalia and takes little trips with her down to see wymack, gets grey hairs because amalia can be just as difficult as kevin is, finally has family and friends who love and support him, makes friends at the dog park even though they root for the wrong exy teams*

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to start posting up since I haven’t had a chance to in a while. Life getting busier and busier and it’s harder to go back and rework old sketches/ideas I wanted to flesh out. Here’s one of them. Took it a little further, just so that I can say I’m okay with leaving it. Maybe if I ever have free time, or get hired to (hahaha), I will be able to paint more for one of the coolest potential crossovers ever. Enjoy!

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Every day, the girl who wasn’t supposed to play crept a little closer to the action. First to the perimeter of the soccer facility. Next to the low-slung fence surrounding the field. Then to the top of the fence, the better to sit and watch the local kids practice, amazed that girls could participate. She even started returning stray balls.

Soon enough, 12-year-old Nadia Nadim and her new friends at the refugee camp in Denmark–both girls and boys, a concept which was still very new for her–discovered that the bushes lining the soccer field next door were flush with abandoned balls. The boys and girls collected as many balls as they could, and then started playing on the field when the local children weren’t using it.

Eventually, Nadim mustered the courage to ask the coach of the girls’ team if she could play, a decision that unwittingly put her on a path to becoming one of the best strikers in the world.

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Mugu, one of the poorest districts in Nepal, doesn’t have a single football stadium. But it does have a star football player as revered as Argentina’s famous son Lionel Messi – and she happens to be a girl.

Sunakali and her team were welcomed home there after winning the women’s national football tournament as if they had won the World Cup in Brazil, reported Mysansar, a popular Nepalese blog.

The young women left their mountainous district for the first time to compete in the tournament in Kailali, a journey of hundreds of kilometers. They walked two days to reach the airstrip, and travelled in a plane, rickshaw and bullock cart for the very first time in their lives. There are no direct roads between Kailali and Mugu, and the ones that do exist are in poor condition.

At the tournament, the Mugu team played with Badikhel Team of Lalitpur district, Baliya Team of Kailali and Team Patharaiya before meeting with Team Tikapur in the finals. Team Mugu won and Sunakali was named the best striker.

It was an impressive achievement for many reasons, including the fact that the young women were only introduced to the sport in 2011. In Mugu, the average life expectancy is reported to be 47 years, with men at 49 and women at 39. Nearly two-thirds of girls aged 15 to 19 are married, and female literacy rate stands at 9 percent. 

When the victorious team returned, locals met them at the airstrip chanting, “Sunakali, like Messi!” Horses were arranged for the young women to ride back to the village, an honor in Mugu where it is unusual for women to ride the animals. 

This Young Woman Footballer Is More Popular Than Messi in Her Remote Village in Nepal


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Remember when Manuel Neuer’s teammates from Bayern Munich either failed to make penalty shots or refused to make penalty shots out of fear of failing the team?

Yeap, leave it to your goalkeeper to score the penalty goal.

Manu, you are AMAZING.