Betty is best friends with Archie, which means she grew up with Jughead. They know each other, and they’re friends. Jughead is more outwardly dark and brooding, and Betty wishes she could be more like that. On the outside, they couldn’t be more different, but a lot of what Betty feels on the inside is what Jughead presents to the world — and that’s something that she hasn’t been able to do, out of pressure from her parents. She can’t present weakness to the world, and that’s what attracts her to Jughead. She’s attracted to his darkness because she relates to it. She feels like an outsider at the end of the day, which is why they make such a great pair. They’re both outsiders.
Betty has already accepted the fact that Archie doesn’t love her that way, and she knows you can’t force someone to think differently about you. She needs to move on.  

A Rebel Without a Cause

This is my first ever imagine I just thought it would be a cute idea to write about Jughead especially since Cole Sprouse is such a babe. If anyone has any requests feel free to message me because I want to start writing more.

Words: 742

Today was the last night the Drive-In would be open before it was demolished. Your best friend Kevin had convinced you to go especially since Betty said she wasn’t feeling up to go. In the end it had ended up being Kevin, Veronica, and you at the Drive-In together. You remembered how every Friday you use to come to Twilight and hangout with Jughead and his little sister Jellybean. This place had so many great memories for you and it hurt to know that by this time tomorrow most of it will be gone forever, you couldn’t even begin to imagine how Jughead must be feeling. You two haven’t spoken in over five months, you had no idea why your friendship had an abrupt ending but you intended to finally confront him about it tonight. 

“Kevin get us a refill” Veronica asked. He groaned but Cheryl Blossom shoved the bucket into his hands and asked for a coke.

“I’ll go with you Kevin. I have to look for Jughead anyways.” Veronica raises her brow at me and opens her mouth to speak until Cheryl cuts her off. “Oh finally going to make up with your mysterious lover?” I rolled my eyes at her. “We aren’t lovers but yes I am going to go talk to him if you must know carrot top.” Cheryl and I have always had a tense relationship ever since you stated that Jason had been a player and was at fault for hurting Polly Cooper. Kevin pulled you away before Cheryl could say anything back to you. “I wouldn’t suggest you starting any problems with Cherry Bombshell especially now that the police are investigating anyone that hate the Blossom’s family.” I sighed as I asked the blonde kid at the counter if he knew where Jughead was. 

As I walk to the door of the small building I notice Alice Cooper rushing towards her car with Fred Andrews right behind her. Interesting.  I knock on the door to the projector building and wait a couple seconds until Jughead opens the door. His 6′0 frame towering over me. “Are you just going to stare at me all night?” he barks at me. Tears begin to fall down my cheeks as I tackle Juggy into a bear hug. “You don’t know how much I’ve missed you Juggy. It’s so weird without you. I’m so sorry if I did anything to hurt you, you know I would never want to hurt you.” 

I certainly caught him by surprised. “Y/N. I-It’s just- Look I don’t think Reggie will want to hear that you were with me.” I looked up at him with a puzzled look. “Reggie? Why would he care?” Jughead avoided my gaze and said nothing. “Juggy what did Reggie say to you? Is he the reason you stopped talking to me?” 


“For fucksake Forsythe Jones will you just tell me what he said to you?!” 

“He said that I stood in the way of him getting laid and if I didn’t back off he was going to get Chuck and some other guys to sticky maple you.” You stepped back slightly. “He wanted to sticky maple me?” you stepped back a little more and fell over and started crying again. Reggie had taken you to the formal and you thought his feelings were genuine. Jughead picks you up and places you on a bed. “I didn’t know what to do so I listened to Reggie and I left you alone. I’m sorry but I didn’t want to risk you getting slut shamed especially since I know the only guy you have ever kissed was Archie.”

 “I never kissed Archie. I’ve never kissed anyone. I waited because I wanted my first kiss to be special.” He laughed at me “Wow have you placed yourself in the Princess Diaries all of a sudden?” I pushed him off the bed. He grabbed my arm and pulled me down with him.



“Can I kiss you?” he simply nodded as I pressed my lips against his. Our lips fell in sync and I felt butterflies as I went to slip my tongue into his mouth. Our kiss had quickly turned into a heated make out session until Kevin walked in. 

“Are you guys trying to make Jughead Jones the fourth?!” He yelled from the door. “Of course not we’d name him Kevin Cockblock the second” Jughead responded before kissing you again.


Jughead always eventually gives in to Betty and has her back. and that’s why he’s the best. ;)


sorry but it will be really hard for season 9 to top this iconic adorable moment

Being Best Friends With Jughead Would Include

request: Could u do one about being best friends with jughead?

requested by: anonymous

A/N: wow I love jughead so much!! sorry it’s short, but I got the essentials down! xx aubree 

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- you guys could almost always be found at Pop’s

- you would be one of the only ones he would let read his novel.

- he doesn’t take to criticism well, but if it comes from you he listens.

- both you and him grew up with each other (and archie) 

- when you all were little you would sneak out and eat junk food in jughead’s treehouse.

- you stick up for him when reggie acts like a total douche-canoe 

- both of you being mad at archie for bailing on the fourth of July road trip 

- calling archie out on it.

- both agreeing that ms. grundy is a manipulative bitch. 

- he protects you from all who come to harm you. 

- you bribe him with hamburgers to write your essay’s for school

- him saying he would do it without a bribe but since you offered, go get him a burger while he does your homework

- ALWAYS being there for each other no matter what. 

- when he starts hanging out with betty and archie, you are a little hesitant, but you come around eventually

- helping him figure out exactly who killed jason blossom

Betty is best friends with Archie, which means she grew up with Jughead. They know each other, and they’re friends. Jughead is more outwardly dark and brooding, and Betty wishes she could be more like that. On the outside, they couldn’t be more different, but a lot of what Betty feels on the inside is what Jughead presents to the world — and that’s something that she hasn’t been able to do, out of pressure from her parents. She can’t present weakness to the world, and that’s what attracts her to Jughead. She’s attracted to his darkness because she relates to it. She feels like an outsider at the end of the day, which is why they make such a great pair. They’re both outsiders.
—  Lili Reinhart

Someone please tell me why [DeVos] is the right choice to lead the public school system of the United States of America.

Her BA degree in political science and business administration isn’t enough to place her in a classroom, but suddenly, she occupies the top job.

Ms. DeVos doesn’t love public education and clearly doesn’t know the first thing about public education in the United States. Our teachers had to take a class on the history of education just to be considered for admission to the teacher education program.

To be certified as a high school teacher in Missouri, she must take classes on how to write a test, how to incorporate multicultural education, classroom management, assessment, the integration of school and society, educational psychology, alternatives for exceptional students, working with foundation-level learning, analysis and correction of difficulties in literacy, understanding how to teach her subject matter, and more. She’d spend less money if she dropped the education requirements, and probably graduate sooner, but let’s ignore these facts for a moment.

She must observe real teachers in action, be mentored by a successful classroom teacher, and spend a semester supervised by a teacher as she makes the classroom her own. She likely won’t be able to work during that semester, so she’ll have to figure out how to do things like pay for food and shelter, but hey, she’s rich. Presumably, that wouldn’t have been an issue for her, right?

She must pass the MOGEA test and the Praxis II.

Once hired, the mentoring doesn’t stop. More, teachers are encouraged to seek a masters in teaching to further their development. She’ll pay for that masters herself, carving time out of her busy week to take a class or two a semester. As consolation, her school district might boost her pay a few hundred dollars a year. In thirty or so years, she just might be able to justify the cost.

While on the job, she must learn how to balance long hours to educate students with her personal life lest she lose sight as to why she does the job in the first place. She must endure politicians both national and local lamenting how teachers don’t do enough, yet claim our school systems are “flush with cash,” while perhaps working part time at Barnes & Noble to make ends meet. She must accept less pay than other graduates because she is on the public payroll. She must learn to have a politically acceptable answer to, “You must love teaching because you have the summer off!” despite the research, planning, and reading - oh, God, the reading - she’ll need to do to keep her classes fresh.

She needs to experience the elation of developing an idea regarding how to teach a lesson, only to discover that the money to buy the materials she’ll need must come from her own pocket. She has to learn to smile through parent/teacher conferences where unknowing but well-meaning parents demand she raise a grade despite hours of planning, countless extensions of the deadline, and a lost weekend of grading. That smile must continue when the district tells her that they’re increasing the size of her classes because they can’t afford to hire another teacher. The public just didn’t go for that bond issue again this year. Tough luck.

To support her school, she will have to carve out the time to advise an organization or tutor students in need after the teaching hours end as the school can never really close. She will have to balance special plans for select students so she doesn’t inadvertently leave anyone behind, but be flexible and open to minute changes in graduation requirements, serve on countless committees, sit in frequent department meetings, and much more.

To work in public education, one must love public education. Teachers do it because, sometimes, one student suddenly smiles and says, ‘Because of you, I was accepted to college/got this job. Because of you, I learned something.’

They do it because they love it.

Ms. DeVos, I challenge you to serve one year in front of a classroom at a public school - a length of time shorter than would grant you tenure, a position as chair, or to become a principal - and then maybe can tell us how to run a school.

Oh, that’s right, you’re not qualified and are afraid of grizzly bear attacks. My bad.

I guess I’ll ask you, Senator Roy Blunt and those who voted to confirm this unqualified person to lead our beleaguered but honorable teachers:

Why was she the right choice?

—  My boss after hearing that Betty DeVos was confirmed as the Secretary of Education
Being Jughead Jone's Best Friend Would Include....

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Hi, this will probably be very similar to one of your other requests but could i request a being Jughead’s best friend would include?

I’ve never wanted to be a fictional character’s best friend this much before. I’m sorry it’s so short by the way. If you want more message me.

  • You met in him in the diner.
  • You’d always hear people whisper about him when he walked past
  • But you always thought he seemed like a pretty cool guy.
  • “Hi, I’m Y/N. I go to Riverdale with you.”
  • “Yeah? So what?”
  • You sat down in his booth despite his rudeness.
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “Trying to write. What are you doing?”
  • “Trying to get to know you.”
  • From there, it became a thing to sit down next to him whenever you saw him in Pop’s.
  • He became a bit friendlier towards you, but it took some time.
  • After about a month of early friendship, he told you about his novel.
  • You saw this as progress in your relationship and openly hung out with him during school.
  • Pop’s became your hang out spot because you both enjoy the burgers there.
  • But sometimes you’d go over to his house to play video games.
  • He’s not the most affable of people, but you somehow make Jughead a tiny bit more people-oriented.
  • He’s not as blatantly rude to people like he was.
  • Still has a hard time trusting people in general
  • But he trusts you with his life.
  • He always listens to your problems, and only tries to give you advice when you want to hear it.
  • It turns out he’s extremely good at giving advice.
  • You keep him updated on anything regarding the Blossom twins and what happened over the summer.
  • He let’s you proof-read his writings and takes your comments to heart.
  • He genuinely cares about what you think.
  • He defends you whenever someone talks bad about you
  • Which ends with you patching him up afterwards because he’s bad at fighting.
  • Being his friend it like having one of those small dogs that tries to start fights with anyone that comes near you.
  • He’s not afraid to be sarcastic around you either, like his humor is so dry.
  • He doesn’t really smile a lot, his lips quirk upwards a little but that’s it.
  • The one time you hear him laugh it’s the funniest crap.
  • You start laughing at his laugh and he laughs more
  • The night ends with your sides aching from the laughter.
  • He’s just a great friend all around, and you’d die for each other. (or kill.)
  • Writers: So here is Betty and Veronica they are two platonic best friends who aren't in love
  • Me: they in love
  • Writers: This is Archie Andrews, you're supposed to love him as the main character
  • Me: EW miss me with that angsty sports vs music cliche
  • Writers: This is Cheryl Blossom, she's a bit of a bitch and possibly could've killed her brother you don't like her right?
  • Me: Oh my god I love her, protect her at all costs
  • Writers: this is Jughead, he's homeless, later we are going to pair him up with Betty
  • Me: Bitch what the fuck no

okay but… maybe betty is so used to heteronormativity and things her terrible mom engraved in her head that she forces herself to like archie more than a friend. forces herself to think how perfect they’ll be together bc they grew up next door to one another, they’ve been best friends for years. and then this veronica lodge shows up, kisses betty, and confuses her. because girls aren’t supposed to enjoy kissing girls according to her mom. so now she doesn’t know what to do, shes more on edge, and then she sees veronica hitting on archie and she gets even more hurt. but she’s not hurt that archie likes veronica. she’s hurt that veronica doesn’t seem to like her that way. 

7 Minutes || Jughead Jones

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word count : 1,225

pairing : Jughead Jones x Reader

warnings : make-outs, cursing, hating each other.

summary : You are friend with Betty and Veronica and they invited you to this party so of course you say yes. you didn’t know you’d end up playing seven minutes in heaven and be stuck in there with someone you hate; Jughead Jones.

     Betty and you had been best friends since you were babies. You were lucky enough to occupy the house right next to hers so you spent countless hours with each other growing up. When Veronica came to Riverdale, the two of you welcomed her with open arms. Of course when Veronica and Betty were fighting you took a neutral stance, or as neutral as you possibly could. You were happy to know when they made up, at least for the most part. Veronica was even throwing some party to finalize it; which is a bit weird but you were just going with it; who could say no to a good party?

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Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Description: After four years you return to Riverdale because your dad is a private investigator who’s working on Jason’s case.


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You entered Pop’s to pick up the order that your father asked you to, It’s been so long since you been in here, four years to be exact, a nostalgic you felt like crying but a sense of relive at the same time from coming back home.

“Look who’s back” said Kevin nodding at you while you waited for your food. Everyone turned around and instantly Archie and Jughead stood up and walked up to you pulling you into a big hug.

“Who is she?” asked Veronica. “Y/N Y/L/N” said kevin. “Archie’s and Jughead’s best friend” sadly said Betty. “She was here before we started hanging out with them, so I guess that makes her the OG” said Kevin laughing and Veronica just rolled her eyes.

“Archie Andrews you’ve gotten hotter since the last day I saw you” You said as you pulled apart from Archie and gave a hug to jughead. “Can say the same for you Jughead” y’all chuckle. “When did you got back?” asked Jughead. You sigh “A couple of hours ago, I can’t believe in back, but I really hope we stay this time” you smiled “Do you want join us?” said Archie pointing at the table where Kevin, Betty and a girl you didn’t know was. You shook your head ‘Uhm I gotta get this food to my dad, besides your table look a little crowded back there” Archie shook his head smiling “Are you jealous?” he said  “Not much” you responded as you walked towards the door. “Can I walk you home?” asked Jughead and you nodded. You walk towards Archie and give him a kiss on the cheek “I’ll see you at school” he smiled and walk back to his table.

You and jughead walked in silence side to side with your arms intertwined. You enjoy the comfortable silence between the two of you. You were walking up to your house and decided you break the silence. “I hear they closed Twilight” you were the only one jughead told about living at twilight. Jughead stop at you’re the edge of your porch and you walked up to it and turneing around, he just slightly shrugs his shoulders.

“You know you can come here right?” you said he smiled and nodded “Goodnight Y/N”  he walked up to you and kiss your cheek before leaving.

“Goodnight, Juggie.” You made your way inside and to your room to change into your pajamas and got to bed.