Blond [full album]
- Frank Ocean


It’s time for some FREE music!

no matter how many times i’ve heard damien rice’s beast and beauty, it’s always going to make me cry, every time,

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anonymous asked:

Hiya! I was just curious - what do you think each of the paladins + Allura and Coran have as their personal tastes in music?

SHIRO AND SHOWTUNES. SHIRO AND SHOWTUNES SO MUCH OH MY GOD. He also knows 60s-90s music, because Matt and Samuel liked the older stuff and so that was what was played on their ship. Think Guardians of the Galaxy, but with more variety. And the occasional song from Singin’ In The Rain.

Pidge loves EDM, and sci-fi movie/video game soundtracks. Also, the songs in the Fallout video game series. Unironically and everything. 

Keith, my man, listens to indie stuff, and alt rock. No, he does NOT listen to Evanesence, no, he does NOT listen to Death Cab for Cutie, no, Lance, it doesn’t matter if you found them on my music player I do NOT LISTEN TO IT. GIVE ME THAT BACK LANCE.

Hunk likes chill music. He also likes ambient music, and choir music, you know the kind that sounds really ethereal and makes you feel like you’re kinda not real, or something? That’s his favorite. Also, panflute. Because that thing is the shit. And ukulele. He can kill it on the ukulele. He once pulled ‘anyway here’s wonderwall’ and Shiro caught them all off-guard by singing along. Lance had to leave.

Lance listens to Beyonce. There’s a lot of Beyonce. Nicki Minaj, he knows the Hamilton soundtrack by heart (and so does Hunk, by association), he also knows the Wicked soundtrack and he confused the hell out of Keith once bursting into ‘Dancing Through Life’ midway through training. He has Cotton-Eyed Joe set to go at any moment on his phone and Rick-Rolling isn’t effective because he just sings along.

Allura, when introduced to Earth music, likes angry music, like Alanis Morisette. She also like N’sync. Lance has a field day with that one. Also, she loves African drum music, such as this.

They try to make Coran like country music, because they just assume that’s going to be his thing. It is not. He’s confused by the lyrics. Then Pidge gets the bright idea to introduce him to Weird Al. They learn very quickly that Coran is very good at impressions. And that he loves to wear that one outfit from the ‘Tacky’ video. Which one, you ask? Doesn’t matter. He wears them all.