[TRANSLATION] Musical Touken Ranbu Kashuu Kiyomitsu Tanki Shutsujin 2017: Post-Performance Tweets from the Kashuu Dancers

A translation of the post-performance Tweets from the ensemble team for the “Musical Touken Ranbu Kashuu Kiyomitsu Tanki Shutsujin 2017”, the Kashuu Kiyomitsu Tanki Shutsujin Team or, as they also call themselves, the Kashuu Dancers xD

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: That’s me on the screen laying down hotbars! I know I’m doing something right when diggs is rocking to it! Behind the scenes of recording with the big Homie and best music mentor




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Taylor liked this guys, please think before reblogging music video photos. Taylor just wants to make the best music video possibly without it being ruined by the paparazzi.


okay I’ll stop
electro swing is the best kind of music to wake up in the morning.

The soundtrack of your life tag!

Find 12 songs that would describe you in the soundtrack of your life then tag 10 people you want to get to know better who should try this out.

A song where the lyrics summarises:
1. your childhood - Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson
2. your love life - Elastic Heart - Sia
3. your high school years - The In Crowd - Mitchel Musso
4. your sexuality - Pokerface by Lady Gaga
5. your personality -  Power by Little Mix 
6. your opinion on a hot topic - Divided State of America by The Script
7. your best friend/s - Mad Love by Neon Trees
8. your thoughts on growing up - Barbie by P!nk
9. you on a night out - Wasted by Tiësto ft. Matthew Koma
10. your flaws - Freak by Molly Sandén 
11. your perfections - Believe in Me by Demi Lovato
12. your year - Brand New Eyes by Bea Miller 

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headcanons for dating charlie hesketh (tgc)?

  • He would be super protective of you
  • Especially with the whole Kingsman thing
  • Literally, he would not let you out of his sight, just in case
  • Poppy would make you feel at home, knowing how much you meant to Charlie
  • Charlie would always tell you how much you meant to him, especially when he was going somewhere potentially dangerous
  • You would go on luxury holidays, and stay in the best tents at music festivals
  • Literally Charlie would think the world of you
  • Right until the very end

Someone: Have you ever witnessed a crime?

Me (In a bitter tone, thinking about the 2017 Tony Awards): Something like that…

Hello I’ve slept on it for 2 nights now and I’m still mad at the fact Pasek and Paul consider they pitched “the weirdest idea for a musical” as if hip-hop founding fathers, electropop opera 70-page extract from War and Peace, wizard of oz fanfiction, nsfw puppets, mormons in uganda, singing cats and u.s. marines play who’s got the ugliest date before going to Vietnam (aka their very own show Dogfight) were never pitched. the disrespect of it all honestly.