How This Will Go

All right everyone, the following is a brief guide of what you can expect for the revealing of the gifts. 

All gifts are set to release at some time this morning (well… morning for us in the central time zone, at least). They are set for a sort of trickle-down system and so all will eventually be revealed just over the course of an hour, so if you do not see your piece right away - do not worry. 

All pieces are tagged in the same order - Character name, character’s creator tumblr, gift artist tumblr, and race. You can look them up by using any of these as your tag. 

While the attempt was made to @ everyone I could, not all blogs would allow me to. In this case, the tumblrs were manually linked. 

I have done my very best to be thorough. I am human, however, and I may have made an error somewhere. If I did, please send me a message through the azeroth-art-exchange mail and I will do my best to resolve the issue promptly - but please understand I may not be immediately available. 

I am very proud of everyone who stepped up to the challenges presented by this exchange. Trying to coordinate 121 people is no easy task, but seeing all the amazing art come flying in over the past couple of days has been really incredible. Thank you all for making this possible. 

Happy Fool’s Day, everyone! Enjoy the upcoming art! 

( No chair is safe~ )


It’s really too bad I can’t stand April Fools Day, because it would be the perfect prank to make a fake advertisement for a Boo Quest visual novel.

Except I kinda wish I could actually make one, heh…  It’s way out of my league though, for now.


said: just draw some prankster boo then, puppy please?

Best I could do in an hour, heh.  And now to disappear until the 2nd.

Hey Taylor

taylorswift Would you like to go for coffee, lunch, dinner or even go out for a drink. It’s up to you, whatever you want to do. I’d really like to meet you and spend some time getting to know you better. I live in Connecticut, so it’s just an hour train ride to Grand Central. So the next time you’re in New York City and have some free time it would really awesome if I could meet you, even if it was just for a quick cup of coffee. It would mean the world to me because your the BEST and I just want you to that. 😊

Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life



@Luke5sos: 18 soon, no more peein in my pants right guys


i wish i was beautiful.  i wish i looked perfect without makeup. a fragile, delicate, angelic girl.  i just really fucking want to be beautiful.  


the past three days of my life have been devoted to working, sleeping, and being completely consumed by having my heart wrecked and repaired and wrecked again reading ray-lou’s fic Knockout on the train rides in between. here’s my attempt to heal and move on with my life.


Au: Dean Winchester is the new companion of the Tenth Doctor. He’s still learning the Doctor’s ways, and when he attempts one of the Doctor’s signature investigative tools, the Doctor couldn’t be prouder.

#99: Pregnancy Series | You Go Into Labor | Part 2


You Go Into Labor | Part 1


Luke (His P.O.V):

”Could you drive any faster!?” I literally screamed out in nowheretowards my brother who was looking intensely at the road, his hands in a tightgrip around the steering wheel and nostrils flying open in frustration.

”I’m doing my very best Luke Robert Hemmings but it’s been 1,5 seconds since the road has opened again, and I’m only allowed to drive an precisely amount of kilometers per hour, if I’m driving any faster we’ll get caught by the police!” Ben almost screamed back, Jack sitting on the backseats behind us, his eyes staring intensely between us with his phone up to his ear to talk to mum.

”I don’t fucking care about the stupid police, my girlfriend is home in labor, if we’ll get a fucking ticket for driving too fast then so it be, I’ll pay it!”

”She’s still not your girlfriend, Luke!”

Silence took over the car by Ben’s realistic statement, the two of us staring at each other now waiting for the red light to change, both of us panting from yelling. ”Just drive, please.” I said in a more quiet tone, leaning back in the seat to calm myself and looking out on the road.

Ben barely got the chance to park into the garage before I had opened the door to the car, sprinting out of it and heading towards the front door and ripping it open. Silence felt over the room as everyone’s attention was directed towards me now besides Y/N who was with her head almost between her thighs, my mum almost letting her phone falling out from her hand in shock and relief.

Everyone started to panic around even more now, some hurrying out to the kitchen to grab whatever they needed, and I sprinting over to Y/N and taking my mum’s seat, kneeling down in front of her. ”Don’t worry mum, I’ve got it from here.” My statement made my mum hesitate, but she didn’t say anything, just nodded her head before she stood up with Celeste, the two of them sprinting out with the rest to the car to pack it.

”Y/N?” I mumbled, trying to get some kind of contact with her even though it seemed impossible with her hair everywhere and hands hiding her face. A small hum came from her made me sigh before I tried my best to remove her hands from her face, taking them in my hands before intertwining our fingers.

”It hurts, Luke.” She mumbled in a tiny vulnerable voice, looking up at me in pure panic and pain. ”I know, I know, but we have to get through that part now, there’s clearly no backing down now. I know this pain seem scary and trust me, I aint feeling better but we have to do this. Together.” She looked at me dazed as the contraction had seemed to disappear, a very small smile forming on her lips. I stared intensely, waiting for her to calm down as she was out of breath. ”Okay.” She mumbled out of breath which made me kiss her on the forehead before breaking into a smile, ready to let something off my shoulder but was interrupted when she started to groan again, “Okay, no time for confessions.” I stated more to myself than her before wrapping my arms around her, pulling her up from the couch and holding her security so she wouldn’t fall in pain.

”Ready to have this baby Y/N Y/L/N?” I asked as we stood up and she gave me a small smile before nodding her head and answering:  ”As ready as I can be Luke Hemmings.”


“Calum? Calum this is no time for sleeping, get up!” Joy asked as she tried to shake Calum out of his small freezing zone of lala land, his eyes going from showing the wide to being closed, you standing next to her wide eyed and looked down at him in panic.

“There’s only one solution for this.” Joy stated and crossed her arms, looking over at you. “What, calling another doctor?” You asked in panic, “No.” Mali said with a small smirk, walking towards your kitchen and filling up a glass of water. “Just doing a classical move.” She giggled before walking towards her brother, holding the glass in the air above his head before letting the water float out of the glass and splashing on Calum’s face.

Your hand flied up to your mouth in laughter as Calum reacted immediately in pure shock, lifting the upper part of his body up in a fast motion, looking confused around to see his mother and sister in your living room along with you. “What the hell happened, for how long were I gone?” Cal asked confused, looking between you guys as Mali went over to the kitchen again to grab a towel hanging around the rack of the oven, throwing it towards Cal so he could dry off his face.

“Probably 20 minutes. Joy and Mali arrived shortly after you blacked out. I called them.” You laughed, which made Calum look at you confused. “Aren’t you supposed to be in pain?” Now it was Mali and Joy’s time to let out a giggle, shaking their head at Calum.

“Mali measured the time between my contractions. There aren’t more than 7 minutes which means that I can rest when there isn’t one.” Calum nodded his head understanding with a curious look to his face, clearly not fully understanding what was going on, but just chose to nod his head along and not question anymore.

“Are you ready for this Cal or should we order a hospital room for you too?” Cal threw the towel towards his big sis by the cheeky question, sticking his tongue out at her. “Please, I’ve got this now, no worries.” He said as he stood up from the couch, grabbing you so you could stand up as well. “The bag is almost finished.” Joy said from beside you guys, putting the rest of the things that had been on the coffee table and down in the bag, shutting it afterwards with the zipper and giving it to Cal.

“Everything in there?” He asked to make sure, not that he knew what should be in there. “Everything.” Joy confirmed, nodding her head. “Good then. Let’s roll.” Cal laughed, throwing the bag over his shoulder and wrapping an arm around your waist to stabilize you, the two of you waggling towards the entrance of your house.

“Cal, why did you even pass out?” Mali asked as she looked at you guys putting on your shoes – you with the help of Cal. “I don’t know. I just basically imagined Y/N giving birth on the couch with blood everywhere and that big placenta.. I can’t even speak anymore.” He explained, which made Mali laugh again. “Cal, you do know that you’re going to see that when Y/N gives birth, right?” Again, Calum’s face turned pale when the realization hit him, but there wasn’t any time to faint again which made Joy push Calum out of the door. “No more teasing between the two of you, we’ve got a pregnant Y/N here who is ready to press out a living baby.”


“Michael where the fuck are you going?!” You yelled in a loud voice as Michael threw his phone to the marble counter in the kitchen, sprinting out of the door and up towards the stairs to your confuse. He barely got the chance to hang up the phone from talking to Ash before he had disappeared, the sound of things being thrown around upstairs making you go nervous. You craved to see what in the world he was doing but due to the contractions that was getting more and more painful by second seemed to have its power over you, leaving you behind in the living room to yourself and trying to cope with the pain.

“Y/N where the hell are all the diapers?” Michael yelled all of the sudden from upstairs, his voice faint but loud enough for you to hear it. “Under the sink in the bathroom.” You yelled back with a groan afterwards, moving around on the couch so you could sit more proper on the armrest of the couch.

By the yell of diapers that was when you realized that he was actually packing your hospital bag, something you had looked forward to and wanted to join him but it was impossible due to these contractions.

“You need any help, Mikey?” You asked anyways in a yell but received no answer, probably because Michael was too focused on getting every single thing with you guys on the hospital without any check list or you to direct him beside him.

Ashton smacked his car door shut in a fast move before sprinting up towards the stairs of you and Michael’s apartment, his feet fast as he sprinted up and almost ripped the door open to your apartment, silence meeting him as he entered the quiet apartment.

“Guys?” He yelled out confused as he moved into the apartment, noticing your small form sitting on the armrest of your couch with a blanket over you, a small groan coming from your lips. “Hey Ash.” You half smiled, half grimaced as he walked closer, “Where’s Michael?” Ash asked confused, but was interrupted when the sound of footsteps of what could be similar to a crowd at a football game after a match filled Ashton’s ears, he turned around and noticed Michael throwing himself down the stairs with the bag, baby clothing and such flying everywhere and almost at the point of falling out of the bag.

“I’m here and I’ve got anything.” He exclaimed loudly and out of breath. Michael marched towards the front door to put on his shoes, breathing heavily through the progress.

“Uhm, Michael?” Ash asked, interrupting the blond haired boy’s actions.

“What?” He said out of breath, stopping in mid-track to look up at Ashton confused.

“I think you forgot something.” “What?” Michael repeated loudly in more panic, looking around confused which made Ashton laugh. Ash pointed his thumb behind him towards you on the couch, Michael following the direction and his eyes wide when it landed on you. “Your pregnant girlfriend.”

“Of course, why would I forget her.” Michael exclaimed, starting to sprint towards you before helping you and helping you with coat and shoes, Ashton already out of the door to start the car again. “I feel like this will be a long night.” You sighed as you pulled your arms into the sleeves of your jacket, reaching out for Michael to intertwine your fingers so he could help you out of the apartment and down to the parking lot where Ash was now waiting.


”Baby you just gotta breath through the contractions just like we learned in birth class, it’s the only way you’ll get the pain to be as minimal as possible.” Ashton exclaimed loudly enough for Michael, you and Calum to hear him through the thick class, yet Calum let out a sigh before standing up, pressing a button so Ashton’s voice were loud from the microphone beside him, making sure that he wouldn’t need to yell anymore.

“It’s easy for you to say.” You mumbled through gritted teeth, having your hand wrapped around Michael’s as he instructed you to breathe with him and letting you smash his hand as much as the pain was smashing you.

“Hey, look on the bright side; it’s always a good thing that you guys brought the bag here.” Michael said, trying to lighten the tension up as your contraction had passed by, a small chuckle escaping your lips. “I am dating Ashton right? He won’t leave the bag anywhere not even for a walk to the mailbox if necessary.” You joked which made Michael giggle, shaking his head and looking over at Ashton who was now on his phone, probably trying to contact some body, maybe the janitor at this building to get him out of his current position.

“He just wants to be safe you know, I think I would react the exact same way if my wife were having twins and ready to explode them out.” You let out a small laugh by Michael’s words, letting go of his hand to lean back on the couch, taking a deep breath. “Do they hurt much?” Cal asked from sitting in the chair in front of Ash, making you nod your head to answer his question. “Much. And I know it will only get worse from now.” You mumbled, starting to feel the pain coming back, starting in your back and folding itself out like a flower up towards your stomach and down to your limps in the legs. “Speaking of Devil.” A groan came from your lips as you leaned forward, reaching out for Michael’s hand to squeeze it.

“I have it, I have it, I have it!” Luke exclaimed, catching everyone’s attention as he barged into the studio with a key in his hands, not wasting any time before he sprinted towards Ash to lock up the door.

A squeal escaped from Luke’s lips as Ash smashed the door open as soon as it was unlocked, hitting Luke straight in the face and pushing him up against the wall behind him. Even though it looked painful, it couldn’t prevent Calum, Michael and even you from laughing by the sudden action.

“What the hell, bro!” Luke exclaimed loudly as the door was moved away from him again, blood flying out from his nose. “I think it’s fucking broken!”  

“Jesus man, like this could get any worse.” Ashton exclaimed loudly before sprinting towards you, replacing himself with Michael so you could be embraced in his arms, Mikey walking towards the other couch to grab your hospital bag.

“It’s a good thing we’re going to the hospital, right Luke?” Michael said cheekily as he threw the bag over his shoulder, Ashton having you on your feet again so guys could exit the place.

“You’re so funny Michael, I’m exploding from laughter.” Luke said sarcastically towards Mikey while he was filling his nose with tissues Calum had given him, the five of you guys exiting the studio and ready to head towards the hospital.

I felt like drawing something WoT-related, but didn’t feel like doing my own fanart. So, I have drawn one of pettymotives‘ drawings of Asmodean, but in charcoal. Took me many attempts to get a picture so that the left half of the drawing didn’t look darker than the right half, and now it’s slightly blurry. I can’t win.

The drawing is this one. I’m happy with it (as long as I don’t look at it too long or side-by-side with pettymotives’ actual drawing).