omg I just had a fantastic idea omg ok listen fam!!

Ok so how about after we watch GM Ski Lodge we don’t go off and hate on every single thing that Riley Matthews does?

Oh! Oh! Also, how about we don’t forget that the whole basis of this show is Riley and Maya taking on the world together and that no boy can come between them?

And while we’re at it, how about we don’t disregard other characters’ feelings for the sake of our ships?

How does that sound? Like the best, most logical and sane plan ever, right?

Alright, so let’s all do that, ok? Ok. Cool.


in Scary-Oke you can see Stan has a baseball helmet in his closet and it just opened up a whole new world of possibilities

youve heard of Boxer!Stan now get ready for……….Baseball!Stan

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Hi Melly, liam got signed as a solo artist and I could not be more happy. And it looks like this is for real and his team is might actually be good! I mean it couldn't have happened to a better person... if anyone deserves it, it's liam. But It's also makes me wonder about zayn's situation, many of us speculated that zayn's solo career was part of the old team's exit sabotage. But could it just be that zayn choose a shitty team? I know zayn is smarter than that but i can't help but wonder.


Because I know u a Liam Stan imma be straight up with you. I’m happy for Liam. As a Zayn Stan I’ve always had a soft spot for Liam and think he deserves the best I mean that boy carries the world on his shoulders. What frustrates me about the whole solo ordeal is that Zayn’s team have been nothing but ABSOLOUTE shit while Liam’s team seem to be doing better work in an hour. I want them both to have good teams. I don’t understand why Zayn got lumbered with the ahit team ? No shade to Liam btw.


so we all know that zany’s management is fucking so much shit up for zayn but i want to know why??? Like WHY is zayn’s management being shit when it comes to him?


 I’ve talked about Zayn’s team and his solo career a lot (a realllyyyyyy lot) on this blog over the past seven months or so. I like to call it being “Old Man Yelling At Cloud”.

 I’ve always believed, and I still believe, that FAE is really a decoy for 1DHQ, which is why everything in relation to Zayn’s solo career is cloak and daggers shady. The extremely smooth and extremely less fucky rollout of Liam’s solo announcement yesterday in comparison put the spotlight on Zayn’s fucky solo career even more.

 With that said,  I’ll put on my  Hoevestigator hat to lay out what I think is happening with Zayn’s team for you. You should know in advance that I talk a lot. I am very sorry in advance. 

Part 1: Why Zayn’s Team Appears to be so Catastrophically Shit: A Melly Manifesto

An excerpt from an ask I answered (I’m lazy, what can I say), highlights some of the reasons for why I think FAE is a decoy:

1) Listen, no team, Sarah Stennett included, is as intentionally shit as Zayn’s is. Zayn is the living embodiment of the 1D business model (merch & brand partnerships at the forefront, music very much secondary), right down to the marketed image - he’s just been given an upgraded wardrobe:

Between the constant (and intentional) social media fuckups, off-putting Cool Mom Zayn image,  critical lack of promo, an incredibly skewed deal between his team and Gigith’s, and horrendous client negligence about Zayn’s alleged anxiety and the repeated cancellations, any other team would have been fired by now.

Which brings me to my next point:

2)  No artists’ team is ever this visible. An important thing to remember with the entertainment industry is that 9 times out of 10, if you’re seeing something, it’s because you’re supposed to be. The constant and heavy presence of Ned, Sarah Stennett, and Zayn’s rented FAE friends is meant to legitimize the presence of FAE.

Ned was purposely and heavily pushed to the fandom up until the karaoke video disaster in May, and positioned as an A&R/Manager/SMM/Your Mom. Spoiler alert, that’s not how a management team is supposed to work. An A&R Rep is not a manager, and your manager and/or A&R rep isn’t with you day to day, traveling with you like a high level babysitter.

Sarah Stennett was positioned heavily in the press as “Zayn Malik’s manager”, Ned Single White Femaled in the background of every pap shot, and they even positioned Ned as the fandom savior, great protector of moppet Zayn and working tirelessly to singlehandedly prevent MoM leaks (more spoiler alerts: he can’t).

3) There’s Sarah Stennett and FAE’s curious ties to both Simon Cowell and Irving Azoff. The links are real and tangible: MYKL (co-writers on many of the tracks on MoM) are former X Factor contestants, Sarah Stennett’s clients Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea are both X Factor hosts, Sarah’s JV being funded by a company that Irving Azoff is on the Board of Directors,  and I’m a mindful hoe that isn’t forgetting about The Brits in March 2015, where Sarah Stennett decided to hang out at the hooves and forked tails table with Simon Cowell.

4) How would Zayn have even ended up with Sarah Stennett anyway? FAE is a boutique management company with a lackluster lineup. Zayn had brand recognition, a huge built-in fanbase, and talent. I have a really hard time believing that there weren’t other management companies that were vying for Zayn. So why Stennett? You can argue that she has a good track record of breaking an artist, but her ability as a manager to take an artist’s career beyond that is decidedly shit. Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora are both proof enough of that.

Part II: I regret to inform you Zayn is still with 1DHQ

If I were to do maths, there is roughly a metric fuckton of evidence that  Zayn never left the talons of Simon Cowell and Syco, and that he’s still tied to 1DHQ. That’s why Zayn’s career has been such a goat rodeo: it’s been designed to be. It is sabotage, for the pure and simple facts that Simon will not have Zayn to profit off of as an artist in the long term, and also part of a  a very really and aggressive effort to damage both Zayn and 1D’s brand in the long term. 

Here are just a few of the (many) receipts:

1) MoM was released under Simco and licensed to RCA, for all Simon Cowell/Simco/Syco tried to very poorly hide that. 

 Dan Wootton curled his forked tail underneath him  and penned an article with his own two hooves that Simon Cowell  dropped Zayn “out of loyalty” to the remaining members of 1D on July 16, 2015:

Yet on July 17, 2015, Billboard released an article - with a statement from a Syco rep, no less - that confirmed Zayn was still a Syco artist:

There was also the incident on January 29, when Pillowtalk was released and iTunes listed it as “Simco under exclusive license to RCA”. It was quickly changed to “RCA”, but not before the fandom could make screenshots, natch:

2) Zayn’s stunt/promo schedule (lol promo) is still in perfect tandem with Babygate and One Direction’s.  Zayn’s fakelationship with Gigith even began at almost the same time as Lounielle & Cherliam (Zigi Nov. 25, Lounielle Dec. 8, Cherliam Dec. 12), and also has all the same hallmarks as a 1DHQ fakelationship: everyone is getting engaged, everyone has pets, and everyone is living together within a month. 

Also, remember the time  Eleanor and Zayn’s beard Gigith provided mutual promo? BECAUSE I DO:

3) Zayn’s career has been used to push 1DHQ narratives and agendas. Take his interview with The Fader, and it’s curiously aggressive anti-shipping stance, for instance:

“There’s no secret relationships going on with any of the band members,” he explains. “It’s not funny, and it still continues to be quite hard for them. They won’t naturally go put their arm around each other because they’re conscious of this thing that’s going on, which is not even true. They won’t do that natural behavior. But it’s just the way the fans are. They’re so passionate, and once they get their head around an idea, that’s the way it is regardless of anything. If it wasn’t for that passionate, like, almost obsession, then we wouldn’t have the success that we had.”

Or that Zayn was the first 1D member to acknowledge the birth of Freddie:

4. Zayn’s cancellations (Graham Norton, BBC Radio 1, Summertime Ball), were all confined to the UK where 1DHQ is based, and were all either almost immediately reported on, or exclusively reported on by 1DHQ mouthpieces. It’s a real pattern, and all roads lead back to 1DHQ.

5. The curious case of Naughty Boy. Naughty Boy was painted the villain in Zayn’s leaving,  and cast as the person who ultimately lured Zayn away from 1D for a solo career (only to have an alleged falling out with Zayn), yet he and Simon Cowell appear to be really close bruhs, you guys!

Simon Cowell must be such a benevolent and forgiving soul ( I can’t even type that with a straight face), because Naughty Boy was at the Syco Summer Party on July 19. I present to you this real Lemony Snickett of a  photo of Naughty Boy with Cheryl, Dan Wootton, and Simon Cowell’s girlfriend:

Funny how that worked out. 

Those are just some of the Spark Notes regarding Zayn’s solo career and the associated fuckery. I fully recommend if you’re new to check out my solo!Zayn Masterpost - it’s pretty comprehensive and lays out theories regarding his sabotage-y career, his team, and lack of promo (a lot of which have come to pass). 

Thanks for reading this far - may you have an excellent day and may your hair game remain forever strong.

A Kurt Wagner Prompt: “You make me feel like I’m not good enough. Like I’m not good enough for you.”

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 (Y/N) and Kurt were together for some time now. She was head over heels for him, always melting with love and tenderness. She looked at him like he was the only person in the whole world. And for her he was. He felt so loved and that made his insecurities surface again.

  He knew he wasn’t good enough for her. He was not a normal boy, he was blue, for God’s sake! She deserved the best and he was far from that. He loved her. Oh, how much he loved her. Adoration was what he felt all the time when he was around her. But, how could this work out. How they could work out, he didn’t know.

  The couple was out for the night to a pub close to the school where both lived. Kurt because he was a mutant and her as the Professor’s assistant. They had a very good time and Kurt almost forgot his insecurities, laughing along with her jokes, holding her hand. But then, (Y/N) saw an old friend of hers that also happened to be her ex-crush. Kurt encouraged her to go and greet him, and after some time she agreed.

  Kurt saw them laughing reminiscing the old times. His insecurities now were beating him up and if they had a form, he would be on the floor, bleeding by now. Why couldn’t he be normal? Why couldn’t he deserve her? He looked the boy, his normal humanly color, his lack of tail, of pointed ears, of fangs. His jaw trembled and he downed the liquor that laid in his glass. He shot the girl a last sad glare knowing she could be better with her old friend than him.

 Feeling all the eyes on him, he teleported away.

  (Y/N) sat around ten minutes with her old friend as he told her that he also had a relationship with a mutant who had fire powers, making fire puns on the way. She bid him goodbye and returned to her table, she looked for her boyfriend, but he was nowhere to be seen.

  She felt a tap on her shoulder and looked over to see a girl with a lemon-eating-face looking at her. “He left. Poof! Your freak is gone.” she mocked. (Y/N) gritted her teeth and clenched her fist, “Fuck you.” she spat and walked towards the exit. “Screw you, freak-lover.” she said, her words dripping poison. (Y/N)  turned back to the girl with a quick pace and a frown drawn on her brows, the girl shifted scared, as (Y/N) growled to her face “Say one more word and I will tear you apart.” satisfied with the result her threat had brought walked away once more. “And he is the best, you hypocritical bitch.” she said as she left.

  “Kurt?” (Y/N) opened the door of his bedroom. She saw him curled to the window sill. “What happened? Are you ok? Did I do something wrong?” she tried to approach him but he teleported to his bed. “You did nothing but good.” his thickly accented voice echoed to the room. “I am the wrong, the mistake. The unnatural.” he sniffed. “Who told you that?” her heart fell when she saw him like that. “None had to. I figured it out.” he snapped. “Y-You deserve s-so much m-more.” he lost control of his sobs. “I don’t deserve a thing if I am not with you.” she finally approached him and laid her hand on his back, making soft, soothing cyrcles.

  “You are perfect. You make me feel l-like I-I’m not g-good enough. Like I-I’m not good enough for y-you.” his head fell to the crook of her neck as his body shook from his sobs. “No. Kurt. You are way more I could ever imagine having. Yes, you are unnatural. But not in the way you think it. Your skin color or your powers don’t change the fact that you are the sweetest person I have ever met. Your kindness, your faith and hope, are always helping me keep moving. With you on my side. Otherwise, I don’t want to live in a world that you aren’t here.” she soothed him.

  He looked at her and she smiled to him, nuzzling her head to the crook of his neck. He, being ticklish, giggled. (Y/N) looked at him again and cupped his face as she gave him a reassuring kiss in which Kurt eagerly melted in.

me, about my cat: hes the cutest thing in the whole wide world, my love, my life, my best friend, and such a handsome boy
me, to my cat: hey, ugly

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The thing is, if the boys knew they were breaking up after they released MITAM, the *best* business decision would have been to say so! To milk it for album promo! To say this is it, fans, this is your LAST CHANCE to hear new music from 1D.

Not with this fandom, I don’t think. We would have caused a riot that shut down governments and bumped the world’s axis off by half a degree, I think. They were in a fragile position after Zayn left. This fandom as a whole knee-jerk reacts to evvvverything. Ripping a bandaid off would have caused utter chaos.

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Male or female? How old? What country? What got you into MLP (specific episode, PMV, etc.)? What keeps you motivated to keep posting adorable gifs? Why is Rarity best pone?

HOY BOY speed round


i saw the finebros teens react to bronies and i was bored one day so i searched mlp on youtube n just watched an episode and i was really surprised that it had a plot??? so i watched it all

she has nice hair she was actually my favorite before i knew anyone’s personality

edit: forgot to mention i stay motivated bc they’re ponies!! pastel colored cartoon horses w giant eyes that take up their whole face!!! they’re adorable!!! it’s like watching 6 puppies make their way in the world, it’s precious i love documenting the cute moments 

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"Hey Doll... Look, you're going through a hard time right now but you're doing your best. And that's what really matters. You've got the whole world ahead of you, and believe me, it sure beats the living in the Commonwealth. You're doing mighty good for yourself, Kid. Don't forget to take it easy, alright partner? I know the night just got darker, but it won't last forever.” Yours truly, Valentine.

I’ll have you know I’m actually crying right now?

Thanks so much

You’re more than a friend to me. When I felt like nothing in this world mattered you were there to pick me up and brush me off and make me see that I deserved to keep going. You’re my lifeline and I don’t know what I would do without you. I’ll always be here to pick you up as well. To dust you off and show you how wonderful you really are. You’re prettier than any rose could ever be and smarter than any stupid boy. You’re my sister from another mister, but you’re also my wife and I don’t really know how that works but let’s not dwell on specifics.

Living with you has been the best decision I’ve made in a really long time. We’re two halves of the most twisted Apple. My champagne princess! I love you with my whole entire heart and you deserve the world. Happy birthday babe, another kickass year is ahead of us. Let’s not waste it holding on.

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so the feels that I have for the boy I love is unexplainable. Even when he's the person that I'm mad at he's still the one i wanna talk too. He can be the person who makes me sad & I still wanna run up & hug him . The point is he is my happiness & my sadness . But he's my best friend in the whole entire world . He's the only person who can fill the void in my heart .

exactly what bein in love feels like :(

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hes the cutest boy in the whole world and cares about me so thoroughly. we play animal crossing and drive around a lot. he dances to music like a goofball and always seems to see me in the best light. i think ill keep him

omg this ask made me so happy this is so pure i hope u guys are in each others life for a long time

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i have a crush on this boy whos literally my best friend in the whole world and hes short and sweet but he would totally beat someone up for me if i didnt stop him,,, we hold hands alot and he leans on me when we sit together on the bus and i just love him so damn much,,,,,,,,, i got color corrective glasses recently since im colorblind and he was with me when i put them on for the first time and hes just,, so pretty in color

i need 2 lie down that last sentence has me…. emotional wtf

this is…. so goddamn cute im gonna cry ohmygod pls date him

tell me abt ur crush

Percabeth Child headcanon #1: Logan

This is basically for percyyoulittleshit cause she had a bad day and i love her tumblr and who doesnt love a good percababy headcaons

So i personally headcanon Percy and Annabeth to have 3 kids but since i have so many headcanons for a lot of children possibilities ill start with one of my favorites.

Percy and Annabeth got married id say fairly young like 25/26 and had their first child around 27/28. In this one their first child was a boy named Logan

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So, Chihiro, when you make it clear to everyone that you're a boy, are you gonna switch out of the female uniform?

Probably not the best idea for now…the whole world always has its eyes on the students of Hope’s Peak. I’d be surprised if they didn’t already notice Junko disappearing…so, I don’t want to switch uniforms until after I graduate and I’m out of the public’s eye.


MY LOVE!!!! okay literally… i say this honestly every single day but i love you SO MUCH like u cheer me up every time im upset and ur so funny literally ur always making me laugh w ur snaps and ur texts. and like literally even when im talking about the stupidest shit that u dont even care about like makeup or calum or 5sos or anything like u just go with it and u never make me feel annoying about being like excited about stuff. and ur the cutest boy in the whole world. literally the love of my life my boyfriend my sweaty my angel my best friend. i cant wait for our disney trip and i love you so much and like i cant believe like we talked every day for 240 days and u still arent annoyed of me and hate me? like wow…. thats so… unrealistic i cant believe this??? and our Iconic Snaps…. that night was so fun i love u and that picture… im so fucked up :D lmfao. like we’re both equally obsessed with each other and i love it so much like i can never thank u enough for being here for me and being the best friend/love/person in the world.
thank u for being my friend and listening to me and talking to me and jus being there for me ur the best i love u so much i will never be able to say it enough??? 💖💖

(mutuals send me numbers so i can make posts about u)