Killjoys Review

What its about: Space Bounty hunters. That`s pretty much all you need to know. 

Pros: Did you read the description? Its a show about space bounty hunters! Ok, so more specifically, its about a pair of bounty hunters, who live in a galaxy where bounty hunters, called Kiljoys, are a government sanctioned guild, and their adventures in a big, messy, rather Firefly-ish verse. They later pick up a third member, and so goes the show. I am a long time Aaron Ashmore fan, and I thought he brought his best, more likable Ashmore charm out to play. The woman who plays our main character, Dutch, also does an amazing job, being both an asskicker, and an actual character with depth, thoughts, and goals. Plus, I am always all for a female lead character in science fiction, especially a non white one. The thing I was most impressed with, however, was the world building. It introduces a whole world here, filled with government agents, guilds, resistances, religious orders, indentured servitude, and class warfar, all in just one 45 minute pilot. It was a bit confusing, but it was confusing in a good, I want to find out more kind of way. 

Cons: As of now, the third main character is the weak link. Not a bad performance or character, he just didn’t grab me the way that the other two main characters, John and Dutch, did. I`m willing to see where it goes though. Just, PLEASE don’t let him hook up with Dutch. The lameness of that cliche needs no explaining. Also, like many science fiction shows, it lives in the shadow of the shows of the past, your Cowboy Bebop, your Firefly, your Farscape. This show needs to stand out if it wants to join the ranks of the classics. 

Final Thoughts: A fun, well acted ride, and I am excited to see what happens next. However, they really should look into getting a super intelligent Corgi.