dimensionhoppingrose  asked:

Oh oh oh, Clara/Rose alien hunters!

  1. “Impossible Wolf Inc”. is what it says on the door.
  2. That’s all it says. The people who need them know who they are and what they do, and really, it’s usually best to keep a low profile.
  3. (Sometimes people think they’re private investigators, and, well, sometimes business is slow, so they’re not above stalking a few cheating spouses.)
  4. But what they really do is catch aliens. Sort of like alien bounty hunters.
  5. Usually it’s to bring criminal aliens to justice, whether by request of an official police body of a planet, or by another wronged creature.
  6. (The latter being the equivalent of, “My neighbor borrowed my lawnmower and didn’t return it and took off and is now several galaxies away, I just want my lawnmower back, thanks.”)
  7. They don’t exact justice. They’re not killers or anything like, they just find the alien and deliver it to whomever wanted them found.
  8. (They have several tools at their disposal, which is another reason to keep a low profile; Torchwood is already sniffing around them too much.)
  9. Of course, they don’t just hunt aliens down without proof of wrongdoing; they’re not here to help bullies.
  10. (Occasionally they get clients wanting them to track down someone called the Doctor, but they have yet to find a good enough reason to accept any of these jobs.)
  11. (The more requests they get, though, the more they want to meet this Doctor, just to see what he’s like, and why so many other creatures want him captured.)