Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un. Thank you all for those that have been messaging and showing support with duas for my grandfather, but sadly he left us on Monday evening. Allah knows best and although selfishly we want to keep our loved ones around us, Allah has saved him from a lot of pain and hardship. He was in the hospital just about a week and it was the worst experience ever, mostly for him but also for the family to witness.

Please make dua for him that the hereafter is easy on him. He was always so strong with his Salah, always praying at the earliest time possible even when he could hardly stand up properly. We used to laugh at how stressed he got if he hadn’t prayed even 10mins after Salah had started. He couldn’t read properly but he learnt surah Yaseen through reciting over and over with his grandchildren for years. He lived with us for almost all of my life and was a 2nd father figure to me. He loved kids and alhamdulillah he lived to see so many grandchildren and even 7 great-grandchildren mashaAllah. Please remember him in your duas. May Allah grant him Jannat ul Firdaus and forgive him for any shortcomings. Ameen


No matter which situation
you’re in right now.
Allah chose it for you.
Don’t be sad,
don’t complain.
Allah knows best
And he will give you the best,
even if it takes time.
Be thankful for everything,



I was so worried. So so so worried because ive been thinking about my future lately.. i dont know what my future holds. I’m blank. I have no idea. I cant even “plan” my next stage (especially when it comes to studies) like everybody else did. But then again i remember, i must have faith in Him & only. We plan and He plan, but He is the best of planners. I leave everything to Allah. I hope the way im going to take or the way that ive took, whatever that i do, will not harm me, will not break me afterwards. And if only things dont go their ways, may Allah give me the strength to face it all with sabr because i know, He wouldnt burden His slave beyond their ability. I believe in Him. May everything goes smoothly and may Allah give me the best In shaa Allah, ameen…

Music To Surf To - A Playlist

Fellow Huskies, do you have a case of the winter blues? Are you already using sunbreaks as an excuse to skip class? Feeling an overwhelming urge to go south? As The Mamas & The Papas famously sang in “California Dreamin’”, “All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey… I’d be safe and warm if I was in L.A.”

Bad news: There’s more rain in the forecast. Good news: I’ve compiled a playlist that might help you mentally escape the drizzle! This playlist is made up of some rad songs and artists that take their inspiration from early 60’s surf bands like The Beach Boys and Dick Dale. I hope it invokes memories of sun and sand and water that doesn’t fall from the sky. Cowabunga, dude.

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Chloe Hagans

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The first #word that was #revealed to #Prophet #Muhammad ﷺ was إقرأ (iqra’) read… there are scholars like Al Imam al #Nawawi, Ibn Al #qayyim and ibn al #jawzi to name a few… who spent their lifetime in spreading the #teachings of this dean and recording it down… #scholars who would prefer the #company of a book over alot of other things…
Pick up a #book… #read… if you dont know #ask… (please dont think you will become a shaikhul Islam if you somehow finish it… and no you cant give fatwas either… and please remain humble)

In the end, there are two types of Book lovers… those who decorate their #shelves with it - which is good (from an investment perspective)… and those who actually read - which is definitely better…

#Allah knows best 😌

"What would you change if you had a 2nd chance at life"

I’d like to think I’d change a few things, especially the big stuff, that has a big impact on my life. The stuff that was out of my control.

But then I realised, it was out of my control. It was qadr. And if I had a thousand chances at my life that would’ve happened again, and again, and again. And if not in the same way then in another way. And if not in the same place or the same person then another place and another person.

The fact of the matter is, it isn’t about the people or the place or the time. Allah predestined that lesson for you. Because there was so much value in the things that you will learn from it. Whether it’s disattachment, patience, losing provision. Allah wants you to learn to be attached to no one but Him. That the reward of patience is better. That He is the provider. He is the One who has created your heart, and the only One who can fix it. Etc.

This life is between you and Allah Sumaya. Between nobody else in existence but you and Allah. And those lessons were tailored for you.