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That’s what the SKAM fandom has become. A fucking mess between :  

- The creepy fans. They are hardcore fans. They are obsessed with Evak. They watched like 50 times, season 3. They know every lines by heart. They managed to do 2-3 trip to Olso, not for the beauty of Norway of course, only to see the two principal actors. On tumblr, their only occupation is reblogging stuff concerning Evak, Tarjei Sandvik Moe (“MY PRECIOUS SON”) and Henrik Holm (“RAY of SuNshIne”) (“BEST ACTOR IN THE WORLD”) (“I’M SO EMOTIONAL” or “I’M CRYING Tarjei or Henrik is buying some orange juice”) and answering Anon who is telling them ”Gurl, it’s gross, stop shipping Tarjei and Henrik together.“ ” You have to distinguish the character from the actor“. They don’t care, they’re too far gone, they will keep shipping them anyway because “I don’t hurt anybody doing that”

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 - The Norwegian weaboo. They throw some “Halla”, “Alt er love”, “Nei” and “Fy Faen” in ALL their fucking post even if they are just talking about idk lasagna. They remind you everyday that they are now master in Norwegian thanks to Duolingo. Suddenly, since Skam, half of Tumblr is Norwegian and live in Oslo and have (if it’s not them) ”friends who knew / go to the same school / did a party / hang out (cross out the wrong indications) with Henrik, Marlon and Tarjei". Yes, little we knew, Oslo is a village of 100 peoples.

- The Yousana shippers. Some muslims, many who aren’t. Innocent, they don’t understand what’s the big deal with the fact that Yousef doesn’t believe in God. Some even except a kiss between Yousef and Sana. LOL. My sweet summer child, you can wait. 

- The Jonas (”Eyebrows god”) stan. My favorite. They’re just worried about their fave since he disappeared completely this season. 

- The Eva stan. They’re just most of the time praising her and her “fabulous mermaid hair”. 

 - The seeker of the truth 1. The one who only care about this ETERNAL question in the universe : Is Vilde a lesbian ? They’re no doubt for them, and the answer is “YES”. They dislike Magnus with passion and (like 99% of the fandom) can’t stand Magnus and Vilde making out session. They reclaim the truth from Julie Andem ALL THE TIME. 

 - The seeker of the truth 2. The one who only care about contradict them. “Vilde is NOT a lesbian”. They’re personally offended by this supposition. Why ? Nobodies know.

- The artist. They just draw or do “aesthetic edit” about Skam. Half of their caption is “Alt er love”-“Du er ikke alene”-“Be kind. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about”. If you have an “aesthetic gif set” about one of the girl squad then you can be sure that you will find the picture of “a MAC lipstick slightly open with behind a white grayish background” in it.  

 - The Penetrator Chris Stan. Mostly young, they live in their bubble. They don’t take part of any fandom’s drama because they’re not invested enough. Isak ? Nope. Even ? Nope. Sana ? Nope. Noora ? Nope. LGBTQ representation ? Nope. POC representation ? Nope. ON-LY THIS FUCK-BOY MA-TTER FOR THEM. You easily recognize them because of their self-insert-imagine Readers where they are “William’s little sister and Chris secret lover” or when “You (Y/N) and jealous Chris are fucking in the kitchen”. 

- The Noorhell shippers. Maybe they were the original, the first one, SKAM  fans on Tumblr. Who knows ? They live in the past. They are still too invested in their shitty ship. They are an endangered specie now or maybe just hiding till the Wilhelm hate shit storm calm down. 

- The pepsi-max girl stan. Just kidding, nobody care about them. 

- The “Guys I have this incredible NEW theory : water is wet”. They are like weeks late in the season and just rehearse a theory who was already confirmed or already enunciated already by hundred of persons before. 

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-  DISCOURSE GROUP 1. The “Sana’s season is too boring”. Mostly white girl, mostly straight, “they can’t relate to Sana because “she (an arab muslim straight girl) is too different” but they had zero difficulties to relate to Isak during season 3 (a white gay boy). Why ? You already know the answer. You can pair them with the Evak creepy fangirl, most of them came from this group. Until know, they were just a pain in the ass with their “ok it’s not that I don’t care about Sana (in fact, surprise, they don’t) but WHERE IS EVEN ?”. They cried when the S4 trailers was released. After their little crisis, they wrote 10K long ass meta about why in fact every little details in this trailer was related to Even and not Sana. Still delusional, they don’t want to move on. They don’t talk or reblog stuff from S4, only from S3 (OR S4 but only if it concerns Evak of course). They wrote many theories about the balloon squad and how problematic they were. This friday, they were apparently “proven right” to their greatest joy with Mikael and Even’s story. YAY.  Since you can hear them yelling “all religions are evil and homophobic and needs to disappear (BUT if Islam could be the ONLY ONE to burn it would be nice”). Suddenly they adore Sonja (who was ”a bitch” during season 3) If you ask them not to jump to conclusion with Mikael (“the rat”), you are homophobic yourself and obviously awfully racist against white people (???). 

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- DISCOURSE GROUP 2. The Sana’s stan/ muslims one. They waited so long for Sana’s season and muslim representation. They have no time for your “lowkey islamophobic white ass” (”Sana is too white in this gifset” “ Pepsi-max girls sucks” “We don’t care about Willhell/ Evak/ Noora ” ( cross out the wrong indications) ). This season is very personal for them but to their surprise, it’s anything but what they expected. They have mixed feelings every new clip. They tried to educate the others Skam fans about some concept of Islam but people are not very receptive so they started to give up. Despite friday clip, they are still defending Mikael and the balloon squad against the various attack from the DISCOURSE GROUP 1. Easily offended, they can be a little too protective of Sana, her mom, and the balloon squad.  It appears that they lost all their patience and decided for the best or the worst to let the fandom burn. 

- THE OTHERS. The one who just enjoy the show, their favorite characters and favorite ships. They’re just watching the drama from afar. Sometimes, they low-key have a side but are too lazy to make a post about it. They’re just incredibly tired of this mess. 

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So I felt the need to make this post because I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me for collabs but there are a lot of things that are a bit off in these emails so I wanted to clarify for yall how to ask someone for a collab.


Write these emails like you’re writing a school email. I’m not super picky about formatting or “dear star” at the top or something, but you can’t send me an email that just says “u want to collab? I need voice for fandub” Or something like that. 100% of the time if you send me an email like this, I will not reply. I simply dont have time to email back and have an email chain figuring out what you mean. Try to use complete sentences, and spell words correctly. Also stay away from “u” and stuff like that, because it doesn’t look professional at all.


This is the biggest one I have an issue with. If you don’t have a previous channel or any other previous work, that’s completely fine. I am perfectly open to working with people who haven’t done anything online before. However, you need to show me something. A preview, a sample of the voice acting, a demo of the game, something like that. Also, include information about what you precisely would need from me. “I would like you to voice this character, in this particular voice, and here is a sample of the lines I would need.” is a good example. If you’re not set on the lines or what kind of voice you need that’s fine, I dont need something really specific, just a rough estimate or more information about the project. 


I get about 4-5 emails daily asking if someone could join the channel as a possible voice actor. I’m completely open to adding people as possible voice actors, I’ve done it many times before, but you NEED to send me a demo reel if you’re looking to join or have an established channel or work that I can check out. It’s as simple as that. Remember, your voice is your trade. You need to showcase your trade. 


Nothing makes me want to delete an email more than reading the words: Here’s my demo reel, it’s so bad don’t look at it. I’m not saying you should send me an email saying “I AM THE BEST VOICE ACTOR IN THE WORLD HIRE ME”, but try to remember that when you’re sending me a demo reel or something like that you’re sending me an audition. If you walked into any audition and told the director not to listen to you, they would send you out of the room. I’m going to do the same. You’re an actor, you’re selling yourself. A better way to word it if you’re not sure about your audition is to say: “I’m still working on it, could I get some constructive feedback?” That right there is WAY better than “this is so bad.” I know this is a weird thing to be picky about, but I get a lot of these types of emails and it weighs on me. 

5. DONT SEND ME “CAN YOU CRITIQUE MY UNDERTALE AU?” just dont do it. I’d love to check out a comic or something, but I know nothing about creating AUs.  

AND THATS IT! I know I was a little strict in this post, don’t let that stop you from sending me an email! I love what I do and I love meeting new people through the internet, I just felt the need to share with you guys the best way to send emails because then you have a better chance of getting in contact with me! Plus this is helpful for people who don’t really know how to send these types of emails, and don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t know. 
Also just because why not, my email is 
Happy birthday ,to one of the best actors and people I think the world has seen , tom Hiddleston

I also did a video if you’d like to check it out , it’s a birthday video with just tom .

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Come Home to Me


Request: Hey!! I love your writing I was wondering if u can write one about Y/N being a famous actor and being away filming a movie and Shawn calling her and telling her how much he misses her??

Word Count: 1,175

Come Home to Me

“And cut” the director yelled at you.

“That was amazing, y/n. The scene turned out beautifully. Such a pleasure working with such a talent” his kind words made you blush, but you smiled happily back at him.

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My reactions every time I see anything to do with Cameron.

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Yeah.. I need help.
Captivating - Baekhyun Fluff

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well I sure am emotional after writing this. Have I mentioned how much I love exo? I REALLY love exo sO MUCH. This is well overdue argh sorry x so yeah, fluff about the king of singing, leave me some requests.  

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 1060

Your boyfriend had told you nothing about the drama he was starring in, Scarlet Heart. So, before the drama started, you watched every teaser and researched as much as you could. He was a prince, the 10th prince Wang Eun. A playful boy, just like the man you knew yourself. The role was made for Baekhyun. Every time you’d beg him to tell you more, he’d keep his lips tightly pursed shut, a glimmer in his eyes.

It was the night of episode sixteen, and you knew this episode was going to be an eventful one judging from the previous installation. You and Baekhyun snuggled down on the sofa, as usual, you as eager as ever and him as smug as ever.

“You know, my acting in this episode is phenomenal.” He giggled, looking down at you with his eyebrow raised.

You rolled your eyes, turning back to the television, “You say that every time an episode begins. I’m becoming quite immune to it.”

Baekhyun pushed you up so he could look at you, “You think my acting is bad now!?” He whined.

Chuckling, you cuddled back up to him, “Of course not. You are the best actor in the world, darling.”

“Too right.” He mumbled, and you could just tell he had that cute pout on his face.

Straight away, your boyfriend was on your screen. Your eyes began to fill with tears as Wang Eun’s did in the programme. Were you really going to cry in the first minute? Imagining the satisfaction that would give him, you subtly wiped away the tears.

“Isn’t that sad? His wife has run away to save him.” Baekhyun said, nudging you lightly.

“Mm.” You hummed, not wanting him to hear you get slightly choked up.

We continued watching, your eyes completely enchanted by the man you loved on the television.

“I can’t hide behind my wife in shame like this. What can I do? I am her awesome person now. I am all she has.”

A small sob left your mouth, no tears, just a sound meaning that you was fully entranced at how charming and innocent Wang Eun was. This caused Baekhyun to crane his head around.

“Are you crying? Am I that good?” He asked, a smirk rising on his face.

“Back off, Byun. I’m not crying.” You replied, not taking your eyes off the action.

So a minute or so passed, and you managed to slightly gather your emotions together, the tears in your eyes disappearing until-

“Grand General, the 10th Prince and his wife are being attacked at the damiwon.”

“What!?” You yelled at the screen, jumping up to sit right on the edge of the sofa. You heard Baekhyun chuckling behind you, but before he could say anything you raised your hand, “Not now, Wang Eun and Soon Deok are in trouble.”

The two of you watched on, and within seconds those tears you managed to get rid of were present and well. You watched as Soon Deok fought off the soldiers, a nervous Eun behind her, and of course, Yo directing it all.

“This Prince Yo has lost it!” You said, the tears becoming obvious in your voice.

“Uh, jagi, he’s actually King at this point,” Baekhyun whispered from behind you, him also moving forwards on the sofa before wrapping his arm around your waist.

“Potato, potatoe.” You whimpered as the guards continued to close in on the couple.

And then, Soon Deok got stabbed. You screamed, practically jumping into Baekhyun’s arms as the first tear ran down your cheek.

“Be quiet. I will be the one to protect you.” 

Seeing Wang Eun protecting his wife like this although he had no idea how to face this didn’t help your already erratic feelings within. Him begging his brother only caused your breathing to become more unstable.

“Jagi, are you alright?” Baekhyun asked, his arms surrounding you. You didn’t answer, nodding slightly as you focused on the drama.

And then, Soon Deok, saving her husband’s life, is forced to the ground. At this point, you couldn’t control your tears anymore.

“My wife.” 

“Jagi.” You could faintly hear Baekhyun saying.

“I’m alright.” You whimpered, continuing to watch.

Eun’s pleas for his wife to come back broke your heart. The voice you had become so accustomed to, Baekhyun’s voice, was now a voice which was full of sadness, a voice you never wanted to hear, because it simply tore your heart to shreds.

After a few minutes, the scene which had touched you more than any scene you’d ever seen was over. Wang Eun and Soon Deok were dead. And your face was well and truly drenched. Even after the scene was over, you turned around, put your head against Baekhyun’s chest, and just cried.

“It’s okay, baby.” He soothed you, stroking your hair.

You pushed back, looking at Baekhyun. His hands came up, wiping away your tears.

“Wow, my acting could really make you cry this much?”

You chuckled, pulling your shirt sleeve up to wipe your face, “Who’d have thought it, huh?”

“This is the most important reaction to me. Your reaction. Forget ratings and things like that. This shows me that all them hours I put in were worth it.” He said, his eyes not leaving you. “Although, I am sorry for making you cry.”

“I’m so proud of you, Baekhyun. There’s nothing you can’t do, is there? Your talent knows no bounds.” You said, looking up at him, smiles rising on both your faces.

Leaning forward, you pulled him into a hug, placing a kiss on his cheek. In your ear, you heard a soft whimper, and pushing back, you saw Baekhyun crying too.

“Why are you crying?” You laughed, tears still leaving your eyes slightly, mainly because you were overwhelmed completely by your love for your boyfriend.

“Your words. They mean so much to me. You’re the reason I’ve truly got this far, you cheering me on for all these years, putting up with me when I was so far away or in a bad mood because of training. You’ve been there all along.” Baekhyun said, his hands entwining with yours, “And I’ll always try to improve to make you prouder and to become more perfect.”

“Baekhyun,” you began, and hand coming up to caress his cheek, “You couldn’t become any more perfect.”

20 Interesting Facts About Pisces (Part 2)

1. Pisces are usually put second to those who they put first.

2. Pisces can be a lot to handle in a relationship emotionally but their love is worth it.

3. Pisces are good at work but if they can put it off for another day they will; PROCRASTINATORS!!

4. Pisces love children and just wish for a happy happy family!

5. Pisces tend to be the more matured signs when…

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spy au. ladynoir or miraculous!nino + chat noir or miraculous!alya + ladybug (or even ot4?) (super indecisive lmao sorry!!!)

People say “spy AU” but I swear to god I only ever hear “Leverage AU”. IT’S NOT EVEN TECHNICALLY ACCURATE BUT I DON’T EVEN SLIGHTLY CARE. 

  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng is, of course, the mastermind. Or well, LADYBUG is–it’s not like they go around telling each other their real names first thing or anything crazy like THAT. Everyone knows Ladybug, of course: she was on the side of the angels for YEARS until–well, people are a little less clear about the “until”. All they know is she’s out of the game, and isn’t it such a waste of a brilliant mind. And such a fucking TERRIFYING right hook, too, holy SHIT could that woman throw down. 
  • Alya, aka Fox, is the hacker. There is not a henhouse she cannot crack, as she likes to put it. No one else likes to put it that way. She is extremely devoted to the job, though, and she puts in the WORK. She also checks up on the work again later and keeps tabs and she will lie her TAIL off to get the truth told, because fuck those guys. 
  • Nino, aka Turtle, is not the hitter, okay? He’s just not. He hits things sometimes because sometimes those things need hit, and that’s all. Occasionally he has to hit them harder than he would like to, but that’s because they NEED hit that hard. That’s all. Sometimes he gets to chop up potatoes and sometimes he has to chop off a murderous mafioso’s fingers. Context. 
  • And then there’s Chat Noir, who … PROBABLY has a real name, somewhere, but will definitely not be admitting to it anytime soon, and is PROBABLY really French, and who may or may not have an undefined past with Ladybug (and maybe an even less defined past with Marinette Dupain-Cheng and that name that nobody knows). He is either the worst or the best actor in the world, depending on who you’re talking to and what you need him to be acting for. He is DEFINITELY one of the best THIEVES in the world, no matter WHO you’re asking. 

(I’m not doing any more of these right now, just finishing the ones I had!) 

karamels: chris wood is the best actor in the world
chris wood: gets a show he’s the lead role on cancelled, can barely keep a CW role