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Hi I was wondering if you knew about certain shades of certain products? Specifically foundation/base products and lip products? This might be dumb but sometimes I really like how their entire colour scheme works and would love to know specifics. Also for colour matching in certain brands. If you don't know then that's fine but if you know what shades they wear that'd be great. Thanks!!! I love your blog!!!

Hi ^^ this is a quite hard question because i rarely do the decorative part of makeup myself, thus im afraid i cant explain how specific color scheme ‘works’. but lets see what can i do… 

Most of products mentioned here can also be found under the makeup tag.


Basically, skin tone and undertone are important to determine which colors that can look flattering on your skin (if that makes sense). 

Bangtan themselves used MAC foundations in the past (Pro Longwear and Studio Fix Fluid). But i have no idea about their skin tone because most of their pics are whitewashed since i never see them in person.

I’ve spotted a concealer palette from MAC (as seen on Kayonenka dvd). The palette has 4 shades: NC 30, NC 35, NW 25, and NW 35. One of those shades has to be Taehyung’s skin tone since the MUA applied the concealer on him. It was probably used on Hoseok and Namjoon as well since both of them also have medium skin tone (i could be very wrong though so please take this info with consideration).

I also want to point out that their MUA mixed 2 shades of foundation to match Jimin’s skin tone (this was back in 2015). 

I think you might want to consult @sunnyoongi regarding this matter (Bangtan’s skin tone and undertone) as they’re running a restoration blog and have met Bangtan irl. 

And you can use this website if you want to know the equivalents of MAC foundation shades from other brands.

(eye, cheek, and lip products are under the cut. image heavy)

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Happy Six Month Anniversary to us!

Dear authors: thank you all for writing such exciting contributions for the very first #evakteket challenge! We’re absolutely stunned by the response to our prompts, by the nice things you’ve said about Evakteket, and by the lovely stories you’ve written for fandom to enjoy. You’re all amazing! 

Dear readers: under the cut you’ll find all of the contributions. Happy reading, and please show the authors some kudos/comment love!

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It’s here! The Item Mall purge is here! To bid farewell to our ever faithful friend, us mods at the Elsword Fashion blog will be hosting a small giveaway!

Here are the details!

  • The giveaway will run from April 17th to April 28th. The winners will be announced on April 29th!
  • Two lucky winners will each receive a $25 US prepaid card of their choice. We will send you a direct message so make sure to have that feature on! If you don’t respond within 24 hours, we will re-roll for another winner. Although the giveaway ends after the IM purge, we hope it will benefit your future shopping sprees!
  • To qualify, you must have followed this blog before April 15th, 2017.
  • No double-entries either! We’re watching. 👀

To enter, simply head over to this page and fill out the short form! Good luck to everyone participating!

And with that said, even with the IM purge, we hope you will continue to support us long into the future. Stay fashionable everyone~.

My Pinecest “Master Fic” Post

Here are my meager offerings to the Pinecest fandom. Hope you enjoy them.

“Fistbump” AU

Fistbump (a Pinecest story)

Dipper and Mabel, their fourteenth birthday celebration in the city, and the fallout. (original NSFW version)

Fistbump 2: Unspeakable (a Pinecest story)

Fourteen-year-old Dipper and Mabel return home to California after a tumultuous conclusion to summer vacation at Gravity Falls. (sequel to “Fistbump”, original version)

Fistbump Redux (an “Almost” Pinecest story)

Dipper and Mabel, their fourteenth birthday celebration in the city, and the fallout (new “cuter” SFW-ish retelling of the original story, without overly explicit content).

“Unexpected” AU

Unexpected (a Pinecest Story)

Young love blossoms where it shouldn’t. What will happen when it appears that a new life has been formed from this love?

Coming out

More than a dozen years have passed since Dipper and Mabel have visited Gravity Falls. Is now the time to reveal their secret?

Other stories

(unrelated to AUs above)


Sixteen-year-old Dipper and Mabel’s first Christmas “together” is memorable, for more than one reason!

A Perfect Pines Christmas

Things couldn’t be better for the twins, could they?

Cards Against Humanity

What happens when the “party game for horrible people” almost reveals a horrible truth?

Un-convention-al Relationships

Cosplaying twins meet up with an unexpected attendee at a comic con.

More to come … eventually :-)

Prompt Ideas!

Originally posted by hobixing

This is a list of aus, prompts and scenarios smut-centric and not that could possibly help anyone struggling to figure out what to request for the Jihope Love Exchange.

Be prepared, this list is rather long.

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so this totally isn't about a crush but it's kinda close - i was in this aids benefit thrift shop thing in manhattan today and there was this boy who walked in and smiled at me and he was rly cute - and then he saw me taking pictures of vintage cameras with my own vintage camera and kinda laughed but then i smiled at him and he smiled back and then we had to leave and i'll never see him again but it was a fun moment!

oh my gosh!!!!! I AM GASPING this is so darn cute n good!!!!!!!!! golly goodness I’m just so darn happy for you. that’s adorable and wonderful. 💖💓💖💖💖

Style and Shopping as a Means of Expression and Self-Realization

by Kate Carraway

Illustration by Penelope Gazin

Girls and women (it feels so corny to consider girls and women as these separate classes of experience, right?) have, more so than guys and to our great benefit, style and shopping as a means of expression and self-realization. As problematic as it is to get super-excited about spending money toward, like, selfhood, it’s a socially and emotionally safe way to have some stripe of identity-adventure, to tell ourselves stories through our choices and things, and, more and more, to share those adventures and tell those same stories online. (This is why I don’t hate it when a tween buys a pee-quality body splash for $14 and posts about it; I know what she’s doing when she’s choosing, when she’s having, when she’s showing.)

The online show-off experience could have been about sex—some of it is, obvi—but girls tend to do the show-off parts of the internet the way they do clothes, which is mostly for themselves and for each other. This way of doing the internet, our way, converges as an inward “me gaze.” The aspects of performance and intimacy are all there, but are for us, and for an audience of us-es.