Happy Bellarke fam selfie night! 💕I’m so sad that we don’t get to see Bellarke together in this episode but let’s hope we get a shirtless Bellamy lol
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Sooo I decided to chop off my hair! It was time for a change. I chose to donate my hair to Children with Hair Loss, a nonprofit that provides hair replacements to children facing medically-related hair at no cost to the families. It’s an awesome organization and I highly suggest that you check them out!

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GOSH my hair looks ridiculous today. Sometimes it frizzes up, sometimes it’s wavy and other times it’s pin straight, sigh I’m blaming it on Sydney weather (it’s been storming for like a week and a half now)

Anyway, here I am in a room with way too much light b/c it’s still morning over here! I’m writing another bellarke meta (surprise, surprise) and trying not to think about Bellamy risking his life today,,,but it’s really not working whoops

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Happy The 100 day everybody!


Hi hi hi 😊 I was tagged by the most beautiful angel, Toni aka @theboyfromwhiteeskimo94 to do the selfie challenge! As you can see my face looks extremely difference between when I do wear makeup and when I don’t lol.

Anywho, here are my top six (’: these are probably the only six I’ve ever taken cause I don’t really like taking selfies much lolol

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Happy Bellarke Fam Selfie Night! 💜
And although we won’t get any direct bellarke tonight, I’m still hyped and excited af.

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Happy Bellarke Day, y’all! Hope your day has been as fabulous as we all know tonight’s episode will be. 

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I’m sorry for how often I’m showing my awkward face this week, but I was tagged for the Bias Selfie Tag by the beautiful goddess, @mjbm!! I’m nowhere near as lovely and match-y, but please accept these efforts (brought to you with the gracious assistance of my friend)!

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