Paradoxical Hearts // Enrique & Freya
@revelatiiions // Enrique

FREYA COULD SEE THE bruises and cuts on his face, marring his handsome visage. He looked well, but it was obvious that he’d done something risky again. But then again, when was being a drug lord ever not risky? A wave of worry hit her. An hour or two, he could’ve been killed; gone for good. The thought somehow made her chest ache.

        She already accepted the fact that his career tantamounted to burying half of himself in a grave. However, that didn’t make her worry less. 

       She crossed her arms over her chest, giving him a glare. “You could’ve died,” she said, “and there’s the possibility that this date night of ours wouldn’t even happen had something bad happened to you.” Curling her hand into a fist, she gave his chest a light punch. “You don’t die on me.” She looked at him pointedly. “If you do, consider yourself double-dead.” She squinted her eyes at him. 

        Freya wasn’t usually like this, giving threats and punches, but her concern for the male pushed her to do it. She didn’t mean the threats, though, but she really was worried. 

Eviternity (i)

Summary: Merman Warren discovers Ship Captain Y/N Y/L/N aboard The Royal Beauty. [Merman Warren au]

Rating: T

Word count: 1.4k

Warnings: none?

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A/N: those who have been waiting patiently for this, thank you ! i hope that you all enjoy! also if you haven’t read the prelude, la sirene, i linked it for you bc you gotta read that to understand what’s happening. thank you !!


There was something about his eyes. Something about the way that those deep, piercing eyes seemed to reflect something from deep within you before he sunk back beneath the waves, disappearing as though he had been nothing but a phantasm that you and your crew had collectively imagined.

Yeah, that was it. A phantasm.

Or so you had found yourself believing, after a week had gone by with no more signs of anything slightly related to a merperson at all.

Your crew had started to grow slightly irritated that you continued to have them bob in that same spot of the ocean for the past seven days with no word of a change of course – But you couldn’t leave. Not yet, not when you still believed that they were out there.

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This is a pile of some of the donations, for people affected by the fire, that people brought to the benefit we had in Oakland last night. The room that the stuff is in in the picture is where the show was originally going to be held, Midsummer and Scandinavia film studios. That beautiful space now has tags on their door saying they can no longer have events, even though there is a huge garage door from the shows space to a courtyard. There is no clutter. And a ton of fire extinguishers. They make music videos and do commercial film work there. We didn’t expect for them to be targeted, but art spaces are all at risk right now. Huge thanks to Ben and Simran for dealing with the authorities all day yesterday and for finding a new venue for us. Thanks to Starline Social Club for donating your club to us and covering the overhead. It was I incredibly special to hold space with and group hug everyone who came out and packed the room. Thank you Pete Lee for screening Johnny Physical and Clyde Petersen for screening Torrey Pines. And thanks to the generosity of the community we raised over $5000. We will be donating $1000 to Trans Assistance Project’s fund for the funeral expenses and end of life costs for the transgender women who lost their lives, $1000 to the fund for the 4 year old twin daughters of Alex Ghassan, and the rest will go to the main fire relief fund. So much love to you Oakland. So. Much. Love.

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