protect neville longbottom

so obviously in the books we see neville’s classmates jeering at/making fun of him during his awkward hogwarts years, and i can just imagine the gryffindor boys conspiring together to protect smol neville at all costs, little first years huddled in their too-big beds, bonding over their concern for their kind-hearted but rather clumsy friend. over the years, their tactics include

  • seamus loudly offering his support for neville and his botany, even that darned mimbulus mimbletonia, praising its exotic beauty (?????) and utility (?????!!!)
  • harry hurrying ahead when he sees a bunch of upperclassmen snickering after neville tripped on nothing but air, catching up to his friend and scooping up his books and offering a hand as neville smiles gratefully
  • (before they leave, harry glares at the sixth and seventh years, who shrink back, suddenly remembering all the other places they have to be)
  • dean painstakingly lettering neville’s name in his beautiful calligraphy onto the tags of his robes and miscellaneous items so he won’t lose them in the messy heap of gryffindor clothes
  • ron spying neville sniffling in the corridors after reading a particularly scathing letter from his loving but sometimes harsh grandmother, and sidling beside neville to nonchalantly swing his arm around his mate 
  • they fall into a deep conversation about self-worth and confess shyly to each other their insecurities (“i have five older brothers, mate, that’s a bit much to live up to, don’t’cha think?” neville, shining with sincerity, blurting, “but ron, your brothers haven’t done half the things you have, really…beating magical chess, winning the house cup, facing down lockhart….” ron blushes fiercely, but grins widely)
  • the four boys forming an indignant shield around neville when snape tries to demean and belittle him as usual in potions, slipping him little hints and nudging him towards the right ingredients (courtesy of hermione’s plentiful assistance)
  • growing older and increasingly busier, but always finding time to check in with the other gryffindor boys, catching up and complaining and sharing about their days (and also making sure no one’s been bothering neville)
  • encouraging neville to be more outspoken about his wants/needs (“yeah, you tell ‘im, neville!!”), and doing their best to provide a supportive environment and a real home
  • just four boys bonded by real friendship and bravery, demonstrating true courage by watching over their friend so he never feels helpless or oppressed, but rather supported and encouraged
  • watching and waiting and helping until the day their friend–their friend whose remembrall got stolen, who got himself turned into a canary, who got caught singing to his plants in the greenhouse every night–stands up against voldemort himself, pledging loyalty until “when hell freezes over!”, and bringing the sword of gryffindor swinging down, down, down into voldemort’s very soul 
  • and later, as a professor at hogwarts, when there are whispers of “kept the DA alive during the carrows’ reign at hogwarts!” and “refused to join them death eaters, right in front of voldemort himself!”, neville just smiles with his fluffy jumpers and achingly kind eyes, going right on tending to and protecting the puffs and the gryffs, the slyths and the claws, especially the ickle firsties who huddle together their first year away from home.
Which Disney Princess should you Fight?

Snow White- Are you Satan? What did Snow ever do to you? DON’T fight Snow White

Belle- She may not be strong, but she is smart and has an army of servants ready to fight for, her not to mention the BEAST. Don’t fight Belle.

Cinderella- I mean, if you wanna have your eyes pecked out and and your cupboards empty, you’re welcome to try.

Aurora- This chick got taken down by a spindle. Please fight Aurora.

Jasmine- This woman is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and has enough strength to push over boulders. Do NOT fight Jasmine.

Ariel- She’s freaking mermaid not to mention the daughter of King Triton. If you want to incur the wrath of the King of the Seas upon your head I won’t stop you.

Tiana- It’s 50/50. If you can catch her away from Louis, you’d have a shot.

Mulan- This needs no explanation. Don’t fight Mulan.

Pocahontas- I mean, if you wanna fight the pacifist, that’s your prerogative. I wouldn’t endorse the decision.

Merida- Master archer, master swordswoman, hand-to-hand combatant; you’re welcome to try. In fact, she might take you up on the challenge just for amusement!

Rapunzel- Magic grappling hair and a cast iron skillet. You can fight her, but it isn’t the best idea.

Elsa- Three words: Frickin’. Ice. Magic. Do NOT fight Elsa.

Anna- What did Anna do to you? She’s nice and sweet and if she cleans your clock, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Moana- She is more than strong enough to take you out on her own. But that won’t stop her friends the demi-god and the freaking OCEAN from stepping in and backing her up. Don’t. Fight. Moana.


Benvolio and Rosaline being pretty and flirty together.
Still Star-Crossed, 1.03 “All the world’s a stage”.

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Lottie Tomlinson Is Launching A Book And The Name Is Just Perfect

She might have made her name as a One Direction little sister, but it’s her beauty flair and way with a make-up tool or two that her three-million-plus followers have stuck around for. Now, at just 19 years old, Lottie Tomlinson is releasing her first book, Rainbow Roots.

Initially taking inspiration from one of her most famous beauty looks, Rainbow Roots is a guide for those wanting to add to their make-up catalogue: whether that’s perfecting the basics or mastering more creative options. It’s friendly, fun and in it Lottie shares plenty of anecdotes about her beauty journey and where she’s aiming to go next.

Here, she gives us the low down, plus the first look:

How does it now feel to have a tangible product with your name on?

It feels really good to have a product that completely represents me and my style. Everything about it reflects me and my personality and I think it’s really cool that the publishers gave me so much free rein in order to achieve that.

What was the best part of creating the book?

I think the best part about it was seeing it come together for the first time, we worked on it for over a year so seeing so it was so exciting.

What was the biggest challenge?

I think the shoot was the hardest part, because we had so many looks we wanted to include in the book but after a while your face and eyes start to hurt and get sore, so that was tricky!

You’ve dedicated the book to your mum, was that an important decision for you?

It was really important for the book to be dedicated to my mum because she always believed that I was going to do well and have a great career even when I didn’t believe in myself. I wouldn’t be where I am without her, she was so excited about this book. I hope I’ve made her proud.

The book not only champions make-up artists, but others pursuing their dreams - how important is it to you to empower other young women?

It’s so important because I wouldn’t be where I am without people like Lou Teasdale, who supported me and empowered me when I was new and starting up, so I think it’s really important for me to try and do the same for others.

How involved were you with the way the book looks?

I was 100 per cent involved with the whole book. The publishers really gave me free rein with it so I came up with all the looks and decided exactly how I wanted it designed. There were so many times that I sent it back to be to changed. I really wanted it to be perfect.

What was the one look you knew just had to be in there?

I knew I needed to include some neon looks as I love all things neon, and I think it’s a big trend at the moment.

What did you find out about yourself during the making of the book?

I think I found out a lot about what suits my face because I did so many different looks. That’s why I think it is really important to experiment with your make-up so you can figure out what suits you best.

What do you think is a key look in the book that everyone should master for the season ahead?

I think one of the key looks I have included in the book is my perfect base. It’s great to master that as it will complement your final look.

Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

I love Huda Beauty on Instagram so much, she’s created an amazing brand and supports so many make-up artists and influencers which I think is amazing. I met her not long ago and she’s lovely!

Whose make-up would you love to do?

It’s got to be one of the Kardashians! Who doesn’t want to do a Kardashian’s make-up?!

What message do you hope your readers take away from the book?

I hope they can read the book and realise there’s really no rules when it comes to make-up and beauty.