Baby Malfoy


Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader

Request: Anonymous said “People think that y/n and Remus despise each other since she’s Lucius’s sister but little do they know that(if you’re okay with this) they have a relationship and one day while they’re in Remus’ room having a quick make out sesh before class James walks in and screams and runs out or something? It’s okay if you don’t wanna”

Warnings: poorly written make out session

A/N: I love Remus so much but I suck at smutty stuff smh😂 I wanted to focus more on James’ reaction anyway because it was beautiful😂😂

************************************** “Hey love” Y/n Malfoy smirked, straddling her boyfriend, Remus Lupin, as he sat on his bed before class. Y/n’s lips soon found Remus’. Their lips roughly movied in sync. Remus’ lips trailed down to her neck and sucked on her sweet spot. Her moans continued to get louder and louder until the door swung open. It the door way stood a shocked James Potter. He quickly came to his senses, realising his best friend was snogging Y/n Malfoy, Lucius’ sister, and let out a high pitched shriek. He ran out of the room, still screaming. Both Remus and Y/n burst out laughing at the boys reaction. “What the bloody hell did you do to Prongs?! He’s having a heart attack! Also, hello Y/n!” Sirius Black laughed in the doorway. “Um. W-well we’ve b-been dating for a couple m-months now.” Remus stuttered, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. “You’re dating a Malfoy?! No offence Y/n” Sirius exclaimed. “Yeah, none taken. My family has kinda disowned me.” She giggled. “Oh. Well. Continue then.” Sirius smirked, giving Remus a thumbs up and a wink. Y/n and Remus laughed. “Where were we?” Remus trailed off, pulling Y/n back on his lap.


The wonderful and lovely @howling–fantods tagged me to post only pictures on my phone to describe who I am. I sadly don’t have too many pictures on there but here are a few ones that are very /me/.

  1. Me playing guitar while camping.
  2. Needs no explanation.
  3. Shadowman very close to me being very cool.
  4. Michael got me coffee and he knows me very well.
  6. 3 things I love: Strats, records, and my cats
  7. Hello, me again. Adorned in beloved attire.
  8. Rainy day in New York, which was beautiful.

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I see too often amazing, beautiful, talented people tag their work with “bad writing” or “sorry it’s rubbish”. It’s none of those things, it’s wonderful and beautifully written!! You guys feed my soul with your creativity, your writing is like the tastiest soup and I just want to eat it all up until I burst ❤❤❤

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Name: Julia
Jules, Sweg Lord (don’t ask..)
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strawberries, melon
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Harry Potter, LotR, A Long WAy Down
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dogs, cats, elephants, horses (basically all animals)
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tea, iced tea, coffee
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Harry Potter: Hermione, Draco | Dragon Age: Morrigan, Alistair | LIfe is Strange: Max, Nathan | Game of Thrones: Jon Snow, Tyrion
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currently 1, the last two weeks we had 34 degrees at an average, haha
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where can i check this? i think it was september or october 2015
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1.867 beautiful people <3

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with warm fingertips and a warmer mouth, magnus was as solid as ever. but even solid things can feel as though they were resting on shaky foundations. 

alec was caught that moment, that pause as he tried to reconcile the feeling tugging in the very center of his chest. that feeling that something definitely wasn’t right

“are you sure you’re alright?” the words spilled off of alec’s tongue as though he couldn’t keep them in his mouth. 

magnus’s expression wavered for a split second and then that smile pulled at his lips and crinkled his eyes yet again. nearly bright enough, nearly good enough to quell that feeling pooling between alec’s ribs. 

“i’m alright.”  words by @abloodneed