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Requiem of the Night

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Couple: TP Zelink

Prompt: Lelianna’s Song from Dragon Age

I highly recommend listening to the song while reading. 

Translated from the elven into English:

elder your time is come

now I am filled with sorrow

weary eyes need resting

heart has become grey and slow

in waking sleep of freedom

we sing, rejoice

we tell the tales

we laugh and cry

we love one more day 

~Requiem of the Night~

“Hahren na melana sahlin emma ir abelas souver'inan isala hamin…”

Softly, ever so softly, a midnight breeze caressed a sweet and familiar tune, carrying it to the ears of a wandering shadow. The lone figure stopped in his tracks patting the horse he was leading on the nose. “Do you hear that, girl?” he whispered, tightening his hood as a shiver ran down his spine. Could it be?

“Vhenan him dor'felas in uthenera na revas…”

Epona snorted as Link led her closer to Castle Town, enchanted by the voice that seemingly beckoned him. He left her to roam outside of the gates and dashed inside, afraid the melody would cease. The first sign of life he spotted was a woman tending to some late-night cleaning outside of a shop.

“Excuse me, Miss,” Link said, startling her.

“Oh! Um… hello!” She gazed at the cloaked figure with a touch of apprehension.

“Do you know where that music is coming from?” he asked, pulling back his dark cloak a little so she could see his face.

“M…music? I hear no such thing.”

Link frowned. “Sorry to bother you.” He wandered away, leaving her to stare after him in confusion. Midna never heard it either. The thought of his old friend hit him with a pang of sorrow. How time flies… It would be three years this summer, he thought. Determined to find the source, he pressed on and was lead straight to the castle gates.

“Vir sulahn'nehn, vir dirthera, vir samahl la numin, vir lath sa'vunin…”

He muttered to himself, “How could I have doubted myself? I know exactly where it’s coming from, and I was sure about it back then, too.” Avoiding the guards, he was determined to find a way in unnoticed. The entry to the waterway is too small… Reaching into his bag, he pulled out a clawshot, and when the coast was clear, propelled himself onto a roof. For the first time since the war had ended, Link longed to become a beast and sing back to her again, just like the solemn nights in Hyrule Field. I’m coming.

The shadow slipped between the guards’ view, worming his way further along the rooftops and nearer to the tallest tower. The climb was difficult without Midna, but not impossible. Luck was in his favor, for any guards he came across were out of earshot or had fallen asleep at their post.

“Typical,” he growled, yet silently thanked Din for his fortune.

A familiar layout came into view as he reached the last leg of his quest. The closer he neared, the more longing he heard in her voice. Finally, he reached the window he had entered twice before, and after one last check for guards, hopped into the stairwell.

Link approached the ajar door and peered through the small crack, heart pounding when he finally realized what he was about to do. WHAT am I doing here? I haven’t spoken to her in years.

But she crossed his mind often.

“Vir lath sa'vunin…”

The magical aura of the Ancient Hylian tempted him further until his hand started to press on the door.

He continued to internally scream at himself. NO! You’ll probably ruin whatever friendship you’ve established! Is that what you want?

Yet there he found himself, in plain sight and staring at the Jewel of Hyrule herself, fully garbed in her royal robes. She sat on a stool, plucking away at a full-size harp and pouring her very soul into the melody. Her notes filled the room with wonder, shamelessly traveling through her open window and into the night. A small light from her fireplace illuminated her very majesty, glowing as if the Golden Goddesses had became mortal in that very moment. Realizing the princess’s eyes were still closed, Link was tempted to make a break for it, but as he stepped backwards, the room swayed a little and he froze again.

A few moments later, she finally sensed her new company. Flustered, and after nearly tipping the large instrument over, she gasped and stumbled out of her stool. “Who-” she said, narrowing her gaze. “Link?”

“Zelda… I-I heard your call… like before and I…” he fought to find his words, the spell of her music fading.

“You came,” she whispered.

Link lowered his hood but fixed his gaze on the floor, half embarrassed and half confused at not only her response but his own actions. “You used to sing that sometimes during the war. Midna never believed me but… I could hear you from the fields.”

“And you always answered me.”

Link could hear the smile in her voice, and sure enough, he looked to see her glowing even brighter in the dim light, eyes watering.

The pair stood in blissful silence for a few moments before Link asked, “What is that melody? Why is it so alluring and why am I the only one who seems to notice it from such a distance?”

Zelda explained, “It is an old song passed through my family in old Hylian, a song of both mourning and hope… one that got me through the long nights alone.” she swallowed. “One that I sang for you, waiting for you to come and help me shut away the darkness. Elder your time is come, now I am filled with sorrow, weary eyes need resting, heart has become grey and slow, in waking sleep of freedom.”

We sing, rejoice, we tell the tales, we laugh and cry….” Link breathed

We love one more day,” they said together.

Link muttered, “How? I don’t know ancient Hylian.”

The princess shrugged, firelight dancing in her eyes. “Maybe there is more to us than we know ourselves.”

A sideways smile entered his expression.

“I must ask, Link, with the war over, why do you wander the fields?”

“Sometimes I solitude away from home, yet it’s in search of something I can’t explain. Time has changed me, and I feel like there is something missing I need to find,” he replied, not meaning to raise more questions than answer. “So, why do you sing such a mournful requiem when days of peace lie ahead and have graced this land for some time now?”

Princess Zelda gazed into his sapphire eyes, making a silent connection that only two ancient souls could rekindle. “Maybe it is because I am calling to a missing piece of my own existence.”

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Yes I realize that this Elvish isn’t Hylian and that the song and lyrics belong to the Dragon Age game. I just wanted to mix it a little. Thanks for reading! There is plenty more to come in the near future.

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