Ouat Con New Jersey 2017 - Saturday, Jen’s Panel
  • She’s so pleased with what they wrote for emma’s ending (x)
    • Emma’s pregnancy is her happy ending (x)
    • Jen is really pleased about Emma’s pregnancy and her happy ending (x)
  • Jen disagrees with Colin about #CaptainSwan parenting (x)
    • Jen disagrees with Colin on the CS parenting styles - she’s thinks if they had a daughter, Hook would be more strict! (x)
    • Jen said that if Emma and Killian had a daughter, HE would def be the more strict parent, contrary to what Colin said (x)
  • She definitely wants to travel to Ireland, has heard about it a lot the last few years (x)
  • Jen says she wants to travel more & she’s learning to say “no” more so she can have more breaks (x)
  • Not sure there was a clear moment where Emma realized she was in love with Hook because of her walls (x)
  • The moment when she kissed him in Neverland was part of a turning point for emma’s feeling (x)
  • If Jmo was a candy bar she’d be a snickers bar (x)
  • JMO’s favorite blooper was blowing out the blue candle. (x)
    • Jen really couldn’t blow out the blue candle on her birthday candle (x)
  • Emma got her flower tattoo when she was 14, the flower was also on the crest of Charmings shield (x)
    • Emma’s tattoo- she got a tattoo at 14. As a cosmic connection the the Charming family and family shield. (x)
  • jenn said she misses her red jackets from Ouat (x)
  • Jennifer is going to miss everyone on set, Emma’s jackets, and good memories. She said she is grateful. (x)
  • One of Jens favorite episode is Graham’s last episode. (x)
  • Jennifer says that by the time she met Hook it was further enough in the storyline that she had a feeling it would be important (x)
  • Jen loves the character development between Emma and hook. Very natural. (x
  • Jmo’s working on a project that she can’t talk about (x)
  • “Find the storys that are important/mean something to you, and make them.” (x
  • Most emotional scene when she killed Hook/ and when she had to wake Henry up in s1 (x)
  • She’s super grateful that her being emma would mean so much to people (x)
  • She’s into running around with men in kilts and wearing wonderful dresses (x)
    • Jen would love to be on Outlander so she could run around men in kilts, ride horses, and wear beautiful dresses. (x)
  • Jen think there should be a ride at Disney for Emma. Where you ride in the yellow bug. (x)
  • Wish realm hook was funny, but it was funnier just how happy it made Colin (x)
    • Jen loves Wish!Hook not only because it was funny, but because it brought Colin so much joy (x)
  • Jen’s favorites: CS Movie, Camelot Arc and the Musical (x)
  • what character would you bring back? jen- “ROBIN HOOD” she said it so quickly  she was just copying colin but she did say that she would bring robin back (x)
  • jens favorite trait of Emma is forgiveness (x)


Birthdays are a good time for reflection. Mine is fast approaching. My son says I can’t count backwards, so I guess I get to be 46 this year no matter how I try. 🙄

My life is so different than I imagined in my youth. I have had such beautiful and difficult experiences. One of which was making the decision to divorce my son’s father. I am grateful for the peace and comfort that comes as we navigate changes in our lives. I am especially grateful for experiences past that help me recognize guidance in my life.

I would be remiss in not expressing gratitude for the individuals that have been an important part of my life in adding to the joy and growth and at times pain. I am truly fortunate.

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What is your theoryyyy?

Okay it’s a total reach and honestly I’m just imagining theories as they come. But according to the creators they’re telling someone else’s story with out anyone really realizing. Like the series is telling another characters story with a beautiful ending but no one notices it because they’re so focused on Eleven and her powers.

I’m just thinking maybe Mike feels so connected to Eleven because they’re similar. Like sure maybe it’s a crush, but they seem to understand each other on a stronger level than anyone. Everything Mike does in the game, happens in real life. Not that he’s causing but perhaps he is a piece of the puzzle. Eleven found Mike and his friends, Mike found Eleven. Elevens uses her powers most around Mike and maybe he makes her stronger?? Again this isn’t so much about romantic connection, but rather that he’s gifted but hasn’t realized it.


Underrated Songs on Red (2012)

State of Grace



I Knew You Were Trouble

All too Well


I Almost Do

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Stay Stay Stay

The Last Time

Holy Ground

Sad Beautiful Tragic

The Lucky One

Everything Has Changed


Begin Again

The Moment I knew

Come Back…Be Here

Girl At Home


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Fred Armisen met Prince when he played on the show (SNL). Earlier in the evening, when Armisen had asked Prince if he was okay with the impression, Prince had rubbed his arm and said, “It’s cool.” Then later that night, Prince held a private after-party.

“It was really not fancy,” said Armisen. “Just a buffet and a D.J. He was sitting alone at a table and eating macaroni and cheese, and I went up to him and sort of was like, “I think you’re the greatest.” And I did it in the way that people say things when they want to hear a compliment back. And he turns to me and goes, “You know what else is the greatest? This macaroni and cheese.”

- Fred Armisen, Vulture (2011)


If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!” |
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Prince performing at Wembley Arena, 1986