🎄Christmas Lockscreens! 🎄

🎁I decided I love Christmas and Yugyeom, so I put them together!🎁

❄️If you want me to do any other members or any pairings, I will do them! Just send me an ask! ❄️

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brigidcoady  asked:

I think it is the two of them in hoodies snuggling on the bed, smoking and kissing. So innocent. Isak taking his first steps out...

I think that was the scene that brought in the hugest amount of new online followers. I remember my dash full of hundreds of gifs, pics, gifsets, quotes that morning and that made me curious enough to find out what that was about and watch the video! After that the amount of Skam posts on my dash just exploded, haha!

I still find it one of the sweetest, most meaningful, incredible scenes, definitely <3


drawing of dodie from jamie jo’s giving dodie a kitten video! omg it made me cry twas adorable  dodie was so happy and i was so sad she couldn’t keep the kitten in her apartment sigh  (also that’s a thing- drawing happy looking people just improves everything?? because they’re smiling from a photo and you end up copying their expression as you draw it’s just a happy time)

yes zita looks like an alien and yes dodie’s face looks v odd in the top doodle but who cares it was really fun to draw  

(this features beautiful sketched additions from @mimicawry, the no.1 birb kid in my life)