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I don't know but something about todays clip just got me, Isak has gotten so soft and like he is glowing with happiness. HE IS JUST SO SOFT I CAN NOT GET OVER IT

It’s been 10 hours now, and I’m still not over it either. From Monday, all there is in my mind is that one beautiful, and so accurate quote from Eskild “there’s so much love in that little grumpy teenage body of yours.”

See the evolution of Isak Valtersen. Him who could have showed anger or frustration towards Sana, after getting hit, but no he was instead offering the other cheek. “i’m fine, that’s fine, let’s forget about it.” Isak who was rather concerned about her well-being than his own, being present as the friend Sana deserves, and showing her that without stepping on her boundaries, rather trying to make her laugh. And that last clip just, “you’re a good person Sana.”, can someone aknowledge that quote ? How each one of her friends have always been busy rather speaking about their own issues because that’s who Sana is, she is the listener, she is the one who is always present. But then, who is present for her, who listens to her ? As she was speaking about Even, Isak probably understood it wasn’t just about him, but her as well. How she always seems so strong, but behind that fortress she is as vulnerable as the rest of us. She had been there for Isak, she had been there for Even as well, she had to know that, what an extraordinary friend and person she is. 

There had always been softness in this heart, really it was rather more subtle i guess. But how this bloomed ever since a certain Even walked in his life. Showing Isak there was nothing to be afraid or ashamed as just being himself, on the contrary how beautiful he had always been to Even’s eyes. What an inner battle it had been for Isak to finally accept that and be able to step outside, step litteraly under the sun. And i feel that’s one of the reason Monday’s clip was so powerful, remember “good moments are so good because bad moments are as bad.” They had just experienced quite a rough period, whether Even or him. And yet, here there were, standing side by side, holding hands and Isak wearing a little daffodil that Even had probably offered him on their way home. To be able to appreciate those little joyful moments, Isak is all about that today. Because indeed, life can be tough, but it can also be so beautiful. And what a precious gift he knows, to get such a supportive boyfriend by his side. Even makes him a better person, just like Isak does to him. They challenged each other but always learned together, day after day. This is a relationship that helped Isak grow and mature as well.

I was speaking of Monday but it’s even more telling i feel in that last clip, where we finally get a glimpse of their intimacy. And look just how soft Isak appears, and ridiculously happy. Oh, I could talk about that glow for hours believe me. As if they had just danced along that new Gabrielle song until Sana knocked at their door, and they probably did. Those little attentions that could mean nothing “if that’s important to you…”, or compliments “you geniuses”, and you know Even is always so laudatory concerning his boyfriend, are actually everything. For every time Isak still doubts, Even is always there to remind him. That’s one of the thing giving him so much strenght today, helping Isak stand up and now be present for Even, for his friends, for every one in need. Isak is free, Isak is happy, and he just makes sure to share it with the world. Be kind, always.


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