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Happy Valentine’s Day @beautiful-swan ! I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk with you more, but you seem extremely sweet and I hope I get to know you more in the future! I’m posting this tonight instead of tomorrow since I’ll be doing homework all day (blegh) and wanted to make sure you got your present on time. You said you liked CS fluff and comfort stories, so I tried to include some of both into this. I hope you like it and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! <3 

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It’s late when Emma finally drags herself through the doorway of their house, Killian close behind her. She shrugs out of her red leather jacket and tosses it carelessly on the hardwood floor, too exhausted to properly put it away, and thankful that her pirate is a neat freak that will most likely have it hung in the hall closest beside his within minutes. 

The newest looming threat to the town has left the two of them emotionally and physically drained, along with the rest of the “Nevengers” as Henry recently began referring to them. It was David’s idea that they brush up on their sword fighting and defense skills instead of relying solely on magic, which they had been doing since the sun rose earlier in the day. Emma thought she had developed adequate fighting skills by now, but the ache in her back and shoulders hints otherwise. Even Killian, with his three hundred years aboard a pirate ship, had come back with a swollen ankle and a cut on his forehead after one of the dwarves had been much more aggressive than he expected.

She’s long accepted the fact that Storybrooke is her home and being the Savior doesn’t allow any days off, but that doesn’t stop her from wishing for the millionth time that she and Killian didn’t have to get up and do it all over again tomorrow. The idea of sleeping in and making pancakes in their pajamas is much more appealing. She sighs. Maybe one day… 

It’s almost like Killian’s reading her mind when he sits down beside where she’s all but collapsed in the middle of the living room couch. Emma immediately snuggles into his side and tucks her face into his chest, the cotton material of his shirt tickling her nose. She knows they should be heading to bed; they have to be up early in the morning, but she can’t help but enjoy what he would call a quiet moment while they had the chance. 

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its valentines day rn so whats better than drawing the lovely boyfriend ocs digitally amirite @fxturepxst
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Look at the beautiful perfection of this man

You know you’ve had too much to drink when the phrase “Majora’s Mask feels more like DLC for OOT rather than a stand alone game” makes you want to sit them down for a schooling lesson.

Like it was so hardcore DLC that it won a bet with Shigeru Mitamoto TO BECOME A STAND ALONE GAME YOU NINNY OMFG SIT DOWN AND STFU



Hi, happy Valentine’s Day:3
Soulmate!au (this idea belongs to my best friend) :
On your 7th birthday, parents should lead you to the flower shop, and you yourself should feel and choose your flower.
You take care of him, that he bloomed, because at that moment you meet your soulmate.(The flower doesn’t give understand as looks like and what it represents your soulmate).
Louis think that it stupid
largely because that he is already 23 and his flower not yet bloomed and he is not represent can bring together his, Louis, and his soulmate.
And Harry loves his rose (he even made a tattoo, because felt a connection with his soulmate) and he is more susceptible to this connection, so at some point he feels that soon will meet with his soulmate.
Once day Louis forgot to pour his flower and when he remembered, was terrified, because he likes his flower even though he maddens Louis, he was very scared, even asked advice from a best friend and finally he start to climb in Internet.
At this time, Harry felt that something was wrong, because at it immediately began to ache all body, the temperature has risen sharply and he was very angry at his soulmate, so he took his coat and ran out into the street, exactly feeling in which direction to go.
Louis sat and cursed himself, sadly looking at the flower, when suddenly in his door someone started very strongly pounding (he thought it was Liam, but he remembered that Liam had the keys and he wouldn’t knock ) . He went to open the door, and saw a tall, shaggy, wet and wildly evil guy. Harry just pushed Louis in apartment, himself went inside, shut the door with his foot and began to shout at Louis, what the hell he did with his flower, after all Harry is dying literally. What is no joke and should be taken seriously for his flower,after all he, Harry, loves his rose and even made a tattoo with her, and Louis irresponsible.
Louis at that time was very ashamed, but at the same time him madly like the guy in front of him and he was sad , that he to treat with disrespect to flower
As a result, Harry finished,breathing heavily, and Louis became very ill and he went to his room, where he saw a completely whole and beautiful flower. Harry, which followed him, because he saw that this charming little guy feels himself is really bad, too saw the flower and been very glad, so he turned the Louis and strongly hugged him and Louis felt himself like a home and decided to find out the name curly miracle.
Well, in the end Harry stayed with him and they didn’t sleep until morning , because talking and fell asleep in an embrace. And Liam, which came home in the morning, saw this picture and smiled, glance at the flower and rejoicing that they found each other.