you’ve got a friend in me

Pardon the cheesy af title, I have no originality looool. 

Since we’ve got amazing spoilers about the Captain Book/Beauty friendship, I wrote this thing about how it all started during the 6 weeks of peace.

Basically deleted Captain Book and Captain Swan scenes from the 6 weeks of peace (season4). 

Killian exhales loudly, clenching his jaw, as his fingers tighten on his coffee cup. It was, perhaps, a bad idea - maybe he should get Henry to check out the books and he could spend that time researching in Regina’s office with her and Emma, or at Granny’s, or quite literally anywhere else –

He shakes out from his nervous thoughts as Emma calls his name, offering him a little smile when he blinks cluelessly at her.  

“It’ll be fine, Killian.”

“I hope so,” he replies, his eyes sweeping across her face as he still can’t believe that he is well and alive, and Emma forgave him after the stupid deal with the crocodile –

- right, the crocodile.  

Emma takes a step towards him, a little smile pulling her lips up as she rests her hands on his shoulder and stands on her toes, pressing her lips against his scruffy cheek.

Killian feels himself blush at the contact and just before he can say something or put his arms around her waist or do anything so to not embarrass himself as some blushing school boy, Emma presses a quick kiss to his lips before her feet are back on the ground, her hands still clutching his shoulders.

He knows the tip of his ears are traitorously red, and that his cheeks are flushed, and the way she’s grinning at him, she knows he’s blushing.

“See you at lunch,” she squeezes his shoulders.

He looks up at her smiling face and smiles back, his gaze landing on the way she’s biting her lower lip.

He wants to kiss her. Properly. But it’s still pretty new, and he isn’t sure if Emma would appreciate being kissed by him in the middle of the street where anyone can see them – their beloved Saviour with the Pirate who trapped some of them in a bloody hat and it’s just been hardly a week since Gold left town – 

- and right, Gold. Belle.

So he settles to just squeeze her hand as he watches her walk away from him, her hair swishing as she turns back once to wave at him - Killian being proud that his eyes were actually at her eye level then and not further down.

Once Emma is away from his sight, he turns and with a deep exhale, opens the door.


He doesn’t find her anywhere.  

There’s a half-cup of tea which is still a bit warm sitting on the desk beside the computer, meaning she’s definitely been here, but she’s nowhere in sight.

So Killian sets out to work.

He grabs all the books his hand and hook can support from the Fairies and Ancient Magical Objects sections, and sets them down on the big desk in the middle of the library.

Killian’s half-way through his second book when he hears the clicking of heels, and he figures it’s Belle since the only ones wearing those infernal shoes in this town are Belle and Regina.

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  • Zen:So... Are you a man or a woman?
  • Vanderwood:I'm a secret agent.
  • Zen:Oh, but what's between your legs?
  • Vanderwood:Seven, apparently.
  • 707:Hello~

petition to stop editing out plus size models’ cellulite and stretch marks 2k16

To all my One Direction lovers

I honestly don’t know where I’m going with this post. But I just thought all the Directioners would like a little reminder to never forget our boys. (Not that anyone would😂)

Lately I’ve been thinking about Niall a lot. Just the simple little things and that I wonder if he’s ever gonna make more music. And today my wishes came true! I was blown away and in tears to hear my favorite boys voice again. I know to some of you that might sound a little ridiculous, but I’ve been a fan of One Direction since the day they won the X Factor. I’m a 19 year old girl and most of my friends make fun of me for still being a fan. (Even the ones that were fans with me 😓) I can’t help but love each of them more and more everyday. Of course I was heartbroken when I found out Zayn was leaving the band. Or when I found out they were going on a hiatus. (Then my heart was literally ripped out of my chest and stomped on when I realized they were all going their separate ways) But those 5 boys have gotten me through so much, it’s almost impossible that I’m still standing strong everyday. I’ve been a little more down than usual these last few weeks. Going through a lot of different changes and just feeling lonely. So I got out ALL of my One Direction CD’s and just listened to them. You can’t go wrong with ‘Up all night’s’ Moments. Or 'Take me Home’s’ Little Things. Some of the songs that I’ve sadly forgotten about over the years. So today when I woke up and saw Niall had wrote a song and it was out there for everyone to hear, I couldn’t help but cry happy tears. I know that everyday I don’t think about the boys like I use to, but lately that’s all I have been thinking about. It’s like I’m going through stage one of fangirling all over again! 🙈Call me crazy, I’ll call myself crazy too.

I use to be a tumblr addict, and ever since I’ve gotten a little older I’ve stopped posting as much. So I would just like to ask all of you to support me in trying to start posting stuff everyday again. I miss my tumblr family.

So what I’m a 19 year old girl, almost 20 and all I want is my Directioner fans back. I miss talking about the boys and seeing their faces all over my feed.

Lots of ❤️
Ps. I have a feeling no one is going to read this 😂

hi guys this is just me dropping by to say that i’ve been really awfully… strange lately and try as i might i’m still struggling a lot. a solution is on its way hopefully! it’s a bit personal but i hope to have more stamina and focus very soon. meanwhile i’m dropping this “ic blog” i made for bastila’s teen verse here (it’s not ready yet but she’s already been posting some stuff). it’s just what it would be like if teen bastila ran a blog, things she would reblog, post etc. feel free to have a look at it, it’s a sideblog to my personal and it’s the closest thing to ic stuff i can manage right now. i still have to reply rosie’s lovely birthday gift for bastila and it’s been a month already… i’m very ashamed but i will get to it no matter how long it takes, as well as my other complicated threads that i love so much but can’t sit down to reply. thank you so much for sticking around, i just feel bad for posting lots of memes and not enough threads.