MCR 22 Day Photoshop Challenge

✿ Day 1 - Gerard + Music Videos ✿

To be old and wise one must first be young and stupid

Hi, it’s Lydia again! I’m on my way to another therapist appointment, the weather is certainly warmer than last time (35 degrees, as opposed to 3 degrees), which I’m certainly happy about. I’m still envious of my sister, who’s spending her spring break in Florida.
A little bit about me for those who haven’t seen my previous submissions: I’m MtF trans (she/her pronouns) 22 and a half years old, and I live near Cleveland, Ohio.
My blogs are (main/reblog blog, can be NSFW sometimes) and (personal sideblog). I usually follow back, though not always immediately. My ask box is always open, and I can also be reached via Kik, my username is “lydiasaoirse”.
And as always, I’d like to remind you all that it’s never too late to transition and live as your authentic self, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.
(Outfit note: my Starfleet combadge is blacked out in memory of Leonard Nimoy.)