Poor Eyesight

Eddie leaned lazily against Bev’s side to keep himself from falling asleep. He studied the colored Christmas lights decked across the roof of the house across the street, not yet lit.The Loser’s had decided to meet up early at Bill’s house after their late night study session last night. Bill and Ben were working on making coffee for everyone and passing the mugs around. Everyone was there besides Richie and Stan. 

But the peace without Richie didn’t last long, as everyone jumped when they heard the door slam and Stan politely took off his snow coated shoes at the door while Richie only kicked his off after he’d almost forgot and Stan slapped his arm. Everyone mumbled tired hellos and went back to crowding around the counter and coffee pot. Stan sat down gracefully on an open stool leaving Richie behind. 

Richie tried to push through his friends so he could actually get to the last open stool next to Eddie, trying to shove everyone aside but even in their tired dazes, they were all up to tease Richie and didn’t move an inch. “Excuse me-Hello???-You guys?-” Richie rolled his eyes and made eye contact with a smug Eddie. “MOVE I’M GAY!” Richie shouted and everyone finally cleared him to get through as they snorted in laughter. Richie finally plopped down and threw his arm around his boyfriend. 

As Bill stirred another cup of coffee and took another mug out to pour some into it, he noticed Richie’s new tape decoration on his glasses. “What h-h-happened to your g-gla-glasses, Rich?” he asked as Eddie moved to lean on Richie’s shoulder, eyes fluttering closed.

“Huh? Oh, Twinkle toes over there stepped on them last night while you were drooling on your history book.” Richie jabbed his thumb into Stan’s chest and Stan rolled his eyes. 

“It was an accident. I swear.” Stan held his hands up in mock defense and Richie laughed. 

“Can you give me some coffee, Rich?” Eddie mumbled sleepily into the fabric of Richie’s sweater, eyes still closed. Richie found the sight adorable. He handed Eddie a mug, a small smile on his face as Eddie went to sip at it. 

“Richie, this is empty.” Eddie glared and set the empty mug down as Richie chuckled. Bill rolled his eyes and shoved the mug he’d made for Eddie in Richie’s hands. 

“G-g-give em’ his coffee.” 

Richie gave Bill a salute but took his own sip before handing it to Eddie. “Ewww, Why do you drink decaf?” 

Eddie rolled his eyes and sipped it, sighing in relief at the little refresher before setting the mug down. “If it disgusts you so much, try not drinking my coffee.”

Richie giggled and rubbed under the bridge of his nose, careful not to provoke the tape hold on them. “Oh! That reminds me, Bill you have some weird fuckin’ neighbors.”  

Bill quirked his brow as he sat down next to Ben and Mike. 

“I walked home right at like… when did I leave…?” Richie smacked Eddie’s shoulder, who was drifting back to sleep again. 

“Ow! I don’t know, I think one in the morning.” Eddie shrugged and sipped his coffee. 

“Yeah, one in the morning and your neighbors.” Richie pointed at Bill with amusement “were outside playing cards or something in their yard.”

“At one am…? In the snow?” Bill shook his head but honestly, anything was possible in Derry.  Eddie chugged his coffee in disbelief and rolled his eyes, not sure if he could totally believe the story, considering the source. 


The Losers ended up in the same boat as they’d been in last night. They stayed up till the odd hours of the morning studying for their test. Each one flocking off at different points in the session. Eddie was the third one to go, after Richie and Mike. Once Bill fell asleep while explaining some history point, he realized it was time. 

He glanced at the clock, it was one thirty. Something in him had decided to walk out of Bill’s house the way Richie would have gone. He went the same path even though it was most definitely out of his way. He traveled down the snow covered sidewalk, glancing at Bills neighboring houses. He saw no crazy neighbors playing cards but…..’Oh my god he was going to kill Richie’. 


Eddie eagerly burst down into the Barrens the next day with a shit eating grin on his face. His friends were all sitting around and chatting but were quick to realize Eddie wanted to say something. Richie glanced up at his boyfriend with interest. 

“Richie, you walked home without your glasses on the other night right?” 

“Yeah, Stanley broke them-” 

“Bill’s crazy neighbors playing cards at one am that you saw…” Eddie chuckled as he directed this to everyone. “are a frickin’ Nativity Scene decoration.” Eddie burst into laughter and soon enough, everyone joined in. 

“Geez, how blind are you, Rich?” Ben kicked Richie’s leg. He was sitting with his arms crossed and observing the laughing riot. 

“Ha ha ha, Make fun of my disability.” He huffed as Eddie plopped down next to him, a smug grin on his face. “You think this is funny..?” Richie poked Eddie’s side. 

“Yeah I do.” Eddie kept on laughing. “I’m not letting this one go, Tozier.” He poked Richie’s arms. 

Richie spent the rest of the day plotting his revenge, with a grin on his face. 

(This is based on a Beatles story, in which John Lennon told Paul McCartney he saw people out playing cards at night when he was walking home [without his glasses on] and Paul went over the next night and it was a Nativity Scene decoration)
me when I discover friends who share my love for the Beatles.

I cannot stop obsessing over the Beatles and Keith Moon. Please tell me I’m not the only one with this problem.

the signs as ridiculous beatles stories

aries: john pissing in jayne mansfield’s cocktail for revenge after she groped george
taurus: george getting bored when they met elvis and smoking pot with elvis’s roadie
gemini: john firing the beatles official astrologist for telling him he should break up with yoko
cancer: paul getting put in prison for 9 days after ignoring being warned about cannabis laws in japan and straight up bringing half a pound of weed into japan
leo: john refusing to let the beatles voice the vultures in the jungle book and being all like “there’s no way the beatles are singing for micky fucking mouse!”
virgo: paul getting high for the first time and thinking he’d figured out the meaning of life and writing it down and then finding out the next day that he’d just written “there are seven levels”
libra: paul and pete best getting kicked out of hamburg for lighting a condom on fire
scorpio: paul trying to one up mick jagger at mick’s birthday party and slipping the deejay hey jude/revolution and mick getting super pissed
sagittarius: paul dressing in all black and sitting in a corner with a guitar speaking fake french to pick up girls and the song michelle being inspired by that
capricorn:george losing his virginity to a call girl in hamburg and pete best, john, and paul waiting around and clapping for him when he was done
aquarius: the boys dropping acid and john and george following paul in john’s rolls royce down the streets of london shouting “it is pointless to resist! it is pointless to resist!” at 3 AM through the loudspeakers
pisces: john getting nervous and dropping acid before meeting brigitte bardot


Some of Cathy Sarver’s photographs of George Harrison, and parts of the note George wrote to Cathy, Carol and Lucy after All Things Must Pass was completed, screen capped from the documentary Beatles Stories: A Fab Four Fan’s Ultimate Road Trip.

“An Apple Scruff was a Beatle fan that came to Apple every day Monday through Friday. Everybody knows the name of their business was Apple, and we hung out on the front steps of their building, waiting for them to arrive. And then once they’d arrived, we were waiting for them to leave.When George finished the song ‘Apple Scruffs’, he asked us to all come in. And of course, we were dumbfounded because we were never asked to come in. We’re all sitting in there and they turn on the song ‘Apple Scruffs’. ‘Apple Scruffs, how I love you.’ It was amazing. We were all in a little huddle around him. He handed us this letter.

[reading in full] ‘Dear Carol, Cathy and Lucy. Now as it’s finished - and off to the factory. I thought I’d tell you that I haven’t a clue whether it’s good or bad as I’ve heard it too much now! During the making of this epic album (most expensive album EMI ever had to pay for) I have felt positive and negative - pleased and displeased, and all the other opposites expected to be found in this material world. However, the one thing that didn’t waver, seems to me, to be ‘you three’ and Mal, always there as my sole supporters, and even during my worst moments I always felt the encouragement from you was sufficient to make me finish the thing. Thanks a lot, I am really overwhelmed by your apparent undying love, and I don’t understand it at all! Love from George (P.S. Don’t hold this evidence against me.) P.P.S. Phil Spector loves you too!

He was a sweet man.” - Cathy Sarver, Beatles Stories: A Fab Four Fan’s Ultimate Road Trip [x]

I made this for the competition that The Beatles Story Liverpool is running to create a piece of art inspired by Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds ✨

The Beatles with four year old Russell Jamieson, who ran away from his Kirkby, Liverpool home in 1963 with the aim to join the Beatles. (Who wouldn’t do that given half the chance?!) When the boys heard about him, they made him the youngest member of the Beatles fan club and sent him a set of autographs and two jackets, a leather (that he’s wearing in the photo) and a mini collarless jacket the band were so famous for. 

Russell Jamieson’s Beatles collection is on display at the Beatles Story, Liverpool currently.