Suri, Pug, 2017 NY Pet Fashion Show, New York, NY • “She seems sweet but she’s a beast. She’ll push her brother out of the way and knock down his baby gate. She also thinks the cat litter box is her unlimited treat buffet.”

i think, one day, the marauders went exploring and found the mirror of erised. 

peter saw himself standing next to the marauders, but they were all the same height. all the same weight. the same wide smiles and slightly crinkled eyes. and he imagined sirius looked at him like he was james, and remus looked at him like he was sirius, and james looked at him like he was lily. he was with his friends, but they were all equals. 

(nobody ever told him that they were all worth the same anyway). 

sirius saw himself with the marauders too. but in it, they were all perfect. unflinching, straight-backed boys with a future of gold. and when his hand found remus’, he just held back tighter, not pulling away and shaking his hand like sirius’ touch was poison. not like he’d fucked things up. not like he could destroy it all with a single flick of his wand, a single whisper in the darkness. he was with his friends, but they were all okay. 

(nobody ever told him that it was okay not to be okay anyway). 

remus saw himself as a real marauder. someone who was truly a brother to the people who were brothers to him– because you didn’t have beasts for brothers. no, the wolf was their enemy– he saw himself as pure, as maybe, possibly, finally worthy of their friendship. of their love. he was with his friends, but now he was a better friend, a friend worthy of being one. 

(nobody ever told him that he deserved the universe anyway). 

james saw himself with the marauders. except– they were all the same. just four happy boys smiling back at him, like the world was theirs to conquer and lightning ran through their veins. he saw himself with the marauders, just as they are, because it was perfect. they were perfect. 

(nobody ever told him that perfect never lasted anyway). 


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“My son will be teaching us how to fight against these Newborns, as he and his sister have experience dealing with them.” Carlisle explained to the wolves. Edward spoke before Jasper could get a word out. “They want to know who Y/N is. They’ve never seen her before.” He translated for the wolves.

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*Brother Trouble* Newt x reader

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Hello! Could you do one with some angst but a fluffy ending where after Newt introduces the reader to his older brother, she becomes very interested in Theseus and spends more time with him then with Newt? Newt becomes sad (and a little jealous) because of this and avoids the reader since he thinks he can’t compete with Theseus when she confronts him about it. Thanks!

♦ I was so excited to write this! I’ve wanted to write with Theseus for a while now! Yay!! Hope you enjoy!! This one is a longer one! 

“My mother can be a bit…. much….” Brushing his fingers through his cinnamon red hair, Newt looked over to you, worry in his eyes. You just smile and take his hand, giving it a tight squeeze.

“I bet she’s wonderful.”

“She is. She’s just not used to me bringing home a girl…” His cheeks turned a deep red and he looked away, trying to hide. You giggle and lean in to his side. “I mean, I’ve never brought a girl home before. Theseus was always the one bringing them home. When I sent the owl to let her know she wrote back in such a frenzy I could barely make out her writing!”

The wind picked up as you two walked down the path toward Newt’s childhood home and as each step brought you closer, you grew more and more anxious. Newt didn’t talk much about his family when you first met almost a year ago. 

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Imagine you are Belle’s older sister, Gaston crushes over you instead, you go with her to the castle to rescue your father,  the beast has an older brother as well and you both fall in love while you both are there...

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The Scamander brothers profile for a mini-comic I’m working on set in WWI. Thanks to @loufok I am calling them warboys in my head now XD The outfits are very heavily Assassin’s Creed inspired because I can’t design and also the official British Auror uniforms in the HP universe have a similar cut as well. @bagginses look its Theseus!:D

My hand and wrist hurt so much, otherwise I would have coloured them better and cleaned it up D: I need to get myself one of those wrist supports

The stable was more than three-quarters empty. At one end were half a dozen mules, being tended by a bandy-legged little brother whom Brienne took for Gillam. Way down at the far end, well away from the other animals, a huge black stallion trumpeted at the sound of their voices and kicked at the door of his stall.

Ser Hyle gave the big horse an admiring look as he was handing his reins to Brother Gillam. “A handsome beast.”   

Brother Narbert sighed. “The Seven send us blessings, and the Seven send us trials. Handsome he may be, but Driftwood was surely whelped in hell. When we sought to harness him to a plow he kicked Brother Rawney and broke his shinbone in two places. We had hoped gelding might improve the beast’s ill temper, but … Brother Gillam, will you show them?”   

Brother Gillam lowered his cowl. Underneath he had a mop of blond hair, a tonsured scalp, and a bloodstained bandage where he should have had an ear.

“Forgive me, brother,” said Ser Hyle, “but I might take the other ear, if you approached me with a pair of shears.”

                              ~A Feast for Crows  - Brienne VI 

You know Sandor stood back and laughed his ass off while they tried to geld Stranger.  Nope, not happening. 

(Fantastic Beasts) Imagine Dougal being cute when he senses your pregnancy

You were sitting on the bed in the bedroom you shared with your husband, Newt. You were married for over a year now and you also talked about having children, but with your constant travelling to get to know different kind of creatures, you decided to wait with that one for a while. But life seemingly had other had other plans when you started to feel sick in the mornings and your doctor told you that you were 2 months pregnant at the time. Now you were already a little bit showing, with a very small bump and you couldn’t be happier.

You were reading through your husband’s unfinished manuscript when the suitcase opened from inside and Newt climbed out of it, with an excited Dougal on his arm. “He wouldn’t calm down, maybe he needs some time outside” Newt told you and you stood up. “His not sick or anything, is he?” Newt shook his head. “No. I don’t think so. I’ve never seen him like this before”

Suddenly Dougal struggled free and jumped on the bed, so his head was right at the height of your stomach. He made a happy sound, which pretty much sounded like the cooing of a pigeon before he smiled lightly and gently stroked the belly. You smiled down at the little demiguise. “Yes, Dougal, there’s a baby in there” You said softly and Dougal’s cooing became louder and even happier. He hugged your middle and carefully snuggled his head against your bump. You looked over at your husband who was standing there with tears in his eyes from the touching sight. “Well, looks like our little baby girl or boy has a big brother.

Imagine if some creep was stalking Chloe and she ran from school to the bears house. Imagine Panda placing her behind him protectively while Ice Bear holds her hand and tells her nobody will ever get to her. Now imagine Grizz opening the door to confront the guy, standing to his full height, puffing out his chest and roaring like an absolute beast while his brothers growl threateningly from inside the cave. 

Imagine said creep running very quickly away because he is SO not messing with someone being guarded fiercly by three bears!

Now imagine them taking Chloe to get ice cream after describing​ the man to the police, because they want her to feel comfortable and know that they’ll be there for her no matter what. :)

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modern doll headcanons?


  • she either dresses up really fancy, with a pretty dress, make up and jewlery or a t-shirt and sweat pants, no in between
  • she does acrobatics, and  the team she does it with is her family
  • her family isn’t really the best, her father being a general abusive ass and her mother distant
  • she got her scar from her father, when he wasn’t “satisfied” with something she did
  • her acrobatics team, though, is really supportive of her, and to them she only trusts to come out as a bi demigirl (with her pronouns still being female)
  • she sees Joker as her older brother Snake Beast, and Dagger like siblings, and Jumbo as an estranged father
  • The newest addition Wendy and Peter were severly underestimated
  • Her real name she never says, she doesn’t like it, so the others gave her a new one, Doll, because of her smallness and petitness
  • She’s a really nice person, and really good when she puts her mind to something
  • when the acrobatics squad is out together somewhere, beware
  • very huggable person, however, often the one who needs hugs
  • everyone is supportive of her when she is feeling down
  • often, she sleeps at someone’s elses house, no one in her home really cares what she does, so she likes sleeping over at Beasts house, where she can be as girly as she wants to be
  • Snake sometimes joins, it’s glorious
Excited About This!

I really love @starrycove ‘s breakdance au/miraculous moves and so you know I couldn’t help myself so here I go, just to add most of these were inspired by other head canons

On our Main Characters

  • Definitely going with Mari being a costume designer in this one.
  • And Adrien being forced to go to do ballet by his father
  • Marinette didn’t get accepted to the Agreste Academy of Dance.
  • She practices by herself at night
  • she  gets caught by Adrien one night and he says he’ll dance with her
  • And that’s how Mari completely gave her heart to Adrien
  • Thing is Mari wants to go all out in dancing but is afraid and Chloe doesn’t make it better by making fun of her.
  • Master Fu is the janitor who sees Mari crying her eyes out, his partner Wayzz, tells him that she can be a good disciple to a cousin of his named Tikki
  • So Mari is given this card with Tikki’s info by Master Fu and she meets the legendary dancer that is Tikki Kwami.
  • Tikki is the one that suggests breakdance, which Mari feels as if it’s more expressive.
  • They start working on it and she literally gets it all down in a matter of months
  • Mari was dancing in her room when Alya sees it
  • Alya telling Mari about the club named Miraculous, also known as the dancing underground.
  • Alya is known as Lady Wifi, on of the top dancers, and she’s dating the DJ and also a top dancer, Nino, also known as The Bubbler.
  • Mari picks the stage name Ladybug, out of respect to her teacher Tikki who seems to love ‘em.
  • There she starts herself as a noob and dances her way to the top
  • She finally has a dance battle with the number one, Chat Noir
  • Of course she obliterated him
  • Chat Noir fell in love with the girl that just kicked his ass
  • He asks her if she’d want to become partners
  • She says no the first time but after a while she made it official
  • They take down all of whom try to stand with at the top
  • Chat Noir, or Adrien, started some time before her
  • Master Fu gave him a card and told him to go to the address
  • There he met Plagg Kwami, another legendary dancer
  • Plagg literally has no chill and tells him to pick a dance whatever he wants
  • They also take down breakdancing in a matter of months
  • Nino tells Adrien about Miraculous and Adrien is already into it
  • He takes on the stage name of Chat Noir, after his lazy and cheese loving teacher

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Vote for a Carry On fairytale au comic!

Lovely followers of mine, and cuties of the Carry On fandom, I thought it might be fun to make a short CO fairytale au comic, and even more fun if you all have a hand in it by voting for which fairytale I should do. Above, I drew some concept sketches to help everyones decisions.


1. The Beast and Beauty’s Brother.

2. The Pirate and The Merman.

3. Knights in Love (one I basically make up about enemy knights that fall in love, oooh if you want to read good knights m/m read Always There by Megan Derr.)

How to vote: reblog this and comment which fairytale you want me to draw (tags don’t count, that could take awhile). I will tally up the votes on 8/28/2016 and start drawing the winning fairytale au. If there seems to be little interest in this I will probably move on to other projects, so VOTE! I will post it on my art blog @ace-artemis-fanartist when it is finished. So comments and feedback are encouraged! 

UPDATE: The comic is finished and you can read it HERE.

You Gotta Be Kidding Me (Part Nine - THE END)


Hey there, can you please do a crossover with supernatural and criminal minds where the reader is Sam and Dean’s sister and is dating Reid and Sam and Dean don’t think Reid is good enough for their sister, that is until Reid saves their asses from a supernatural beast. The brothers then find out that the reader told Spencer everything about her past when she had to save Spencer from a vampire on one of their dates together and that the reader trained him to recognize and hunt the supernatural.

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A/N: Wow. My first completed series. I am not sure how I feel about this. I am quite sad and happy. It’s been a wild ride and hole you’ve enjoyed it as well. 


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