Punk!Person A/Pastel!Person B Prompts

- “I have to introduce you to my friends and you look like a teddy bear compared to our biker gang looking group, oh god.” AU

- “I have to introduce you to my friends and you look like you could murder all of us with your eyeliner and black leather, they will be terrified.” AU

- “You are trying to fit in with me as a super punk kid and honestly you’re trying so hard but jesus does it look bad.” AU

- “You came over to my house and forgot a shirt. Wait, all of my shirts are really bright, pastel shirts and I’m so sorry you have to wear these.” AU

- “Everytime people see us messing around they think you’re bullying me because you look hard af. And now they think those hickeys you gave me are bruises…” AU

- “We have to do a couple’s costume for something and we decide to dress up as each other and you keep getting intimidated by me because I’m not wearing only light colors for once.” AU

- “Even though you look really intimadating you still get picked on and now you’re screaming because I punched your bully directly in the face. Oh great, my favorite pastel pink shirt has blood on it now.” AU

- “I forgot to mention I got a tongue piercing awhile ago and you start screaming while we were making out.” AU

- “We sit next to each other in class and both doodle a crap ton on our papers. Even though you’re super punk you’re doodling little cute hearts and I’m drawing skulls and other dark stuff and everyone is really confused.” AU

Sing roleswap au! These drawing are not to proper scale for character heights/sizes. A behemoth of a project that i put lots of love into! I thought it might be fun to switch around the roles for that characters, and hey- I was right! Full character rundowns beneath the cut since it’s a lot

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kittylirious  asked:

How about Evan as an adorable and pure™ nerd and meeting everyone else as punk jocks™. And maybe he falls in love with the leader Jonathan??? oooh. spicy.

How the fuck do high schools work in America, idek

“Evan, may I speak to you.” His history teacher called while the remaining students rushed out of the classroom to lunch.

“Y-y-yes miss?” He stuttered, adjusting his black framed glasses once more before standing straight up.

“Evan, as you may know, there is a specific group in our school that… causes disturbances here and there.” They used some hand gestures to exaggerate her point.

“But, as much as their attendance is strong in a sense… Collectively, their grades are dropping which could lead to their expulsion altogether. We understand that they are very popular with everyone and if they heard the news… well let’s say it’ll be very similar to what we learnt today.” 

Evan flinched at the recent memory, they both knew that they learn about the French Revolution. He questioned if the school was really going to be that crazy if the gang left.

“So, we teachers have decided to put you as their tutor for the next few weeks or until their grades have improved at the very least.” 

His eyes widen from the heavy responsibility now put on his shoulders. Evan’s mouth opened wide to refuse but stopped when his teacher raised her hand to stop him.

“Don’t worry Evan Fong, if you are struggling to compromise with them, we’ll put you out. Your schedule will temporary change so that you can fit in some time to have some of your normal classes. Your grades won’t change too so there isn’t much that you’re losing.” He clenched his teeth, giving a sigh of exhaustion and nodding in agreement.

“Thank you for your time, Evan. You may leave now.”

“Oi, did you hear ‘bout the news guys?” Lui walked into their normal hangout area, underneath the metal seats of their sporting grounds (are they called bleachers or something? idk), before grabbing another handful of gummy bears to devour once more.

“Hmph, yeah. We gotta hang out with a dumb nerd or else we’ll all get cut off.” Brian parted his red-dyed hair away from his eyes, his answer caught the attention of the others.

“We also got a new schedule, check it.” Lui grabbed a piece of crumpled paper from his jacket pocket and threw it towards Jon who caught it like it was nothing. He straightened it out before scanning the new timetable.

“His name’s Evan Fong.” Lui’s voice was muffled due to another mouthful of gummy bears but the gang understood what he said.

“Oh yeah, he’s in my chemistry class. Quiet but he knows his stuff, that’s for sure.” Brock commented, tapping his temple to prove his point further. 

“It’s us against one weak ass, I suggest we let this nerd know who’s boss.” Marcel stood up, dragging his signature baseball bat across the grass as he started to hunt down the nerd.

“Marcel, that’s enough. We’ll get cut before we even get the chance to meet our new… teacher.” Jon said. All eyes were on him now, looking at him as if he just went crazy.

“Let’s give him a chance, my orders. You got that?”

“Oi!” A sudden slam on the table made Evan jump. He turned around to see that, surprisingly, the entire gang was standing there, staring him down.

“You Evan Fong?” One of them bent over to have a closer look at him. They had sky blue eyes and slightly tanned skin. His uniform shirt was more open, giving a sneak peak of his well-toned body to Evan. Evan may or may not have blushed as he nodded. 

“Good. Let’s give this thing a shot alright?” They all sat around the same table, now waiting for Evan to start.

“HA! SUCK IT NOGLA! I GOT IT RIGHT!” Wildcat screamed as Nogla pretended to lay dead on the table. Evan didn’t expect to have such a quick connection with the group and yet here he was, laughing at the group’s shenanigans. 

“Who’s up for lunch boys? We can get some Mc Donald’s down here alright?” Jon announced.

“Last one there has to buy for Jon!” Marcel challenged, running away first to have an advantage before the rest followed on and leaving Jon and Evan alone in the classroom.

“So, you coming with us?” Jon asked, helping Evan clean up the classroom. 

“Oh no… I usually eat alone and do my work so I prefer to…” Evan tried to remain his cool around Jon but the blushes on his cheeks were betraying him. 

“It’s alright Evan, I understand if you got some nerd stuff to do. We should eat together though sooner or later, alright?” 

“Yeah sure… I would love to.” Evan chuckled at the idea of eating together with the others, he knew it would definitely be more fun. 

“Also, one more thing..” Jon quickly grabbed Evan by the waist with one hand, lifting his head by the chin with the other. The sudden position made Evan blush harder than a tomato would, shivers tingling down his spine and words fading away at the tip of his tongue. 

“Thanks for the lesson.” He leant his head down to interlock lips into a small yet heartwarming kiss…

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Hi! This is such a cute little blog. Can you do a reaction post on the hosts reacting to their SO finding out they sleep with a teddy bear because of their traumatised past?

//Thank you! I hope to keep this blog active. I’m still quite new to Tumblr so I’m still getting the hang of it all. But thank you for my first ask! It’s made me so happy! Hopefully I can do all the hosts for you ^^“\ 

 ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ Teddy Bear Imagines ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ 

 He’d be a little bit like Honey with his own brown bear, Kuma-chan. He uses his Kuma-chan as a comfort thing too so he would be completely understanding. In fact, he’d even start drawing the two teddy bears together instead of just his on his own on any notes etc. Like Honey, he would insist you use Kuma-chan if you ever lost your own teddy. But he would also scour the entire area just to find your teddy! Especially when he found out the reason behind why you are so attached to your teddy bear. “My dear Princess, you have nothing to be afraid of when you’re with me. I will keep away those night terrors. With the power of our teddies combined; we will remain safe throughout the night!” He would cry out majestically! 

He would be a little annoyed at first (especially since Tamaki and Honey do the same thing at the host club) because he expected a more ‘mature’ side from you. However, as you patiently explain to him the importance of the teddy bear, he will begin to understand. He’d even be calmly pissed (yes that’s a thing with Kyoya!) about the thought of such a lovely person having suffered something so horrific if it’s left the need to seek comfort that he can’t obviously give. When you’re lying in bed and he can feel you pat around bed for the teddy, he will quietly reach it and place it in your searching hands. Not saying a word to each other, but the mutual understanding is there. He’d still hold you (and your teddy) against him throughout the night. And yes, if you happen to go on vacation and forget your teddy, he will order the car to be turned around (or one of his service men) to go collect teddy. Naturally, he’d be annoyed. To keep up his appearance. But deep down, he’d understood. 

Expect Teddy Bear picnics with lots of cake! Honestly, Honey wouldn’t mind one bit. He’d be ecstatic that Usa-chan has a friend to sleep with too! You would all be a big sleeping ball of warm fluffy cuddles! However, Honey would cry when he heard about your traumatic past. How could anyone hurt someone so lovely!? If you ever forgot your teddy, Honey would immediately give you Usa-chan until you both could find yours. 

He would be more protective of you than you are of your teddy bear! Especially once he found out about your past trauma. Just like he does with Honey, he would always look out for you and your teddy. Making sure your teddy will always be near you and nothing happened to it. If you were ever upset, he would comfort you by wrapping his arms around you and handing your teddy to you; having both of you wrapped in his arms in a quiet, comforting embrace.

Kaoru: He’d tease you (jokingly) at first but once he found out about the seriousness of the situation, he’d understand. He’d find it quite cute and adorable seeing the two of you snuggled together on the couch or the bed. He’d probably never understand the full importance of such a stuffed bear, but he would still be understanding with you. He’d probably even snuggle your teddy if he was ever ill and missing your presence while you were away (at school or something). And on brighter days, he’d play games like ‘Come and get Teddy!’ By holding teddy up above your head, slightly out of your reach.

Hikaru: Upon seeing her curl up to your teddy rather than him, he would be annoyed and upset. After all, isn’t here there for you to seek comfort in him rather than competing against a stupid stuffed bear? Despite his obvious annoyance, you open up and tell him the reason behind it. Hikaru becomes quiet as he takes in what you said and tries to understand. He’ll probably never fully understand, but he does try and sympathises with your past trauma. Only, he’s even more annoyed now knowing that there were people out there who have hurt you. 

 Haruhi: Much like Mori, she isn’t fazed by the need of having something to self-comfort with. It really is no different to her having a preferred pen to write with. So she certainly won’t judge. She knows what it’s like to seek comfort in something when you’re scared or lonely. She would listen to you and sympathise with your past, and would take it into consideration in the future (making sure your teddy is always packed if you’re going away on holiday). Being the domesticated woman she is, she would also hand-wash teddy every now and then to help keep him clean and preserve him longer. She could only hazard a guess as to how many nights your teddy has soaked up your tears. 

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’ BONUS '・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* 

Tehe, this bumbling sweetheart wouldn’t mind if you had a teddy bear to cuddle with at night. He’d probably blush more because he thought it was the cutest! Hearing the reason behind the need for the teddy bear, he would have his gang protect you and escort you wherever you went. And he’d not only pledge to protect you, he’d also pledge to protect the teddy bear too.

//eep I’m not confident with this character! Forgive me!!!!\
He would immediately put Teddy through a welcome/pledge to the darkness kind of ritual. He would also put a curse on Teddy. A curse that is sweet in a way. The curse would be for any of those people who have or going to wrong/harm you in any way, they will be cursed. He will even lurk in the darkness to witness the consequences of the curse; to make sure that they are getting what they deserve for harming his beloved.