Love is For Children (1/2)

Summary: You’re a former mercenary turned Avenger who joins the team after fighting, and defeating, each member that tried to recruit you. You’re confident in your abilities and even challenge the man formerly known as the Winter Soldier. A battle of egos ensues and it’s Bucky that fights to get your attention but you’re a professional and won’t fall easy for his charm.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 3241
Warnings: None
A/N: Alrighty so I decided to split this in two parts cause damn, I’m such a wordy mess!! I hope you like it, let me know! Posting the second half tomorrow. 

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“How the hell does she keep getting away?!” Tony shouted at no one in particular as he paced the floor. He didn’t like getting bested by anyone but he really didn’t like that the whole team had their asses handed to them.

“She’s a professional, Tony,” Steve said, putting two more ice packs on his knees and wincing slightly.

Tony stopped walking and looked bewildered at the blonde man. “Yeah? And what the hell are we? We’ve only saved the planet a handful of times but we can’t take down some nimble little assassin?!” His angry words echoed throughout the cavernous lounge of the Avengers compound.

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‘Bette And Joan’ Reveals The Electric Personalities Behind 'Baby Jane’

The 1962 low-budget horror movie What Ever Happened to Baby Jane starred two once-major actresses – Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. They played sisters in a story of escalating sibling rivalry, and the conflicts behind-the-scenes were just as intense as the ones depicted onscreen. Now, Ryan Murphy, creator of American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson and Glee, is presenting a new miniseries of FX about the making of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. It’s called Feud: Bette and Joan, and it stars Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis and Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford. Fresh Air TV critic David Bianculli says: 

“With the nation as polarized as it is, watching a drama about a constant battle of wills and egos might not sound much like entertainment, let alone escapism. But it is. Sarandon and Lange are so vibrant, and so into their respective roles, that this first Feud, at least, is much more of a wickedly clever comedy. Bette and Joan has two guaranteed Emmy-nominated performances at its center — and it’s a blast.”

Read the full review. 

Feud: Bette and Joan premieres this Sunday on FX. 

@nerdiestpinup This probably not at all what you wanted, but here it is anyway. Spent a long time on it because there are soooo many of them omg. It’s turned into some kind of weird AU and I kinda like it…?

Anti, DarkWarf, and Yandere are on the frontlines. The Host is called in if the others ever need backup. Google and Bing are behind the scenes, with technical and tactical stuff. Bim and Chase don’t even know wtf is going on. Dr. Iplier and Dr. Schneeplestein are doctors of course, tending to any wounds the others may get in battle.

I Know You Feel It, Too.

I’m no good for you, Y/n. I can’t give you what you need anymore.

Shawn, that’s bullshit and you know it. I don’t need anything but you.

That’s the problem. I can’t give you all of me from across the globe.

I’ll come with you. I’ll go wherever you go…We can make this work.

It shouldn’t be that hard, Y/n. Love shouldn’t be that hard.

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Poor Starfish Monster

I am having a hard time getting over how weird episode 30 of Battle Fever J is. Egos creates Starfish Monster:

With the sole purpose of having him eat Battle Kenya.  To do this, Starfish monster tracking him to a swimming pool with his friends and after a failed attempt to eat him (Kenya tastes bad) while he sleeps, he turns into a normal starfish to attack him in the pool.

He floats over to Kenya and attaches himself to Kenya’s butt!

The minute the monster does that, he gets discovered by one of Kenya’s friends!

Yes, Miss America, next week we’ll work on land animals!  Anyway, the starfish starts moving and Maria tosses it, right onto her friend’s chest!

Another member of the team tears it off and throws the little monster:

Right into the street outside the public pool:

Where it gets run over by a passing car:

Salome has to go back and report the situation to Hedar, in the best way possible:

How does Egos’ Second in Command take it?

Pretty well apparently.  I guess he’s used to losing and having their plans messed up by this point.

So he throws the flattened monster in the trash!  Seriously!  I kind of love Battle Fever J for not being afraid to just be all out weird.

for every note this post gets my ego grows stronger and eventually, once I reach critical mass, I will challenge our standing president in a battle of egos for the purposes of usurping him and ascending to the throne

sakura-soldier  asked:

Maul vs. Kylo Ren, Padme or Satine, Ezra+Sabine, Jango Fett or Boba Fett, Rey+Finn, Jyn+Cassian, Baze+Chirrut, and out of curiosity, Obi-Wan vs. Dave Filoni and Anakin vs. Lorenzo Di Lamberti (the guy Hayden plays in Virgin Territory) in both a lightsaber fight and a non-lightsaber fight (they'll have to fence or fistfight or use their handsomeness)... ok, I don't even know if Anakin and Lorenzo have any similarities or differences with each other or anything, but I just wanna see it play out.

Hahahahahahahaha, oh God this ask is wonderful. Thank you. OK: 

Maul vs Kylo: Well assuming they didn’t just wind up bonding over their obsessions with the respective members of Team Handsome, I’m going with Maul mostly because I’d want Maul to win that fight. 

Padme or Satine: how dare you. *winces* This is a terribly cruel ask, but given her overall role in Standing Up To Evil and the fact that she gets many more chances in canon to show off what a badass she is, Padme. BUT I’M NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS BECAUSE I LOVE SATINE WITH MY WHOLE HEART OK. 

Ezra and Sabine: I like their dynamic. I primarily see them as having a sibling-like relationship. I don’t really have a strong opinion on them “together”. 

Jango or Boba: JANGO. 

Rey and Finn: I like them together so far. I think they’d make a good romantic pairing but I like them as friends, too. 

Jyn and Cassian: I liked (*sob*) them. I could have seen them peacing out together if they’d survived through to the end of the empire. 

Baze and Chirrut: I love these guys. I’m so happy they survived Rogue One and moved into that nice condo on Space Fiji together after their vow renewal and nothing bad ever happened to them again!

Obi-Wan v Filoni: Look if Obi-Wan deserves to punch anyone, it’s probably Filoni. But Filoni’ll probably write some tragic story about how Obi-Wan’s new flame on Tatooine was murdered by Darth Maul’s Force Ghost right beforehand and maybe throw in a Sad Flashback of Anakin or something, and Obi-Wan will be too depressed to actually fight.  

Anakin vs His Shirtless Gardener Alter Ego, Lightsaber Battle: This is easily one of the funniest things anyone’s ever asked me here. Anakin Classic BETTER win this round because I’m pretty sure Shirtless Gardener Anakin doesn’t know what he’s doing with a lightsaber. There’s an outside chance Anakin Classic just ends up showboating and showing off while Gardener Anakin watches. 

Anakin vs His Shirtless Gardener Alter Ego, Battle Without Lightsabers: They definitely attempt to fistfight and just end up making out. So they both win, I guess. 

giving a face to an evil cosmic entity

(the adventure zone & guardians of the galaxy 2 spoilers)

so… first of all id like to clarify that i loved gotg2. It had such a good theme & really nice characterization for some characters! but not for others. i.e. Ego.

ego was, honestly, the most boring they couldve possibly made a villain? his motivation wasn’t relatable. no human could comprehend his desire or want what he wants. yes, that plays into the theme, but… killing him leaves me w something to be desired for that plotline. I feel like i never really understood him, because there was nothing to understand. morality is black & white in the battle against Ego.

ego was introduced with a human face, then turned out to be a massively boring cosmic entity.

on the other hand, let’s take a look at the Hunger. the hunger was introduced as a vast cosmic entity with seemingly infinite size & armies. but then it got a human face, an origin. suddenly there was reason for this huge mass. a comprehensible, human reason. an existential crisis that rolled itself into a big ball of spite.

of course, we have yet to see how the plot with the hunger is resolved, but i trust griffin and the boys to give it a good ending rather than some black & white “kill him because he’s Irredeemably Bad™” thing

anyway, all im sayin’ is, give me more villains that are both Cool Space Entities and also Good Relatable Villains

I’m about to go to sleep so this is funnier than it should be to me but I am trying to recall all of the times the Mishima family has attempted to murder one another unsuccessfully through the entire series. If I forget one fill in the blanks because it’s too damn funny. I teeter off and just start talking about characters at the end.

Hiehachi throws Kazuya off a cliff at the age of 12, I think it’s 12. Kazuya pledges his soul to the Devil because apparently Satan had nothing better to do for all eternity than be locked in to this dumb-ass ego battle.

Kazuya grows up to throw Heihachi back, this is the last time we see him genuinely smile and not his Mishima Smirk ™

Lee may or may not have tried to murder Kazuya and Heihachi but then helps one (Kaz) maybe? I’m tired, this part is fuzzy for me.

Jun gets her vagina murdered by Kaz, Jin is born angry.

Jin forsakes his Mishima name and uses his mom’s instead since he was a mama’s boy. Also turns out to have Devil energy. (D-Gene or whatever.)

Jin throws Heihachi through a billion year old stone temple wall by his bald-ass head and flies off. Heihachi still lives.

Mishima Zaibatsu is just a bunch of killers. Heihachi’s squad all got murked by Kaz, Jin, fucking Yoshimitsu, and maybe Nina.

“Heihachi Mishima *dramatic pause* is dead.”

A video showing Heihachi being blown into a river or something by explosions plays while Raven is like “This will definitely work.”

Heihachi is alive.

Jin’s old flaming pants get murdered for a flaming hoodie/jacket thing.

He eventually grows up and wears dress clothes to attempt to destroy his Satan father like any self-respecting adult would.

Bryan Fury has had an incurable disease since Tekken 3. We’re on 7 now. I don’t remember specifics and don’t tell me, I wanna just assume he can use his unblockable to get out of anything.

King 1 is dead because Ogre, but King 2 replaces King 1 and then King 3 replaces King 2 so King 2 becomes armored King but does a move only he and King 1 know and that makes King 3 go “Oh shit that’s King 2!” but then King 2 is killed by Craig on accident then is alive as armored King again and King 3 is the friend of Craig since it was all just a big misunderstanding?

Nina and Anna stay fighting. Nina kicks Anna in her whole entire back.

Eddy Gordo is a Brazilian hitman who runs an orphanage with Christie’s grandfather and he has a heart of gold but can’t for the life of him just sit down and talk to Christie at all. Currently may or may not be murdering.

Despite looking like the physical embodiment of menstrual cramps, Yoshimitsu is a good guy, Kuninitsu is a bad/evil-ish neutral guy who can’t seem to steal a sword from a dude who can dislodge his wrist and fly away using a sword. I wonder why .

Mokujin’s whole story revolves around him not being murdered by his big-tittied and much stronger wife. They are magical trees.

Gon is stuck in an infinite loop on Jurassic island just partying and flying with seagulls.

I am falling asleep. This is still funny though.

I Bloody Love You (Newt - TMR)

Synopsis: One year after the first arrival of Gladers, the box comes up with a pretty surprise. Indeed, the new Greenie was pretty. They might get a Newbie every month ever since they woke up in the bloody maze, but now they also get a chick every year. Jane just happens to be the first one. The only girl among more than twenty boys, all trapped in the same place? That should be interesting.

Word count: 5.4k


At the sound of the pounding alarm, all the gladers headed towards the box, watching it come up with the usual supplies and the new greenie, who’d doubtlessly ask a billion questions in the follow hours. Alby shook his head, anticipating the questions, but he’d simply tell him the usual stuff: shut your shuck mouth, follow the rules and stop asking questions. That’s it, that’s all the green bean needed to know, the rest would follow quickly. Most of the time, what really bothered them wasn’t even the actual Glade and the fact that they were trapped, but their slang which they couldn’t understand and confused them at first. Newt jogged to catch up on him, his steps slightly uneven because of his limp.

“You go greet the newbie,” Alby told him before Newt even got the chance to say anything. The blond boy nodded and then ran off to the box, getting there at the same as Gally. Both of them opened the grids. Slowly, all the gladers gathered around the opened box, hiding the sun an diving the box in the dark.

“Is he asleep?”

“He’s dead!”

“I can’t see him!”

The voices around Newt whispered as the boys’ curiosity grew. The blond boy jumped into the box, but even that didn’t make the greenie move. He was laying on his face. He’s got short light brown hair and was dressed just like the others, a shirt and a hooded sweater, along with brown trousers and worn-out leather boots.

“Turn him around!” Alby ordered and Newt carefully pushed the body with his foot, causing the newbie to roll around so his face was visible. A concerto of whispered and shocked expressions made the blond boy look up, squinting his eyes when a ray of sun blinded him.

“What’s the matter? Why are you all bloody whispering about?” He asked, annoyed.

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As Salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu, Sisters ♡

Misunderstandings, negativity and raw emotions. Whether it is ours our someone else’s, feelings spill out, and sometimes in the wrong way..

Whenever we are in the midst of an argument, whether someone did us wrong, or we did wrong to someone else, sometimes we don’t draw the boundaries between self-defense and rudeness. We need to make the distinction, and we need to find out and exercise good means of dealing with arguments in an Islamic and good manner.

How do we do this?

Let’s start step by step ♡

- Seeking refuge in Allah
Once we do this, we can identify our intention and remind ourselves of Allah’s Magnificent Presence.
When we are aware of Allah, we try and do less wrong.

- Understanding misunderstandings
People don’t always act according to their intentions. People may become angry with us or hurtful because of their lack of better ways to express a suppressed emotion.

When you are in a quarrel with someone, ask yourself what this person’s intention is. Are they fighting with you because they perhaps want to make the relationship or circumstances better?

People don’t always express themselves with the best of manners, but when we can look past their actions and into their intentions, we might see that they just want good for us ♡ learn from their bad manners, and display good manners ♡

- Identify the problem
Listen to what the opposite party has to say. Once you can understand why they are fighting, it will allow you to lower your defenses and deal with the problem itself.

Sometimes we are so insulted by another person’s behavior, we forget the reason we were arguing, and start going off at each other with a whole bunch of other irrelevant twaddle.

If there is a problem, don’t bring up that thing which upset you 5 years ago which still isn’t resolved. Forget everything else and focus on the problem at hand. If the topic sways or becomes insulting, politely say that that wasn’t what was initially being spoken about, and redirect the argument in a constructive way.

- It’s not a battle of the egos until you put your ego up for battle
It’s not about who is better or who did what more or less. If someone wants to have an ego boost out of arguing with you, don’t give them the right. Simply don’t allow yourself to be part of the competition, and the ego battle won’t be able to take place.

If there is a problem, just stick to that topic and trying to solve it. Remind them it’s not a competition, just because there is a problem it does not give each other the right to be hurting or demoralizing to each others character.

It’s not about who is right, it’s about fixing the problem for the Sake of Allah SWT ♡

- If someone has the intention to be malicious to you, arguing with them is not going to help.
Adding fuel to the fire will just help it burn more.
If someone is purely just being malicious, ignore them. Malicious behavior stems from a low self esteem and is fake. Anything which is fake and empty will bring you no benefit in attending to.

Remove yourself from such arguments as it will most likely breed anger in you, and that may cause you to act in ways which are not constructive or helpful.

♡ The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said:
“Whoever does not argue when he is in the wrong will have a home built for him on the edge of Paradise. Whoever avoids it when he in the right will have a home built for him in the middle of Paradise. And whoever improves his own character, a home will be built for him in the highest part of Paradise.”

♡ The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said:
“If somebody reproaches you and makes you feel ashamed of any of your defects, do not make him feel ashamed of any of his defects.”
[Abu Daud]

Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happy Hour- Pt. 5

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Words: 2,796

Summary: After their kiss Pierce thinks Negan has showed her his soft side, but she is so wrong when they visit a community and he puts her in a difficult situation.

Warnings: Swearing, Angst, Mentions of gore

Author’s Note: Thanks for the continued support, this chapter again is pretty much a filler chapter, at least that’s how I feel. Have been feeling a little unwell over the past couple of days so I’m sorry if it’s not up to the quality of the past chapters. 

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